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ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION Name and Surname Phone number: E-mail :


(+237) 77860558/ (+237) 97200672 Cameroonian 26 years Male C/ o CMFI YAOUNDE PO BOX 6090 YAOUNDE - CAMEROON

Nationality: Age: Gender : Address : ACADEMIC CURRICULUM 2008 - 2011 2006 2008 1997 2006

Cycle of Engineer in Telecommunication Engineering (NASE). Cycle of General university degree in Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaound. Secondary education, obtaining a Baccalaurat C with honors.

Computer Science : MATLAB, C/C++, HTML, PHP, JAVA, JavaScript, Data base, MySQL Work environments: Microsoft office full package, Visual Basic, Dreamweaver, NetBeans, and Unix (going on). Work Experience From the 1st of June 2012 till today working Personal Project of Web development and administration. From the 1st of April 2012 to 30th of May 2012(2 months) working as Assistant Observer in the recording department of CNPC/BGP for a 2D land seismic data acquisition project in Makary-Zina (Cameroon) From 12thApril 2011 to 11th October 2011 (6months) engineer internship in CAMTEL on the theme DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A DIMENSIONING TOOL OF


LTE NETWORK FOR CAMTEL BTS Maintenance BTS 3606 mainly and BTS 3900 (little) during the same internship. Network monitoring, E1 link quality analysis and BTS transmission problems solving during the same internship. From 1 July 2010 to 30 September 2010 (3 months), preengineering internship in the radio Department of the technical and computing direction of Orange Cameroon on the theme MANAGEMENT AND OPTIMIZATION OF NEIGHBOR RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN CELLS Networking Some knowledge in establishment of enterprise networks in configuring VLANs, VPN and implementation of network security protocols. Design and Planning of a Mesh Network. Design and implementation of a database for managing a call center. Implementation of an application on the RSA signature algorithm. Creation of a website and designing a platform for numerical methods in electromagnetism. Realization of a Yagi antenna. Realization of a tool for image processing. Completion of a practical application of work on the eye diagram and ICM and Delta. Designing an application that retrieves data from a mobile terminal by AT commands.



French ( spoken and written ) : Excellent English ( spoken and written ) : good mastery


Associations : Auditor of the association of students in engineering coming from MBAM division. Delegate of NEO (National Election Observatory) during the Legislative and municipal elections of July 2007. Interests: Reading, computer tool, driving, Music, nature.