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Ethics and Values

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To understand and appreciate ethical issues facing an individual, profession, society and polity. To become better and worthy citizens and better professionals, and practice ethics in Expected Outcome: every sphere of future life. 9hrs Unit No.1 Basic Issues Introduction to Ethics Philosophical Issues in Ethics- Contributions of Socrates and Aristotle Theories of Ethics Meaning of Ethics View points on ethics- cognitivism- normative ethics- self realizationhedonism- Epicureanism-ethics and values in Upanishads-Case Analysis 9hrs Unit No.2 Professional Ethical Issues Professional values and virtues- Study of reasoning- Self interest Customs and religion-Theories about right action - Whistle Blowing. Meaning of professionalism- Professional Ethics -code of conduct-Case Analysis 9hrs Unit No. 3 Engineering Ethical Issues Sense of engineering ethics variety of moral issues moral dilemmas moral autonomy - Kohlbergs and Gilligans theory use of ethical theorems - Engineers responsibility for safety: safety & risk Assessment of safety and risk risk benefit analysis reducing risk government regulations- approach to Risk - Ethical issues faced by engineering profession- plagiarism- Ethical Issues in quality, time management, discharging duties and responsibilities-Case Analysis. Unit No. 4 - Current Ethical Issues & Future Challenges 9hrs Ethical challenges in modern society- Social Experimentation- alcoholism- terrorism- vulgarism- corruption adulteration- evasions- child abuse - aberrations in health care- unfair trade practices- power sharing and leadership-Case Analysis Unit No. 5 - Global Issues 9hrs Role of MNCs- Environmental issues Computer Ethics Role of technological development Weapons development Challenges of engineers in globalization-Case Analysis
Text Books :

1. L.H. Newton & Catherine K.D. Classic cases in Environmental Ethics, Belmont: California, Wadsworth, 2006. 2. P. S. Bajaj & Raj Agarwal. Business Ethics in Indian Perspective, New Delhi 2004
References :

1. Mike W Martin & Ronald Schnizinger, Engineering Ethics, New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill, Latest Edition 2. O.C Ferrell, John Paul Frederich, Linda Ferrell; Business Ethics Ethical Decision making and Cases 2007 Edition, Biz Tantra, New Delhi 3. Charles E Haris, M. S. Pritchan and M. J. Robins, Engineering Ethics Concepts and Cases, Thomson Learning, 2000.
Mode of Evaluation Recommended by the Board of Studies on Date of Approval by the Academic Council Continuous Assessment (Quizzes, CATs, Assignments, etc.) and TEE 07 -09 - 2011 29 11 - 2011