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Summary and References

Course: Use Basic ICT Tools to Support Teaching and Learning Unit: The Internet to Support Learning Activities Topic: Create Better Learning Activities with the Internet
This topic focused on developing awareness of how the Internet can enhance different learning activities. It also suggested activities to support your planning for teaching and preparation of resources, while emphasising the importance of evaluating materials and resources and assessing their practicality. Here is a summary of some of the key points covered in this topic. Planning the lesson Collecting relevant resources Executing the lesson plan Reviewing the results Planning the lesson When planning your lesson, remember to follow these steps: Think Time Think about the approach youre going to use. Think about the success of your previous approaches and see what needs changing. Create your plan Plan the structure and elements of your lesson. List the resources Think of resources that could add to the lesson effectiveness. Collecting relevant resources While collecting online lesson resources, remember the following tips: Identify additional resources that will help you to achieve your learning outcomes more easily and effectively. Concentrate on resources that will encourage reactions and stimulate discussions among students. Use these resources to introduce or explain a task or activity. Executing the lesson plan Once youve gathered relevant resources, execute the lesson plan. While executing the lesson plans, you may face the following difficulties. Plug-ins. If using websites in learning, you need to understand plug-ins.

Connection speed. If you face connection speed problems: Use a projector to screen a video. Save a copy of particular webpages. Save the same on the school network.

Reviewing the results After the lesson, evaluate the techniques you used: Did the materials you found help you meet teaching and learning objectives? Are there other Internet resources that might help you in the future? Can you re-use the resources and materials? How can you make your lessons more stimulating and challenging in the future?

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