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{Gioae Canc Unventey Pie) Sor306 Sit 389 FOREWORD “The author of this book has devoted many years tothe study of layouts of cy. substation, ond the erence of his expetene fs ow sbi in thi work, ‘Although = vst amount of erature has been writen on this subject where i hare any single volume to which a atudnt xn ‘urn 9 far the Base role of thie a. This book sould go long ‘vay toward essing he nee Tels however, mach more than = primer; i cotane a grst desl of information which could be invaluable t engines who re ‘sageged inthe desig, operation or mantnance of eh subtitions T welcome tis bok and commend it all who ste interested fn