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/2013 2013 Dated : 04-04-

Sub:- Epidemics Heat Waves/Sun Strokes Certain instructions for prevention and control measures Reg. ***** In pursuance of the instructions already issued to all the District Medical and Health Officers from time to time about the precautionary measures for prevention and control of Heat Waves/Sun Strokes. The following instructions are issued for strict implementation with immediate effect by the District Medical and Health Officers. ORS Packets shall be made available in all the Primary Health Centers, Sub Centers, Anganwadi Centers and in all the Village Gram Panchayats. Instructions are to be issued to all the Medical Officers, Health Assistants Male and Female, Anganwadi workers to give wide publicity on Heat Waves/Sun Strokes, risks involved and preventive measures to be taken for Heat Stroke. Most vulnerable age groups i.e Infants, children, pregnant women and old age people are to be considered for special care and not to expose themselves in Hot Sun. In Urban areas and Municipalities special vigilance to be kept for supply of safe drinking water through CHALIVENDRAM by NGOs and Philanthropists. The labourers are to be advised not to expose themselves in Hot Sun between 12:00 Noon to 3:00 P.M. They may also be provided safe drinking water through special tankers at their working place. Provide temporary shelter sheds keeping them in Community Halls near by to work place to prevent the exposure in Hot Sun.

In Slum areas and weaker section colonies special ORT centers shall be established under the guidance of Health Assistants (F) and Anganwadi workers with the co-operation of local leaders wide publicity to be given through pamphlets. DOs and DONTs may be circulated to Health Personnel, NGOs and Public representatives. Train all Para Medical Staff on First Aid about Sun Stroke thus prevent complications. They should also be taught the short term and long term measures i.e. immediate transport, early Hospitalization and prompt treatment etc. to Sun Stroke victims. All Health care facilities are to be provided with sufficient stocks of ORS, I.V Fluids and emergency drugs. Co-ordination teams to test the drinking water for residual chlorine, any leakages of drinking water pipelines to avoid contamination and remedial measures to be taken immediately. Critical cases should be identified and shifted promptly to nearest Hospitals. Co-ordination Committee meetings are to be conducted with all concerned departments at Primary Health Center and District Level.

All the District Medical and Health Officers should send daily report of Sun Stroke cases/deaths and preventive measures taken by 02:00 P.M to the Director of Public Health and Family Welfare, A.P., Hyderabad to this e mail i.d dhepid@gmail.com without fail.

for Director of Public Health & Family Welfare

To All the District Medical and Health Officers in the State. Copy to Regional Director of Medical and Health Services in the State. Copy submitted to Principal Secretary to Govt., HM&FW Dept., A.P., Hyderabad.

Copy submitted to the Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare, A.P.,Hyderabad.