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Types of Workshop Equipment Mechanical Workshop

Pipe Cutting and Maintenance Equipment Tube Pulling Machines

Multimeters Oil Test Sets Coil Winding Machines Electrical Motor Test Panels Vacuum Impregnation Plants Power Calibrators Stream-Line Insulating Oil Treatment Plants Variacs Tachometers Frequency Generators

Horizontal Lathe Machines Vertical Lathe Machines Horizontal Boring Machines Vertical Boring Machines Bench Drilling Machines Pillar Drilling Machines Radial Drilling Machines Milling Machines Shaping Machines Bench Grinders Tool & Cutter Grinders

Tube Cleaners

Tube Expanders

Industrial Furnaces

Arc Welding Machines

Tig Welding Machines

Mig Welding Machines

Air Compressors

Small Workshop tooling

Hand Tools of all descriptions

Instrumentation Workshop Electrical Workshop

Surface Grinders Universal Cylindrical Grinders Hacksaws Bandsaws Hydraulic Presses Balancing Machines Lapping Machines Rolling Machines Bending Machines Metalworkers Hydraulic Press Brakes Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machines Pipe Threading Machines

Electrical Tool Kits

Instrumentation Tool Kits Universal Pressure Calibrators Continuity Testers Multimeters LCR Meters Multi-Voltage Insulation Testers Frequency Meters Oscilloscopes Hydraulic Deadweight Testers Digital Temperature Thermocouple Calibrator/Simulators Power Supply Units

Workshop Battery Testers Vibration Monitors Dielectric Test Sets Cable Fault Locators Digital Loop Testers Stator & Rotor Testers Armature Testers Insulation Testers Current Injection Test Sets Earth Testers Clamp Meters Avo Meters

Hydrostatic Test Units Digital Thermometers Pneumatic Hand Pump Test Kits Instrument Lathe

Bottle Jacks Trolley Jacks Presses Wheel Balancers Air Compressors Emission Testers Oil and Lubrication Service Equipment Fume and Exhaust Extraction Diesel Fuel System Test and Service Equipment Air Conditioning Spray Booths Spray Guns Ovens Body Straightners and Jigs Servicing Tool Kits Head Light Testers Lifting Gear Welding Machines Battery Chargers Crankshaft Grinding Machines Cylinder Honing Machines Cap and Rod Grinding Machines Line Boring Machines Cylinder Block/Boring Milling Machines Valve Grinding Machines

Injector Pump Test Stands

Woodworking Workshop

Wood Turning Lathes Bandsaws Beamsaws Universal Woodworking Machines Spindle Moulders Mortisers Planer/Thicknesser Machines Dust Collectors Hydraulic Log Splitters Circular Saw Benches Site Saws Panel Sizing Saws Scroll Saws Sanding Machines Jigsaws Routers Woodworking Tools Compressors Wood

Safety Valve Test Benches

Function Generators

Digital Manometer Flatbed Chart Recorders Thermometers Manometers Digital Test Gauges Pressure Calibrators Vibration Meters Tachometers Dry Block Ice Baths Transformers Hydraulic Pressure Test Equipment

Garage Workshop Equipment

Single Post Lifts Two Post Lifts Four Post Lifts Commercial Vehicle Lifts Wheel Alignment Tyre Changers Commercial Tyre Changers Pit Jacks