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APPENDIX F: FCEPE: Focus Care Enhancement Program for Elderly



FCEPE: Focus Care Enhancement Program for Elderly

By: Lucky P. Roaquin, RN Title Description : : Kumain ng Masustansya para Pagtanda ay Sumigla Focus Care Enhancement Program for Elderly (FCEPE) is designed to promote the well-being of elderly in the Philippines particularly on their nutritional health and cognitive functioning. Malnutrition has been a great quandary among the elderly population. The enhancement of proper nutrition among the elderly population is essential in the promotion of a better cognitive functioning in the later life. It is said to be that cognitive impairment is affected by poor intake of nutrients. This program will help the elderly to prepare healthy and affordable meals that will improve not only their cognitive capacity but also to their total well-being. With good nutritional status, elderly will be able to perform activities of daily living independently. Benefits : The elderly will gain knowledge, skills, and attitude towards healthy ageing with respect to: 1. The understanding of malnutrition, its incidence, risk factors and effects to health; 2. The importance of good and proper nutrition, its sources and role to elderly well-being; and 3. The value of cooking methods, food preparation and healthy meal planning.

General Objectives :

After two days of didactic health teaching and motivational activities, the elderly will be able to : 1. Comprehend the meaning of malnutrition and its detrimental effect to ageing; 2. Appreciate the essence of having a good and proper nutrition; and, 3. Create a functional and complete meal plan at affordable among the elderly. Learning Topics Motivational Activities Evaluation

Learning Objectives After the end of the lecture, the elderly are expected to: Day 1: 9 AM - 12 PM Know the information about malnutrition, its incidence, the different risk factors, and its effect to the elderly. State the meaning of good nutrition and its importance to healthy ageing.

Definition of malnutrition, incidence of malnutrition, risk factors, effect of malnutrition to elderly

Participative learning discussion


Definition of good nutrition, importance of good nutrition, major food groups, importance & sources of vitamins and minerals

Participative learning discussion

Pen and paper

Enumerate the different techniques in food preparation and cooking methods.

Importance of food preparation, techniques on good food handling, different cooking methods, tips on food storage and refrigeration

Demonstration, video playing

Return demonstration, recitation

Develop a personalized one-day complete meal plan enumerating the different food groups

Discussion of the Food Guide Pyramid Recommended for Filipino Elderly, sample meal planning techniques

Participative discussion, demonstration

Day 2: 9 AM 12 PM Create meals focusing on the nutrients, proper cooking techniques and resourcefulness of available food sources Sample cooking demonstration (malunggay porridge, hiprotein ampalaya mix) Demonstration

Pen & paper, return demonstration Follow-up nutritional screening and assessment

Follow-up nutritional screening and assessment

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