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Membership Approves Work Program and Budget for FY 2013

The Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council (LRGVDC) membership has approved the 2013 Work Program and Budget that will allow the Council to continue its active role in the Region. The new FY 2013 budget puts emphasis on, and addresses needs within Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy Counties in programs such as Transit, Criminal Justice Assistance, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement Training, 9-11 Coordination, Solid Waste, Water Quality/Quantity Planning, Economic Development, the Area Agency on Aging, and Disaster Recovery as a result of Hurricane Dolly. The LRGVDC employs 137 individuals and will operate on a projected annual budget of $53.5 million in 2013. The budget reflects a sound organization and continued regional support of comprehensive services provided, stated Mayor Steve Brewer, LRGVDC President. Local revenues are used successfully to leverage state and federal funds. Less than 1% of the LRGVDC budget is generated from membership dues. State income sources include the Texas General Land Office, Texas Water Development Board, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Criminal Justice Division of the Governors Office, Texas Department of Transportation, TDPS/State Homeland Security, and the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. Federal sources for funds include the Economic Development Administration, the Corporation for National Service and the Federal Transit Administration.

Membership Approves Work Program and Budget for FY 2013 Director of Area Agency on Aging Selected for Award at Annual Texas Conference on Aging Lrgvdc Staff Recognized For Years Of Service Regional Police Academy and Training Center Public Awareness Events on Prevention of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Lrgvdc Regional Small Cities Coalition (Rscc) Committee Officers For 2013 LRGVDC Ombudsman Program Recognized Love Lives On Workshop


Federal 8.8% Local 1%

State 90.2%

Operating 3.4%

REGIONAL PURSUITS is the newsletter published by the LRGVDC. This publication is financed in part through funding assistance from State and Federal grants. REGIONAL PURSUITS is available without cost and inquiries should be directed to: Ken Jones, Executive Director Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council 301 W. Railroad Street, Weslaco, TX 78596 E-Mail: info@lrgvdc.org website: www.lrgvdc.org (956) 682-3481, Fax (956) 631-4670

Programs 96.6%

Director of Area Agency on Aging Selected for Award at Annual Texas Conference on Aging
Jose (Joe) L. Gonzalez, Director of Area Agency on Aging for the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council was awarded the 2012 Texas Conference on Agings Outstanding Professional Award. The award is presented every year to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of aging. Joe joined the Area Agency on Aging on June 19, 1980. He has been an officer and past president of the Texas Association of Area Agencies on Aging, and served on the Texas Aging Well Advisory Council. Joe is also past and current Board member of the Texas Alliance of Information and Referral Systems. He has served on the n4a (National Association of Area Agencies on Aging) Board as an Alternate and Board member representing Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Louisiana for the past 19 years. In his second term on the n4a Board he served as Second Vice-President. Active at the local level with various organizations such as the McAllen Senior Citizens Advisory Council, Coalition for Valley Families, Regional Transit Advisory Panel, and Colonias Workgroup, to name a few. He has been a strong advocate for seniors, caregivers, and Area Agencies on Aging, including his colleagues among the Indian Tribes serving Indian elders.

Pictured L-R: Gary Luft, President of T4A; Robert Lopez, President of TAAP; Joe Gonzalez, LRGVDC Area Agency on Aging Director; and Chris Traylor, former DADS Commissioner.

Lrgvdc Staff Recognized For Years Of Service

Board President, Steve Brewer, City of La Feria Mayor was honored to recognized staff for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 35 years of service and contributions to the Region.
Front row l-r: Debby Morales, 10 years; Jennifer Trevino, 5 years; Mary Carrillo, 5 years; Anna Trevino, 5 years; Elida Carranza, 20 years; Anna Hernandez, 35 years. Back row l-r: Board President Steve Brewer, City of La Feria Mayor, Manuel Cruz, 10 years; Oscar Garza, 5 years; Fernando Rodriguez, 10 years; Orlando Nino, 5 years; Fernando Castillo, 10 years; Paul Dulcet, 10 years; Juan Torres, 10 years. Not pictured: Yolanda Hernandez, 5 years; Mario Perez, 5 years; Diana De Anda, 10 years; Robert Diaz, 10 years; Olga Arias-Hernandez, 15 years, and Alma Guerrero, 15 years.

Regional Police Academy and Training Center

With the start of the 83rd Texas Legislative Session, the Police Academy is anxiously awaiting the changes in the current laws and any new laws that will be enacted. Following each legislative session, Texas peace officers are required to attend a course designed specifically for peace officers that focuses on the new laws and changes to the laws as they pertain to law enforcement and public safety. For example, the 82nd Legislative Session added pets and companion animals to protective orders. Even though the Texas Legislature will discuss the budget, they will also discuss issues of public safety. If you are interested in tracking bills during the session, please visit http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/. The Police Academy continues to address the needs of the public safety community. On Friday, March 8, 2013, the Academy will offer the Excited Delirium course. Excited delirium is a medical emergency. The course is designed to present information to police officers and other first responders who may encounter persons suffering from excited delirium. Often, when members of the public are exhibiting signs and strategies to harm themselves or others, police are called to rectify the situation; however, one of the situations officers may confront is excited delirium and officers should be properly trained to protect the officer, third parties and the excited delirium subject. Law enforcement officers, fire rescue and emergency medical personnel must train together in the recognition of excited delirium and prepare plans for successful intervention. One aspect would be learning new procedures and protocols that are currently being used in the field by emergency medical personnel. The Academy is testing for the upcoming academy classes. We are conducting the academy entrance test at the LRGVDC Transit Facility in Weslaco. The cost for the test is $25 and one can call our Harlingen Office at (956) 364-4507 to register for the test. Please visit our webpage for academy start dates: www.lrgvdc.org.

Public Awareness Events on Prevention of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Mr. Robert Obregon with the Senior Medicare Patrol of the Area Agency on Aging helped coordinate a two day public awareness event on February 6 & 7 for professionals and seniors respectively on the prevention of Medicare, and Medicaid fraud. The first day of the event was held at UT Pan American in Edinburg. More than 200 professionals from medical equipment providers, home health agencies, local hospitals, state agencies, and partner agencies attended. The second day of the event was held at Knapp Conference Center in Weslaco. This event catered to the general public and seniors and included a pubic shredding service. The public was invited to bring any items they wanted shredded at no cost. Some of the topics covered were Medicare and Medicaid fraud, identity theft, and information on recent cases prosecuted for scamming the public.

Weslaco Police Officer J.P. Rodriguez addressing a group of seniors during the Fraud Awareness event at the KMC Conference Center


Business Registry Disaster Assistance Program

The Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council (LRGVDC)/Economic Development District (EDD) received funding from the Economic Development Administration (EDA) for a new program to help businesses that provide disaster recovery services. After a hurricane or a natural disaster there is a great need for businesses that repair roofs, windows, ooring, drive-ways, cabinets, or clean up brush or do landscaping, etc. Some of these businesses are just starting or are too small to compete for jobs, therefore, this program is designed to provide you with some of the information, education, resources, and support your business needs to help stir-up some business for you. Business Name or Owner: Number of Employees: Address: City, Zip Code: Phone: Email: What service(s) do you/can you provide? Would you be interested in learning about: (Check all that apply) _____ How to Start a Business _____ Apprentice Programs _____ Mentoring Programs _____ Building Codes Other: _____ Technical Schools _____ Marketing Strategies _____ Financial Assistance _____ GED _____ Licensing/Certication Programs _____ Continuity of Operations Plan _____ Small Business Incubators _____ English Language Classes


We are currently recruiting businesses to begin this program, so please ll out this form and mail or fax to the address below. The rst planning meeting will be scheduled for March. There is no cost to join this program.

LOWER RIO GRANDE VALLEY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Contact: Terrie G. Salinas, Program Director 301 West Railroad Street Weslaco, Texas 78596 (956) 682-3481

Lrgvdc Regional Small Cities Love Lives On Coalition (Rscc) Committee workshop
O ff i c e r s F o r 2 0 1 3
Chairman Rolando Vela, City Manager of Laguna Vista Vice-Chairman Sunny Philip, City Manager of La Feria Secretary/Treasurer Judy Davila, City Manager of Sullivan City Member-at-Large Eleazar Yogi Garcia, City Manger of Raymondville Member-at-Large Javier Mendez, City Manager of Primera
Picture of RSCC Committee Members. Meeting hosted by Mayor Barbara Collum, Town of Indian Lake.

n December 13, 2012 the following members were elected as the Committees Officers. The following slate took office January 10th, at their first monthly meeting of the year. The RSCC met in Alamo where it was hosted by the City, Fire Department, and member representative Jaime Sandoval.

This Committee was specifically created to serve small, rural cities with a population of 20,000 or less. Approximately 33 of the 44 cities in the Valley meet this criteria and it is the goal of this committee to reach out to all of these cities and have them join the Regional Small Cities Coalition. Please call the Economic Development Department at (956) 682-3481 for more information on the Committee or for becoming a member. The LRGVDCs Ombudsman Program received two awards at the 2013 Access and Assistance Training Conference held in Austin. The conference was held Monday, February 4 Wednesday, February 6. Anna Trevino accepted the Nursing Facility Service Award for 2012 for 100% Quarterly Nursing Facility Coverage. Molly Segovia accepted the Community Education Award for 2012. Congratulations to staff ombudsmen Anna Maria Trevino and Molly Segovia!

Picture here is Dr. Marsha Nelson speaking to the group.

LRGVDC AAA Elder Rights staff assisted in holding the Love Lives On event. It was held Tuesday, February 12th at the Legacy Event Center in Edinburg. The event catered to widows and widowers dealing with the grief of losing their spouse. Dr. Marsha Nelson was the keynote speaker. She shared her experience of losing her first husband as they arrived at the London airport to begin their vacation. She spoke of having to deal with all of the arrangements to get back to the United States. Other committee members were from the Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, Caregiver SOS, Caring Senior Services, and Legacy Center. Approximately 40 people attended. They were treated to a reception after the program.

LRGVDC Ombudsman Program Recognized

Molly Segovia (left) and Anna Trevino (right) displaying the awards recently presented at the 2013 Access and Assistance Training

Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council

Board of Directors 2012-2013

Executive Committee Mayor Steve Brewer City of La Feria Honorable Norma G. Garcia Member-At-Large Mayor Tony Martinez City of Brownsville Mayor Chris Boswell City of Harlingen Commissioner Garardo Jerry Tafolla Member-at-Large Pro-Tem Eddy Gonzalez City of Edcouch President 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Immediate Past President Remaining Board Members Commissioner Sofia Benavides Cameron County Commissioner Hector Tito Palacios Hidalgo County Judge John F. Gonzales, Jr. Willacy County Commissioner Pilar Garza City of Alamo Mayor David Simmons City of Donna Council Member Gus Garcia City of Edinburg Commissioner Jim Darling City of McAllen Mayor Henry Hinojosa City of Mercedes Council Member Norie Gonzalez Garza City of Mission Mayor Leo Polo Palacios, Jr. City of Pharr Mayor Orlando Correa City of Raymondville Commissioner Joe D. Gonzalez City of San Benito Mayor Pro-Tem Armando Garza City of San Juan Dr. Cesar Maldonado TSTC Mr. Roberto Loredo Donna I.S.D. Mr. Gale Armstrong El Jardin Water Supply Corporation Mr. J. Shane Cameron Port Mansfield PUB & Mr. Don Medina Member-at-Large Mr. Arturo Ramirez Grassroots Organizations

CONTACTS FOR LRGVDC ADMINISTERED PROGRAMS Kenneth N. Jones, Jr. Ann Lyles Anna Hernandez Victor Morales Joe Gonzalez Terrie Salinas Executive Director Director, Finance Director, Human Resources Director, Procurement Director, Area Agency on Aging Director, Economic Development Tom Logan Manuel Cruz Marcie Oviedo Juan Gomez Paul Williams Andrew Canon Director, Valley Metro Director, Homeland Security Director, Regional Planning & Services Director, 9-1-1 Services Director, Regional Police Academy & Training Center Director, Hidalgo County MPO

301 W. Railroad Street

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