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Tips to Get confirmed tatkal tickets thro IRCTC My blog- K.


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Tips to Get confirmed tatkal tickets thro IRCTC

Posted on June 20, 2012 by harikrishnamurthy

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Dear All,

* Tips to get conrmed Tatkal Ticket from IRCTC site

Ge ing conrmed tatkal ticket from IRCTC site is like winning a gold medal. I have tried to get tatkal ticket hundreds of times but most of the time I was unable to get the tatkal ticket. And yes, I was always unfortunate at times when it was real emergency. Daily thousands of needy people use IRCTC in the morning to get a tatkal ticket but a large percentage of them never got the success. The main reason of the failure of ge ing the tatkal ticket is either you were just 1-2 minutes late or the window says session expired.

Reasons you dont get a confirmed tatkal ticket1. You can use the tatkal booking only when its 8.00 am at the IRCTC but even if your computer time has 1 minute dierence with that of IRCTC, it will be a big problem as most of the tatkal tickets are booked in the rst 5 minutes only and if this is peak season all the tickets booked in minutes. 2. After 8 am you start lling the details like station name, booking date, selecting your train, then lling passenger form details etc and when you want to book it says no more conrmed ticket.

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12/22/2012 8:41 PM

Tips to Get confirmed tatkal tickets thro IRCTC My blog- K. Hariharan

3. If you try to ll all the details before 8 am and wait and after 8 am you try to go to the next window then it says session expired and you need to login again. 4. And one of the main reason is many elds in IRCTC does not work (like lling typing station name and it does not popup the code) and it loads very slowly or page does not open etc. Its really frustrating because there is no other option left if you miss this tatkal ticket. Flights tickets are really not aordable now a days. Here I am trying to give you one of the best tip for ge ing IRCTC ticket which I am using from the last couple of months and I was really successful most of the times. So next time when you are trying to get the conrmed IRCTC ticket, just refer this tip and increase your chances of ge ing a conrmed tatkal ticket.

Tips to get a confirmed tatkal ticket

Get Multiple IRCTC account

For this, you need to have at least 3 IRCTC accounts. Either you can create this or get the account of your friend and relative. You need to have dierent internet browser in your PC to open dierent account in dierent browser. You can install Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome. You have to login to all dierent IRCTC account from dierent browsers. You can not login to dierent account in the same browser. So open one account in IE, one in Firefox & other in Chrome. This is because if there is problem in one browser, you can immediately use another logged in account. This is conrmed that if you have problem in the booking process in one browser, it will work in other browser as per my experience.

Match the time of your PC with IRCTC

Next thing you have to do is match the time with that of IRCTC. To check IRCTC time, just visit this link here (h p:// and get the schedule by entering any train number (or use 12833). Now scroll down to the bo om of the page in the next window and check there IRCTC time. And then match it with your PC.

Get Magic Autofill

Most of your time in the booking process goes in lling the passenger details form and saving here even 5 seconds can make a dierence and where this Magic Autoll play the role. This is one of the best auto lling form developed by Amit Agarwal. Its a simple online tool that will ll the passenger details form on the IRCTC website with the click of a

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12/22/2012 8:41 PM

Tips to Get confirmed tatkal tickets thro IRCTC My blog- K. Hariharan

bu on thus giving you an upper hand. Just check how the tool works. Visit (h p:// around 15 minutes prior to the opening of the booking window and complete the form i.e at around 7.45 am. Its an almost exact replica of the form thats available on the Indian railways website. Once youve lled the passenger details, hit Im Feeling Lucky and the tool will generate a Magic Autoll bu on that you need to drag to your bookmarks toolbar as shown in the image below.

Now at 8 am when you start the booking process and come to the passenger details form click on Magic Autoll bu on and with in a second all the details will be lled automatically. Its really magic. Now you complete other formalities like payment and get your ticket.

Get your details ready

This is very important as sometime you just forget the train details or sometime you get confuse which payment methods to choose when there is no time to think all these things. So just open a notepad, write all the details in advance like source train & destination train, credit card details or bank details with password. You have already lled the passenger details in the magic autoll and bookmarked the bu on. Write every details in that notepad that you are going to ll in the booking process so that you just copy and paste that detail. It can save your at least 1 minute and here every second counts in tatkal ticket booking. This way you can really increase your chances of booking a tatkal ticket. I have many times used this tip and more than 95% time I was successful in booking a tatkal ticket.


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12/22/2012 8:41 PM

Tips to Get confirmed tatkal tickets thro IRCTC My blog- K. Hariharan

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12/22/2012 8:41 PM

Tips to Get confirmed tatkal tickets thro IRCTC My blog- K. Hariharan

Reply December 17, 2012 harikrishnamurthy you write to care..IRCTC requesting for details of your ticket. you can also get the same in booked ticketrs history. Reply

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