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dialogue_name:"Liara" charName:"Liara" all: "CLEAR" {"org":"false","throatcame":"false","nutritional":"false","brokenhold":"false"} cum_in_eye:"Ow! Ow! By the Goddess, don't do that! It hurts!

"{"next":"sorry"} sorry:"I'm sorry, it was an accident."{"style":"Him","next":"sorry2"} sorry2:"I forgive you*, YOU*, just please, don't do that again." cum_in_eye:"By the Goddess! I can't see!" cum_in_eye:"Agh! By the Goddess that hurts!" cum_in_eye:"Stop, stop! By the Goddess!" cum_in_eye:"Ow! By the Goddess! Please,* YOU,* don't do that again." cum_in_mouth:"It tastes strange*, YOU*. Very... salty? Is that normal?"{"next" :"normal"} normal:"Yes*, ME*, that's normal."{"style":"Him"} cum_in_mouth:"Your ejaculate has a strange, but rather pleasant taste. Can I sw allow it?" cum_in_mouth:"This is a very unique flavor... I've never tasted anything quite l ike it." cum_in_mouth:"Your semen tastes quite good... would you like to continue, or sto p here?" cum_in_mouth:"I'm quite surprised at the taste of human ejaculate - or, I suppos e, your ejaculate in particular... it's got a rather delightful flavor, I must a dmit." cum_in_nose:"By the Goddess, it came right out of my nose. How embarassing..." cum_in_nose:"By the Goddess, I had no idea that could happen!" cum_in_nose:"By the Goddess, what a powerful scent!" cum_in_throat:"I'm sorry, I couldn't tell. Did you ejaculate?"{"next":"yes","ch eck":{"throatcame":"false"},"set":{"throatcame":"true"}} yes:"Yes, I came right down your throat."{"style":"Him","next":"yes2"} yes2:"Interesting. Is that normal?"{"next":"yes3"} yes3:"It can be."{"style":"Him"} cum_in_throat:"Goddess... again?"{"next":"again","check":{"throatcame":"true"}} again:"Yes, I came down your throat again."{"style":"Him"} cum_on_face:"By the Goddess! It's all over me." cum_on_face:"It's quite sticky. I wonder if that's a sort of adaptation to make external ejaculation less likely." cum_on_face:"Is this aesthetically pleasing to human males?"{"next":"pleasing"} pleasing:"It's arousing. Makes me want to fuck your face all over again."{"next ":"pleasing2","style":"Him"} pleasing2:"Goddess! Well, I suppose I'll have to oblige*, YOU*." drool:"Oh dear, I seem to have let some of your ejaculate spill out. Does it ha ve any nutritional properties?"{"next":"nutri","check":{"nutritional":"false"}," set":{"nutritional":"true"}} nutri:"Not really, no."{"style":"Him","next":"nutri2"} nutri2:"Yes, I suppose it wouldn't." first_dt:"So overcoming the gag reflex allows the throat to do this?"{"style":"T hought","next":"humans"} humans:"Do human women also have the ability to... do that?"{"next":"humans2"} humans2:"Yes*, ME*. And it's called deepthroating."{"style":"Him","next":"human s3"} humans3:"What a fascinating bit of parallel evolution..." first_throat:"I'm sorry, it's a very unpleasant sensation when it hits the back

of my throat. Like attempting to swallow a pill whole." first_throat:"Hmm. I think I have a good hypothesis on how to get it deeper. L et me try again." first_throat:"Ah, it's quite difficult to get it in... I'm terribly sorry." first_throat:"Sorry for fumbling so much*, YOU*, I must admit this is my first t ime."{"next":"noprob"} noprob:"It's alright, take all the time you need, your dedication is reward itse lf."{"style":"Him","next":"noprob2"} noprob2:"Thank you! I appreciate the thought." general:"What is the typical time for a human male to complete sexual activities *, YOU*? We have succeeded at complete penetration, so I don't know where to go next."{"next":"comp"} comp:"I don't know... two, three minutes?"{"style":"Him","next":"comp2"} comp2:"Ah. I take it then that you have greater endurance than is normal?"{"nex t":"comp3"} comp3:"Yeah, I suppose so."{"style":"Him"} general:"Do you want to do something else now*, YOU*?"{"next":"notclose"} notclose:"I really, really want to keep doing this*, ME*."{"style":"Him",next":" notclose2"} notclose2:"Let's continue, then." general:"Please, don't stop*, YOU*." general:"Are we done? I wanted to keep going..." general:"Make me yours*, YOU*." held:"By the Goddess! That was very impolite*, YOU*."{"check":{"brokenhold":"fa lse"}} held:"By the Goddess! Please be a bit more gentle*, YOU*. I understand that se xual activity in humans can lead to a loss of voluntary muscle control, but plea se, try to maintain a modicum of self-control!"{"check":{"brokenhold":"false"}} held:"Please don't do that again*, YOU*.{"check":{"brokenhold":"false"}} held:"I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't do that."{"check":{"brokenhold ":"false"}} held:"Please*, YOU*, I care for you very much, but it is difficult for me to bre athe when you do that."{"check":{"brokenhold":"false"}} held:"Please*, YOU*, I am trying to be understanding but I'd prefer it if you di d not do things like that."{"check":{"brokenhold":"false"}} held:"Please, don't... actually, it's fine*, YOU*. I think I've gotten used to it. I trust you."{"check":{"brokenhold":"false"},"set":{"brokenhold":"true"}} held:"Wonderful, it feels so good to be held down*, YOU*... the submission, the trust... it makes me feel so... incredible... almost as good as melding."{"check ":{"brokenhold":"true"}} held:"It's an incredible feeling*, YOU*. I trust you unconditionally, and it's like letting go of something I never knew I held onto."{"check":{"brokenhold":"t rue"}} held:"Call me... Little Wing. Call me Little Wing and tell me you'll never hurt me."{"check":{"brokenhold":"true"},"next":"lwing"} lwing:"I'll never hurt you, Little Wing."{"style":"Him","next":"lwing2"} lwing2:"Oh, Goddess, it feels so good to be told that... thank you*, YOU*." held:"I love you*, YOU*."{"check":{"brokenhold":"true"},"next":"ilu"} ilu:"I love you too*, ME*."{"style":"Him"} held:"I was trying to think of the word for that sensation. Ecstacy. Ecstacy i s the word." intro:"Hmm, so this is what a human penis looks like. It's very strange, I have to admit." intro:"I'm sorry that traditional 'penis-in-vagina' intercourse is impossible fo r a member of my species. I hope this will be satisfactory for you."{"next":"mo rethan"}

morethan:"Most women won't do this the first time."{"style":"Him","next":"moreth an2"} morethan2:"Oh? So this is typically a signal of long term sexual activity with a partner among humans? Does the unusual intimacy bother you?"{"next":"morethan 3"} morethan3:"Not at all*, ME*. I wish more women would do it during the first tim e."{"style":"Him"} intro:"I can do this*, YOU*, I just need to work my way into it." intro:"Don't worry*, YOU*, I'm more than willing to do this. For asari, simulat ing ordinary sexual activity with our non-asari partners is very important." intro:"I will manage this*, YOU*. I care about you and want you to feel good." pre_cum:"What does that face you are making mean*, YOU*? It is... unfamiliar to me."{"next":"oface","check":{"org":"false"},"set":{"org":"true"}} oface:"It means I'm about to come*, ME*."{"style":"Him","next":"oface2"} oface2:"Come? Oh, you mean ejaculate! Well, what do I do?"{"next":"oface3"} oface3:"Just do... whatever."{"style":"Him"} pre_cum:"Ah, ready again? Please, feel free to ejaculate wherever you like*, YO U*."{"check":{"org":"true"}} pre_cum:"My oh my,* YOU,* I do enjoy how... quickly you get back to being ready to blow."{"check":{"org":"true"}} pre_cum:"Your pleasure is mine,* YOU,* so I'm glad you're getting so much of it. "{"check":{"org":"true"}} pre_cum:"Don't stop on my account,* YOU,* I'm loving this too."{"check":{"org":" true"}} lick_penis:"I hope you don't mind*, YOU*. I'm curious as to the taste."{"held": "false"} lick_penis:"Ah, does this also bring you pleasure? It is much easier for me, I have to admit."{"held":"true"} lick_penis:"The head tastes quite nice, to be honest." pulled_down:"Why are you pushing me downward*, YOU*? Is there an alternative er ogenous zone lower on the human body?"{"held":"true"} pulled_up:"As I mentioned earlier*, YOU*, it isn't possible for us to have norma l penetrative sex. There is no need to attempt it on my account."{"held":"true" } pull_off:"Did that bring you significant pleasure above normal? That's the main reason I tried that. If it doesn't, I'd like to avoid it in the future."{"held ":"false","next":"please"} please:"It was actually really good."{"style":"Him","next":"please2"} please2:"I'll do it again, then." pull_off:"Fascinating... I had no idea asphyxiation could be so... pleasant."{"h eld":"false"} pull_off:"God... that was incredible, Shepard, I could almost feel your pleasure like a tangible force in my throat."{"held":"false"} pull_off:"I hope that felt good*, YOU*, this is my first time and I must admit I am working very experimentally."{"held":"false"} pull_off:"The sensation of forcibly choking myself on your penis is simply... mi nd-blowing. Goddess, it feels almost religious."{"held":"false"} pull_off:"I never knew I could feel so... ecstatic, from doing something like th is. I guess since it's you*, YOU*, I was unusually ready."{"held":"false"} restart:"*FINISHES*" finish1:"Interesting. I thought human males had a thing called a 'refractory pe riod' which prevented repeated sex acts. Is that not true?"{"next":"refract"} refract:"I'm special*, ME*."{"style":"Him","next":"refract2"}

refract2:"Oh. How... fortunate." finishother:"I think I might be enjoying this more than you." finishother:"Let's continue, shall we?" finishother:"Don't stop now." finishother:"Keep going*, YOU*." finishother:"Are you finally becoming exhausted? No? Good." swallow:"Does swallowing your ejaculate increase your arousal?"{"next":"yeah"} yeah:"Y-yeah, it really does."{"style":"Him","next":"yeah2"} yeah2:"I will be sure to do it in the future, then." swallow:"I wonder what sort of nutritional values human ejaculate has... I'll ha ve to look into it later."{"style":"Thought","check":{"nutritional":"false"}} vigorous:"By the Goddess! Has he lost all rational thought?"{"style":"Thought", "held":"true"} vigorous:"Oh, god, you feel so good*, ME*. I love fucking your throat."{"style" :"Him","held":"true"} vigorous:"By the Goddess, is he energetic!"{"style":"Thought","held":"true"} vigorous:"I'm having difficulty breathing... but he would never hurt me, it'll b e okay."{"style":"Thought","held":"true"} vigorous:"I'm going to fuck your face until I pass out*, ME*!"{"style":"Him","he ld":"true"} vigorous:"Ah, that was quite difficult*, YOU*. But you seem to have enjoyed it greatly, so I will try to do it again soon."{"held":"false"} vigorous:"[LOOK_UP]I can tell by your expression that you enjoyed that*, YOU*, s o let's do it again, shall we?"{"held":"false"} vigorous:"Don't stop me now*, YOU*, I'm just getting into it."{"held":"false"} wake:"Huh? What... oh, by the Goddess! Is the induction of unconsciousness nor mal for a human female performing oral sex?"{"next":"no"} uncon:"No, not really."{"style":"Him"} wake:"I'm afraid that Asari are not capable of breathing while our throats are o bstructed. Please remember that for future reference."{"held":"true"} wake:"By the Goddess! I didn't mean to do that! I suppose I should be more car eful in the future..."{"held":"false"}

interrupt:"-!" interrupt:"-ghch!" interrupt:"-ghmph!" interrupt:"-mmb!" interrupt:"-mmbh!" interrupt:"-mmbh!" interrupt:"-mmn!" interrupt:"-mnh!" interrupt:"-mph!" interrupt:"-mphh!" interrupt:"-ng!" interrupt:"-nngh!" cough:"-achf" cough:"-ack" cough:"-ackph" cough:"-aghck" cough:"-agph"