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: Victor Farias.

Teacher: Cesar Gutirrez.


Thor is an American superhero film released in 2011 and based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It is the fourth feature film from Marvel Universe to be released, and featured Kenneth Branagh as director, Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz and Don Payne and screenwriters, as with Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba and Stellan Skarsgrd as stellar performers. The film's story centers on Thor, Crown Prince of Asgard who is banished from his homeland to Earth, where work is related how a relationship with Jane Foster, a scientist. Through various situations, Thor is obliged to stop his adopted brother Loki, who longs to become the new king of Asgard.


In 965 AD, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), king of Asgard, wages war against the Frost Giants of Jotunheim and their leader Laufey against (Colm Feore), to prevent conquer the Nine Realms, starting with Earth. The Asgardian warriors defeat the Frost Giants and seize the source of their power, the Casket of Winters Old. In the present, Odin's son, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) prepares to ascend to the throne of Asgard, but is interrupted when Frost Giants attempt to retrieve the chest. Disobeying the order of Odin, Thor travels to Jotunheim to confront Laufey, accompanied by his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), his childhood friend Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and the Warriors Three, Volstagg (Ray Stevenson), Fandral (Joshua Dallas) and Hogun (Tadanobu Asano). A battle ensues until Odin intervenes to save the Asgardians, destroying the fragile truce between the two races. For Thor's arrogance, Odin snatches his son his divine power and exiles him to Earth, accompanied by his hammer Mjolnir, the source of his power, now protected by a spell to allow only the worthy to be lifted. Thor lands in New Mexico, where scientist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), her assistant Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and mentor Dr. Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard), they find it. The local population is the Mjolnir, which SHIELD agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) soon seizes by force before acquiring Jane's data about the wormhole that led Thor to Earth. Thor, having discovered the location of Mjolnir, is on site to recover SHIELD built quickly, but he is unable to lift it, and is captured. With Selvig's help, he is freed and resigns himself to exile on Earth as he develops a romance with Jane. Loki discovers he is Laufey's son, and that was actually adopted by Odin after the war because his father left him to die (as it was demasidado small and weak compared to the other giants of ice). When Odin, overcome with stress, falls into the deep "Odinsleep" enabling it to recuperate, Loki becomes king and offers Laufey the chance to kill his adoptive father and retrieve the chest. Sif and the Warriors Three, unhappy with Loki's mandate, try to make return from exile Thor trying to convince Heimdall (Idris Elba), guardian of the Bifrost-the means of traveling between worlds, to allow passage to Earth; Heimdall can do nothing, because their loyalty is specifically to whichever king of Asgard, however, Sif and the Warriors Three make it to Earth because of a "neglect" of Heimdall. Aware of their plan, Loki sends the Destroyer, a seemingly indestructible automaton, to pursue and kill Thor. Warriors, after a short search where attract much attention, are with Thor, but the Destroyer attacks and defeats them, prompting Thor is offered in their place. Beaten by the Destroyer nearly to death, Thor's sacrifice is worthy to lift Mjolnir. The hammer returns to him, restoring his powers, allowing it to defeat the Destroyer. Jane says

goodbye with a kiss and promised to return, he and his fellow warriors travel to Asgard to confront Loki. In Asgard, Loki betrays and kills Laufey, revealing his true plan to use Laufey's attempt to end the life of Odin as an excuse to destroy Jotunheim with the Bifrost Bridge, and thus prove himself worthy of Odin. Thor arrives and fights his brother before destroying the Bifrost Bridge to stop Loki's plan, being stranded in Asgard. Odin awakens and prevents the brothers from falling into the abyss created in the wake of the destruction of the bridge, but Loki is dropped to his apparent death after realizing that disappointed Odin once again. Thor makes amends with Odin, admitting he is not ready to be king, while on Earth, Jane and her team are looking for a way to open a portal to Asgard. In a scene after the credits, Dr. Selvig has been taken to a SHIELD facility, where Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) asks study a Tesseract, which Fury says may offer untold power. Loki, invisible, whispers to Selvig to agree, which Selvig does.


I really like the movie, its history, its main characters and also the connection that is made of the action, battles and romance Thor and Jane. This movie has many twists, is dynamic and that makes it very attractive to the public, begins with the story of Thor and his exile to Earth and then displayed his brother Loki, who discovers that he is the legitimate son of Odin, then takes another history course, Loki tries to avenge his brother and ordered into exile forever, and so he can be king of Asgard. The truth is the Loki's desire was to be considered as an equal with his brother. Then there is the romance that has Thor with Jane, and will have to be put down because he has to stop the plans of his brother who were destroying a neighboring kingdom.