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Internal 91229

Amritsar Massacre
By Marie Poff (12VT)

Possible Sources
The internet will provide both primary and secondary sources, and a vast amount of information. This is also the most accessible and easiest method of research because I can use key words to research exactly what I need to find out about. However I will have to be careful that I dont just print off the same information numerous times, because due to the huge amount of sites on the internet I may either repeat myself too much, or go off track when I see interesting information that does not relate to my focussing questions. One thing I will be wary of is the reliability of the information, because anyone can make a website on the internet without having to check certain facts, such as Wikipedia, however these sites are still very useful as long as I can show the information reliable by backing it up with several sources. Books will contain both secondary and primary sources, but mostly secondary as it is mostly a historian reporting facts. That said there will be a lot of useful statistics, and possibly quotes, among the probablu very detailed facts in books. I assume that books are very reliable, as they are not just randomly published, and have to be of quality and accurate, to be published as an official history (otherwise both the writer and the publisher would lose credibility). One problem might be having to go through pages and pages of a book to find the right information, however this should be made easier by an index or table of contents. Newspaper articles will probably contain mostly secondary sources, but maybe ome primary sources if it included an interview or was written by someone at the event. This should be reliable, as it is an official





Photos (and possibly other visual sources)


newspaper, however newspapers may bend the truth to sell better, or may be censored or written by someone bias, especially if that article is written at the time of the event. Also if the articles are written at the time of the event, then they will not have information on consequences, or possibly even on the true causes of the event. However that said newspapers should be reliable and will contain names, dates, details, first-hand accounts, etc, that will be very useful. Interviews may or may not be reliable, it will depend entirely on the person being interviewed, and for what purpose. If I conduct interviews myself, then I expect most of the information will be secondary, as I live in New Zealand and do not know of anyone who was at the event (although I may interview someone who heard about and experienced consequences of the event. However there may be an interview from the time of the event of someone who was actually there, which would be a primary source. If I can find some detailed and quality interviews then this will be valuable information, and will help me understand peoples opinions at the time. The reliability of photos and visual information will probably be very high, because it presents visual evidence. I will expect to find secondary sources, most probably the aftermath of the event, and though it is very unlikely, there may be some primary evidence that sheds light on what happened during the event. Visual evidence proves the event and also shows the setting for the event, which could be useful in checking facts about what happened, and how the event unfolded. If I am fortunate enough to find a diary entry, this will be an accurate and very valuable primary source. The reliability of a diary entry, if it is authentic, should be indisputable, and may provide me with evidence of what happened before the event, as well as valuable details about how

the event took place, and the consequences of this as well as the opinions of the people who actually lived through the event.

Time and Management Plan

5/4/13 6/4/13 7/4/13 8/4/13 (Easter Weekend)

Proposed Action
To have read the instructions carefully so that I fully understand the task, ie what I must complete to achieve, and the steps necessary to achieving excellence. I will also think about, and do some preliminary research on what tragedy I will choose to research for this internal. By this time I should have done some research and asked any questions I might have, so that I will have chosen my event. I will then choose my focussing questions. By Friday the 12th I will have chosen my event and focussing questions, and will spend the rest of that week identifying the possible sources I may use and the evidence I expect from each source, as well as completing this time and management plan. I will also then be able to decide how I will present my information, and so purchase any materials necessary (ie a folder and dividers, etc). I will then be able to order my folder and put in a title page, focussing questions with colour coded key, the source analysis, the time management plan, and finally a table of contents and dividers. Over the weekend I will gather all the information I need, taking care to keep track of the origin of the source for my bibliography. This will include printing of pages from the internet, photocopying books, interviewing people who may have information, as well as possibly going to the library to see if there is anything on my chosen event. I will make sure that the information is reliable and useful in answering my focussing questions. I will highlight all my information, as well as writing annotations along the margin of my

9/4/13 10/4/13 (Wed)

11/4/13 12/4/13

13/4/13 14/4/13

15/4/13 16/4/13




information. I will also write a critical annotation at the end of each source, which may include what information in the source is useful in answering my focussing questions, the reliability of the source, what is missing from the source, and any other perceptive comments. I will present these sources (and the annotations) in logical order throughout my folder, so that it is easy to navigate, and contains enough information to answer all three of my focussing questions well. I will write an evaluation in class on my strengths/weaknesses during this internal, as well as commenting on the reliability of my sources, and all in all how well I think I completed this internal. I will hand in my comprehensively completed internal in a folder by the end of the day, having checked and probably added and corrected a few annotations that morning.

Focussing Questions:

1. What was happening or had happened in India, that prompted or lead to the event? 2. Who were the key figures and their perspectives, and what happened during the event? 3. What were the consequences of this event on Gandhis campaign for independence, and on India?

Table of Contents
1. Possible Sources 2. Time Management Plan 3. Focussing Questions 4. Internet 5. Books 6. Newspapers 7. Interviews 8. Photos (visual evidence) 9. Diary Entries





Interviews (people)