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The Advertising Board of the Philippines, also known as Adboard is composed of eight national organizations involved in advertising that

are unified together to uphold the progress of Philippine advertising through selfregulation. Being the umbrella organization of the advertising industry, its mission is to practice world class advertising along with advocating professional ethics through responsible and truthful advertising. Adboard was formerly known as the Philippine Board of Advertising. The board was formed as a result of a series of meetings in 1973 by leaders in the advertising industry. They felt the urge to commit themselves in creating a committee to achieve their goal in serving the interests of the nation. The Board was established on May 3, 1974.

The following are the national organizations which composes Adboard: Philippine Association Of National Advertisers (PANA) Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies-Philippines (4As-P) United Print Media Group (UPMG) Outdoor Advertising Association Of The Philippines (OAAP) Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ASAP) Cinema Advertising Association of the Philippines (CAAP) Marketing & Opinion Research Society of the Philippines (MORES) Independent Blocktimers Association of the Philippines (IBA)

Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) is one of the sectoral members of Adboard which was established on January 30, 1958. It is a non-stock, non-profit organization committed to the promotion of Truth in Advertising. PANA was formed by adverisers for advertisers uniting the users of advertising. It was founded on four basic principles namely: belief in advertising as an important tool in marketing goods and services; belief that consumer's interest should prevail by making it the advertiser's primary concern; belief in the promotion and protection of the public's confidence in advertising and advertised goods and services; and the belief in the upliftment of advertising standards and practices. PANA's mission is to practice fair and honest advertising to protect the interests of the consumers as well as to develop its members to be a responsible and market-sensitive practitioners through relevant educational programs and interaction. Presently, PANA has a total of 319 member companies. It also aims to partner with other industry organizations in nation building through responsible advertising and media content. Members: Abenson Asia Brewery Ayala Corporation Bank of the Philippine Islands Cebu Pacific Del Monte Philippines Enchanted Kingdom Goldilocks Bakeshop Nokia Philippines Petron Corporation San Miguel Corporation Unilever Philippines Incorporated

Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies - Philippines (4As-P) is one of the sectoral members of Adboard. On July 6, 1977, two advertising agencies namely: Association of Philippine Advertising Agencies (APAA) and the Lapian ng mga Adbertaysing Praktisyoner na Pilipino sa Ikauunlad ng Sambayanan (LAPPIS) merged into a single body, the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies-Philippines. Its aim is to uphold understanding and cooperation between advertising sectors and encourage acceptable business practices to protect the entire advertising industry as well as the welfare of the entire consuming public. United Print Media Group (UPMG) is the umbrella organization of the print media practitioners in the Philippines. It is also one of the sectoral members of Adboard. Members: The following are some of UPMG's member publications & official representatives: ABS-CBN Publishing Atlas Publishing Co., Inc. Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation Panay News Philippine Daily Inquirer The Philippine Star

Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines (OAAP) became one of the sectoral members of Adboard on May 1974. The history of outdoor advertising dates back during prehistoric times when man carved stone plates to communicate ideas by displaying them in public places. Hence, outdoor advertising was already present and regarded as a primary medium of advertising before print ads and radio broadcasting has been introduced in the industry. Billboard operators and owners coordinated to form a dynamic organization in an effort to promote growth and improvement in Philippine outdoor advertising. Thus, OAAP was established on August 13, 1964 along with the creation of the Code of Ethics. The Code takes an eight-point framework which standardizes the structures and operating practices of outdoor advertising displays. It stresses urgent need to fall within governmental policies, objectives and code of ethical conduct. Avoid installing billboards/advertisements of competing products or firms side by si de or on the same line of vision; All outdoor signs must be properly identified; temporary structure erected on proposed locations to identify the actual site of construction must be respected; Avoid the installation of a board to cover another board. As to outdoor advertising copy, it shall not in any way contain a statement or convey messages or visual displays that are: Obscene or offensive to public decency; False, misleading or deceptive; Offensive to the moral standards of the community; and Violative of any national or local law.

Members: OAAP has 89 active members all over the Philippines, 63 in Metro Manila, 15 in Cebu City and 13 in the

OAAP Visayas / Cebu Chapter



Advertising Suppliers Assosciation of the Philippines (ASAP) was founded on June 1, 1978. It is a non-stock, non-profit corporation which promotes the advancement of business trades and services of advertising suppliers and firms. As a sectoral member of Adboard, the Assosciation upholds the ideas, principles and self-regulation concept of the Board. ASAP also advocates high standards of trade practices and ethics between advertising service suppliers and firms and other sectors of the advertising industry. ASAP has eleven sectoral members which comprise the talents, manpower and expertise needed by the association to help produce and develop the different fields of the Association.

Service Sectors :
Advertising Photographers Commercial Audio Production Commercial Production Houses Creative Talent Services Digital Media Production Event Model / Talent Agencies Post Production Facilities & Related Services Print Production Promotions and Merchandising Technical Services/Venue

CODE OF ETHICS: Rules of Conduct & Practices

A. Between members Guiding Principle: The principles of fair competition, promotion of common interests, and a spirit of mutual respect and harmony shall guide the relationship among member suppliers and sectors in the conduct of their craft and business. ASAP members shall compete based on merit. It shall be unethical for an ASAP member to compete by directly or indirectly disparaging its competitors. ASAP members shall conform to the standard bidding procedures established by norm or convention by the agency and client. Members shall not court, tolerate, nor exploit undue advantage from gaining knowledge of a competitors bid. Members must maintain the highest degree of financial integrity, and shall not offer remuneration and/or rebate in exchange for patronage or to gain preferential advantage. Members shall undertake to promote the common interest by adhering to and supporting all pertinent agreements and resolutions by the Association. No member shall undermine the interest of the Association or the advertising industry in general. Members shall treat each other with utmost respect and endeavor to promote unity and harmony in the Association, avoiding all actions that are divisive and detrimental to the group in any way. Issues that may arise between members shall seek resolution within the Association before they are elevated to outside entities. Members shall stand united and shall respect, uphold and abide by the sanctions imposed against any party that has violated the contractual, ethical or moral rights of a member. Member Suppliers must respect each others talent resources and shall not

engage in employee raiding on a competitor in order to secure an important client business or that would result to business paralysis, hardship or financial loss of competition. Members shall support ASAPs projects and efforts to help develop and uplift the advertising services industry. Member entities and individuals professionals shall strictly and fully conform to government statutory requirements, taxation regulations, licenses and permits. B. With other sectors of the industry Advertising Services Suppliers must not present misleading, deceptive or incomplete information regarding their capability or capacity to undertake an assignment. ASAP Members shall not directly accept requirements from advertisers who maintain an agency of record, unless such services are not covered in an Advertiser and Advertising Agency agreement, or when the agency expressly allows clients direct engagement of an advertising service. In all cases, the advertising agencies right to commission must be protected, except when waived by the agency. The advertiser-client shall be primarily responsible for advising their respective agency of its direct supplier transactions. Advertising services suppliers shall conform to the minimum business practices that are consistent with fair and harmonious relationship with the advertisers and agencies, to wit: Standard bidding procedures to ensure fair evaluation of the bids; To require mutually signed contracts, letters of agreement, job orders or similar documentation that formalizes the transaction between the parties. This shall be duly signed by an authorized representative of the agency or client and must issued before initiating any work. The document shall clearly indicate the scope of the work to be performed, costs and the standard terms of payment; To require a down payment and apply standard credit terms as provided by the ADBOARD Standards of Trade Practices and Conduct and the PANA-4As-ASAP MOA; The timely submission of official invoices and VAT registered official receipts, job completion reports and other similar documentation requirements. No advertising services supplier shall offer nor agree to give any gratuity to obtain a contract. For breach or violations of this, ASAP shall have the right to subject a member to disciplinary action. Advertising Services Suppliers shall maintain strict confidentiality with regards to projects and the clients they serve, and all other information they are privy to in the course of performing their services. ASAP members shall abide by the Associations commitment to support the ADBOARD in the practice of self-regulation in the advertising industry. Members shall fully subscribe to and hold themselves bound by the Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations and the Standards of Trade Practice and Conduct of the Advertising Board of the Philippines (ADBOARD)

Officers and Board of Directors

THE PHILIPPINES, JANUARY 16, 2012: The Advertising Suppliers Association of the Philippines has named its new officers and board of directors. Allen Velez of Events Pool Inc. retains his role as chairman. The complete list is as follows: Chairman: Allen Velez (Events Pool, President) President: Roy Vincent del Valle (Noisy Neighbors, Inc., President) VP-Internal: VInce Reyes (Executive Decisions Integrated Marketing Communications Firm, Managing Director) VP-External: Maria Madonna Tarrayo (Straight Shooters Media Inc., General Manager) Secretary: Ann Marie Dizon (Vitalstrats Creative Solutions, General Manager & Creative Director) Treasurer: Varick Ong (Clear Channels, General Manager) Board of Directors Mario Babiera( President, Photosynthesis, Inc.) Teddy Catuira (Freelance TV Commercial Director) Orly Ballesteros (Chief Operating Officer, Ex-link Management & Marketing Services Corporation) Bessie Ballesca (Managing Director, Gallery Casting Inc) Marlyn DL. Montano ( Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director, Holy Cow! Animation)

Alfredo Santiago, JR (President, Calypso Color Corporation) Norelyn Babiera (Vice-President, Fiera de Manila, Inc) Alex Raul Blay (President, Sound Design, Inc) Edgar Navalta (Voice Performer/All-Around talent)

Cinema Advertising Association of the Philippines (CAAP) is one of the sectoral members of Adboard. As early as the 1950's, cinema advertising was already established at that time with the presence of five-mimute documentaries created by commercial and movie producers. Most of the media advertisers included cinema in their plans, making 1979 to 1982 the Golden Years for Cinema Advertising. However in 1983, the increase in the popularity of video technology in the field of commercial production as well as the political turmoil that culminated in EDSA caused the downward stride of the industry. In 1988, TV viewership dipped considerably due to the power crisis during the Aquino and Ramosadministrations. Most people turned to cinemas which allowed the cinema industry to move up and recover. Due to their affordability, movies are regarded as the cheapest form of entertainment. Apart from the cost, hi-tech facilities and Tagalog and Hollywood blockbusters are other undeniable incentives to an ordinary moviegoer.

In the pursuit to achieve their common goal of uniting the different research agencies, qualified research practitioners from advertising agencies, advertisers, media, research agencies and individuals formed the Marketing & Opinion Research Society of the Philippines (MORES) on September 22, 1977. The Association aims to professionalize the research industry through cooperation among research organizations and to improve and maintain the high standards in the conduct of marketing and opinion research. MORES is one of the sectoral members of Adboard. The following are MORES' objectives: a. To upgrade the research profession by promoting and ensuring that high standards are maintained by its members in the conduct of marketing and opinion research according to generally accepted scientific methods; b. To promote public understanding and appreciation of the nature and value of research as a management tool; c. To formulate a Code of Ethics for members and to ensure observance of the Code's provisions; d. To foster fellowship among practitioners respecting each other's professionalism and recognizing that trade secrets are to be respected; e. To serve as a focal point for the exchange of information and ideas and f. To encourage the development of new techniques and methodologies in marketing and/or opinion research.

San Miguel Corporation Ayala Land Procter and Gamble Philippines Incorporated Johnson and Johnson (Philippines) Inc. Nestle Philippines Inc. Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Incorporated Coca-Cola J. Walter Thompson McCann-Erickson Philippines Unilever Philippines Incorporated Ace Saatchi & Saatchi Hemisphere-Leo Burnett

A group of blocktiming practitioners composed of independent producers organized an alliance in 1993 to form the Independent Blocktimers Association of the Philippines (IBA) with an aim to implement significant improvements and development in the broadcasting industry. It is the only legitimate blocktiming organization in the Philippines and is one of the sectoral members of Adboard as well as an affiliate of KBP.

The following are IBA's three-point objective scheme: to work for the professionalism of the blocktiming industry and to participate and contribute to the upliftment of program standards; to enhance the working relationship between IBA and the networks and to work in close consultation with advertisers and advertising agencies, as well as other industry related organizations, in all trade matters affecting each other mutually; to foster social responsibility among blocktiming practitioners and help protect the welfare of the general viewing public.

IBA also gave its full support for the approval of the VAT exemption in the broadcasting industry. Equipped with dynamism, the Association dedicates itself in serving a vital link between Broadcasting and Advertising.