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dialogue_name: "Interrogated Innocent v2" CUSTOM: all: "CLEAR" intro:"[RELEASE]What is your name prisoner?"{"style":"him"}{"next":"intro2"} intro:"[RELEASE]What is your name prisoner?

"{"style":"him"}{"next":"intro4"} intro:"*FINISHES*" intro2:"[NORMAL_MOOD][LOOK_UP]Where am I? [SHOCK] What are you planning to do wi th that?"{"next":"intro5"} intro2:"[NORMAL_MOOD] Why did you bring me here and..[SHOCK] Oh god! my clothes! "{"next":"intro5"} intro2:"[NORMAL_MOOD] Who are you? %22*YOU*%22? I don't..."{"next":"intro3"} intro2:"I already told you my name"{"next":"intro3"} intro3:"I SAID [SHOCK] What is your name prisoner?"{"next":"intro4"} intro3:"You will learn to answer questions quickly, WHAT IS YOUR NAME?"{"next":" intro4"} intro4:"I-I'm[SWALLOW], my name is *ME*"{"next":"intro5"} intro4:"[LOOK_DOWN]*ME*... My name is *ME*"{"next":"intro5"} intro5:"I've been authorised to extract[LOOK_UP] information from you by any mea ns necessary *ME*[SHOCK] %0A I'm going to be blunt *ME*, I've always found the m ost effective way to get information from a girl like you is to fuck her mouth u ntil she crumbles[SHOCK]"{"style":"him"}{"next":"intro6"} intro5:"Listen to me *ME*, [LOOK_UP] I am not a nice man,[BLINK] I'm here to fin d out everything I can from you,[SWALLOW] and my preferred method is to forcibly violate you until you tell me what I want to know[SHOCK]"{"style":"him"}{"next" :"intro6"} intro5:"So we are clear, [SHOCK]I will rape you unless you tell me what I want t o know.[CLOSE_EYES] %0A I will start with your' mouth,[CLENCH_TEETH] should that be unsucessful I will move onto your' anus, [ADD_TEAR] if you still resist then your' vagina will be next[OPEN_EYES][WINCE]"{"style":"him"}{"next":"intro6"} intro5:"I'm sure you're a smart girl *ME*, you can see from your' situation what is going to happen [LOOK_DOWN]"{"style":"him"} intro6:"I'll tell you anything, there's no need to[HOLD][SHOCK]"{"held":"false"} intro6:"[SWALLOW] Please..." intro6:"But... I don't [HOLD][SHOCK] %0A Please... NO!"{"held":"false"} intro6:"[ARMS_LEGS][LOOK_UP] I swear, I don't know why you brought me here, but you have the wrong girl" inquisition:"[RELEASE]Tell me *ME*, tell me your' secret"{"style":"him"}{"next": "refusal"} inquisition:"[RELEASE]Are you ready to give me some names *ME*?"{"style":"him"}{ "next":"refusal"} inquisition:"[RELEASE]Is your'tongue suitably loosened now *ME*?"{"style":"him"} {"next":"refusal"} inquisition:"[RELEASE]You look ready to confess *ME*"{"style":"him"}{"next":"ref usal"} inquisition:"[RELEASE]Would you prefer I continue *ME*? Or has the time come for your' revelation?"{"style":"him"}{"next":"refusal"} inquisition:"[RELEASE]I confess, I really thought you would have given up this p retence of ignorance by now"{"style":"him"}{"next":"refusal"} inquisition:"[RELEASE]I can keep going all night *ME*, but the question is %22Ca n you?%22"{"style":"him"}{"next":"refusal"} inquisition:"[RELEASE]Perhaps you are felling more co-operative now *ME*?"{"styl

e":"him"}{"next":"refusal"} inquisition:"[RELEASE]I promise you, this will not stop until you turn over the information I seek *ME*"{"style":"him"}{"next":"refusal"} inquisition:"[RELEASE]Are you still commited to this facade *ME*?"{"style":"him" }{"next":"refusal"} refusal:"[CLOSE_EYES] How many times do I have to tell you, [OPEN_EYES]I have no idea what you want from me!"{"next":"return"} refusal:"[ANGRY_MOOD] PLEASE BELIEVE ME! [CLOSE_EYES][ADD_TEAR] I don't know any thing...[OPEN_EYES][LOOK_UP] You have to believe me[BLINK]"{"next":"return"} refusal:"[CLOSE_EYES] You haven't even told me what it is you want to know about , [OPEN_EYES] I'm not involved in anything [BLINK]anyone would need to know abou t"{"next":"return"} refusal:"[CLENCH_TEETH] I can't protest my innocence any more than I already hav e, What can I possibly do to convince him I'm innocent in all of this?"{"style": "thought"}{"next":"return"} refusal:"[LOOK_UP] I swear, I've told you everything"{"next":"return"} refusal:"[LOOK_UP] I've answered every question they asked me so far, [ADD_TEAR] Why would I start lying now?"{"next":"return"} refusal:"[CLOSE_EYES] I would tell you if I knew..."{"next":"return"} refusal:"[LOOK_DOWN] I'm not keeping any secrets, [LOOK_UP]I promise"{"next":"re turn"} refusal:"I have nothing to hide[BLINK]"{"next":"return"} refusal:"Whoever told you I had information was a liar[LOOK_UP] %0A Please, stop this"{"next":"return"} refusal:"I don't have a clue what that even means!"{"next":"return"} return:"[CLOSE_EYES]I really am suprised at how well you are playing the part of ignorant bimbo *ME* [HOLD][OPEN_EYES] %0A [SHOCK]But it is growing tiresome"{"s tyle":"him"} return:"I'd expected you to break by now *ME*, perhaps I misjudged you[LOOK_UP] I shall have to redouble by efforts[SHOCK][HOLD]"{"style":"him"} return:"I thought we were making progress *ME*, but you insist on making things difficult for yourself[HOLD][WINCE]"{"style":"him"} return:"How disappointing *ME*, I thought we were ready to move beyond this[HOLD ][SHOCK] %0A Clearly you need a little more persuasion"{"style":"him"} return:"You can feign ignorance all you like [HOLD] %0A [LOOK_UP] It won't save you [ADD_TEAR]"{"style":"him"} return:"You continue to protest your innocence? %0A [HOLD] If you wish..."{"styl e":"him"} return:"I'd hoped you would be cooperating by now *ME*, [LOOK_UP] I've no desire to continue this interrogation any longer [HOLD] %0A But neither of us is leavi ng until you share your' knowledge with me"{"style":"him"} return:"[CLOSE_EYES]Pretending you're elsewhere *ME*? %0A Such an amateur techni que... [HOLD][OPEN_EYES][SHOCK] You are here *ME*, alone with me, and you will r emain that way until you tell me what I want to know"{"style":"him"} general:"[NORMAL_MOOD]I don't know who you think I am, I'm just *ME*, " general:"Why are you doing this to me?" general:"You don't have to do this, please..." general:"*FINISHES*" general:"[inquisition]" general:"[inquisition]" general:"[inquisition]" resistance:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS]I won't do it, you can't make me[TAP_HANDS] You just can't" resistance:"[WINCE] No, you can't do this, it's not right" resistance:"[SHOCK] No...No![TAP_HANDS]"

resistance:"I don't even know what you're talking about" resistance:"NO![WINCE] Please, I've told you everything already, don't force me to do this" resistance:"[SHOCK] Even you must have some code of conduct with prisoners, this ..[LOOK_UP] You can't do this to me" resistance:"Stop, just...[LOOK_DOWN] Stop it" resistance:"[inquisition]" resistance:"[inquisition]" interrupt:"-N...O!" interrupt:"-mph!" interrupt:"-!" interrupt:"-N...OT... ALL!" interrupt:"...!" interrupt:"-Aagh!" interrupt:"-mmn" interrupt:"-ghch!" interrupt:"...ST...OP!" cough:"-aghck" cough:"-ack" cough:"-ackph" cough:"-agph" cough:"-achf" first_throat:"[WINCE] Please, I don't know anything,[ARMS_HIS_LEGS] let me go[LO OK_DOWN]... At least don't make me do that again..." first_throat:"[SHOCK] I can't believe you just..." first_throat:"[LOOK_UP] I can't tell you anything, I don't know anything!" first_throat:"[COUGH] That hurts. This is torture, [SWALLOW]you can't just do th is to me" first_throat:"I'm begging you, stop[ARMS_HIS_LEGS]. I don't know why you think I can help you, but I can't, this is getting you nowhere" first_throat:"What is it you think I know?" first_throat:"[inquisition]" first_dt:"[SHOCK] That was [COUGH]... Why did you..?" first_dt:"[ANGRY_MOOD][LOOK_UP]PLEASE STOP! IF I KNEW ANYTHING I'D HAVE TOLD YOU BY NOW![NORMAL_MOOD][LOOK_DOWN] Just...stop...please" first_dt:"[ANGRY_MOOD][LOOK_UP] You're just a fucking rapist! I told you, I don' t know anything and still you keep this going. Why?[NORMAL_MOOD] Why won't you b elieve me?" first_dt:"I'm serious, I can't help you...so stop...stop this" first_dt:"*FINISHES*" first_dt:"[inquisition]" pull_off:"I can't do this!" pull_off:"[SHOCK] Why are you doing this?" pull_off:"[WINCE] I need to breathe" pull_off:"NO![ARMS_HIS_LEGS] No not again, [BLINK]you can't make me!" pull_off:"NO! [LOOK_DOWN]I feel sick" pull_off:"Why can't you accept it, [ANGRY_MOOD]I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!" pull_off:"NO![ARMS_HIS_LEGS] No not again, [BLINK]you can't force it into me aga in!!" pull_off:"[inquisition]" lick_penis:"Do you really think you can appeal to me like that? [LOOK_UP] If I w ant something from you, I will take it"{"style":"him"}

lick_penis:"Are you trying to grovel?"{"style":"him"} lick_penis:"You won't influence me with your' tongue anyway other than telling m e what I want to know"{"style":"him"} lick_balls:"Do you think you can delay the inevitable by licking my balls *ME*?" {"style":"him"} lick_balls"Are you trying to endear yourself to me *ME*?"{"style":"him"} held:"[ANGRY_MOOD]You think you can choke it out of me? [TAP_HANDS]Don't you get it yet?"{"held":"true"} held:"[BLINK]Air![WINCE] What can I do to convince you I don't know what you thi nk I do?"{"held":"true"} held:" What do you want me to say? [LOOK_UP]"{"held":"true"} held:"[COUGH] [ANGRY_MOOD]Leave me alone you bastard, I can't..."{"held":"true"} held:"[CLOSE_EYES]You know what I think?[NORMAL_MOOD] I think you know I'm not i nvolved with this[OPEN_EYES][ANGRY_MOOD] And you're just some sick fuck acting o ut his power fantasies on an innocent girl!"{"held":"true"}{"next":"return"} held:"[SHOCK] Would you like me to let you up for air *ME*? [COUGH] %0A Are you going to tell me something if I do?"{"held":"true"}{"style":"him"} held:"I wonder how long you can hold your' breath for *ME*... %0A"{"held":"true" }{"style":"him"} held:"[BLINK] You wish to breathe *ME*? [COUGH] %0A From the way I feel your' th roat convulsing, [ADD_TEAR]I can tell you are in some...discomfort"{"held":"true "}{"style":"him"} held:"I doubt you are used to deepthroating *ME*, it must be quite uncomfortable "{"held":"true"}{"style":"him"} held:"Are you familiar with asphyxiophilia *ME*? [SHOCK] %0A I'm told it is quit e pleasurable and highly addictive [LOOK_UP] %0A Perhaps you'd be more inclined to help me if I showed[SHOCK] you?"{"held":"true"}{"style":"him"} wake:"[NORMAL_MOOD][BLINK] Where..?[LOOK_UP] Oh, it's you still..." wake:"[BLINK]I don't know what happened[SWALLOW]" wake:"[ANGRY_MOOD] Why would you do that? You think I can talk when I'm unconcio us?" wake:"[BLINK]Wait...[SHOCK] You just kept going while I was unconcious? What's w rong with you?" wake:"...I thought I was dead..." vigorous:"[WINCE] Please, don't do that again. Don't force me like that"{"held": "true"} vigorous:"STOP! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!!" vigorous:"[ANGRY_MOOD]You can manhandle me all you want, that doesn't change the fact I don't know anything" vigorous:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS] YOU HAVE TO STOP![LOOK_UP][NORMAL_MOOD] Please, you ca n't keep doing this to me" vigorous:"[ANGRY_MOOD] are you trying to break my jaw?" vigorous:"[ANGRY_MOOD] STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!" vigorous:"[NORMAL_MOOD] I can't do this anymore..." vigorous:"[COUGH]Erg-[SWALLOW] Erg-[WINCE] I should have just puked on your' dic k" vigorous:"[LOOK_DOWN]You're hurting me...[LOOK_UP]Why?[TAP_HANDS] Why won't you believe me?" vigorous:"[inquisition]" pulled_up:"[inquisiton]"{"held":"true"} pulled_up:"[SHOCK] Look me in the eyes *ME*[LOOK_UP]"{"style":"him"}{"next":"inq uisition"} pulled_up:"I'm going to ask you one more time"{"next":"inquisition"}

pulled_down:"[CLOSE_EYES]You're hurting me [ADD_TEAR][OPEN_EYES]"{"next":"inquis ition"} pulled_down:"[LOOK_UP]What is it now?"{"next":"inquisition"} pulled_down:"[ANGRY_MOOD] That Hurts!"{"next":"inquisition"} pre_cum:"[LOOK_UP]Why did you stop?[SHOCK] No! Not that" pre_cum:"[LOOK_UP] What are you doing?[SHOCK] Please, leave me some dignity at l east!" pre_cum:"[LOOK_UP] Are you ready to listen now?[SHOCK] Oh God you're not going t o..." pre_cum:"[SHOCK]Oh... Like you're going to stop now, just do it" pre_cum:"[ANGRY_MOOD] DON'T YOU DARE!" pre_cum:"*FINISHES*" pre_cum:"[NORMAL_MOOD] Is...is it over? cum_on_face:"[ANGRY_MOOD]Ewww[WINCE] That's disgusting! [ARMS_HIS_LEGS] Stop! [T AP_HANDS] STOP IT! [WINCE]" cum_on_face:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Oh No![CLOSE_EYES] I can feel it all over my face... A re...[LOOK_DOWN]are you done now?" cum_on_face:"[SHOCK] What are you doing to me? [WINCE] That's...that's so gross. ..[ANGRY_MOOD][LOOK_DOWN] Don't look at me" cum_on_face:"[WINCE]you... I can't...[LOOK_DOWN] Why is this happening to me...[ LOOK_UP] Why?" cum_in_eye:"[ANGRY_MOOD][WINCE]ARGH!" cum_in_eye:"[WINCE]Bastard!" cum_in_nose:"[ANGRY_MOOD]WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!?" cum_in_nose:"[WINCE]I can't get rid of the smell, I'll be smelling your' cum for hours" cum_in_mouth:"[NORMAL_MOOD][LOOK_UP] If...[BLINK] If I swallow it, will you beli eve me? Will you stop?" cum_in_mouth:"[NORMAL_MOOD] Is...is it over? %22Swallow it%22?... Will you stop if I do?" cum_in_mouth:"[COUGH] I can't...[COUGH] I can't...[WINCE] it tastes horrible" cum_in_mouth:"[LOOK_UP] Now what?" cum_in_throat:"I'm told a person can swallow a pint of blood before they get sic k[SHOCK], I wonder if the same is true of semen *ME*? %0A Shall we find out?[WIN CE]"{"style":"him"} cum_in_throat:"[LOOK_UP][BLINK]I get the impression you are quite sexually inexp erienced *ME*.[CLOSE_EYES] I'd wager this is the first time you've ingested seme n[OPEN_EYES][SHOCK] %0A From your' expression, I'm going to assume I was correct "{"style":"him"} cum_in_throat:"[CLOSE_EYES] *ME*? Do you think just because I have reached the p oint of orgasm, that we are done here? [OPEN_EYES][SHOCK] %0A You still have not told me what I need to know, so we will be continuing shortly [ADD_TEAR]"{"styl e":"him"} cum_in_throat:"[WINCE] It appears you are disgusted by this sensation *ME*, perh aps you should be practicing your %22Poker Face%22 if you truly wish to resist m e"{"style":"him"} cum_in_throat:"[COUGH] It would appear you have a sensitive gag reflex *ME*. [SH OCK] If I were to continue, I imagine you'd vomit [WINCE] %0A [CLOSE_EYES]Do you think a man willing to sexually torture[ADD_TEAR] you as I have thus far is the slightest bit concerned of getting bile on his cock?[SWALLOW] %0A It would appe ar you on the otherhand fear it"{"style":"him"}

swallow:"[NORMAL_MOOD][WINCE] You didn't even give me a chance..." swallow:"[ANGRY_MOOD]I can feel it inside me, in my belly...[WINCE] I think I'm gonna be sick" swallow:"*FINISHES*" swallow:"[WINCE] That's gross..." swallow:"[LOOK_UP] I did it...[ARMS_LEGS] Do you believe me now?" swallow:"[SHOCK] Are we[BLINK]... Are we done now?[LOOK_UP] Is the interrogation over?" swallow:"[CLOSE_EYES]Just...just leave me be" drool:"[ANGRY_MOOD]You could've warned me! Now look[LOOK_DOWN] It's everywhere.. ." drool:"I told you...I don't know what you're asking me about" drool:"[NORMAL_MOOD][LOOK_DOWN]...I don't think I'll ever feel clean again..." drool:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Oh my...[SWALLOW] It's...it's everywhere" restart:"*FINISHES*" restart:"[inquisition]" finish0:"Please, don't[ARMS_HIS_LEGS]...[TAP_HANDS] Please don't cum on me...[LO OK_UP,] We can make a deal[BLINK]" finish1:"Wasn't once enough? Why are you doing this again?" finish2:" What do you want me to say? [LOOK_UP] Tell me and I'll say it" finish3:"I'm not some kind of super spy, I'm not resisting,[ANGRY_MOOD] I have n o idea what you want from me!" finish4:"[ANGRY_MOOD] You've already cum four times, don't you think I'd have gi ven in by now if I knew something?" finish5:"[SHOCK] What do you mean %22more advanced interrogation methods%22? Wha t else can you possibly do to me? finish6:"I'm begging you[LOOK_UP] No more...[ANGRY_MOOD] What can I say to make you stop??" finish7:" Whats the point in fighting any more[LOOK_UP], you don't believe me, s o you'll just keep on going...[SHOCK] Until what?" finish8:"[LOOK_UP] I can't even cry anymore[ARMS_HIS_LEGS]... You've already fuc ked %22the truth%22 out of me..." finish9:" [ARMS_LOOSE]What do you want me to say? [LOOK_UP] Tell me and I'll say it, just make it stop" finishother:"[CLOSE_EYES] I'll sign a confession or something, just...just stop fucking my mouth..."

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