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March 30, 2009

Copy not on original to: Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India,

President of India.
Hon’ble, Chief Justice,
Kolkata High Court,
Kolkata, India.

Right to information (valid and logical) and if required to reopen the

case to establish the right of common men.

Dear Hon’ble Mr Chief Justice:

Sub: Indian judiciary and their associates particularly in this

case Kolkata High Court is sending me in circles, as it appears
to the world and to me, that justice is only for the people who
can afford to spend billions in spite of heinous crimes.
Your Honor:

I am a NRI of more than 70 years old. Having aspired to set up an

industry in West Bengal in 1982 I was jailed, tortured, and what not.
Since Indian system does not maintain a IT based data bank
everything needs to be proven with paper, which you’re more than
aware of can be fabricated for few rupees and or influence.

Please help me in the following circular affair:

1.When no local glorified titled public servant took any remedial

measures and not even had the courtesy of replying my letters,
I filed a writ MAT NO. 3140 in 2003 and without going through
the contents of the Writ filed under 226 of the Constirution of
India, the writ was disposed of by Justice PInaki Chandra
Ghose without showing any valid reason/s.Appeal W.P.
8826(W) of 2003 was disposed of by Justice Ashim Kumar
Banerjee and Justice Tapas Kumar Giri and the matter was
referred to local public servant, District Magistrate and handed
over to me on 20/8/2007.
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Hon’ble Chief Justice,
Kolkata High Court,
Kolkata, India

2.Why the matter was referred to District Magistrate when in the

first place as substantiated in my writ that no local glorified titled
public servant, DM, SDO, Transportation Department,
Environmental Protection, etc., did give a damn about my
complaints which was also published in the daily English News
paper from Kolkata. DM, Nadia informally intimated that he can
do nothing about it.
4.To my experience and to the experience of thousands of the
world Indian public service hardly provide any service to the
public, excepting the Indian VIPs and their stooges.
5.So, nothing had happened. Criminal activities/illegality, as
substantiated in my above writ along with video photography as
it appears to the world and to me is imbibed in local society and
continues unabated.
5. You are quite aware of the judiciary system of the civilized world
and their effectiveness.
7.Your Honor, I’ve not seen or heard that in civilized countries
where there are no VIPs and what not as in India, Supreme
Court of a country hears bail petitions as is done here. Nor
does Supreme Court of High Court of a country entertain every
petition from the proven/unproven criminals.
8.But, as witnessed by me in civilized world as in 7 above,
higher/highest court of the country establishes the right of the
common man.
9.The existence of right is thus the foundation of a petition under
Article 226 State or Orissa v Ram Chandra Dev, AIR 1964 SC
685, and rights of the reident of Kalyani have been violated with
10.The next course opened to me for getting justice by the Inldian
System is to file a contempt case and then proceed to Supreme
Court. I am afraid, to my opinion based on the civilised
democratic system enough is enough, and I don't have
unaccounted assets like most locals to get it to the Supreme
court of India.
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Hon’ble Chief Justice,
Kolkata High Court,
Kolkata, India

Locals of India have sucked millions from me. Your Honor I had
worked for a living and don’t have any ill got money as rampant
in India. I survive only on pension from Canada.

May I request you to please intervene and provide justice.

Please provide information that is logical to anybody, not just
"judicial independence".

Following is provided to you for your ready reference.

Quote: “Writ: MAT 3140 of 2003, and Appeal F.M.A no. 1040 of

1.The judgment of above writ MAT 3140 of 2003 was rejected by

Justice Pinaki Ghosh was rejected and appeal F.M.A. no. 1040 of
2007 was pushed to the District Magistrate by Justice Ashim
Kumar Banerjee and Justice Tapas Kumar Giri J on 27/07/07.

2. Right to live in peace

2(a) Both judgments did not take into consideration of the

safety and peaceful living of NRI Aurovindo Choudhury as
was evident on the writ petition item 3, 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10.
and did not order any protection to the applicant or
compensation for the sufferings and harassment to the
petitioner. No Protection was provided to the petitioner.
3. Environmental pollution and malpractices to create
Environmental hazards by the Kalyani Municipality.

3(a) Item 12, 13, 14, 15,16 are clear intentional violation of
the above acts and many other criminal acts.

4 Arbitrary changing of Master Plan in line with local

practice, presumably for money.

4(a) Item 17,18 are clear examples. In this context the

petitioner’s observation is that Supreme Court of India has
ordered that no master plan can be changed..
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Hon’ble Chief Justice,

Kolkata High Court,
Kolkata, India

Petitioner’s comments:

a)Don’t the Judges of the High Court go through the petitions

put before them for judgment?
b)Why the same was thrown back to the District Magistrate, Nadia
when District Magistrate Nadia took no remedial action as is
evident in item 15 of the writ petition. In the petitioner’s view
even the highest judiciary of the state are in the game of
throwing ball back making endless suffering to the people.


a)70 year old NRI.

b)Appeal F.M.A. no. 1040 of 2007 was pushed to the District
Magistrate by Justice Ashim Kumar Banerjee and Justice Tapas
Kumar Giri J on 27/07/07, the petitioner was out of the country.”
Unquote, a quote, "power under article 226 is designed to
effectuate the law to enforce the rule of law and to ensure that
several authorities and organs of the state act in accordance
with law. Union of India v Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd., (1196)
4SCC 453: AIR 1996 SC 3285.

Another quote "No one should be allowed to suffer for act of

court State of M.P. v M.V. Vyasaya & Co., (1997) 1 SCC 156: AIR
1997 SC 993. Another quote "Writ application is a public law

I pray to God that justice prevails in India particularly to me.

With kindest regards and salutations,

Yours truly,

Engr. Aurovindo Choudhury, C.Eng., FIE for life,(India, Bangladesh),

VDI(Germany), MBIM(UK & Aust), FInstP(UK), MAACE(US),MCIMM, MCIS(Canada),
etc., Commissioner of Oaths for the province of Quebec with jurisdiction of all the
countries of the world, a grandson of the Her Excellency Shri Shri Ma
Email: ceaurovindo@yahoo.ca Tel: (033)64153255.