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Description SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the is also known as SWOT matrix.the main elements of SWOT is: S = Strengths W = weaknesses O = Opportunities T = Threats For a business some factors are favourable and some are unfavourable. the favourable factors are strengths and opportunities and the harmful factors are weakness and threats. IT can also be treated as the combination of two internal and two external factors that can be emplied as SWOT. The internal origins are strengths and weakness and the external origins are opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis is a method for analyzing a business, its resources, and its environment. SWOT is commonly used as part of strategic planning and looks at:

Internal strengths Internal weaknesses Opportunities in the external environment Threats in the external environment

SWOT can help management in a business discover:

What the business does better than the competition What competitors do better than the business Whether the business is making the most of the opportunities available How a business should respond to changes in its external environment

The identification of SWOT is too much essential for any system because in the process of planning for achievement of a goal the SWOT analysis can be the main analysis to be adopted.

SWOT in termsA business can perform a SWOT analysis as a way to deciding which marketing strategy to use.The business performs an audit on

the internal and external nature of the business looking at the future situation.An audit is a review of all the business activities.For the most explanation and strategy implications the SWOT are as belows. For strengths It can develop the way to promote the product or wish to develop new products. As an example virgin have used their strong brand name to launch several products. Ror weakness In canbe implemented to eradicate these weakness. As an example more resources put into a better warehousing system for the dispatch of good. For opportunities A business can use strategis to take advantage of the potentian opportunities. As an example a production can develop new products to meet the potential increased demand. For threats Threats are the most strong and the most important element to analysis. As an example,it can be said that downturn in economy means people are spending less.

Case study

Real Madrid Club de Ftbol (Spanish pronunciation) Royal Madrid Football Club, commonly known as Real Madrid, is a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain. It was founded in 1902 as Madrid Football Club and has traditionally worn a white home kit since. The word Real is Spanish for royal and was bestowed to the club by King Alfonso XIII in 1920 together with the royal crown in the emblem. The club established itself as a major force in both Spanish and European football during the 1950s. Unlike most European football clubs, Real Madrid's members (socios) have owned and operated the club since its inception. The club is the richest football club in terms of annual revenue, generating 479.5million in 2011 and the second most valuable, worth 1.8billion. Real Madrid holds many long-standing rivalries, most notably with FC Barcelona. The team has played its home matches in the 85,454-capacity Santiago Stadium in Madrid since 1947. It is one of three clubs to have never been relegated from the top flight of Spanish football. Domestically, Real Madrid has won a record 32 league titles. Internationally it has won a record nine European Cup/UEFA Champions League titles and a joint record

three Intercontinental Cups, as well as two UEFA Cups, and one UEFA Super Cup.

Swot for real madrid

There is a very renowned club of football in spain.It can be admitted worlds best club in the term of football.The main target group of this club is men in the group 15 and above.Millions of people across the world who love to play or watch a system to earn profit the real Madrid analysis the SWOT as follows.


An Exceptional Side Madrid boasts world-class talent in every position. Barring injury, they will probably line up as Casillas in goals; Ramos, Pepe, Marcelo & Arbeloa in defense; Alonso and one of Khedira, Kaka or Essien anchoring midfield; Di Maria and Ronaldo on the flanks, Ozil or Modric behind the strikers; and Higuain or Benzema leading the line. A serious proposition whatever way you look at it.

A Winning Manager Already a two-time competition winner with Porto (2004) and Inter (2010), Mourinho is eager to confirm his standing as the greatest European manager of all-time by guiding Madrid to European glory and winning a record 3rd title with 3 different clubs. He knows what it takes to win the

competition, and he will have learned from just falling short in the past two seasons.

A Club Focused on Europe Despite convincingly winning La Liga last season, Los Blancos seem more focused on finally achieving their dream of a record-breaking 10th European title this year. Having reached the semi-finals in each of the last 2 seasons, Perez & Co. have shown ambition to lift the cup with the big-money summer signing of Modric.


A Tough Group Draw Madrid have been drawn in the so-called Group of Death, alongside Dutch champions Ajax, German champions Borussia Dortmund and English champions Manchester City. Whilst clearly the most difficult group in the competition, Madrid should have the experience and class needed to qualify (at which stage their price will have shortened considerably).

An Unhappy Ronaldo With 114 goals in 105 games, Renaldos goal record for Madrid is nothing short of remarkable. However, his recent soundings of sadness at Real have cast doubt over the relationship between player and club. And with Ronando simply vital to any hope Madrid have of achieving European success this season, the clubs hierarchy will need to quickly step in and fully resolve whatever concerns he has.


An Appealing Outright Price

At only 10/11 to win their group, the 9/2 available for Madrid to win the competition outright seems appealing. I can only assume that their tough group is reflected in the price, but I suspect Madrid will emerge from the group without too many troubles but with odds a great deal shorter than they are now.


Barcelona In all of the past 7 seasons, except 1, Barcelona have either won the Champions League (3 times) or been narrowly beaten at the semi-final stage by the eventual winners (3 times). At best price 57/20 with You Win, Barcelona are deserved favorites but it remains to be seen how their new coach, Vilanova, responds to big-pressure European nights.

Other Contenders Given Chelseas win last season, who is to say that another unexpected winner could not emerge? However, despite the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Juventus and others all having hopes in the competition, the Spanish duo of Barcelona and Real Madrid remain the teams to beat.

In short it can be said that*in the view of strength

1. strong global brand name. 2. one of the richest football clubs in the tern of revenue.

3. it has some top level sponsors like adidas,siemens,cocacola.

*in the view of weakness

1. compared to English clubs real Madrid is less popular. 2. real Madrid have some players who has some off-field player behaviour. 3. barcelona is overtaking realmadrid quickly.
*in the view of opportunity

1. real Madrid has some global base to earn profit.such as india,china and USA. 2. more advertising and brand visibility can help real Madrid. 3. real Madrid can help some poor sector such as football design and have the big stadium as an opportunity.
*in the view of threats

1. others clubs are buying out good players. 2. internal problems between players and the management. 3. some players demands huge money value,this occurred financial debts to the club.

Outcomes from real madrid

By this swot analysis it is clear that in any organaization it is mandatory to do this work. What is happening and what will happen and what should be happen is the key knowledge of swot

analysis. Real madrid is a top class foolball club. By its swot analysis some information can easily be found. Such as, Real Madrid has strengths such as Brand name, international and local fans, attraction for media which makes loads of money. For the weaknesses we can name the Significant wage bills and also great deal of asset needed. The opportunities Real has are, dominate international market due to winner-takes-all principle, develop non-traditional revenue streams, leveraging media coverage and star players fame. And the threats are further growth of wage bill, decreasing success on the pitch and also other football teams


As real madrid is one of the most top level football culb in football culture so that it is a common sense to uphold the honour of this club by this club for this club. Here are some recommendation that should be adopted for this clubFirstly, this club should raise its fund to overcome its limitations. Secondly, the players of this club should beheave some unwanted off field activities like throughing bad words. Thirdly, real madrid should impose thir attacking strength. Fourthly, this club reduce its bad debt. Fifthly, more advertising and brand visibility can help real Madrid. Sixthly, madrid has to buy more and more good players.

Seventhly, this club should solve internal problems of players and managements. Eightly, madrid has passion, faith and strength which are very much good and this club should not do any activities so that it looses its good value. Ninthly, the players must try not to avoid giving away refereeing decisions that can define the game, such as red cards, penalties. Tenthly, real madrid is a league to be followed, as mater of fact it is the must for this club to do some thing for the teen ager and for the youngs such as talent scarch and avoid drugs. After all, To generate more revenues Madrid needs more fan and to accommodate more fan Madrid need a bigger stadium -Santiago Bernabeu Thus In 1947 , the Santiago Bernabeu stadium was constructed. Rated by the international press then as the best in Europe, Sponsorship is other way to increase the revenue. About 20% of the revenue could be earned from the sponsorship.

At last it can be told that SWOT can be used with audit and analysis tests to draw a more complete picture when a company should use its resources. Strategic planning is a thought process as well as a plan. Part of developing sound strategies is learning to think strategically, learning how to ask questions and to think broadly and creatively.

While this Fact sheet has focused on organizations, the same process can be applied to business or personal strategic planning.

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