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--- Legend Release Notes --Date prepared: Prepared by: Release No: Application Name: 25/06/2013 James Watling

10.9.9 Service Pack 17 Legend Suite

10.9.9 Service Pack 17

1. Ref TM#70692//RM#4032-Members with risk of are not displayed in CRM to be interacted against. Issue: When a member who has a risk score of 0 swipes in through FOH they were not shown in CRM Solution: If configuration allows members with a risk score of 0 will be shown in the CRM module.

Ref TM#71135//RM#4018-GLCoding not reporting correctly Issue: Charges which are raised in the DD process could have the incorrect GL code attributed against them if using agreement price GL configuration. Solution: Changes have been made to ensure the correct GL codes are picked up and used during the billing section of the DD run. The payments section was already incorrect.

1. Ref TM#85915//DM#4099-Web Transaction Detail Report Timeout Issue: The web transaction report was timing out when running enterprise wide on larger databases. Solution: An number of indexs have been added to the system to help with optimising the performance of the data retrieval for this report 2. Ref TM#89569//RM#4024-Default Club and Date Parameters are hard coded to specific dates in standard reports Issue: There are a large number of reports where the default club is hard coded to be the first club added to the database rather than the workstations current club and a number of reports which are set to have a date range of anytime but if you move it away from this the dates are some date in the past. Solution: Modification of the default club and dates has been made to show the

workstations current club and the default dates set to the current date. This will only affect standard reports and no user specific report.

3. Ref TM#91565//RM#4058Active Accounts Report Missing Source Columns Issue: When running the active accounts report with all columns selected the reports app produced an error. Solution: The last payments and Terms Exist have now been added to the source view. 4. Ref TM#91631//RM#4077-Online bookings with split payments show multiple times on online booking reports Issue: If an online booking is part paid by credit note and the remainder paid by credit card the online booking reports will show 2 lines for that report with 1 line for each of the tender types Solution: Changes have been made to report on the split payment more appropriately. 5. Ref TM#91744/RM#4067-CRM Reports Show Wrong Gender Issue: The CRM Retention Report -> Member Search report pulls through the wrong gender when running the report but also the gender filter is incorrect and even when the data is fixed the gender not filtered correctly. Solution: Changes have been made to ensure the correct gender is displayed. 6. Ref TM#93085//RM##4105-Reports Application End Date Issue: When running a report the last date within the range is rounded up and the following day is included, this effected reports regardless of the drop down selected when picking dates. Solution: Changes have been made to prevent the date from rounding up 7. REF TM#93947//RM#4128-Error on loading/Saving a report Issue: Non Standard XML characters caused errors on Loading/Saving user reports. Solution: Changes have been made to ensure the characters are handled correctly and do not error when loading or saving. 8. REF TM#86501//RM#4026-Stock Valuation Report Issue: No Current report to display the stock valuation Solution: A new report was created Stock Valuation

1. Ref TM#86233//RM#4040-Current course billing note can cause confusion when printing receipts in EU character set Issue: When raising a billing event for a course in FOH the note which is applied is #CourseID this causes receipt printers using the European character set to print the # as a and so look like the course cost in the thousands of Euros. Solution: The # Symbol has been replaced with No 2. Ref TM#91456//RM#4054-Quick Add members do not have communication preferences added - Incorrect Reporting Issue: Quick add members do not have any communication preferences added to their account which leaves the data incomplete for these members and means that reporting on these members incorrectly always says they do not want to be

contacted. Solution: The default values as stored in the control panel will now be populated.

3. Ref TM#86858//RM#3985- Wrong FacilityLocationID passed for none home club bookings in FOH Issue: When selecting a different booking club within FOH for making bookings both the charge and the credit for the booking would be allocated against the club where the booking was being made from. Solution: The charge for the booking will now be correctly raised against the club which the booking is taking place at. 4. Ref TM#88477//RM#4043-Transaction Receipt displaying incorrect number of loyalty vouchers Issue: Transaction Receipt displaying incorrect number of loyalty vouchers when more than 1 voucher is used within a single transaction. e.g. 2 Adult Swim 0.00

10 X Adult Swim - 9 of 10 left Vouchers remaining on the receipt should display as 8/10 Solution: A change to the calculation has been made to ensure the number of vouchers remaining is correct. 5. Ref TM#88875//RM#4076-Printing Receipt with Receipt Printing Off does not work on multi member transactions Issue: When automatic receipt printing is turned off (either as print as per inventory or never print receipt) then it is possible in FOH to go to Options at the top of screen and Print Receipt and a receipt will be produced. However if the transaction is a multi-member transaction then this method will not work. Solution: Forcing a receipt print on a multimember transaction should now work when receipt printing is turned off. 6. Ref TM#89599//RM#3996- Bookings from all clubs will be marked as attended when swiping through FOH Issue: Member swipes marked all bookings within the pre-set limit to attended regardless of the club they swiped at and the club the booking was for. Solution: When swiping bookings only eligible at the club swiped at will be marked as attended 7. Ref TM#93453//RM#4118-Part paying debts from outside of FOH causes incorrect VAT calculation to occur Issue: If a billing item is raised outside of FOH (membership fees/bookings) and then part paid the VAT calculation is incorrect leading to the VAT rate appearing higher than expected. Solution: Changes have been made to ensure the vat rate remains accurate when billing items are raised outside of FOH and items are part paid. 8. Ref RM#3844-Enable Staff to modify the number of sessions remaining and end dates on loyalty vouchers Issue: Staff are unable to edit loyalty vouchers on a members account once sold. Solution: Functionality has been added to enable users to modify the number of remaining vouchers and the expiry date. There is a new security token for this process FOH_CAN_MODIFY_VOUCHER

1. Ref TM#88395//RM#4009-Unable to Update activate/inactive inventory items using the inventory import tool Issue: When updating an existing inventory item using the inventory import process the active and inactive dates in the import are not applied. Solution: The inventory import tool will now correctly apply active/inactive dates. 2. Ref TM#90971//RM#4042-Error on creating new Cost Centers Issue: There is an issue when creating new cost centres within the control panel if one of the cost centres has a cost centre ID which is non-numeric Solution: Changes have been made to prevent control panel from falling over due to a non-numeric cost centre ID

1. Ref TM#92284//RM#4081-Resource inventory doesnt Update to <None> Issue: When unlinking a member online the linkages to shibboleth need removing as well so that the member does not go round in circles relinking to the same account when trying to unlink. Solution: When selecting a resource from the dropdown within resource details the inventory should now display as none rather than the previous resources inventory

1. Ref TM#91822//RM#4070 MCD dates not populated for online members Issue: When customers have daily collections turned on it is possible for members who sign up online not to have their next bill dates rolled forward. Solution: There have been changes made to ensure the members have to next billdates rolled forwards. 2. Ref TM#92915//RM#4120 Online joiners having an email saved as @kiosk.com Issue: Online joiners having an email saved as @kiosk.com Solution: Changes have been made to ensure the correct email address is assigned to the members account. 3. Ref RM#4098 - Website Cache Retention Period Issue: The CMS hosted websites previously cached content for a longer period than recommended days and would only recheck for changes once this period of time elapsed. Solution: The caching period has been reduced to the recommended duration. 4.Ref TM#85332//RM#4128 Changing password while logged in accepts 2 different passwords Issue: Changing password whilst logged in accepted two different passwords Solution: Changes have been made to ensure that the intended password is accepted.

1. Ref TM#91203//RM#4048 Single payments for multiple items showing multiple times in statement (bookings) Issue: Single payments for multiple

billing items were displaying as multiple lines within the bookings tab in the member statement. Solution: Single payments for multiple items should now be displaying as intended within the booking tab.

2. Ref TM#91224//RM#4051 Membership Fees Tab (Statement) shows paid off items as outstanding Issue: The membership fees statement tab would show charges created for migrated debt (prior to 2007) but payments not payments for these debts leaving an account balance on the fees tab even when the items were paid off. Solution: The payments will now show correctly and the balance should now be zero.

1. Ref TM#93130//RM#4103 ACM inventory purchase behaviors may not be picked up if sale and swipes are close together Issue: Due to small variances in server time it is possible for a user to purchase an inventory access behaviour on one machine and for it not yet to be valid on the gate machine. Solution: A modification to the process has been made to ensure the inventory access behaviour is correctly picked up.

1. Ref TM#91650//RM#4075 Price Management Available Promotions Drop down Issue: When creating a promotion within price management it is only possible to select deployed promotional schemes which have already started. Solution: Changes have been made to allow schemes which are due to start in the future to be selected assuming that the start date of the promotion scheme is before or equal to the start date of the promotion.