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27, 2006
Volume 5, Issue 3

Spooky Hallow returns Area III enjoys

N oncombatant Courageous Channel
‘06 is now under way

E vacuation
and continues through
to Camp Humphreys country music, fun Sunday. For information
on local operations,
Page 16 Page 21
O perations contact the appropriate
unit NEO warden.

ROK Group Road construction

projects begin at
Yongsan Garrison
By Steve Davis
Area II Public Affairs
road construction projects have begun
or are scheduled to begin at Yongsan
Road excavation and resurfacing will
result in delays or detours, according to
Area II officials.
Concrete curbs will be replaced and
new asphalt will be poured during the
projects, said Area II Public Works
Director Michael Chung.
Projected dates of road work are:
U.N. Boulevard adjacent to the
Combined Forces Command
headquarters will be repaved Saturday -
Nov. 26. Road will be partially closed
Nov. 9 and completely closed Nov. 25-
8th Army Drive from Trent Gym to
SGT. JIMMY NORRIS the north side of the overpass will be
Members of the Second Republic of Korea Army’s 300th Artillery Battery fire cannons at the beginning of the 19th Sustainment Command repaved Saturday - Dec. 10, resulting in
(Expeditionary) change of command ceremony Oct. 25 at Camp Walker’s Kelly Field. For related story, see Page 25
See Road, Page 4

Bush: North Korea to be ‘held to account’ for WMD transfers

By Gerry J. Gilmore sanctions on North Korea to prevent it from exporting “If more than one nation is admonishing North
American Forces Press Service destructive technology to terrorists or rogue nations. Korea, it is more likely the leader in North Korea will
WASHINGTON — The United States will hold China, North Korea’s key benefactor, has reportedly make a rational decision,” Bush said.
North Korea responsible if it attempts to transfer nuclear urged Kim to back off from his nuclear program. Bush The United States and the U.N. have been trying to
bombs or other weapons of mass destruction to said China’s support of the U.N. sanctions against get Kim’s government to renounce its nuclear weapons
America’s enemies, President Bush said recently on a North Korea “surprised a lot of people.” The Chinese, program and to rejoin six-party talks involving North
national television news show. Bush added, also are now inspecting incoming cargo
On a segment of ABC television’s “This Week,” from North Korea. See Bush, Page 3
host George Stephanopoulos asked Bush about the
current status of U.S. relations with North Korea Rumsfeld reaffirms U.S. promise to Republic of K
U.S. orea
following that nation’s Oct. 9 announcement it had
successfully tested a nuclear bomb. By Jim Garamone international community and resulting U.N.
American Forces Press Service Security Council resolution about the test were
North Korea would “be held to account” if it
attempted to sell or transfer nuclear weapons to Iran WASHINGTON — The U.S. commitment to among the items the two defense leaders
or al Qaeda, Bush told Stephanopoulos. regard any attack on the Republic of Korea as an discussed.
If it were discovered that North Korea was about attack on itself was one of the topics raised as “The United States reaffirms its firm
to transfer a nuclear weapon, then “we would stop Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and South commitment to the Republic of Korea, including
the transfer,” Bush said, whether it occurred via ships Korean Defense Minister Yoon Kwang-ung continuation of the extended deterrence offered by
or airplanes. participated in the 38th annual U.S.- Republic of the U.S. nuclear umbrella consistent with the
Bush said North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il should Korea Security Consultative Meeting in the Mutual Defense Treaty,” Rumsfeld said during a
realize his nation would face “a grave consequence” if Pentagon Sunday. Pentagon news conference following the meeting.
it tried to engage in WMD proliferation. Rumsfeld called the meeting “most significant, The two delegations also discussed ways to
The United Nations’ Security Council recently given North Korea’s most recent action.” North
Korea’s nuclear test in defiance of the will of the See Rumsfeld
Rumsfeld, Page 3
passed resolution 1718 that placed a number of
Oct. 27, 2006
2 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly

B Vaccination program key to beating flu season

nfluenza, or the flu, is a contagious severe complications from the transmission of the flu virus

respiratory illness caused by influenza influenza – and it is imperative within USFK:
viruses. Unlike the common cold and some they receive their immunization Frequently wash your hands
other respiratory infections, seasonal influenza early in the influenza (or hand sanitize with an alcohol-

can cause severe illness – to include death. vaccination season. Two based hand sanitizing gel) to help
More than 200,000 people are hospitalized vaccine types are being used protect yourself from germs and
every year in the United States from flu in U.S. Forces Korea to to reduce the incidence of

complications, and about 36,000 of these protect against influenza: an spreading germs elsewhere;
individuals die. Influenza symptoms include fever, injectable vaccine (Fluzone) Avoid close contact with
muscle aches, malaise (general feeling of and a vaccine administered as anyone who is sick;
weakness and feeling “poorly”), sore throat, a a nasal spray (FluMist). Cover your mouth and nose
dry cough and runny nose. The influenza vaccine is with a tissue when coughing or
The annual influenza vaccination is a key highly effective in preventing sneezing;
element in our force health protection program, seasonal influenza in all Avoid touching your eyes,

and it is the primary method for preventing recipients of the vaccine, and nose or mouth to limit your
Gen. B.B. Bell
seasonal influenza and its complications. As we its success is multiplied when exposure to germs (germs are
United Nations Command/Combined
approach this year’s flu season, it is important a significant proportion of the often spread when a person
Forces Command/U.S. Forces Korea

that every qualified Soldier, sailor, airman, population is vaccinated. touches something that is
Marine, Department of Defense civilian and DoD As a result, all USFK contaminated with germs and
Dependent Schools school-age child in the personnel, retirees and family then touches their eyes, nose or mouth).

Republic of Korea receive their annual influenza members need to receive their annual flu The goal of the USFK Annual Influenza
vaccination by Dec. 31. immunization prior to Dec. 31. You will be notified Prevention Program is to protect our USFK
The influenza vaccine is highly effective in by your chain of command and through team from influenza and its severe
preventing seasonal influenza in all conditions or command information channels when it is your complications. We can achieve this goal if

D seriously compromised immune systems,

children younger than 2 years old and pregnant
women are more likely than others to develop
turn to receive the influenza immunization. every qualified member receives the influenza
I encourage you to employ these additional vaccination and follows good preventive
preventive medicine measures in order to decrease medicine measures.

I appreciate your efforts to keep the USFK
For information, please contact the local area Public Health Nurse or Health Promotion Coordinator team healthy and mission ready.
at numbers below and/or visit the CDC Web site at www.cdc.gov/nip/flu.

Public Health Nurse 730-6796 725-5128 753-8355 764-4819
# Health Promotion Coordinator 730-3542 736-3029 753-7657 764-5213
03-07 GEN B.B. Bell
Commander, UNC/CFC/USFK

MP Blotter
The following entries were excerpted of Government Property, Simple Assault of a broken nose, concussion and a transported by KNP to the Hewah Police
from the military police blotters. These — Victim 1 was involved in a verbal sprained thumb. A search of the area for Station where they were charged with
entries may be incomplete and do not altercation with several unknown persons subject(s) and/or witness(es) met with ROK Criminal Code, ART 257 (Inflicting
imply the guilt or innocence of any which turned physical when person(s) negative results. Victim 1 rendered a written Bodily Injury on Other). Subject 2 was
person. unknown struck Victim 1 on the back of statement attesting to the incident. further processed and released by KNP
his/her head and removed Victim 1’s wallet Investigation continues by Korean and stated he/she would seek medical
Area 1 containing his/her ID card and money. National Police. treatment for his/her injuries at a later time
Disorderly Conduct — Subject 1 and Investigation continues by MPI Assault Consummated by a Battery — and date. Subject 1 was further processed
Victim 1 were having a conversation when Subjects 1 and 2 were involved in a verbal and released into Military Police custody
Subject 1 became belligerent toward Area 2 altercation which turned physical when CJ Form 2. Further investigation revealed
Victim 1. Subject 1 was apprehended and Aggravated Assault — Persons Subject 1 and Subject 2 began to choke Subject 1 was AWOL as of Aug. 30, 2006.
transported to the Camp Casey Provost unknown grabbed Victim 1 and threw him/ each other, and struck each other in the Subject 1 was advised of his/her legal
Marshal Office where he/she was advised her to the ground as he/she passed by facial area with their fists. Injuries to rights, which he/she waived, rendering a
of his/her legal rights, which he/she them. Persons unknown then struck Victim Subject 1 consisted of a contusion to the written sworn statement admitting to the
invoked. Subject 1 was processed and 1 with closed hands and kicked him/her. left side of his/her facial area and an offense and released to his/her unit. Area
released to his/her unit. This is a final Victim 1 was transported to the 121st abrasion to his/her right arm. Injuries to I PMO is continuing their investigation
report. General Hospital where he/she was Subject 2 consisted of a bloodied nose pertaining to Subject 1’s AWOL status.
Larceny of Private Property, Larceny treated and released for injuries consisting and a loose tooth. Subjects 1 and 2 were This is a final report.

Published by
IMA-Korea Region
This Army newspaper is an authorized
Morning Calm Printed by Oriental Press
Bldg. 1440, Yongsan Main Post
publication for members of the Installation Management Agency-Korea Region Office Printed by Oriental Press, a age, marital status, physical
private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or
Department of Defense. Contents of The
with the U.S. Government, under any other non-merit factor of the
Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily Director/Publisher Col. Al Aycock
exclusive written contract with purchaser, user or patron. If a
official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Public Affairs Officer John A. Nowell the Contracting Command- violation or rejection of this equal
Government, Department of Defense, or Korea. The civilian printer is opportunity policy by an advertiser
Department of the Army. Editor Sgt. 1st Class Mark Porter
responsible for commercial is confirmed, the printer shall
The editorial content of this weekly Area I Area III advertising. The appearance of refuse to print advertising from
publication is the responsibility of the Commander Col. Forrest R. Newton Commander Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr. advertising in this publication, that source until the violation is
IMA-Korea Region, Public Affairs, APO Public Affairs Officer Margaret Banish-Donaldson Public Affairs Officer Susan Barkley including inserts or supplements, corrected.
AP 96205. CI Officer James F. Cunningham CI Officer F. Neil Neeley does not constitute endorsement
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@korea.army.mil religion, gender, national origin, 96206-0758
Sustain, Support and Defend
The Morning Calm Weekly News Oct. 27, 2006
http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 3
New service tells ‘What’s On Your AFN’ tonight
Flu Shots Available By Capt. Paradon Silpasornprasit may log on to the AFN-Korea Web site and sign up.
During CC ‘06 AFN-Korea Public Affairs Daily e-mails will be sent to the member’s e-mail
The 18th Medical Command will offer
YONGSAN GARRISON – American Forces account. The service is free and members may
flu shots to family members and
retirees at four locations: Camp Casey,
Network Korea will launch an e-mail service that allows unsubscribe at any time.
Yongsan Garrison, Camp Humphreys members to preview the stories on AFN-Korea’s nightly “This service is one of many options AFN-Korea
and at Camp Walker Emergency newscast beginning Nov 1. provides to our viewers and listeners for access to the
Evacuation Centers. Hours of flu Entitled “What’s On Your AFN Korea most updated command
immunization operation are 6-11 p.m. Nightly Newscast,” the e-mail will offer information,” said Maj.
Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. members a daily summary of that evening’s Kone Faulkner, AFN-Korea
newscasts and scheduled primetime operations officer.
OPMS Task Force Visit shows. Each Friday, the e-mail will American Forces
The Officer Personnel Management also include links to stories AFN- Network Korea offers a
System Task Force from Human Korea aired earlier in the week. A variety of programming
Resources Command, Officer sample of what the e-mail will look choices. The network is
Personnel Management Division, will like is posted on the AFN-Korea Web site at committed to bringing news, entertainment and
visit Korea Nov. 2–3, to train field grade www.afnkorea.net. command information to its 50,000 plus members and
leadership on changes to OPMS. The “This is a great service for the community, letting their families.
focus of the presentations will be on viewers know in advance what’s being covered in “In this era of blogs, podcasts and instant news
the steps the Army is taking to broaden community news by AFN TV. I can set my video delivery, the AFN-Korea daily e-mail is a great way
officer development, group skills recorder to capture activities and events pertaining to to provide hi-tech customer service,” said Steve
functionally and grow “multi-skilled”
my command,” said John Nowell, chief of public Davis, public affairs officer, Area II Support
leaders for the 21st century. Specifically,
affairs, IMA-KORO. Activity.
leaders will receive an introduction to
Members interested in subscribing to the service For information about this service, call 724-3282.
the new OPMS Development Model,
the new OPMS Functional Design and
the impacts on individual officers. Rumsfeld from Page 1
Bush from Page 1
The briefing schedule is as follows:
maintain and increase defense Yoon said through a translator Korea, China, Russia, Japan, South
Area I: 8:30 to 10 a.m. Nov. 2, at the
preparedness, the realignment and that he and Rumsfeld agreed on the Korea, and the United States.
Camp Casey Theater
transition of command relationships wartime operational control Stephanopoulos also asked Bush
Area IV: 3:30 to 5 p.m. Nov. 2, at the
Camp Henry Theater
of U.S. forces in the Republic of transition issue. But the two if he was more worried about a
Area II: 8-9:30 a.m. Nov. 3, at the South Korea, and South Korea’s countries still must work out how nuclear Iraq, or a nuclear North
Post Chapel commitment to the war on terror. soon the Republic of Korea can Korea. The president replied:
Area III: 3-4:30 p.m. Nov. 3, at the Camp Rumsfeld and Yoon also discussed assume wartime control. The United “They’re both worrisome.”
Humphreys Theater South Korea’s troop deployment to States believes the South Korean Bush said he believes peaceful
For information, call Capt. Jason Afghanistan and Iraq. military can assume control by the nuclear power generation is good for
Cavness at 724-3431 or “Our alliance, now more than end of 2009. The South Koreans the world’s economy and the
jason.cavness@korea.army.mil. 50 years old, was forged and want to wait until 2012. environment. But, he added, it’s also
tested in the first years of the Cold Yoon said other items discussed important to ensure that destructive
VFW Essay Contest War,” Rumsfeld said. “Now, as included relocation of the Yongsan nuclear technology doesn’t fall into
The 2006 Veterans of Foreign Wars of then, the United States of America garrison. The garrison, in the heart the wrong hands.
the United States-sponsored essay is committed to the defense of the of Seoul, will move to Camp “My hope is that there’s more
contests for middle school and high Republic of Korea. The alliance Humphries. The men discussed the countries using nuclear power,” Bush
school students is now underway, with remains strong and important to further realignment of U.S. Force in explained, “but without the capacity
contest information available online. the interests of both our countries Korea, and South Korean defense to make the materials which then
The middle school contest, Patriot’s as well as northeast Asia.” reforms.
Pen, is for students in grades 6-8. could be converted into weaponry.”
Contestants write a 300-400 word essay
based on an annual patriotic theme. The
first place winner receives a $10,000
savings bond and an all-expense-paid
trip to Washington D.C. The top
national winners each receive a
savings bond anywhere from $1,000 to
The high school contest, Voice of
Democracy, is for students 9-12 . The
contest allows students the
opportunity to voice their opinion in a (New) Flag Day
three- to five-minute audio essay based Lt. Gen. Robert Wilson and Command Sgt. Maj.
on an annual theme. The first place Debra L. Strickland, right, unfurl the new
winner, who competes with all the first
Installation Management Command flag at the
place VFW Department winners,
activation ceremony held Oct. 24 at the Pentagon.
receives a $30,000 scholarship that is
Wilson became IMCOM commander at the
paid directly to the recipient’s
American university, college or
ceremony. New flags for the Army Environmental
vocational/technical school. Command and Family and Morale, Welfare and
Deadlines for both contests is Recreation Command also were unfurled. AEC
November 1. Information for contests and FMWRC are subordinate commands of
is available at http://www.vfw.org. IMCOM.
Marine Corps Ball
Celebrate the 231st Marine Corps
Birthday Nov. 10 at the Hyatt Hotel
in Seoul. Tickets are $65 and dress is
military and civilian formal. For
information, call 723-7261.
Reservations required.
Oct. 27, 2006
4 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly

Soldiers still have time

to vote absentee
By Sgt. Sara Wood who often can’t rely on the mail system,
American Forces Press Service she noted.
WASHINGTON – Servicemembers “We’re trying to make voting as easy
and U.S. citizens living overseas still have as possible,” she said. “It really isn’t that
time to register, request a ballot and vote complicated.”
in November’s mid-term elections, the Electronic voting procedures do
Defense Department official in charge bring a certain amount of risk for
of the absentee voting program said confidentiality, Brunelli acknowledged.
Oct. 18. Because of that, voters who wish to use
While the registration deadlines for electronic procedures have to sign a
some states have passed, absentee security waiver saying they understand
voters can still register and request a the risks, she said.
ballot from about 30 states, said Polli If overseas citizens have not received
Brunelli, director of the Federal Voting their ballots yet, they can use a Federal
Assistance Program. She also urged Write-in Absentee Ballot, which is
overseas citizens who have received a available at U.S. embassies, consulates
ballot to complete it and send it in to and military installations, Brunelli said.
ensure their votes are counted. These ballots are accepted by all
“If you’ve gotten your ballot, vote it states and allow the citizen to vote for
and return it,” Brunelli said. “If you federal offices, she said. However, if
haven’t gotten your ballot, if you someone has completed the write-in
haven’t registered and you want to ballot and receives a state ballot later,
register, there’s still time to do it in many he or she should still complete and send
states.” in the state ballot, she said.
The Federal Voting Assistance The military has about 1.4 million
Program Web site, at <AHREF=”HTTP: potential absentee voters, and federal
www.fvap.gov?target=”_blank”http:// employees serving overseas and other
www.fvap.gov, has state-by-state citizens living overseas bring that
information on registration and voting number up to a potential 6 million,
deadlines. The site also offers a feature Brunelli said.
that lists electronic voting options for Absentee voters usually participate at
absentee voters, such as faxing or e- high rates in presidential elections, but
mailing ballots. often the smaller elections, like next
Because the mail system can be month’s, don’t get the participation they
irregular, many states are instituting should, she said.
these electronic options for absentee “It’s important to vote in all
voters, Brunelli said. It’s up to the elections,” she said. “Mid-term elections
individual states to decide what is are incredibly important to the military
acceptable, she said, but about 35 states member, to your families. It’s your
allow a blank ballot to be faxed to chance to voice your opinion and make
overseas citizens, and about 26 states a determination on who’s going to
allow a voter to send back a voted ballot represent you. It’s an opportunity to
by fax. These electronic options are participate in the electoral process; we
helpful for troops deployed overseas, want to encourage everyone to do that.

Road from Page 1

a partial closure Nov. 9 and full closure Gate 3 and Gate 5 will open for in-bound
Dec. 9 - 10. vehicle traffic 6 - 9 a.m. and out-bound
X Corps Boulevard will be repaved 3 - 6 p.m.
in two phases. A section from the Child Road reroute and road closure signs
Development Center to 8th Army Drive will be placed at numerous locations to
will be repaved Oct. 25 - Nov. 16, guide traffic flow, said Area II Provost
resulting in a road closure Nov. 15-16. Sergeant Gregory Dickerson.
The section from 8th Army Drive to No pavement work will be done at
Collier Field House occurs through U.N. Boulevard while major events occur
Nov. 30, with a full closure Nov. 29- on Knight Field, said Dickerson, and
30. routes will be well-marked for vehicles
Traffic light installation Saturday thru that need to access the UNC/CFC/USFK
Nov. 28 at U.N. Boulevard and 8th Army headquarters.
Drive will result in a partial road closures The Child Development Center and
Saturday-Sunday and Nov. 23-28 while Commiskey’s Family Restaurant will
electrical systems are installed under the remain open during the X Corps Drive
road. A light pole will be installed and a resurfacing.
guard shack built. “There may be delays and traffic
Projected start and end dates may be congestion as a result of these projects,”
changed according to weather said Dickerson. “We ask everyone to pay
conditions. attention to traffic directions and stay
During the construction periods, safe.”

Let The Morning Calm Weekly work for you

Have an item for The Morning Calm Weekly? Send story and photo
submissions and other items to MorningCalmWeekly@korea.army.mil.
Oct. 27, 2006 Page 5

Charlie Daniels: I have the greatest

admiration for people in uniform
By Jim Cunningham Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.
Area I Public Affairs Those moments topped off with a trap
CAMP RED CLOUD—The devil set drum solo that would make Buddy
may have gone down to Georgia but Rich proud.
Charlie Daniels and his sextet came Every set followed another new set,
here Sunday to entertain Soldiers. especially when Daniels featured his
Daniels has been entertaining troops most requested tunes, some written
for a long time. more than 30 years ago.
“The first out-of-country show I It was fitting that the audience
did for American troops was in serenaded the band with refrains of
Greenland in about 1964 or 1965,” said Happy Birthday; Charlie Daniels
Daniels, leading country music birthday is Saturday.
virtuoso of violin and guitar, and leader The devil got wise by the end of
of the band. “I have been doing this the evening when the band played
for a long time.” “The devil went down to Georgia,”
Daniels has a very good reason for but as always, Charlie Daniels plays
entertaining the troops. him off the stage.
“I can’t carry a gun,” Daniels said.
“I can carry a fiddle and a guitar.” JIM CUNNINGHAM

Charlie Daniels, played both fiddle and guitar during the concert at CRC Oct 22. Daniels is most E-mail james.f.cunningham@korea.army.mil
His admiration for the American
Soldier has deep roots. known as a violin virtuoso and is equally proficient with guitar and mandolin. Daniels is self taught.
“I come from a time during World “If you like rap you won’t hear any started this band I tried to fit the fiddle
War II, that is where my brand of tonight,” Daniels said. “Some have told in with this music. It worked well, so it
patriotism comes from,” Daniels said. me that I produced the first rap song has been an intricate part of my style
“I have the greatest admiration for the with The devil went down to Georgia. since then.”
people in uniform. I think they are the We do not just Daniels is a
greatest bunch of people in the world. play one type “What is so wrong with American completely self-
“What is so wrong with American of music. We youth that get in trouble day-in and taught musician.
youth that get in trouble day-in and play many day-out is so right with the military. His technique of
day-out is so right with the military. different kinds They are healthy, they are drug free, playing the fiddle
They are healthy, they are drug free, of music. As they are responsible, and they and the guitar is
they are responsible, and they respond to the older unique.
respond to authority, they are just
to authority, they are just great. songs that we “I don’t read Chris Wormer, guitarist with the Charlie
Especially now with the all volunteer did, they have great. Especially now with the all music, and I don’t Daniels Band, plays rock-style riffs
military you get people who want to always been volunteer military you get people play right,” during his show-stopping solo Sunday.
be here and that makes a lot of representative who want to be here and that makes Daniels said. “I
difference. The more time I spend of where the a lot of difference. The more time I don’t hold the bow
with our troops, the more admiration band happens spend with our troops, the more right and I don’t
I have for them. I know for a fact to be at a admiration I have for them. I know hold the fiddle
that without our military there would specific time; right. If a child
for a fact that without our military asks me how to
be no America. that is, where
“We would not last 50 days without we are there would be no America.” play the fiddle I
our military,” Daniels said. “All we have musically. I Charlie Daniels would say, ‘Don’t
got standing between us, without the think this is the do it the way I do.’
help of God -- and of course, we always best band I have ever had.” Look at Johnny Gimble or somebody
have to have that -- and death by Daniels explains there is always a else. My technique is completely flawed,
terrorist is these people in uniform. I’m new album in the works. but it works for me.”
very pro-military.” “It might be a year or a year and a Perhaps all that matters is his Taz DiGregorio plays rhythm licks and a special
Daniels plays for military men and half before we get it out, but there are technique works musically. country style virtuoso solo during the concert.
women both in and out of the United several new albums in the works now. “The guitar and violin are two
States. These albums say where the band is different instruments,” Daniels said. “I
“It doesn’t matter if it is Afghanistan, now -- musically speaking,” Daniels played guitar to start with and then I
Iraq, Korea or troops in the states, we said. “We used to be classed as a rock started playing mandolin. The
are proud to entertain them anywhere band.” fingerboard on the mandolin and the
they are,” he said. Daniels is doing duets with Bonnie violin are the same. The mandolin is
Daniels has criteria for when he Bramblet, Brenda Lee, Travis Tritt, picked and the violin is bowed.”
plays, and when he will stop playing Dolly Parton and Earl Scruggs. Daniels and his sextet are at home
music all together. Recently, he did a recording with Stevie with every style of music. The sets
“When it stops being fun is when I Ray Vaughn, “Double Trouble.” featured rock, jazz, country and gospel.
will stop playing,” Daniels said. “I just Daniels has not always fronted bands The most impressive instrumentals
love playing. I get excited every time I with the fiddle. contrasted the four string players (i.e.
pick up an instrument.” “When I first started playing in a lead guitar, rhythm guitar, Daniels on The trio, from left, of Wormer, Daniels, and
Like many bands led by today’s bluegrass band, I played fiddle, but I guitar and fiddle, and bass guitar) in bee- DiGregorio play a jazz inspired chorus
virtuoso instrumentalists, the Charlie put it aside when I started playing with bop tunes reminiscent of Woody reminisent of Woody Hermann’s Four
Daniels band is very eclectic. Carl Perkins,” Daniels said. “When I Hermann’s “Four brothers” or perhaps Brothers.
Oct. 27, 2006
6 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly
http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Area I The Morning Calm Weekly

NEO Schedule
All civilian personnel should register
before 10 a.m. Friday for the NEO exercise.
All NEO volunteers leaving from CRC must
report before 10 a.m.
Additionally, 18th MEDCOM will offer flu
shots to family members and retirees at
Camp Casey Emergency Evacuation Center.
Hours of flu immunization operation are
Thur. and Fri. from 6-8:30 p.m. and Sat. 10
a.m. to 4 p.m.

Kids’ Big Halloween Day

There will be a Halloween Party (snacks
and games) at the Camp Casey Warrior’s
Club sponsored by the Fires Brigade and
the USO from 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday; and
trick-or-treat at Camp Hovey for 5 to 7 p.m. Cindy Newton, wife of Area I garrison commander Col. Forrest Newton, briefs foreign spouses at the USO Oct. 4.

Newton briefs positive attitude at USO

The Haunted Insane Mansion will open at
7 p.m. and remain open until 10 p.m.
Transportation will be provided by the
USO. By Jim Cunningham A negative response from someone could complete.”
Area I Public Affairs be an example of the small things that go Experience governs our attitude toward life,
EEO/POSH/Diversity CAMP CASEY—If anyone knows the wrong early in the day, as well as a positive Newton explained.
Training Schedule
effects of a positive attitude; it is the wife of a response being those same types of things “If you touch a hot stove, that experience
Area I will hold EEO/POSH/Diversity
colonel in the U.S.Army. Getting used toArmy working out, explains Newton. teaches you to beware of the dangers of heat,”
training today from 9 to 11 a.m. for
life and raising a family at the same time will “Attitudes can either be positive, negative Newton said.
supervisors and 1 to 3 p.m. for
nonsupervisory personnel at the Camp
more than likely require a positive attitude of or neutral, not caring one way or the other,” Positive events encourage you to repeat
Casey CAC building S-2475. This training any spouse. Newton said. “Most attitudes are a result of the experiences that made you smile or laugh.
will be held Nov. 8 from 9 to 11 a.m. for Cindy Newton, wife of Col. Forrest social learning.” “Being close to your husband and children
supervisors and 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. for Newton,Area I garrison commander, delivered Many elements of one’s surroundings and produces a positive attitude toward your loved
nonsupervisory personnel at the Camp Red such a message during the foreign spouses situation influence our ability to muster a positive ones because you love them,” she said. “It is
Cloud ACS building S-16. The same monthly meeting Oct. 4 at the Camp Casey attitude during the day. a familiar positive relationship.”
training will be offered Nov. 14 from 10 a.m. USO. But the real key to all attitudes is the Actions reflect attitudes, Newton explained.
to noon for supervisors and from 1 to 3 “Have you ever had a really good personality of the individual in the environment, “Sometimes it is not enough to say the
p.m. for nonsupervisors at Camp Casey morning?” Newton said. “You finished your Newton explained. It is how one deals with words ‘I love you’,” Newton said. “A long
CAC. For Korean employees the training laundry, had a good breakfast, talked on the those strangers who speak with us and the hug and a kiss go a long way when things get
will be held Nov. 3 from 9 to 11 a.m. for telephone with friends and you are now headed events of the day being positive or negative, tough. It says, you will be there when they
supervisors and 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. for toward the city to meet more friends and do a and the attitudes we have with our loved ones. need you.”
nonsupervisors at the CRC Theater, Nov. little shopping. As you are walking down the “Are you negative, positive, or neutral,” Holding hands with one’s spouse can bring
9 from 9 to 11 a.m. for supervisors and 1:30 street, you notice a perfect stranger walking Newton said. “We all know life is not easy. sunshine into one’s life, even on a gloomy day,
to 3:30 p.m. for nonsupervisors at the Casey toward you. Because you are feeling so good Sometimes it is brutal. If you want rainbows Newton said. “It is all in the attitude.”
Theater. For information, call 732-6002. this morning, you say ‘hello’ to that stranger in your life, also expect the rain.” Positivity creates power, she added.
who is now passing you. You have a positive Newton described her daughter’s “It gives you power to create the reasoning
OPMS Briefings
attitude.” application to medical school as a trying time. you will need when events are beyond your
Learn about the steps the Army is taking
Although having a positive attitude is a good When the daughter applied to medical school, control,” she said. “Being positive is loving
to broaden officer development. Majors
way to start the day, not everyone will be aware someone failed to send a letter of someone for a lifetime and not allowing the
and above are encouraged to attend OPMS
briefings at the Camp Casey Theater from
of it. “The reaction you receive is sometimes recommendation, which made the application negative events of life to get in the way of that
8:30 to 10 a.m. Nov. 2. For information, call negative,” Newton said. “They just stare at incomplete. love. Being positive is having the insight of
724-3431. you with squinted eyes, like you have a wart “I tell you, as a mother, my heart broke for that kind of power, which in turn, gives you
on your nose; or they just grimace as you her,” Newton said. “The next year she took the beauty of intelligence. It’s all in attitude.”
OPSEC/SAEDA Training speak. Other times, you get a smile and friendly more classes, worked two medical jobs, and
There will be a 45-minute Operational ‘hello’ in return. It is all about attitude.” made sure the next time the application was E-mail james.f.cunningham@us.army.mil
Security and Subversion and Espionage
Directed Against the U.S. Army training
class given 9:30 to 10:15 a.m. Nov. 6, in the
CRC Theater for Area I HHC Soldiers and
Smallest voice carries to Pentagon
U.S. Civilian Employees located on the Area
By Margaret Banish-Donaldson
I Staff at CRC and Camp Stanley. All U.S. Department of the Army.”
Area I Public Affairs
Soldiers must attend. All U.S. civilian The conference will include volunteer representatives from
emergency essential civilians must attend. CAMP RED CLOUD—The smallest voice in Area I can carry
active-duty military, family members, retired military and
All other U.S. civilians are encouraged to all the way to the Pentagon. The Army Family Action Plan process
Department of the Army civilians.
attend. For information, call 732-9103. makes that possible.
“Volunteers are wanted to serve as facilitators, recorders, issue
Each area holds an AFAP conference to surface quality of life
supporters and transcribers,” Sackett said. “Delegates can ask to
Election Protection Hotline issues. AFAP is a total Army process that increases Soldier readiness
participate in the following four work groups: force support and
The nationwide Election Protection and retention by directing actions to improve benefits, entitlements
entitlements; medical and dental; relocation, housing and
Hotline was activated Oct. 16 to help and family programs for service members, their family members,
transportation; and family and community services.
resolve issues for Election Day Nov. 7. The civilians and retirees.
Interested persons can call 732-7314. Quality of life survey
number is staffed with volunteers, 9 a.m. The 2nd Infantry Division and Area I annual AFAP conference
to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. For
forms are available throughout Area I. Anyone can submit a survey
this year, scheduled for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 28, at Camp Casey
information, visit www.866ourvote.org form; and you do not have to become a delegate in order to raise
Education Center, and out brief to commanders held Nov. 29 at
an issue. The deadline for submission is Nov. 20. Fax forms to
Camp Casey Warrior’s Club.
Concert at CRC 732-6876.
“The conference gives the community an opportunity to voice
There will be a concert on the CRC Village “It’s just a great way to have an active, positive role in the
their issues and concerns,” said Hee Jung Sackett from Army
Green sponsored by the Governor of community, and to make the Army a better place for those that
Community Services. “AFAP has resulted in legislative changes,
Gyeonggi Province and the 2nd Infantry come after them,” Sackett said.
policy and regulatory changes, and improvements to programs and
Division Soldiers at CRC at 6 p.m. Nov. 2.
services at the installation level, the major command level and at the E-mail banish.m@korea.army.mil
Area I
The Morning Calm Weekly 7 Oct. 27, 2006

USO, Soldiers give support at volunteer fair

By Jim Cunningham Operation Charlie, Fort Leavenworth.
Area I Public Affairs “We wanted to make some sort of
DONGDUCHEON—Soldiers and contribution,” Earleywine said. “The
civilian contractors from the Battle USO has been the voice for us and
Combat Training Program, Operations helped our coordinator, Sgt. 1st. Class
Charlie at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., and Urrutia of BCTP, make this happen. Hall
the USO gave gifts to two Dongducheon and Urrutia exchanged e-mails weeks
orphanages Oct. 14 and 15 during the before we arrived in Korea. Everybody
third annual Dongducheon Volunteer in the USO has been very helpful.”
Expo. In addition, many retired Soldiers
The USO highlighted its Virtues and civilians volunteer for the USO and
Program by setting up booths for work with the orphanages.
simple, quick conversational English “I just volunteer to help the children,”
manned by the participating Soldier said Malcolm White, a retired Soldier.
volunteers from the 2nd Battalion 9th “I have been volunteering for the USO
Infantry Regiment. There were now for two years. I am prior service
Soldiers reading books to elementary and now that I am retired, I have come
students, as well as Soldiers JIM CUNNINGHAM
back to Korea and picked up helping at
exchanging English phrases with Soldier volunteers from the 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, deliver four sacks of rice and the USO again. I used to teach in two
middle and high school students. a 21- inch television to the My Home Orphanage at the Dongducheon Volunteer Fair Oct. 14. of the schools in the USO Virtues
Soldiers also conversed in basic Program.”
English with adults attending the fair. converse in English, but the Soldiers also ‘what’s your name.’” The significance of the gifts the USO
“The Volunteer Expo is another great had opportunities. The Aeshin and the My Home and the Soldiers give to the orphanages
opportunity for Soldiers to experience “The Soldiers manning the USO orphanages are two orphanages the USO makes the Korean public more aware
being a part of an event this big while ‘quick English’ booth enjoyed talking works with, and each received gifts of what the American Soldiers do for
being away from home,” said Sally with young and adult members of the from the Soldiers of the Battle Command the Korean society, explained White.
Manuelita Hall, manager of the Camp community,” Hall said. “They also are Training Program. “It elevates the fact we also
Casey USO in Area 1. “It gives them an learning a lot about the Dongducheon “The BCTP civilians, contractors and s u p p o r t t h e K o r e a n e c o n o m y, ”
opportunity to interact with the citizens community and meeting local folks military personnel have been here many White said. “It puts the Soldier in a
of Dongducheon during their from different lifestyles. I think the times and visited the orphanages in the more positive light in Korean
nontraining days.” event gives them a totally different past, and basically asked if we could society.”
Not only were the citizens of experience; a friendship led by smiles make a contribution,” said Lt. Col.
Dongducheon given a chance to on children’s faces saying ‘hello’ and Earleywine, commander of BCTP, E-mail james.f.cunningham@korea.army.mil

Shalom House gets the site of HHC’s latest volunteer support mission.
The Shalom House, which offers a myriad of services
to servicemembers and their families alike, received a
were painted, bushes and hedges were trimmed, trash
was hauled away, flower beds were weeded, dead
trees and branches were trimmed, and a garage was

face lift from Warriors

day of hard labor from the officers, NCOs, and cleaned out; that being no easy task according to the
Soldiers of HHC as a “thank you” for the many crew who tackled it.
wonderful services they provide. Men more used to A mechanical lift was employed to facilitate the
Sgt. James Grant waging war than creating smiles undertook everything painting of the second and third floors of the building
HHC, 1-72 Armor Battalion from leaf raking to interior and exterior painting to while Soldiers took turns in the basket slinging and
CAMP CASEY — During the early morning hours landscaping. scraping paint. A group of warriors ascended to the
of Sept. 29. elements of Headquarters and “Even though the children came and went so roof and cleaned out gutters while another, perhaps
Headquarters Company 1-72 Armor Battalion were quickly this morning it was nice to see their smiling less-fortunate group, swept and collected the results
moving toward their objective. This, however, was faces and hear their squeals of laughter,” said Staff of the gutter clean out down at ground level.
no ordinary mission. As the men of HHC 1-72 arrived Sgt. Jerry Marmo from HHC 1-72 Sniper Section. “It At days end, as the work winds down and the long
at the objective they were greeted with smiling faces, reminded me of my children back home in Kentucky. list of tasks was complete, HHC 1-72 Armor began a
warm handshakes, hot coffee and the laughter of That was all the payment I needed for a day of hard slow retreat back to their area of operation, leaving
dozens of school children. work.” this objective better than they found it, which is quite
The Shalom House located in Dongducheon was The building exterior was painted, windows were unusual for a group trained and proficient in the all-
washed, a stairwell banister was polished, hallways too-ugly art of warfare.
Oct. 27, 2006 Page 9

KSC practices annual wartime mobilization exercise

By Cpl. Lee Yang-won companies from JSA through Busan,”
Area II Public Affairs Garrett said. “However, during time
YONGSAN GARRISON — of war contingences, we expand from
Hundreds of Korean Service Corps 16 to over 200 companies.”
employees acted out their wartime Garret said KSC personnel would
mobilization plan like giant chess also expand from 2,100 to more than
pieces on the floor of a packed Trent 30,000 members. Because of military
Gymnasium Oct. 19. transitions, the KSC battalion
The annual exercise provided a conducts the mobilization drill every
visual concept for units to see how year.
the mobilization process would work “This drill is a great opportunity to
during wartime. meet our counterparts,” said 37th KSC
“This is good opportunity for the Company Pak Chol-su. “We can
U.S. supported units to see actual confirm our roles with the U.S.
training,” said Korean Service Corps supported units and also together
Battalion Sgt. Maj. Henry Garrett. “We reform some aspects of wartime
want to show them an actual wartime strategies.”
expansion of the KSC Battalion.” Eighth U.S. Army Commander Lt.
PHOTOS BY DAVID MCNALLY An oversized map of Republic of Gen. David P. Valcourt observed KSC
200th Korean Service Corps Company Commander Kim H.Y. stoically sits among more than Korea on the gymnasium floor had servicemembers during the drill.
200 KSC workers during an Oct. 19 mobilization exercise at Trent Gymnasium. unit placards representing various “It’s clearly the function and
camps. Uniformed KSC workers wartime tasks of this battalion that are
moved swiftly across the map to show key enablers of the 8th U.S. Army and
where they would be deployed during the alliance of the defense of Korea,”
wartime. Valcourt said. “We owe it to ourselves
The KSC is a paramilitary labor to make sure we are [reviewing] the
force made up of Korean civilians. individual tasks of our KSCs and also
While the KSC workers wear uniforms the collective tasks.”
during wartime and training, they do Valcourt said he appreciated the
not carry weapons. The Republic of battalion’s work and how the
Korea provides the KSC to support leadership got prepared for the
Eighth U.S. Army Commander Lt. U.S. Forces Korea during armistice exercise.
Gen. David P. Valcourt observes KSC KSC workers move like giant pieces to the mobilization and wartime operations.
servicemembers during the drill. points on a giant Republic of Korea map. “We are comprised of 16 E-mail yangwon.lee@korea.army.mil

Area II conference advances Top Work Group Issues

Consumer Services

community issues, solutions

1. Need for a commissary at K-16 Air Base.
2. Improve AAFES taxi cab customer service.
3. Extend food service hours in Area II for night shift
By Steve Davis recorders, transcribers and observers were on hand workers and others.
Area II Public Affairs to assist delegates with the process. Force Support and Entitlements
YONGSAN GARRISON — Sixty-eight delegates Mills said 73 issues were submitted for 1. Create a comprehensive Army policy addressing
from Area II tenant units and organizations rolled up consideration. sex offenders.
their sleeves Oct. 19-20 to work on community “Each group discussed and prioritized issues that 2. Enforce standard installation access procedures and
vehicles despite diplomatic status.
issues and propose solutions during the Area II Army had been submitted by community members,” said
3. Allow use of black umbrellas for Soldiers in garrison.
Family Action Plan Conference at Mills. “The top three most critical issues from each
South Post Chapel. work group were presented to the Area II commander Housing and Relocation
at the end of the conference.” 1. Build or improve bus stop shelters.
The Army Family Action 2. Make guidelines for air conditioner use more realistic.
Plan, or AFAP, provides a Visit the Area II Web site for details. 3. Eliminate unnecessary or confusing traffic control or
way for soldiers and Delegates also chose the top four most speed limit signs.
family members to valuable services. They were: commissary,
Family Support
let Army leadership medical services, and housing. Army
1. Eliminate or decrease the additional cost of fresh
know what works, Community Service and the Army and Air Force fruit in school cafeterias or make fruit available to
what doesn't - and what Exchange Service tied for fourth place. purchase with a meal card.
they think will fix it. It At the end of the conference, Stephens 2. Amend the Status of Forces Agreement to allow
alerts commanders and Army thanked conference staff, volunteers and attendees. hiring third-country nationals for child care.
“You raised some really tough issues,” said 3. Set up a central mail room in Area II with individual mail
leaders to areas of concern that boxes.
need their attention and gives them an Stephens. “We’ll look at all of those issue, not just the
opportunity to quickly put plans into place to work top three, and work to find solutions.” Teens
Issues that cannot be resolved within Area II will 1. Provide better overseas college representation through
toward resolving the issues.
a college fair or by inviting undergraduate admissions
Following a welcome by Area II Commander Col. be forwarded to the 8th Army-KORO Family Action officers to meet with students overseas.
Ron Stephens and a rousing pep talk by Army Family Plan conference in April. Critical issues that cannot 2. High school lunch improvements.
Action Plan Program Manager Reta Mills, work be resolved at 8th Army-level will be forwarded to 3. Advertise teen center functions better to increase
groups formed to discuss issues in five different the Department of the Army AFAP conference participation.
categories. November 2007 in Washington. For details visit the “AFAP Issues” link at the Area II
Work group facilitators, subject matter experts, E-mail davisst@korea.army.mil Web site (http://area2.korea.army.mil).
10 Oct. 27, 2006
http://area2.korea.army.mil Area II The Morning Calm Weekly

Korean employee to retire

after 51 years of service
NEO Exercise Ongoing
Courageous Channel 06-2 is being
conducted 6 p.m. Thursday through 6
p.m. Saturday at the Yongsan Army
Garrison Collier Field House. This is a By Cpl. Lee Yang-won
regularly scheduled, semi-annual Area II Public Affairs
readiness exercise conducted by U.S. YONGSAN GARRISON — Just a few years after the
Forces Korea to rehearse procedures closing days of the Korean War, a 17-year-old Korean boy
that may be used in the event of a
applied for a job at a U.S. military base near Seoul. Since
noncombatant evacuation operation,
then, he served scores of years as a tire shop engineer,
or NEO. All noncombatants are
maintenance mechanic, and storage clerk.
required to participate. During the
exercise, flu shots for family members Now, after 51 years of commitment to the U.S. military,
and retirees (and their family members) 69-year-old Kim Yong-chin is on the brink of retiring.
will be available 6-8:30 p.m. Friday and “I didn’t have any knowledge of my job back then, so I
10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday. For had to learn step-by-step for about two years,” Kim said. “I
information, contact your NEO warden. started my career as a tire shop mechanic when I was 17
years old.”
BOSS Haunted House He said those were the hard times, but his consistent
The Yongsan Better Opportunities for performance as a tire shop mechanic would eventually pay
Single and unaccompanied Soldiers off. He was promoted to maintenance mechanic.
Haunted House promises to scare even “I was a maintenance mechanic for 10 years and a storage
the bravest of souls! Test your mettle clerk for another 10 years,” Kim said. “After those years,
6-9 p.m. Saturday at the Moyer the government offered me a spot as a stock control clerk.”
Community Activities Center in the For the next 14 years, Kim was in charge of supervising
Community Theater. The entry fee is maintenance equipment.
$2 if you dare! When the military deactivated Kim’s battalion in 1994, he
took charge of the Area II milk plant at K-16 Air Base south
American Red Cross CPL. LEE YANG-WON of Seoul. The plant shut down in 1997, and Kim has been
The American Red Cross is seeking Area II Supply Specialist Kim Yong-chin tallies military equipment at
motivated individuals to provide the storage room. See Employee
Employee, Page 12
emergency communications and

Area II thanks top volunteers of quarter

casework services to members of
the Armed Forces and their families.
The applicant must be an American
citizen; at least 18 years of age; a high more volunteering that I didn’t think I
school graduate; have base access; Volunteers shine in would win,” said Mary Ann Dalzell. “I
and possess basic computer skills. For
information, call 738-3670.
community spotlight like volunteering it gives me such
commitment and keeps me involved
By Pfc. Kim Sang-wook
with the community.”
Native Heritage Month Area II Public Affairs
Dalzell provided volunteer service
U.S. Army Troop Command – Korea
YONGSAN GARRISON — Area II with SAHS setting up membership
will host an American Indian and
Alaskan Native Heritage Month leaders announced the most dedicated tables during open houses and other
program 3 p.m. Nov. 8 at the volunteers for the third quarter Oct. 14 numerous events. She also supports the
Multipurpose Training Facility, at the Army Community Service Parent-Teachers Organization.
Theater No. 1. The community is Building. “Volunteering helps me to fit in and
invited to attend. Prizes and momentos More than 60 community members contribute where I live,” Dalzell said.
will be given away. For information, call listened to guest speaker Club Beyond “I was nervous when my name was
723-7743. Youth Pastor Will Williamson give called,” said youth volunteer of the
thanks to the volunteers. quarter Morgan Hansford. “For me,
Sexual Assault Hotline “They don’t seek the front pages of volunteering is something that I enjoy.”
The 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline the newspaper and media, but they Morgan volunteers for youth
phone number is DSN 158. From off deserve it,” Williamson said. PFC. KIM SANG-WOOK services in the Yongsan Torch Club
post or cell phone, call 0505-764-5700. The adult volunteer of the quarter Community members congratulate the Program, Boys’ and Girls’ Club of
Individuals may also call Area II Sexual award went to Seoul American High volunteers after the ceremony, America and the 4-H club.
Assault Response Coordinator Leah School volunteer Mary Ann Dalzell. organizations and chosen by a selection The next volunteers of the quarter
Holland at 738-3034 or 010-8697-4869. Child and Youth Service volunteer committee based on the community will be announced in January 2007.
Morgan Hansford won youth award. impact of their volunteer work.
Area II Ethics Training E-mail sangwook.kim@korea.army.mil
The two were nominated by their “I think there were people who did
The next ethics training is 1-2 p.m. Nov.
9 at Balboni Theater. This is an annual
training requirement for all Army
personnel. For information, call 723- Charlie Daniels plays Yongsan
6631. By Hershel K. Gattis
Special to Area II Public Affairs
Marine Corps Birthday
The U.S. Marine Corps Forces Korea YONGSAN GARRISON — The Charlie Daniels Band
Commander will host the 231st U.S. performed concerts at many U.S. military installations in
Marine Corps Birthday Ball 6 p.m. Nov. the Republic of Korea and Japan on this tour.
10. Celebrate the birthday at the Grand The Oct. 21 concert drew hundreds of servicemembers,
Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. The event is open civilians and family members.
to all ROK/U.S. servicemembers (active Because there were more families, many kids attended
and retired), civilian employees of the the concert. Daniels mentioned this fact, and sang a song
military, dependents and guests, and dedicated to children.
friends of the Marine Corps. Dress is Throughout the night he threw guitar picks out to the
military and civilian formal. Ticket prices kids sitting on the floor in front of the stage. He even threw
are $65. For information, call 723-7261. out one of his fiddle bows at the beginning of the concert HERSHEL K. GATTIS
Reservations are required. to one of the kids. Charlie Daniels throws guitar picks to the audience Oct. 21.
The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Oct. 27, 2006
http://area2.korea.army.mil 11
‘Barney the Bus’ teaches school bus safety Schools observe
By David McNally

Area II Public Affairs

YONGSAN GARRISON — The little yellow bus
Red Ribbon Week By Pfc. Jung Jae-hoon
spoke to people and tooted its horn. “Barney the Bus” Area II Public Affairs
was on duty at the Main Exchange Oct. 18, to raise
YONGSAN GARRISON — This week across
awareness about National School Bus Safety Week.
America school children joined together to work
School transportation workers accompanied Barney
toward a drug-free nation. At Yongsan, students
and met face-to-face with community members.
observed Red Ribbon Week.
“The overall objective was to be proactive in
Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling
promoting student safety,” said Department of Defense
Service worked with Seoul American High
Dependent Schools employee Ken Bakameyer.
School and Middle School students to promote
Bakameyer and coworker Fred Vandersys met with
more than 175 Yongsan residents entering the Main
The two schools and ASACS combined forces
Exchange during lunchtime.
to raise awareness of Students Against
“We had interaction with a lot of parents who have
Destructive Decision-making.
kids in school,” Bakameyer said. “It was good.”
The original goal of SADD was to help young
Barney is a remote-control bus with big blinking eye
people say “no” to drinking and driving, but the
and a penchant for making kids smile.
goal expanded on to drugs.
Bakameyer and Vandersys handed out literature and
Red Ribbon Week is designed to promote
free pencils designed to teach school bus safety.
healthy and drug-free lifestyles by offering
National School Bus Safety Week is observed
positive activities and events in which teens can
during the third week of October across the United
get involved.
“Barney the Bus” toots his horn as Department of Defense “We had a 10K fun run at Collier Field Oct.
The National School Transportation Association
Dependent Schools employee Fred Vandersys looks on. 21,” said ASACS Counsleor Shelia Bryant. “We
pushes out information kids should know about school
were very pleased to have over 100 runners
bus safety: bus, look left, right, left before you enter or cross
participate and much excitement and energy
„ The bus driver and others cannot see you if you are the street.
could be seen when they were crossing the finish
standing closer than 10 feet from the bus. Stay out of „ When the driver says it is safe to cross the street,
the danger zone! remember to cross in front of the bus.
Red ribbon week began as a tribute to Drug
„ If something falls under or near the bus, tell the driver. „ Stay in your seat and sit quietly so that the driver is
Enforcement Agency Special Agent Enrique
Never try to pick it up yourself! not distracted.
Camarena, a fallen hero.
„ While waiting for the bus, stay in a safe place away “I think we made a difference,” Bakameyer said.
Camarena was murdered by drug traffickers
from the street. “We were able to explain the importance of school
in March 1985. Soon after, there was a grass-
„ When you get on or off the bus, look for the bus bus safety and the community’s role in promoting
roots effort to launch Camarena clubs in
safety lights and make sure they are flashing. pedestrian safety.”
„ Be alert to traffic. When you get on or off the E-mail mcnallyde@korea.army.mil See Ribbon
Ribbon, Page 12
12 Area II
Oct. 27, 2006
http://area2.korea.army.mil The Morning Calm Weekly

Military retirees get salute

By Capt. Stacy Ouellette “You are the most experienced
8th U.S. Army Public Affairs eyes and you are the most
YONGSAN GARRISON — More experienced scouts that we have in
than 150 retirees from across the our whole formation. You’ve been
peninsula participated in the first Korea around, you know what right looks
Retiree Appreciation Day Oct. 14 here. like and if I don’t pay attention and
“The purpose of today’s event is listen to you all, then I’m really
to appreciate the retirees,” said Event missing the boat.”
Coordinator Byron Ellison. “We have Following Valcourt’s comments
a slogan called ‘still serving,’ which Retirement Services Officer John
means even though individuals are “Jack” Terwiel spoke about three
retired, they’re still an intricate part important components when
of the community.” volunteering full time: community,
Ellison said they appreciate retirees commitment, and caring.
not only for the hard work as active People set up a variety of booths
duty servicemembers, but as to provide important information to
contributing members of the retirees and guests.
community. Don Bornowski, a U.S. Forces
After registering at the Main Post Korea employee and retired warrant
Club, retirees received a gift bag with officer has been serving in Korea for
a commemorative mug and hat the last 18 years. He started out on
marking the event. Many retirees active duty and transferred into the
brought family members with them to civilian military sector after retiring
celebrate the day. with more than 22 years of service.
A free retiree luncheon began at 11:30 “I was surprised and honored by
a.m. and included raffle drawings with the Soldiers on active duty who took
gift certificates, electronics and other the time on a weekend to give up there
donated items as prizes. time to make us feel at home and their
Eighth U.S. Army Commanding display of kindness to the retirees that
General Lt. Gen. David P. Valcourt they haven’t forgotten,” he said.
addressed the group during the “We’re all a team over here and it’s
luncheon. an important connection between
“We are very excited about having retirees and active duty soldiers.”
the very first on the entire peninsula Eighteen on-post organizations
Retiree Appreciation Day and we’re sponsored the event.
very proud that we’ve got a great turn
out,” Valcourt said. E-mail Stacy.Ouellette@korea.army.mil

Employee from Page 10

carrying out his career as a Yongsan now and to leave healthy.”
supply specialist. Coworkers said Kim has long been
“I am now responsible for an inspiration to them.
assigning class-one items for Area II “His enthusiasm and commitment
dinning facilities,” Kim said. “We reply to his job have been venerated
to requests regarding food supplies throughout the years,” said
and also distribute MREs during Accounting Technician Choe Song-il.
training sessions.” “He’s unbelievably diligent and makes
Kim said he also supervises the the workflow fluent. He’s like a father
allocation of comfort kits to Korean who we could look up to.”
Augmentation to the U.S. Army Kim is due to retire later this month.
Soldiers, as well. The kits contain He said he does not have specific
soap, toothpaste and other health and plans for the future, but will likely
welfare items. spend more time with his family. His
A father to four daughters and one working days may be limited, but his
son, Kim said he was just grateful to incessant ardor and commitment
be where he is standing right now. toward his job may be an everlasting
“I thank all the coworkers who treasure for Area II.
have helped me get this far,” he said.
“I’m just glad to be who I am right E-mail yangwon.lee@korea.army.mil

Ribbon from Page 11

California, Camarena’s home state. The Youth Jam will be held on the
Hundreds of club members lawn behind the Putt-Putt golf area
pledged to lead drug-free lives to next to Commisky’s Family
honor the sacrifice made by Restaurant, 3-6 p.m. Saturday.
Camarena and others on behalf of all Activities will include youth bands
Americans. and solo acts with a variety of musical
From these clubs emerged the Red styles, food booths, games,
Ribbon Week campaign. skateboarding, putt-putt golf,
“The students of SAHS and SAMS inflatable jumping houses, and
will be doing daily events throughout various Yongsan agency information
the week and we will end the tables.
campaign with “Youth Jam” Bryant
said. E-mail JaeHoon.Jung@korea.army.mil
Oct. 27, 2006
The Morning Calm Weekly http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 13
Make the Right Moves When it Comes to PCS
By Capt. Cesar B. Casal obtaining private insurance. Before purchasing a policy a value of $100 or more. Both the client and the carrier
Military Claims Division
however, make sure it will apply to an OCONUS move will sign the form. This form will accompany your
PCS moves are an inevitable part of life for military to or from Korea. shipment and will be reviewed upon delivery of your
members and their families. Shipment of household Set Aside Items You Do Not Want Shipped goods at your new home. Use of this form to ensure a
goods can be one of the most challenging aspects of Before the movers arrive, set aside any items that you $500 MP3 player is indeed packed in that box with the
PCS moves, so it’s important to take a few precautions do not want shipped. It is not advised to ship small stuffed animals.
before the movers even arrive. valuable items such as jewelry, MP3 players, cell-phones, If the mover does not provide a form as part of their
Document Your Property Before the Move and cameras. Cash and coin collections should never inventory, use your own form, have the carrier review
Before the movers arrive, document the most significant be shipped because there may not be anything to recover and sign it, and insist that it be included as part of the
items. Significant items include electronics, antiques, if they are lost or stolen. inventory.
fine china and crystal items. Collect receipts and Supervise the Movers After the Move Deadlines: 70 days and 2 years
appraisals for valuable items. Take photographs or video Have food and drink ready for the movers when they When the household goods arrive at the new duty station,
of everything in the home. For electronics, take pictures arrive. Happy movers will be more careful with your inspect the shipment carefully. If any items were lost
or video of the item while it’s turned on. items and will do a better job overall. Think of this as or damaged during delivery, be sure to annotate this on
If you have a large DVD or CD collection, take pictures the best insurance $20 can buy. the DD Form 1840, a pink form the movers will give
of both the DVD/CD jackets and the DVDs/CDs When the movers arrive, watch how they pack the you before they depart.
themselves. Note the number of discs on the inventory property. Pay particular attention to how the movers After delivery, there’s an additional 70 days to report
sheet. Ensure that your receipts, appraisals, photos and complete the inventory. Ensure electronics and other any loss or damage discovered once the movers leave.
videotapes are not shipped with the property. Leave valuable items are listed with specificity, with serial and This can be done on the back of the pink form, labeled
them with a relative, hand carry them, or mail them model numbers if possible. DD Form 1840-R. The pink form must be returned to
separately from the household goods. Collect serial numbers and model numbers for items the nearest claims office within 70 days of the date the
Consider Insurance Options before the movers arrive so they can easily write them goods were delivered.
If the property is lost or destroyed, the Army claims into the inventory. It is the movers’ job to prepare an Once the form is turned in, the claims office will give
office will only be able to pay the depreciated value of adequate inventory. If the movers are uncooperative, instructions for filing a claim. Claimants have two years
the property. They calculate this by finding the cost of call the transportation office immediately. from the date the goods were delivered to file a claim.
replacing the property and then depreciating this value The movers will list pre-existing damage to furniture File the claim as soon as possible because failure to file
by a set percentage per year. The purpose of depreciation using a special code that the inventory sheet will explain. within the two year time period may result in the claim
is to arrive at a fair compensation amount for both the For example “BR 2” may indicate that the bottom of a being denied.
member and the government. piece of furniture is broken. If you disagree with the Taking a few precautions before the move can save a
The Army claims office also has maximum amounts it description of damage, annotate your disagreement at great deal of stress later. Contact the nearest Army claims
can pay for certain items. For example, the maximum the bottom of the inventory. Review the inventory list office with any questions about PCS moves. Contact
amount payable for a plasma or flat panel TV is $2,500. carefully before signing it. the Yongsan claims office, located in the Army
If this amount is not adequate or if there are a number of High Value Items Community Services Building, in the Client Legal Services
expensive items, members may want to consider Some movers may offer a form to list all items that have Office, for information at 738-8111.
Oct. 27, 2006
14 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly

Oct. 27 - Nov
Nov.. 2

Crossover Material Girls The Departed The Departed Accepted Material Girls The Descent
PG-13 PG R R PG-13 PG R

The Marine The Marine The Marine Crossover No Show No Show No Show
PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13

The Departed The Departed The Departed Crossover World Trade No Listing No Listing
R R R PG-13 Center PG-13

Material Girls The Departed Accepted How to Eat The Departed Crossover Material Girls
PG R PG-13 Fried Worms R PG-13 PG
Flags of Our Flags of Our Crossover No Show No Show No Show Invincible
Fathers NR Fathers NR PG-13 PG-13

The Descent — (Shauna Material Girls — (Hilary Duff, Flags of Our Fathers The Marine — (John Cena, The Departed — (Leonardo
MacDonald, Natalie Mendoza) Haylie Duff) (Ryan Phillippe, Adam Beach) Robert Patrick) DiCaprio, Matt Damon)
Six girlfriends meet in a remote part Ava and Tanzie Marchetta have it all. February 1945. Even as victory in John Triton is a heroic Marine who Two men from opposite sides of the
of the Appalachians for their annual The heiresses to a multi-million dollar Europe was finally within reach, the returns home after being discharged law are undercover within the Boston
caving trip. The girls soon learn that cosmetics company, the girls war in the Pacific raged on. One of — against his will — from the Iraq State Police department and the Irish
Juno, the thrill-seeking leader of the approach life as one big party. But the most crucial and bloodiest War. Stateside, he finds himself back mafia, but violence and bloodshed
expedition, has brought them to an when a scandal involving one of their battles of the war was the struggle in action, when his wife is kidnapped boil when discoveries are made, and
unexplored cave and that as a result products emerges, the girls are left for the island of Iwo Jima, which by a murderous gang led by a the moles are dispatched to find out
no one knows where they are to penniless, homeless, and seemingly culminated with what would become merciless criminal named Rome. their enemy’s identities.
come rescue them. The group helpless. They could, of course, take one of the most iconic images in With everything on the line, the Marine
splinters and each push on, praying the easy way out and listen to the history:The raising of the American will stop at nothing to carry out his
for another exit but there is board of directors who want to sell flag on Mount Suribachi. The inspiring toughest and most important
something else lurking under the the company to their biggest photo capturing that moment mission.
earth. competitor, but that would forever became a symbol of victory to a
taint the name of their late father, who nation that had grown weary of war
built it from the ground up. Instead, and made instant heroes of the six
Ava and Tanzie decide to protect Americans at the base of the flag,
what is rightfully theirs. some of whom would die soon after,
never knowing that they had been

The Descent No Show Snakes on a Accepted No Show No Show No Show

R Plane R PG-13

The Guardian Material Girls The Guardian Flags of Our Flags of Our Crossover Crossover
PG-13 PG PG-13 Fathers NR Fathers NR PG-13 PG-13

The Departed World Trade World Trade Material Girls Beerfest R No Show Flags of Our
R Center PG-13 Center PG-13 PG Fathers NR

Material Girls Crossover Crossover Accepted No Show Flags of Our World Trade
PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 Fathers NR Center PG-13

Flags of Our Flags of Our Flags of Our Crossover Crossover Material Girls Material Girls
Fathers NR Fathers NR Fathers NR PG-13 PG-13 PG PG

Nacho Libre Nacho Libre Nacho Libre Accepted Accepted World Trade World Trade
PG PG PG PG-13 PG-13 Center PG-13 Center PG-13

The Ant Bully The Ant Bully The Ant Bully Lady in the Lady in the Crossover Crossover
PG PG PG Water PG-13 Water PG-13 PG-13 PG-13

U.S.IDCardHoldersEnjoyFreeMoviesCourtesyof ArmyMWRatU.S. ArmyInstallationsinKorea.

Oct. 27, 2006
The Morning Calm Weekly http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 15
Between the promise and its fulfillment
By Chaplain (Capt.) Robert Gresser The prophet Ezekiel spoke during time of into his very life and existence. The apostle Peter
2-2 Aviation Battalion unfulfilled promises. Israel was defeated and exiled refers to this as “participating in the divine nature.”

he Bible is considered a “holy book” by to Babylon (modern day Iraq). Written near This participation in the divine nature guarantees
many faith groups. In it are many Baghdad, the book’s author assures the people that that we will experience the fulfillment of all of
promises. It guarantees a life of prosperity God is with them even in their captivity. The people God’s promises. By identifying with us in death,
in a land flowing with milk and honey. It speaks of longed to go back to Israel, but until this was God guarantees we will identify with him in life.
peace and happiness. However, we are far from accomplished, God would stay with them in This life is the resurrection. Jesus rose, therefore
this reality. Instead of prosperity, we are faced with Babylon. we will rise. Death is not the end. Suffering will be
hunger and poverty. Instead of peace, we are at For Christians, the most radical example of vindicated. Heartache will be healed.
war. Instead of happiness, we are faced with God’s abiding presence is found in Jesus, the God has participated in our nature by living and
personal and national tragedies. In short, we live in Christ. Christians believe that Jesus is God made dying in the time between the promise and its
the time between the promise and its fulfillment. flesh. Like us, he lived between the promise and its fulfillment. Thus, we will participate in God’s
The ancient prophet Isaiah lived in an age of fulfillment. Yet, his presence among us guarantees nature in the time of fulfillment. Because he lives,
uncertainty. His nation was at war. Yet Isaiah the fulfillment of all God’s promises. Whatever it we will live.
encouraged his people not to fear. He promised means to be human, Jesus experienced birth, God will “wipe every tear from our eyes,” and
God’s strength and help. He promised God’s growth, joy, sadness, disappointment, longing, and we will experience the time when “there will be no
presence. In the time between the promise and its eventually death. By and through this radical more death or mourning or crying or pain.” This is
fulfillment, God’s presence will accompany us. identification with humanity, God has brought us our hope.

Area III W orship Services

Protestant Wednesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel 5:10 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel
Collective Contemporary For information on Bible study groups and other religious services and
Sunday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel activities, contact the nearest installation chaplain’s office.
Sunday 10:30 a.m. Zoeckler Station
Chapel KATUSA Area III Chaplains
11 a.m. Freedom Chapel, Tuesday 7 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 8 p.m. Camp Long Chapel Chaplain (Maj.) Ray Robinson
Camp Long Chapel Raymond.robinsonjr@korea.army.mil 753-7274
Suwon Air Base
Catholic Chaplain (Maj.) James O’Neal
3 p.m. Camp Eagle Chapel Mass Daily 11:45 p.m. Freedom Chapel james.e.oneal@korea.army.mil 753-7276
Gospel Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel Chaplain (Capt.) Kyle Taylor
Sunday 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel 4 p.m. Camp Long Chapel kyle.a.taylor@korea.army.mil 721-3356

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Oct. 27, 2006
16 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly

Spooky Hallow comes to Camp Humphreys

Tricks, treats on tap House. The fools and others will go through
the Haunted Woods and into 527th Military
for Area III ghouls Intelligence’s Haunted Maze.
The Intelligence unit will keep the maze
By Mike Mooney open today through Tuesday as a unit fund-
Area III MWR raiser. However, admission is free for Spooky
CAMP HUMPHREYS – Ghosts, goblins, Hallow.
witches and ghouls will gather at the Zoeckler The next stop will be the CCC Pavilion,
Station Sports Field at Camp Humphreys where children walking-age-through-12 years
Tuesday for the annual Return to Spooky old will receive their Spooky Hallow T-shirt,
Hallow Halloween celebration. Trick or Treat bag and the first of their
Created by Area III Morale, Welfare and Halloween goodies – including a bag of blood
Recreation seven years ago to provide a safe and a pumpkin whoopee cushion.
trick-or-treat environment for children here, Everyone then proceeds to the Sports Field
the Return to Spooky Hallow has developed where units and private organizations will have
into one of the most interesting Halloween their trick-or-treat booths and attractions.
celebrations anywhere in the military. Trick-or-treating will go to about 6:30 pm,
“Spooky Hallow was created because Camp when everyone will move to the stage for the
Spooks of all shapes and sizes await anyone unlucky enough
Humphreys has very limited on-post family Costume Parades and Costume Judging
to wander too close to Spooly Hallow at Camp Humphreys
housing that is widely separated,” explained Contests. The Filipino band, JBL, will be
Director of MWR Dave Watson. “In addition, be the BOSS Haunted Woods. playing -- in costume, of course.
Halloween is not a Korean holiday “We’re asking people to park at the Area III Camp Humphreys units traditionally operate
“We originally held it in the Camp Headquarters parking lot and enter Spooky trick-or-treat booths at Spooky Hallow. But, in
Humphreys downtown area. It was then Hallow from there,” Watson said. “As they recent years, Soldiers have gotten very
moved to the front of the PX Mall, and then come across the field, they will reach a fork: creative.
Daytona West. As the celebration gets bigger Cowards and small kids will go to the right; “We have had haunted tents, haunted
and bigger, so does the space we need. That’s while fools and others to the left where they ambulances, haunted Humvees, graveyards and
why we moved to the Zoeckler Sports Field will enter the Haunted Woods.” even a Nightmare Café where they served
this year. It gives us more room for a better The cowards and small children will delicacies such as kitty litter balls, worms and
Spooky Hallow, including some new proceed to the Commander’s Community eye balls,” Watson said.
attractions.” Center Building, where they will be greeted by
The newest of the attractions this year will costumed characters in the G-rated Haunted See Spooky
Spooky, Page 18

First Sgt. Catherine Mazsco, Warrior Replacement Center,

Camp Stanley, is served by 1st Lt. Michael Fraas and 1st
Lt. Jason Buazoi, both of HHC, 702nd BSB, during Hispanic
Heritage Day.

Sgt. Harold Henderson, Headquarters and Headquarters

Company, 702nd Brigade Support Battalion, pans some
crab legs.

Spc. David Blake (left) and Spc. Michael Sission,

HHC, 702nd BSB, Camp Castle, eat at the Kimbro
Hall Dining Facility.
Oct. 27, 2006
18 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly The Morning Calm Weekly

Wolf’s got an ‘ACE In The Hole’

By Senior Airman Stephen Collier
8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Pack members got another way to
kick back and relax after a hard day of
work with the Oct. 5 grand opening
Wrestling Championship of the Wolf’s ACE In The Hole
The Korea Region Freestyle recreation center.
Wrestling Championship will take The center, sponsored by Airmen
place on 1 p.m. Saturday at Camp Committed to Excellence, offers
Casey’s Carey Field House. For entertainment for all Wolf Pack
information, call 725-5064. members. It features four high-speed
internet access computers equipped
Yongsan Lanes Planning
with Web cameras, two 60-inch
New Years Party
plasma televisions, a new pool table,
Yongsan Lanes bowling center will be
the latest video game consoles and a
presenting its annual “New Years Eve
Extravaganza” bowling party starting
juice bar.
at 8 p.m. Dec. 31. The center is “just another step in
The New Year’s Eve party at Yongsan the right direction to provide additional
Lanes has been a tradition for seven entertainment alternatives for our
years. It has always been a successful deserving Airmen,” said Chief Master
hit with families, offering both adult Sgt. Reggie Williams, 8th Fighter Wing SENIOR AIRMAN DARNELL CANNADY

and children oriented activities. command chief. Senior Airman Sean Fetke, 8th Security Forces Squadron, tries out The Wolf’s ACE In The Hole
There will be Colorama open bowling, “We are part of a community pool table during the grand opening.
prize drawings, spin-the-wheel prize trying to make a positive difference allocated an initial $12,800 to the ACE planning, it’s been a labor of love.
games, an unlimited pizza buffet and in the lives of our Wolf Pack in The Hole project and gave the chief Airman 1st Class Alexis Valdez, ACE
Cosmic Bowling. There will also be warriors who are prepared to an additional $16,000 from end of treasurer and 8th Security Forces
kids, women and men 7, 8 & 9 pin no- sacrifice their lives daily in the year funds to complete the project. Squadron member, said the Wolf’s
tap tournaments. After the defense of our great nation and the When Lt. Gen. Garry Trexler, 7th Air ACE In the Hole “is a great addition to
countdown to the New Year, there will Republic of Korea,” Williams said. Force commander, got wind of the the Wolf Pack.”
be an early morning continental Funding for the facility -- PACAF Wolf Pack’s project, he dedicated an “It feels good to know that airmen
breakfast. and Kunsan’s first non-alcoholic additional $10,000 toward its success. like me have a voice in the Wolf Pack
Tickets will be sold in advance and facility --was also a challenge, as the Funding alone cannot make a and our leadership strives to make our
are limited. For information, call 723- facility such as this a success. stay here more enjoyable each and
Wolf Pack looked for an opportunity
to create this type of environment. In Williams pointed out several groups, every day,” she said. “The ACE In
early February, the 8th Fighter Wing organizations and individuals who The Hole is great as it acts as a
Home for the Holidays
prepared the base for inspection as Air contributed to its opening. meeting ground for all airmen to get to
Winners Chosen
The two winners of the Morale, Force Installation Excellence Award “We owe a debt of gratitude to the know each other without the presence
Welfare and Recreation “Home for inspectors filed through. They men and women of the 8th (Civil of alcohol.”
the Holidays” contest have been selected the installation as a finalist for Engineer) and 8th (Communication) Wolf Pack members can visit the
announced. Maj. Sherry Turner, 8A the annual award. squadrons for the many volunteer ACE In The Hole directly east of the
G4 Plans and Exercises, and Pfc. Although the Wolf Pack didn’t win, hours they provided in working on the Loring Club. Call Senior Airman
Christopher Redding, 618th Dental contenders still took home a chunk of infrastructure and outside of the Saquenthia Walker at 782-4118 for
Company, have been awarded free, earnings for their base. Out of the facility.” hours of operation and other
round-trip ticket to the United winnings, Col. Jeffrey Lofgren For ACE members involved in the information.
States to make it home for the
holiday celebrations.
“Home for the Holidays” is an
Spooky from Page 16
annual contest by which MWR “The booths have gotten so creative that
shows their appreciation to the we established a Unit Booth Decorating
military community. The project is Contest last year, adding $250, $150, $75
developed in coordination with US and two $50 grants to the Unit Funds of the
Airline Alliance. five units that are the most creative.
The contest was open to all military Halloween is a fun time for everyone, but I
ID card holders in Korea and think it’s even more fun because of Spooky
winners were selected Oct. 17 on Hallow Way.”
American Forces Network-Korea In addition to putting all the Community
radio. trick-or-treating into a single, safe and easy
to control location, Spooky Hallow Way has
TMCW Submissions grown into an Took Me To Spooky Hallow”
To have an event featured in The T-shirts plus the trick-or-treat bags and other
Morning Calm Weekly’s News & goodies.
Notes, e-mail information to AAFES will sponsor the Costume Parades
morningcalmweekly@korea.army.mil. with gift certificates for first, second and third
Items may also be mailed to: place in each age group. MWR has purchased
IMA-KORO Public Affairs large stuffed Halloween toys in case winners
PSC 303, Box 51 are children whose parents can’t shop in the
APO AP 96204-0051
All submissions should include a
Units and private organizations may reserve
point of contact name and telephone
their booths at Spooky Hallow by e-mailing
number. Submitted material is subject
to editing to ensure it meets
MWR Marketing Chief Mike Mooney at
Department of the Army and mooneym@korea.army.mil.
Associated Press guidelines. Editor’s Note: For Halloween activities in
For information, call 738-3355. COURTESY PHOTO each Area, contact the nearest MWR office.
Prizes willbe awarded for best costume in each age group.
Oct. 27, 2006 Page 21

3rd MIB pilots practice water survival skills

Instructors talk to a student during a wall event exercise in which the students become familiar
with breathing from a Helicopter Emergency Egress Bottle.
in the event of an unplanned water said Chief Warrant Officer David
landing. Keshel.
Training consists of academic “It was awesome,” said Chief
sessions, swim skills, a wall event to Warrant Officer Scott Gerbozy. “I feel
familiarize Soldiers with breathing from better about using some of the
PHOTOS BY SUSAN BARKLEY the Helicopter Emergency Egress equipment. They configured the
Instructor Yo Chi-hun, talks to pilots who have exited the simulator configured to replicate their Device, the Shallow Water Egress simulator similar to our aircraft.”
Dash-7 aircraft. Training chair, exiting the simulator Nearly every training event included
By Susan Barkley places. under various conditions, deploying and breathing from a HEED bottle which
Area III Public Affairs They were completing refresher entering a life raft, climbing a ladder looks like a very small scuba tank.
CAMP HUMPHREYS – Eight water survival training at the 8th U.S. identical to those found in a helicopter, “You have to relax and breathe,”
Soldiers from Company A, 3rd Army Water Survival Training Center. being lifted from a harness into a said Capt. Dennis D. Lorenson. “You
Military Intelligence Battalion spent a This training was specifically helicopter, chain and carpet drills. have to breathe through your mouth.
couple of days in the pool Oct. 17 and designed to familiarize them with “This training should be mandatory It’s natural to want to breathe the
18 instead of being at their usual work procedures for ditching their aircraft for all aircrew who fly over water,” normal way.”

Humphreys holds quarterly town hall

By Susan Barkley secured due to a double-wide container express (conex) Web site can be located at www.korea.army.mil. Other
Area III Public Affairs box having been located next to Freedom Chapel. options include calling the USFK road condition phone
CAMP HUMPHREYS – The quarterly Camp Near-term changes include the relocation of the Area number at 723-ROAD (7623) or by calling the Camp
Humphreys Town Hall meeting, held Oct. 17 in the III motor pool and driver’s testing to Building 712 Humphreys duty officer at 754-6111.
Community Activity Center, attracted about 75 people later in the week; opening additional construction gates The next Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Jan. 16.
who wanted to hear the latest news about the installation to further reduce construction vehicles on the post;
as well as advising the commander of their issues and and Ricker got some smiles when he said the
concerns. renovations to the much-anticipated Krispy Kreme shop
Col. Michael J. Taliento Jr., commander, Area III have been completed and that the concessionaire is
Support Activity, began the meeting by reviewing issues coming next week to make the final preparations.
from the last town hall held July 18, previewing near- Ricker anticipates an opening in early November.
term changes and then opened the floor to the audience Taliento also said that the Area III webpage is
for new issues, concerns and questions. undergoing a complete renovation that was funded by
George Ricker, Camp Humphreys general manger, USFK.
advised the group that the decision to require a Military Capt. Lamisa Guy, commander Company C, 168th
Star Card to pay for AFN satellite decoder services Medical Battalion, advised that the community may
was not made at the local level and cannot be changed see some temporary reduction in services due to their
at that level, but said he will continue to research the participation in an exercise on Camp Humphreys
issue. Monday and a planned field exercise between Nov. 15
Ricker then listened to comments regarding the to 21. Taliento asked her to investigate options to ensure
automatic doors at the main store and promised to keep all needed care is available during these times.
working on getting them to work properly. New issues included Command Sgt. Major Kim
Another hold-over issue was the one-way street in Sam-moon, ROKA Staff, saying that there are a number
front of the shoppette on MP Hill. Taliento advised the of lights missing at Freedom Field and Soldier’s Park;
audience that changing it to two-way is unlikely in view and, questions asking how to get the most up-to-date SUSAN BARKLEY
of the continued construction in the area. road information. Harry Parent, director, Directorate Lt. Col. David M. Krause, Area III provost marshal, chats
Other old business was to advise that the indoor of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security, said the with Kevin L. Griess, Area III director of emergency services,
pool at the CAC will hopefully be open by Dec. 1; and information is on the USFK Web site homepage under during the quarterly town hall meeting held at the CAC Oct.
that additional space for religious activities has been the Hot Topics link on the right side of the page. The 17.
22 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly
Oct. 27, 2006
Area III The Morning Calm Weekly

Humphreys Youth Boot Osan 3-0 Charlie Daniels

Courageous Channel
Wows Humphreys
Camp Humphreys
Mandatory noncombatant
evacuation exercises will be held
through Saturday. All non-essential
civilians are required to process
through the NEO stations located at
the CAC, Building 110. Hours of
operation will run continuously until
6 p.m. Monday. Bring all NEO packet
materials. It is not necessary to bring
NEO kits or protective masks. For
information, contact your NEO
warden or Dave Hartsfield, Area III First-time rider Pfc. Ashley Dobbs,
NEO coordinator, at 754-6735. Company A, 527th Military Intelligence
Camps Long and Eagle Battalion, nears the end of her ride on
NEO stations have been set up at the mechanical bull.
Gunfighters, Building 3204, on Camp F. NEIL NEELEY

Eagle and will continue until Osan’s Mark Cain, (left) struggles for control of the ball with Humphreys Blue Devil s‘ Billy
complete. For information, call 754- Bortscheller during a game on Soldiers’ Field Oct 14. Bortscheller scored the final goal in the
6735. last seconds of the game, shutting out Osan 3 - 0 in the YS 13- to 15-year-old’s league.

Return to Spooky
Hollow Community Cleanup builds good neighbors
Camp Humphreys celebrates
Halloween at Spooky Hollow from
5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, at the
Commander’s Community Center
and Zoeckler Station Sports Field,
with community trick-or-treating,
Costume Parade, Haunted Woods,
Unit Booth Decorating Contest and
live music. Activities are open to Charlie Daniels entertains at Freedom Field
children of all U.S. and Korean Oct. 20.
military, civilian employees and
U.S. contractors. Call 754-8257
for information.


Attend the out-brief at 3 p.m. Nov. F. NEIL N EELEY

3 at the Community Activity Camp Humphreys Soldiers join Anjung-ri residents in a community cleanup of the town’s main
Center, to find out what issues shopping street.
have been raised to the command By Susan Barkley third annual community clean-up
and suggestions to resolve the Area III Public Affairs sponsored by Area III and Pyeongtaek
issues. Army Family Action CAMP HUMPHREYS - A small army City.
Program is a major tool to tell the of determined men, women and children About 200 volunteers from the
command what needs to be marched out of the pedestrian gate at installation joined ROK Air Force airmen
changed and how to change it. It’s Camp Humphreys Saturday morning to and local community members and spent
an opportunity to let your voice engage and take down the enemy target. about two hours picking up litter and PHOTOS BY SUSAN BARKLEY
be heard. Attend now to be ready The target was trash and litter in the debris. They met at Nonsong Fortress Six-year-old Lexie Saldana adjusts her
to contribute to next year ’s villages of Anjung-ri, Beongjong-ri and for a barbeque and a chance to enjoy this cowgirl hat at the Charlie Daniels Band
symposium. the CPX gate area. The event was the Good Neighbor Program event. concert..

Free Aerobics
Choose from kick boxing,
yogalates, yoga, step, water
Habitat for Humanity
aerobics, sculpt and cardio sculpt, By Susan Barkley
cardio combo or just ABS. All are Area III Public Affairs
offered free by certified CAMP HUMPHREYS – Soldiers from 2-52
instructors. Call the Camp General Support Aviation Battalion made a trip
Humphreys gym at 753-8810/8811 to Cheonan Saturday to spend the day working
for times, locations and complete with Habitat for Humanity in building a
information. Reconciliation Village that will offer modern
housing to those participating in the program.
Correction Chaplain (Capt.) Jon Wilson,
A photo appearing on the top left Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 2-52
corner of page 23 in the Oct. 20 GSAB, gathered 58 volunteers, including
edition of The Morning Calm Weekly
eight who made the trip from K-16 near
was incorrectly identified. The
Seoul, to spend the day hammering,
correct identity of the weight lifter is
insulating floors, dismantling scaffolding and
Spc. Clinton Sawfford, Headquarters,
Headquarters Company, 602nd whatever else needed to be done.
General Support Aviation Battalion. S USAN BARKLEY “This is a unique opportunity to see tangible
We regret the mistake. Soldiers from 2-52 General Support Aviation Battalion remove scaffolding poles results,” said Capt. Nicholas Meister,
Saturday from one of the Habit for Humanity apartments being built in Cheonan. commander, Company D, 2-52 GSAB.
Oct. 27, 2006
The Morning Calm Weekly Area III http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 23
Boxers fight it out for top honors in 8th Army
By Susan Barkley
Area III Public Affairs
Humphreys gym was the setting for the 8th
U.S. Army Boxing Championships Oct. 19 thru
Saturday. Qualifying rounds were held Oct.
19-20 with the winners advancing to the finals
Entering a boxing ring carries a certain
amount of risk, but Before any puches were
thrown, all participants in the championships
knew going into the ring that they were in good
shape thanks to the boxing screening that
accompanied their weigh-in.
Capt. Panagiotis Mitropoulos, Company C,
168th Medical Battalion, screened each boxer for
neurological defects, significant heart or lung
problems and prior severe head or face injuries.
In addition to weighing each boxer, Sgt. Anthony Marcano (left) and Oscar Zamora duke it out. Zamora PHOTOS BY SUSAN BARKLEY

Robinette Y. Antrum, Co. C, 168th Med. Bn., took won when Referee Pak Tae-pong stopped the contest 17 Benjamin Cardoza (right) and Avery Robinson go at one another.
blood pressure and pulse readings. seconds into the second round. Cardoza won on points.
Once everyone had been cleared to box, In the final action, Garry Beniquez, Battalion 2nd Aviation Regiment, super
participants were paired up and the action got Headquarters, Headquarters Company, Area I heavyweight open; Wilber Thomas, Co. B 6/
under way. Support Activity won over Joshua Foreman, 37th FA, super heavyweight novice; Wilson
Company B, 6/37th Rivera, E Company 4-2 CAB, flyweight;
Field Artillery, when Kristina Carney, 557th Military Police
referee Pak Tae-pong Company, welterweight novice – women’s;
stopped the action 35 and Thomas Carleton, 604th Air Support
seconds into the first Operations Squadron, middleweight
round. Mike Neely won (exhibition match).
on points over Larry For information on future boxing
Jordan, both from competitions, or any sports activities on Camp
HHC 1st Battalion, 2nd Humphreys, contact the Camp Humphreys
Attack Battalion. Gym at 753-8810.
Benjamin Cardoza,
4th Battalion, 2nd
Combat Aviation
And the winners are...
Brigade won on points #1 Garry Beniquezdefeated Joshua
over Avery Robinson, Foreman, with the referee stopped the
4-2 CAB. Oscar contest 35 seconds into the first round
Zamora, 362nd Signal
Company won over #2 Mike Neely won on points over
Anthony Marcano, Larry Jordan
Mike Neely (right) and Larry Jordan mix it up. Neely won on points
Company B, 602nd

Boxing Clinic held at Humphreys Aviation Support #3 Benjamin Cardoza won on

Battalion, when Pak points over Avery Robinson
stopped the contest 17
seconds into the #4 Ricky Diazwas a awarded a
second round. victory over Idris Gant in a Walk Over
Walk-over winners
were Ricky Clay, #5 Oscar Zamora defeated Anthony
293rd Signal Marcano when the referee stopped the
Company, contest 17 seconds into the second
heavyweight open;
Jason Matovich, 2nd

Lyle Aklestad, International Referee/Judge Safety & Equipment Commission, works with
boxing clinic student Ray Nichols, sports director, Suwon Air Base. Also pictured is Charles
H. Rodgers, sports director, camps Long and Eagle .
By Susan Barkley International Referee/Judge Safety
Area III Public Affairs and Equipment Commission, at
CAMP HUMPHREYS – Twenty- Camp Humphreys Oct. 19 thru
three students from across the Saturday.
peninsula completed an Installation Aklestad, a former boxer,
Management Agency-Korea Region referee and coach, is now a master
Office-sponsored Boxing Officials official. He was a referee at the Capt. Panagiotis Mitropoulos, Company C, 168th Medical Battalion, checks 2nd Lt. Kristina A.
Clinic held by Lyle Alkestad, 2000 Olympics. Carney, 557th Military Police Company, during an Oct. 19 weigh-in for the 8th U.S. Army Boxing
Championships held at Camp Humphreys Oct. 19 thru Saturday.
Oct. 27, 2006 Page 25

19th ESC welcomes new leader, farewells McHale

By Sgt. Jimmy Norris
19th ESC Public Affairs
CAMP WALKER – Amid disciplined formations
Mason assumes
and cannon fire, members of the 19th Sustainment
Command (Expeditionary) watched as one commander
replaced another during a change of command
ceremony Oct. 25 at Kelly Field here. 19th ESC Public Affairs
Outgoing 19th ESC Commander, Maj. Gen. Timothy Brig. Gen. Raymond V. Mason’s career spans 27
P. McHale, passed the unit colors to incoming 19th years and includes many key command and staff
ESC Commander, Brig. Gen. Raymond V. Mason, as assignments including: Commander, Company E,
hundreds of Soldiers, visiting dignitaries, civilians and (Rigger), 407th Supply and Services, 82nd Airborne
family members looked on. Division; combat commander, Services Company, 21st
Also featured at the ceremony were the Second Supply Battalion (Australian Army Exchange), Sydney,
Republic of Korea Army’s 300th Artillery Battery, the Australia; commander, 407th Forward Support
8th U.S. Army Band and a visit from U.S. Forces Korea Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division; commander, 25th
Commander, Gen. B.B. Bell. Infantry Division Support Command; and commanding
After two years leading the 19th ESC through the general, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, Defense
turbulent, ongoing process of transformation, McHale Logistics Agency.
leaves for the Pentagon in Washington, where he will Most recently he served as the commanding general,
be the director of the Center of Logistics Readiness. Army Materiel Command (Theater) Southwest Asia
During his tenure as the 19th ESC commander, and director of combined logistics, Operational
McHale oversaw the deactivation of many units, the Sustainment, Coalition Forces Land Component
addition of the Joint Forces Support Component Command, in Kuwait. Mason served as an aide-de-
Command to 19th ESC’s operations and the expansion camp twice, first to the commanding general, 3rd
of 19th ESC’s Good Neighbor Program. Support Command, V Corps, and secondly to the
“We will never forget our time in Korea, nor the many commanding general, Army Material Command.
friends we have made here. I want to thank the Soldiers He served in the 2nd Infantry Division as the support
– both U.S. and Republic of Korea – for accomplishing operations officer in the 702nd Main Support Battalion,
every mission I have set before you,” McHale said. at Camp Casey. He has two tours in the Headquarters,
Mason comes to the 19th ESC from Army Materiel Department of the Army Logistics section; first as the
Command (Theater), Southwest Asia and Operational SGT. JIMMY NORRIS
speechwriter to the Department of the Army Deputy
Sustainment Coalition Forces Land Component Command Incoming 19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)
Chief of Staff of Logistics, and secondly as a special
in Kuwait where he served as the commanding general Commander Brig. Gen. Raymond V. Mason accepts the unit’s
assistant to the Department of the Army Chief of
and director of combined logistics respectively. colors from 8th U.S. Army Commander Lt. Gen. David P. Valcourt
Logistics for Logistics Transformation. He also served
during a change of command ceremony at Camp Walker’s
See Ceremony Page 28 Kelly Field Wednesday. See Mason
Mason, Page 28

Oktoberfest Fun
(left to right) Shelley Robbert, Leticia
Villarosa and Kim Heflin show off the
items they collected while participating in
a treasure hunt game during Morale,
Welfare and Recreation’s Oktoberfest at
Henry’s Place on Camp Henry Oct. 20.
The event featured a German meal and
German beer, and contests such as
potato rolling, limbo, hot dog eating, beer
stein carrying and more. Contest winners
were awarded gift certificates contributed
by MWR. The evening’s grand prize was
a round-trip airline ticket courtesy of the
U.S. Airline Alliance, that was won by
Bruce Keene. MWR’s next big event will
be 8 p.m. Friday when the Hilltop Club on
Camp Walker hosts a Halloween party
with free snacks (while they last), a Best
Costume Contest ($100 prize), “Jell-O
bobbing” for prizes and other events. For
information, call 764-4985/5075. Saturday
at Camp Carroll, the Hideaway Club will
host a Halloween party starting at 8 p.m.
Free snacks, along with a Best Costume
Contest ($100 prize) are planned. For
information, call 765-8574.
Oct. 27, 2006
26 http://ima.korea.army.mil/areaiv/sites/local/ Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly

Appreciation day Creating Kimchee

Veterans Day
Sporting Events
set for retirees
A Veterans Day soccer tournament Area IV Public Affairs
will be Nov. 11 and a basketball Military retirees and their family members
tournament will be Nov.13. The entry from throughout Area IV are invited to the
deadline is Nov. 7 and a coaches Area IV Military Retiree Appreciation Day,
meeting will be 5:30 p.m. Nov. 8 at
at Camp Walker, Nov. 10.
the Kelly Fitness Center on Camp
Dental exams and cleanings will be
Walker. Individual trophies will be
available from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at Bodine
awarded to players on the first and
second place teams. For information, Dental Clinic. Appointments for these
call Kim Chong-hwan or Neil Fleisher services can be made by calling 764-4307/
at 764-4225/4800. 4052. For those in need of additional care,
the clinic has a listing of TRICARE-accepting
Trick-or-Treat Hours dental offices in Daegu.
Trick-or-treating for Halloween will The primary Retiree Appreciation Day
be observed 6–8 p.m. Saturday in the activity will get started around 10 a.m., with
Camp George and Camp Walker the opening of registration, information and
housing areas. X-ray service will be medical booths at Kelly Fitness
provided 7–9 p.m. at Wood Medical Center. Company D, 168th Medical Battalion
Clinic on Camp Walker. personnel will be on hand to test blood
pressure and cholesterol. Information on
NEO Exercise health and overall well-being, cancer
United States Forces Korea will awareness, along with TRICARE and host
conduct Courageous Channel 06-2 nation medical data, will also be available.
through Saturday, to exercise In addition, information tables will be
procedures focused on registration staffed at Kelly Fitness Center until 2 p.m.
and evacuation of Department of
by a variety of organizations including the
Defense affiliated noncombatants
U.S. Department of VeteransAffairs, the U.S.
from Korea to a safe haven. It is
Embassy in Seoul, American Red Cross,
mandatory for all DoD affiliated
noncombatants to participate. The Army Community Service, American
goal is to review 100 percent of all Legion, Area IV Military Retiree Council,
Veterans of Foreign Wars and many others.
NEO packets for accuracy and Cha Soon-ja, chairperson of the Susung Gu Women’s Organizing Committee, calls out
completeness. Area IV processing A free lunch for registered attendees will
instructions to volunteers assisting a group of 17 U.S. Soldiers, civilians and family members
times and Evacuation Control Center be provided from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
from the Daegu enclave in making kimchee at the Suseong Deurangil Food Festival Sunday.
locations are: 11 a.m. today – 6 a.m. For information about the event or to
The group attended as guests of the Susung District Office, which also provided transportation.
Saturday at Kelly Fitness Center on register, contact Steven R. Davis, Area IV
The annual three-day event drew thousands of visitors to watch and participate in a variety of
Camp Walker. There will be no Directorate of Human Resources director,
activities and events including making a world record length 200 meter kimbop.
processing at Taegu American at 768-6922.
School on Camp George or at Camp
Carroll as in the past. For information,
contact your NEO warden or
exercise POCs Maj. Elizabeth
Area IV Personality Spotlight: Yi Ki-hyok
Keough at 765-8563, or Sgt. 1st Class Area IV Public Affairs Brigade – Korea to business concerning aviation instead
Janice Floyd at 765-4147. Name: Yi Ki-hyok (Provisional). of tanks.
Age: 42 What was the How do you feel about moving?
OPMS Briefing Hometown: Daegu, Republic of best part of your As I am moving to another place for
An Officer Personnel Management Korea job? a new job, I realize it will be challenging
System Briefing will be held 3:30 – 5 How long have you worked for the Ensuring for me. But on the other hand I am
p.m. Thursday at the Camp Henry proper cash flow looking forward to learn new
U.S. Army?
Theater. Learn about the steps the
Eighteen Years and funds control knowledge.
Army is taking to broaden officer
How did you get started with the What did you Yi Ki-hyok What is your personal philosophy?
development. Majors and above are
U.S. Army? like best about I find something of value in
encouraged to attend. For
information, contact Capt. Carlos E. In 1989 started as a payroll clerk at working with the 403rd AFSB-K (P)? everything I do and achieve; I look ahead
Rivera at 768-6393, or Capt. Jason Central Accounting Office, 175th I feel that I can achieve success with for what my future holds not behind at
Cavness at 724-3431. Finance Command, Daegu. my objectives. I see a future in being a what’s past.
Duty Position: Senior Budget budget officer or a G8/S8 What is your favorite quote?
Volunteer Luncheon Analyst Editor ’s Note: Yi, who was “Anyone who has never made a
A volunteer luncheon will be held How long have you worked in this recommended for the Area IV mistake has never tried anything new.”
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Nov. 13 at the position? “Personality Spotlight” by Col. William – Albert Einstein
Evergreen Community Club on Camp Nine Years C. Gibson, commander of the 403rd What is your favorite slogan?
Walker. Tickets are available at Army Have you had other jobs with the AFSB-K (P) will begin a new job Children grow with love.
Community Services on Camp Henry U.S. Army? Wednesday in Area III. “Mr. Yi greatly contributed to
and should be picked up by Nov. 7. Yes: Accounts maintenance clerk, New Unit: Theater Aviation Single successful management execution of the
For information, call Bonnie accounting technician and budget Management - Korea financial management and accounting.
McCarthy at 768-8126. analyst New Duty Station: Camp Mr. Yi always presented himself with a
Unit: 403rd Army Field Support Humphreys can-do attitude and was always willing
Participants Needed Brigade – Korea (Provisional) , Resource New Duty Position: Senior Budget to work the extra hours and fluctuating
The Area IV Equal Opportunity Management Division Analyst times to get his missions accomplished,”
Office is soliciting assistance for the
What was the best thing about Why are you moving? said Margaret Sampson, budget officer,
upcoming Native American Indian
your unit? After five years of working here at 403rd AFSB-K (P). “In a year plagued
Heritage Month Observance Nov.
It allows and encourages growth the Army Field Support Brigade-Korea, by financial constraints and an extreme
22. Anyone with ideas or would like
to participate, should contact Sgt. through schools and on the job training. I wanted to experience new things. difficult funding climate, Mr. Yi’s abilities
1st Class Adam Morrison at 010- Describe your job: What will you be doing? to overcome these obstacles allowed for
8671-4788. I plan, program, budget, and execut Almost the same duty as I am doing maximum mission accomplishment by
funds for the 403rd Army Field Support right now. Except that it will be related the entire organization.”
The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV Oct. 27, 2006
http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 27
RC vehicle show set for Camp Walker East Meets South
By Steven Hoover said. “Jack Cannon, a member of Boy
Area IV Public Affairs Scout Troop 81, is doing most of the
CAMP HENRY – A Remote- planning, logistics and coordination for this
Controlled Air and Ground Show, event. He is using this as a service project
featuring airplanes, helicopters, cars and so he can attain the rank of Star Scout.”
trucks, is scheduled from noon – 5 p.m. Carter said Troop 81 has officially
Sunday at the H-805 Heliport at Camp invited their Korean Boys and Girl Scout
Walker. counterparts, along with the Korean and
American and Korean operators of American Partnership Association, but
RC vehicles will demonstrate a variety the event is open to all remote-controlled
of stunts and techniques, according to vehicle enthusiasts.
Master Sgt. Norman Carter, 19th Troop 81 will be selling refreshments
Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) to help raise money for their upcoming
chief food management NCO, and camping trips.
remote-controlled vehicle enthusiast. An air strip, large enough to
After about 80 people showed up at accommodate both gas-powered and
the last event, Aug. 13, Carter began electric planes, and a road race track
helping with the preparations for this for cars and trucks will be available.
one. Anyone with a remote controlled
“Since the last event, the Boy Scouts vehicle wishing to participate, or who
have shown a tremendous amount of would like information, should contact
interest in working with the vehicles,” he Carter at 768-8509 or 011-9351-8014.

Essay contest deadline rapidly approaching

An essay contest, sponsored by the Korean Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army
Corporate Members of the Association of the Soldiers. Entry deadline is Tuesday, with
U.S. Army, about “Life In Korea,” could net the winners to be announced Nov. 24 and GALEN PUTNAM

winner a grand prize of 1 million won. awards to be presented Dec. 8. Kim Jin-yeong, an Area IV Support Activity Public Affairs Office intern from Kyungpook
The essay must be based on the A brief resume, with full name, phone National University in Daegu, meets with country music legend Charlie Daniels prior to
author’s personal experiences in Korea and number, unit and mailing address of the his show Oct. 18 at Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Walker. “I can’t carry a gun, but I
must be between 1,000 and 2,000 words, author must be included with the essay. can carry a fiddle and a guitar,” said Daniels who was kicking-off his fourth tour of the
typed double-spaced in MS Word. For information, call Anthony Cuccia peninsula. “This is my way of serving those who serve our country. I have incredible
The contest is open to all U.S. at 724-3178. Essays may be e-mailed to respect for and a high opinion of our military. It is an honor for me to meet with all the
servicemembers, their family members and cucciaa@korea.army.mil. fine people who make up our military.”

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Oct. 27, 2006
28 http://ima.korea.army.mil/areaiv/sites/local/ Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly

Ceremony from Page 25 Mason from Page 25

In addition to his experience with both Army and truly humbled about being given this rare privilege of on the Joint Staff as the deputy director for
combined/joint logistics, Mason is no stranger to Korea, leading and caring for America’s Soldiers and their the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Logistics.
having once served as the support operations officer families here on freedom’s frontier in the land of the Mason completed his undergraduate
for the 702nd Main Support Battalion at Camp Casey. morning calm,” Mason said. “We feel equally blessed studies at James Madison University as a
Mason expressed optimism about his new to become part of the Daegu family. We eagerly look distinguished military graduate with a bachelor
assignment. forward to establishing friendships with the people of of arts degree in business marketing and
“I look forward to building on the superb reputation this marvelous city.” management, and was commissioned a second
that Maj. Gen. McHale and Team 19 have established Mason comes to the 19th ESC with his wife, the lieutenant in the Quartermaster Corps,
as a world-class team of supporters. Patti and I are former Patti Kay Harris. December 1978.
He is a graduate of the Quartermaster
Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, the
Command and General Staff College and the
Industrial College of the Armed Forces.
He received a master of science degree in
procurement/contract management from the
Florida Institute of Technology and a master
of science degree in national resource strategy
from the National Defense University.
Mason’s awards and decorations include
the Defense Superior Service Medal (with Oak
Leaf Cluster), Legion of Merit (with Oak Leaf
Cluster), Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious
Service Medal (with five Oak Leaf Clusters),
Army Commendation Medal (with three Oak
Leaf Clusters), Army Achievement Medal
(with Oak Leaf Cluster), Master Parachutist
Badge, Parachutist Rigger Badge, Australian
Jump Wings, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Identification Badge and the Army Staff
Identification Badge.
He is married to the former Patti Kay
Harris of Williamsburg, Va. They have two
children, Nick, a professional golfer who lives
SGT. JIMMY NORRIS in Denver, and Sarah, a junior at Virginia Tech
The ceremonial color guard advances to the front of the formation as part of the 19th Sustainment Command University in Blacksburg, Va.
(Expeditionary) change of command ceremony Wednesday at Camp Walker’s Kelly Field.

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The Morning Calm Weekly
Oct. 27, 2006
http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly 29
Oct. 27, 2006
30 http://ima.korea.army.mil/morningcalmweekly Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly

Learn Korean Easily

The Phrase of the Week :

“What time do we arrive at

Busane onje dochakamnikka?

at Busan when do we arrive

this year ‘gumnyon’

last year ‘jangnyon’

next year ‘naenyon’

Situation of the Week : Traveling

Can I change to first class?
Eeldungsharo bakkwo tal su
Where are we now?
Yogiga odimnikka?

Is this seat free?
Ee jari biossumnikka?

I think that’s my seat.

Gogiga je jarin got kassumnida.
Where’s the dining car?
: Shikdangchaga odie issumnikka?

Where’s the telephone?

Multiple road Jonhwaga odie issumnikka?

construction Korean Expression of the W eek

„ projects set to One must look upon
begin at Yongsan gold as stone
Garrison Hwangguem bogireul
Resist temptation.

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