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QUESTIONS: 1. What are the realizations about the faith, reason and role of religion in one's life? 2. Compare gnosticism/paganism to Christianism during the 1st-3rd century. 3. What were the causes of religion wars/conflicts? Explain. All religions must be tolerated for... every man must get to heaven his own way. - Frederick the Great

Humans have their own freedom and right to choose their own religion. Each individual have different perspective when it comes to their faith and belief of religion. I, myself do believe on Roman Catholic beliefs, I consider God as my Heavenly Father, my creator and the reason why I am here in this wonder world. Every religion has different way of thinking or let me say they have their own perceptions.

Talking about faith merely means having the courage to do some things that you have fright. Faith is very person though they are the religious ones or not.

Every person has different opinions when we talk about this matter. With all due respect to other religions, I do believe that Roman Catholic is the most genuine religion since it commenced when Christ was still alive unlike other religions which had emerged after the death of Christ. This is my own opinion which I do believe but I know other people may find this vague and theres a big possibility that some will tend to disagree.

After watching the movie Agora, there were a lot of realizations that circulate on my mind. Faith gives a big impact to everyones life. Well, it strengthens my faith in my religion. This gives me comfort. For a man, faith is very important because without it we cannot succeed with our goals in life. As what they say, life and faith is connected with a thin thick of thread which means that though it is thin, we need this faith to achieve what we want or else we will easily quit with what we are doing. Faith stops a person from giving up, without faith; no one will accomplish something in life.

During the first century, Christians consider themselves as part of the Jewish sect and followed the traditions of Jewish while for Paganism were different from them, Greek paganism in this century were influenced by the oriental religion and local gods. In the second century, the number of Christians in the world has really increased in Mediterranean countries. There were published books by the Christians that were familiar with the cultures, philosophy and their language; they established that there is no conflict in Christianity with what other intelligent people thought. On the other hand, different conflict happened in this period wherein many Christians were converted to paganism was the result. In the third century, Christian started to celebrate special events like Easter. At that time, pagan myth adopted the Christian doctrine. During this period Christianity was formed and developed. They where systematized.

Lastly, asking about the major cause why religious wars/conflicts exist, for my own point of view, there always has been and most likely conflicts that subsist in our world. I believe that this is mainly because of the difference of opinion from each group/religion. Aside from that, the desire of each group to attain the power can be another source of conflict. The power that I mentioned refers to one race having the feeling of superiority against the other races. When two people view things in a different directions, understanding of perceptions will never occur since they will really fight for what they firmly believe is right. Different religious certainties can easily lead to lack of trust on each other since people will usually become closed-minded when they have their own convictions. They wont accept or even embrace other beliefs and every time it happens, beliefs collide causing religious wars/conflicts.