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Brand Identity: in this part of brand identity the outer core level is taken in consideration.

The major levels are as follows.



Brand name



Design: The design of the brand reflects which it wants to communicate to its customers. In Reliance Fresh being a store its design of reflects that it is a low cost because the fixtures and the cost of the store look very low and gives a feel of budget shopping and use of graphics throughout the store and outside the store attracts the customers and communicates the deliverables of the store. Logo/Symbol: The logo of Reliance Fresh indicates a leaf structure which represents freshness. Brand Name: The brand name consists of two parts one is Reliance which means the name of parent Company Reliance Industries limited and secondly the Fresh means provides fresh merchandise.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC): A concept of marketing communication planning that recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication discipline and combines these disciplines to provide

clarity, consistency, and maximum communication impact. In short combines the disciplines to provide clarity, consistency and maximum communication impact. The main reasons behind the growth in importance of IMC tools are shift from media advertising to other forms of marketing communication, rapid growth of database marketing, and increasing importance of branding.

IMC programme situation analysis: The situation analysis of IMC programme includes the external factors which includes environment analysis and competitive analysis. The study of environmental analysis is done by endeavouring on the technological, demographic, socio/cultural and economic aspects and they are as follows: Environmental Analysis Technological Increase in the number of media vehicles. Rapid growth of internet. Technology became a part of life e.g. increase in the no. Of television users, users of internet. Demographic Growth in the per capita income and spending power of Indian consumers. Increase in the number of working women. Increase in the number of nuclear families.

Socio/Cultural Affected by celebrity endorsement. Visible is more admired. Increase in the number of male shoppers. Touch and feel factor before purchase is important.

Political/Legal Consumer forum restriction. Opposition of ads by communitys e.g. fair and lovely commercial.

Economical Increase in the number of advertisement agencies. Advertisement is considered to be the most important part of business.

Competitors IMC situation analysis includes the areas like direct or indirect competition, position relatives to competitors, and size of competitors advertising, promotional budget and IMC strategies used by competitors.

Direct Competitors Reliance Fresh is facing direct competition from LM365.

Indirect Competitors Indirect competition from Safal by Mother Dairy, local kirana stores, Pushcart Vendors.

Size of competitors promotional budget The promotional budget is low in case of local players, Mother dairy and Reliance Fresh.

IMC strategies used by the competitors IMC of LM365 is having an advantage of their communication programme and thus helps in greater penetration. Rest of the IMC strategies is similar as compared to LM365.

Push v/s Pull Strategies: Push strategies which are provided by the retailers to the customers and where as the pull strategies are the demand of customers. Talking about the push and pull strategies of LM365 areas follow in the matrix. Push Point of sale displays Special displays Dealer premium, gifts Advertising materials Catalogs and brochure Events Sampling Pull Coupons Samples Premium and Gifts Refunds/ Rebates POP advertisements