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I.0.1. Name and Address of the Institution and affiliated University: SECAB Institute of Engineering & Technology 424, Nauraspur, Bagalkot Road, Bijapur Visvesvaraya Technological University Jnana Sangama, Belgaum

I.0.2. Name, Designation, Telephone, Mobile Numbers and E-mail ids of the contact person for NBA: Name Designation Telephone No. Mobile E-mail id : : : : : Dr. Jamil Daud Principal 08352-277980, 276930 09901665217 jd_prof@yahoo.com

I.0.3. History of the Institution (including dates of introduction and number of seats of various programmes of study along with NBA accreditation, if any), in tabular form: Year Description Institution started with the following programmes (Intake strength) 1. Civil Engineering 2. Computer Science & Engineering 3. Electronics & Communication Engineering 4. Information Science & Engineering (date) 60 60 60 60


NBA-AICTE Accreditation visits and accreditation granted, if

any Not Yet Addition of new programmes, increase in intake strength of the existing programmes and/or accreditation status 2004 2006 2009 1. Mechanical Engineering 2. MBA 3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering 60 60 60

I.0.4. Ownership Status: Govt.(Central/State) / Trust / Society (Govt. / NGO / Private) / Private/ Other (specify)
Society (N.G.O)

I.0.5. Financial Status:

Govt.(Central/State) / Grants-in-aid / Not-for-profit / PrivateSelf financing / Other(specify) Not-for-profit

I.0.6. Nature of Trust /Society:


List other Institutions/colleges run by the Trust/Society Sl No. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Institution Malik Sandal Institute of Art & Architecture Bijapur Malik Sandal Polytechnic Bijapur Luqman Medical College Bijapur SECAB Institute of Paramedical Science Bijapur SECAB Institute of Business Administration Bijapur SECAB ARS Inamdar College for Women Bijapur SECAB PU College for women Bijapur SECAB P.U. College for Boys Bijapur

09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

SECAB English Medium High School Naubag SECAB Taherunissa Urdu Medium High School Naubag Modern Kannada Medium High School Bijapur SECAB M. S. High School Rural (Tikota) SECAB English Medium High School Nauraspur, Bijapur SECAB English Medium Higher Primary School Naubag Modern Higher Primary School SECAB Central Hindi School SECAB English medium Primary School K.K.G.S Bijapur SECAB English Medium Primary School Nauraspur Bijapur SECAB Modern Primary School SECAB Adrash English Primary School Adarsh Nagar SECAB Pre-University College, Kadrenahalli, BSK 2nd Stage Bangalore SECAB High School, Kadrenahalli, BSK 2nd Stage Bangalore