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The gateway to the global sourcing of IT and BPO services


Global Service
Best Performers in: IT services, infrastructure services, outsourced product development
(OPD), BPO, FAO, HRO, contact center, Asia (excluding India), Eastern Europe, Latin
America and Human Capital Development

Special Report
The gateway to the global sourcing of IT and BPO services

Special Report

The Global

a Downturn
By Ed Nair, Global Services and Sumeet Salwan, neoIT

Best Performing IT Best Performing HRO Leader, Latin America

Service Provider
14 Services Provider
18 22
Tata Consultancy Convergys
Services (TCS)
S. Ramadorai, CEO David F. Dougherty, CEO Claudio Muruzabal, CEO

Best Performing Best Performing Leader, Human

15 Contact Center
19 Capital Development
Services Provider
Sitel Worldwide HCL
Affiliated Computer Technologies
Lynn Blodgett, CEO David Garner, CEO Vineet Nayar, CEO

Best Performing Leader, Asian

Outsourced Product
16 20
Development (ODP) Neusoft

Symphony Services
Gordon Brooks, CEO Dr. Jiren Liu, CEO
Editor’s Note......................................................................3

The 2009 Global Services 100 Companies.............. 12

Best Performing BPO & Leader, Eastern
FAO Service Provider
17 Europe
The 2008 Global Services 100 Companies..............24
Genpact Luxoft
The 2007 Global Services 100 Companies............. 26

Pramod Bhasin, CEO Dmitry Loschinin, CEO The 2006 Global Services 100 Companies............. 28

2009-GlobalServices 100 2 www.globalservicesmedia.com


The 2009 Global

Services 100

hat many of the turbulent events in global economy unfold-
ed in 2008 made this year’s Global Services 100 survey an
interesting exercise. The year 2008 was not particularly bad
for the global services industry, an industry that experiences
a lagging economic impact because of the long decision-making cycles.
The industry did exhibit enormous latency for a good part of the year. It
was only toward the end of the year that deal flows actually slowed.
Service providers started tightening up on costs after the first quar-
ter but planned investments continued. By the third quarter, companies
started to “conserve” resources even as the inclement economic weather
posed many challenges like credit crunch, volatility, currency crisis and
such. We could see many of these aspects in a very manifest manner dur-
ing the survey. Through the year, our various interactions with the service
provider community gave us a very good sense of the challenges faced and
how individual companies responded.
During a period of economic boom, such a survey as the Global Servic-
es 100, looks at how well the companies took advantage of the tailwinds.
During a period of economic slowdown, the survey looks at how well the
company met the headwinds. So, who won?
Companies such as TCS, Symphony, and ACS in IT services; Genpact,
Sitel, Convergys in BPO; Luxoft, Neoris and Neusoft in emerging geogra-
phies; and HCL in human capital development made the charts. It does
not mean that the others achieved any less. In fact, there are numerous
pockets of excellence in the global services industry that is beyond the
scope of such a macro industry survey. Most of the categories we had this
year was hotly contested and deciding the winner was a challenge.
Global Services and neoIT would like to thank all the companies who
opted to participate in this year’s survey. And congratulations once again ED NAIR
to all the companies who made it to the 2009 Global Services 100 and Top
10 across the eleven categories. GS ed@cybermedia.co.in

www.globalservicesmedia.com 3 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

The Global
Services 100 Th


a Down

2009-GlobalServices 100 4 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

he celebration

oes on with


Global Service
st Performers in: IT services, infrastructure services,
sourced product development (OPD), BPO, FAO,
O, contact center, Asia (excluding India), Eastern
rope, Latin America and Human Capital Development

www.globalservicesmedia.com 5 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

2008 was an unusual year. Business concerns such as recession and currency
fluctuation became the highlights of the last two quarters. Hence, sourcing
activities slowed down; consolidations happened in unexpected ways; leading
providers posted losses like never before. In all, the outsourcing world took a
new shape. Many such trends are tapped in 2009 Global Services 100 survey
conducted by Global Services in conjunction with neoIT, an advisory firm. A
look at the survey findings

By Ed Nair, Global Services, and Sumeet Salwan, neoIT

The Global Influence and Spread Global Services 100

U.S. and India lead the distribution of the Global Ser- Distribution (%)
vices 100 companies in terms of where they are headquar-
tered: 44 companies in the U.S. and 31 in India, account-
Western Europe 2
ing for three-fourths of the list. But a closer look reveals 4 Eastern Europe
that amongst companies headquartered in the U.S., many
of them owe their heritage to either India, Eastern Eu-
rope, China or Latin America in that they have strong de- India 31
44 U.S.
livery capabilities in these respective locations. That is,
the spread of emerging global services companies is not
polarized toward the U.S. — though India leads the num-
bers, the other regions or countries have a fair share that Asia (excluding India) 14
5 Latin America
is increasing.
In terms of customer locations, of all the companies
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study
in the Global Services 100 survey, the U.S. definitely
leads with 95 percent of the companies having a U.S. 84 percent of the companies have customers. The nar-
customer, closely followed by Western Europe where row gap between the U.S. and Western Europe signifies

Corporate Customer Locations (%)

Africa 18

Australia 42

Canada 54

China 27

India 52

Japan 36

Western Europe/UK 84

Eastern Europe 32

South America/Mexico 29

United States 95

Middle East 8

APAC (Other than India & China) 18

Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study

2009-GlobalServices 100 6 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

the geo-led diversification strategies of companies, and Global Services 100 Providers’ Reach (%)
the opening up of Western Europe to global sourcing.
16 Australia
An interesting finding here is that India and China with
52 and 27 percent respectively point toward the po-
tential and uptake for IT services and BPO in domes- 26 China
tic markets, again borne out of the need to diversify
56 India
away from locations like the U.S. and Europe. For one,
the domestic markets in these countries are maturing 3 Indonesia

but an even stronger and tactical reason is that these 10 Japan

markets protect the companies from dollar-related cur-

rency fluctuations. 12 Malaysia

In terms of presence of full-time employees engaged 17 Philippines

in service delivery, the Global Services 100 participants
22 Singapore
reveal the most impressive story. The companies have
presence across 31 countries in the world covering all the 3 Sri Lanka
regions. This factor makes the Global Services 100 com-
3 Vietnam
panies truly global in terms of their reach and capability
to deliver.
A healthy spread of delivery locations in Latin America, 3 Belarus
Eastern Europe and Asia suggests a geographically distrib-
3 Bulgaria
uted delivery model adopted by the 2009 Global Services
100 companies. 5 Czech Republic

6 Hungary
Eastern Europe

Service-mix and Client-mix

Within IT services, application development and main- 7 Poland

tenance and package implementation are the the two 5 Romania

service lines that have a service provider concentration.
9 Russia
Infrastructure management under the managed services
model is seen to be a growth area with many vendors 3 Slovakia
now doing it from remote locations albeit most of them
6 Ukraine
concentrating on one or two of the pieces of the solu-
tion like IT helpdesk or network management. The large
IT-services firms straddle across all the service areas but 2 Egypt

many of the Global Services 100 providers pursue finer

6 South Africa
niches like Outsourced Product Development (OPD) and
engineering services.
North America

BPO activity related to customer care, which includes 66 U.S.

voice-based customer-support services continues to lead
24 Canada
the BPO area. But financial process related work (which
includes mere accounting support to management and
optimization of financial functions) is rapidly evolving as 12 Argentina
a service offering.
11 Brazil
Industry-specific BPO and knowledge processing con-
Latin America

tinue to evolve as strong niches that the Global Services 10 Chile

100 companies are pursuing.
3 Costa Rica
Large customers continue to be the mainstay of the
Global Services 100 companies, and this trend contin- 16 Mexico
ues undisturbed since the last three years. In fact, in
some cases, the trend has intensified. Seventy one per-
21 Germany
cent of the companies in 2008 had more than 50 per-
Western Europe

cent of their revenues coming in from large customers 3 Northern Ireland

compared to 67 percent in 2006. Fifty three percent
36 U.K.
companies had between 10 to 30 percent of business
8 Ireland
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study

www.globalservicesmedia.com 7 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

% of IT services offered by providers

ADM (93) 61

Package implementation (61) 40

Engg. Services (46) 22

OPD (40) 26

Infra (53) 35

Other IT (43) 28
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study

% of BPO service offered by providers

F&A 30

HR 20

Customer care 35

Procurement 16

Research 26

Others 21
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study

Providers’ critical business concerns (%)

Ability to scale operations 37

Attrition (turnover) rates 40

Taxes or tariff law changes in provider's home country 14

Disaster recovery/business continuity 12

Salary appreciation 38

Currency fluctuation 68

Political instability 14

Finding workers with requisite language skills 31

Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study

M&As in the last 12 months (%)

We acquired a service provider 30

We merged with a service provider 4

We acquired a consulting firm 11

We were acquired by a service provider, private equity or consulting firm 1

We received an investment by a private equity or venture capital firm 12

We spun off a new company 10

We launched an initial public offering (went public) ~0

Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study

2009-GlobalServices 100 8 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

Revenue from small, mid and large customers (%) Customers seeking bundled IT and BPO
services (%)
2008 69 31 11 8 3
2007 71 31 9 11 4 Does not
apply to us
2006 59 34 11 10 5 Yes, more than
12 the last year

Mid No

2008 29 53 19 16 1 32
Yes, same as
2007 48 the last year
33 24 12 1

2006 35 48 19 14
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study

2008 14 19 16 41 30

2007 18 16 12 46 27

2006 21 16 13 39 28

0 to 10 10 to 30 30 to 50 50 to 80 80 to 100

Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study

coming in from mid-size companies, a slight rise seen come, attributes the loss to $51.4 million forex loss.
in the last three years. Small companies still are not In the cases of some companies, the foreign exchange
amenable to global outsourcing services as evidenced hedges have gone wrong.
by more than two-thirds of the companies getting less Low valuations have driven the M&A trend in the
than 10 percent of their revenues from small compa- industry during the year 2008. Large acquisitions like
nies. the $505 million TCS-Citi deal (in Oct. ’08), the $127
million Wipro-CTS deal (in Dec. ’08), the $800 million
Supply-side Dynamics HCL-Axon acquisition deal (in Sept. ’08), the $400 mil-
More than two-thirds of the service providers cite lion Capgemini-Getronics deal, and finally, the HP-EDS
currency fluctuations as their major area of concern merger happened in H2 ’08 across the globe.
during the year. Understandably, this is so because the While it may be premature to call that the trend of
dollar had appreciated against most other currencies bundled IT and BPO services went mainstream this year,
during the year which adversely affects the cost struc- there was lot of action for sure. Nearly two-thirds of the
ture of many non-U.S. companies. Currency fluctua- companies surveyed in Global Services 100 reported
tions have been severe enough to adversely affect the fi- that customers were increasingly seeking bundled IT
nancial statements of companies. For instance, Infosys, and BPO services. Strictly speaking, the trend covers a
one of the IT and BPO services leaders, posted a forex gamut of possibilities ranging from customers seeking
loss of $41 million due to heading at mark-to-market the same service providers for IT and BPO services to an
value rate when the rupee depreciated to Rs 48.71. advanced integrated IT and operations scenario. Other
That is the reason that the company has brought down variations of this trend like platform BPO has also been
its hedging amount in the forex market to $576 mil- gaining strength, especially driven by BPO arms of IT-
lion to minimize the risk of currency rate fluctuation in services companies like Infosys BPO. GS
H1 ’09. In fact, another major Indian service provider, With additional input from Govind Maheshwari, neoIT
TCS, which reported 18 percent decrease in net in- and Namita Goel, Global Services.

www.globalservicesmedia.com 9 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

GS 100 Methodology

undreds of global IT and BPO service rate each question. For each category, dif-
providers were invited to participate ferent weights were assigned to bring out
in this year’s Global Services 100 specific supplier strengths and capabili-
survey. As was expected, the response this ties relevant to the category. The scoring
year again was overwhelming. Service pro- scheme was designed by a panel comprising
viders from 19 countries, with delivery cen- of Global Services
ters across 31 countries, comprised the list and neoIT team.
of participants. Care was taken
Functionally, these providers cover a to ensure that
range of services across IT services includ- all service provid-
ing IT application services, infrastructure ers (global, niche or
services, product development and BPO regional) were given a level
services including finance playing field. For a revenue based
and accounting, human question, for example, if the scor-
resource management ing scheme gave weight to higher
and contact centers. revenue, small or niche companies
The top 100 list and the pared this disadvantage by scoring
ranks in the 10 categories are high on better growth rates.
based on a scientific methodol- At each stage, Global Services
ogy which we have consistently im- and neoIT experts validated the data re-
proved upon over the last few years. ceived. During this exercise, we found that
Broadly, we evaluated responses on four pa- some companies that would otherwise have
rameters: gotten a high ranking did not make it to the
• Size (revenue, employee strength, global category lists because they had sent incom-
delivery capability, and such) plete information. Capgemini, for example,
• Customers (customer base, client refer is one company that would have certainly
ences and case studies, average contract qualified in the “Top 10 IT Services” provid-
size, and such) ers list, but did not only because their survey
• Skills (depth and breadth of offerings, de- response was incomplete. We would like to
livery capability, quality initiatives, indus- highlight that companies such as Accenture,
try verticals covered, and such) Cognizant and IBM do not figure in the top
• Employee Factors (attrition, training initia- 100 list because they did not participate in
tives, investment in employee retention, this year’s survey. Finally, Satyam has been
and such) excluded from this year’s list, as a result of
A weighted scoring scheme was used to the recent accounting fraud. GS

2009-GlobalServices 100 10 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report


2009 for 2009

Global Services 100


Global Services offers an opportunity to
all 2009 Global Services 100 companies
to highlight their key offerings in a special
showcase. The Showcase will provide a
platform to the enlisted companies to
exhibit their excellence in the way they run
operations, address client needs, manage
client relationships and human capital.

SHOWCASE Partnership Options

n Category Sponsorship
n New Entarants Showcase
n Winners Arcade
n Exclusive Communication Campaign
n Custom Program

For more details, contact

Satish Gupta


www.globalservicesmedia.com 11
2009-GlobalServices 100
Special Report

The 2009 Global Services 100 Companies

Company CEO URL

24/7 Customer P. V. Kannan www.247customer.com

Achievo Robert P. Lee www.achievo.com
Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) Lynn Blodgett www.acs-inc.com
Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Deepak J. Patel www.minacs.adityabirla.com
AppLabs Makarand Teje www.applabs.com
Aricent Sudip Nandy www.aricent.com
Beyondsoft Group Ben Wang www.beyondsoft.com
Birlasoft J. Ramachandran www.birlasoft.com
BlueAlly Vijay Tanamala www.blueally.com
Cambridge Solutions Christopher Sinclair www.cambridgeworldwide.com
Capgemini Paul Hermelin www.capgemini.com
CGI Group Michael E. Roach www.cgi.com
Collabera Hiten Patel www.collabera.com
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Michael W. Laphen www.csc.com
Convergys David F. Dougherty www.convergys.com
Corbus Rajesh K. Soin www.corbus.com
Cybage Software Arun Nathani www.cybage.com
e4e Somshankar Das www.e4e.com
EA Consulting Chin King Wong www.ea-inc.com
EPAM Systems Arkadiy Dobkin www.epam.com
ePerformax Contact Centers & BPO Teresa Hartsaw www.eperformax.com
Etech Matt Rocco www.etechinc.com
eTelecare Global Solutions John Harris www.etelecare.com
Exigen Services Alec Miloslavsky www.exigenservices.com
Exl Service Rohit Kapoor www.exlservice.com
Firstsource Ananda Mukerji www.firstsource.com
Genpact Pramod Bhasin www.genpact.com
Globerian Naveen Trehan www.globerian.com
GlobalLogic Peter Harrison www.globallogic.com
Grupo ASSA Roberto Wagmaister www.grupoassa.com
HCL Technologies Vineet Nayar www.hcltech.com
Headstrong Arjun Malhotra www.headstrong.com
HeroITES David Turner www.heroites.com
Hexaware Technologies P. Chandrasekar www.hexaware.com
Hildebrando Diego Zavala www.hildebrando.com
hiSoft Technology International Loh Tiakkoon www.hisoft.com
HOV Services Suresh Yannamani www.hovservices.com
HTC Global Services Madhava Reddy www.htcinc.com
Hinduja TMT Global Solutions Partha De Sarkar www.htmtglobal.com
IBA Group Sergei Levteev www.iba-it-group.com
ICT Group John J. Brennan www.ictgroup.com
iGATE Phaneesh Murthy www.igate.com
Indecomm Global Services Naresh Ponnapa www.indecommglobal.com
Infogain Kapil Nanda www.infogain.com
Infosys Technologies S. Gopalakrishnan www.infosys.com
Innodata Isogen Jack S. Abuhoff www.innodata-isogen.com
Insigma Technology Shi Lie www.insigma.com.cn
Intelenet Global Services Susir Kumar www.intelenetglobal.com
InterGlobe Technologies Vipul Doshi www.igt.in
Intetics Boris Kontsevoi www.intetics.com

2009-GlobalServices 100 12 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

Company CEO URL

ITC Infotech India Sanjiv Puri www.itcinfotech.com

Itransition Group Sergey Gvardeitsev www.itransition.com
Kompakar Dr. Ir. Ahmad Fikri Hussein www.kompakar.com
KPIT Cummins Infosystems Kishor Patil www.kpitcummins.com
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Sudip Banerjee www.lntinfotech.com
Lionbridge Technologies Rory Cowan www.lionbridge.com
Luxoft Dmitry Loschinin www.luxoft.com
Mascon Global Sandy Chandra www.mgl.com
Mastek Sudhakar Ram www.mastek.com
Mera Networks Dmitry Ponomarev www.meranetworks.com
Microland Pradeep Kar www.microland.com
Mindteck Pankaj Agarwal www.mindteck.com
MindTree Consulting Ashok Soota www.mindtree.com
MphasiS Jeya Kumar www.MphasiS.com
NCO Group Michael Barrist www.ncogroup.com
Neilsoft Ketan Bakshi www.neilsoft.com
Neoris Claudio Muruzábal www.neoris.com
Ness Technologies Sachi Gerlitz www.ness.com
Neusoft Dr. Jiren Liu www.neusoft.com
NIIT Technologies Arvind Thakur www.niit-tech.com
Ocwen Financial William C. Erbey www.ocwen.com
Outsource Partners International (OPI) Clarence T. Schmitz www.opiglobal.com
Patni Computer Systems Narendra K. Patni www.patni.com
Polaris Software Lab Arun Jain www.polaris.co.in
Politec Global IT Services Helio Oliveira www.politec.com
QuEST Ajit A. Prabhu www.quest-global.com
Quintec Soluciones Cristábal Vergara www.quintec.cl
RCG Information Technology Robert Simplot www.rcgit.com
Reksoft Alexander Egorov www.reksoft.com
SafeSoft International Brian You www.safesoftinc.com
Scicom Leo Ariyanayakam www.scicom-intl.com
Sitel David Garner www.sitel.com
SONDA Raúl Véjar Olea www.sonda.com
SPi Technologies Peter Maquera www.spi-bpo.com
Stream Global Services R. Scott Murray www.stream.com
Sutherland Global Services Dilip R. Vellodi www.suth.com
Symphony BPO Solutions Jack Cantillon www.symphony.com.my
Symphony Services Gordon Brooks www.symphonysv.com
Synapsis Leonardo Covalschi www.synapsis-it.com
Syntel Bharat Desai www.syntelinc.com
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) S. Ramadorai www.tcs.com
Teledirect Laurent Junique www.teledirect.com.sg
TELUS International Jeff Pruitt www.TELUSInternational.com
Unisys J. Edward Coleman www.unisys.com
UST Global Sajan Pillai www.ust-global.com
VanceInfo Technologies Chris Chen www.vanceinfo.com
vCustomer Sanjay Kumar www.vcustomer.com
Virtusa Kris Canekeratne www.virtusa.com
Wipro Technologies Suresh Vaswani and Girish Paranjpe www.wipro.com
WNS Global Services Neeraj Bhargava www.wns.com

Note: Some companies such as IBM, Accenture, Cognizant and Softtek amongst others did not respond to the survey because they could not reveal the extent of
information required by us in the survey. Hence, they don’t feature in this list. Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study
The list has been arranged in alphabetical order.

www.globalservicesmedia.com 13 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

Best Performing IT Service Provider

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

By Namita Goel
Top 10 Service Providers:
In a challenging market, TCS remained focused on execution discipline
IT Services
and kept pricing stable and therefore, managed to grow profitably along
1. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) with margin improvement,” said N. Chandrasekaran, Chief Operating
2. Infosys Technologies Officer at the announcement of Q3 results. The company suffered from
3. HCL Technologies a fall in dollar denominated revenues but experienced growth in absolute terms
4. Computer Sciences Corporation along with significant improvement in performance metrics.
(CSC) “We have added over 30,400 people in the first nine months which is in line
5. L&T Infotech with our hiring plans for the financial year. Our retention rates for both IT ser-
6. Wipro Technologies vices and BPO have shown significant improvement in the current quarter. We
7. EPAM Systems continue to focus on improving utilization rates and employee productivity,” said
8. Patni Computer Systems Ajoy Mukherjee, Vice President and Head, Global Human Resources, TCS.
9. Neusoft In terms of markets, North America appeared to be stabilizing for TCS while
10. Collabera its European business grew despite sluggish market. Despite weak economic out-
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study look, Latin America registered very strong demand, from both local companies
and multinationals seeking GNDM capability while Asia Pacific and Middle East
S T A T S remained volatile.
The year saw TCS cut many large deals in the face of the weakening economy.
CEO: S. Ramadorai
The company signed 35 other large deals and adding around 92 new clients in
Skill set (top 3): Application mainte- its existing list.
nance and development, infrastructure In April 2008, S. Ramadorai, CEO of TCS had revealed that they are investing
services, engineering services in developing infrastructure in 11 different Indian cities adding almost 30,000
Verticals (top 3 by revenue): Aviation, seats for the year 2009. However, taking an update on those plans after the mis-
automotive, BFSI, telecom, healthcare, haps that happened later in the year, “We are likely to experience delays in ramp
transportation ups as well as in the decision-making and all our focus on building for the future
would be around building efficiencies and looking at the future and investing for
Customers: Ducati, Merrill, Qantas, Min-
the future on people and some of the assets which we create,” said Ramadorai in
istry of External Affairs (India)
January this year.
Delivery centers (top 5): India, China, Application Development and Maintenance continues to contribute sig-
U.K., Morocco, Latin America nificantly to the chunk of TCS’ revenue (approximately 49 percent of rev-
Employees: 111,407 enues). Moreover, the company is looking toward strengthening its infra-
structure and OPD capabilities, which contribute 20 percent in terms of
Revenue (est. 2008): $5,600 million
revenue growth.
Year founded: 1968 The companies attrition rate has fallen
Website: www.tcs.com
down to a great extent and the company
Source: Global Services attributes this to its expertise in talent man-
agement and retention. Maintaining its
steady growth, TCS is hopeful that the things
will change in second half of 2009. “It has
North America been a tough environment but TCS has a
very healthy deal pipeline and we need to
appeared to be ensure closure of these deals,” states Chan-
stabilizing for TCS drasekaran. Adding to this, “When we come
while its European to 2009 and what we see ahead, we are con-
fident about the growth prospects based on
business grew despite momentum and the capacity and capability
sluggish market building, but we will continue to be watchful
S. Ramadorai, CEO about the external environment especially in
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
the U.S.,” concludes Ramadorai. GS

2009-GlobalServices 100 14 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

Best Performing Infrastructure Services Provider

Affiliated Computer Services

By pratibha verma
Top 10 Service Providers:
CS strengthened its IT Outsourcing (ITO) presence globally by pro-
viding infrastructure services like network services, storage, desk
IT Infrastructure
operations, midrange, security, mainframe and desktop support. 1 Affiliated Computer Services (ACS)
Employing around 70,000 people all over the world, this company 2 HCL Technologies
earned the revenue of $6.4 billion in 2008 wherein ITO represents approximately 3 Wipro Technologies
25 percent of ACS’ revenue. ACS also sees significant opportunity in Europe. In 4 Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
2008, ACS expanded its ITO business into Europe, acquiring companies in the 5 Unisys
U.K. and in Germany to enhance its global capabilities. 6 Infosys Technologies
Having seen no impact of global slowdown, its President and CEO Lynn 7 Patni Computer Systems
Blodgett says, “ACS has a recession resistant model that performed well again 8 CGI Group
this year. We delivered strong performance in revenue, earnings, cash flow and 9 MphasiS
bookings. We are proactively managing the business to take advantage of oppor- 10 Microland
tunities in this market and undertaking several initiatives to increase resiliency of
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study
our business.”
New business signings for the fiscal year-to-date period were an estimated
$1.6 billion of total contract value, which was 20 percent increase over the prior S T A T S
comparable period. From a service-line perspective, ITO generated 14 percent of
CEO: Lynn Blodgett
new business signings. Company’s new business signings for the fiscal year-to-
date period were $405 million of annual recurring revenue. Skill set (top 3): Back-office processing,
Citing Ingersoll Rand’s 10-year renewal deal as unusual, ACS is confident human resources, infrastructure hosting
about its Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services and hopes to get Verticals: Communication Providers,
more contracts in near future. Other recent renewals were Ingram Micro and The Financial Services Organization, Health-
Queen’s Health System. care, Higher Education Institutions,
Insurance Companies, Manufacturers,
Believing that there is clearly an opportunity in the current economy to re-
Retailers, Transportation: Shipping & Lo-
duce costs in outsourcing space, the company offers multiple innovative solu-
gistics, Travel Providers, Administration
tions to help customers reduce IT budgets, such as virtualizing customers’ server
and Finance, Environment Federal (U.S.),
environments or consolidating their data centers into pooled environments. Healthcare, Human Services, Public
The company recognizes that incremental RIM or just moving workloads to Safety & Justice, Transportation
low-cost labor locations has reached the point of diminishing returns and mini-
Customers: The Queen’s Health System,
mal differentiation. For many years ACS has been investing in automation and the
Ingram Micro, Ingersoll Rand, Nike
reduction or elimination of human interaction within the RIM environment.
Delivery centers (top 5): U.S., India,
“In addition to speeding resolution, an automated RIM environment identifies
Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Jamaica
the types of incidents that occur so that they
can be addressed proactively by eliminating Employees: 70,000+
the incident altogether. Using quality assur- Revenues (est. 2008): $6,400 million
ance tools, like a Pareto chart our engineers Year founded: 1988
easily see the most common incidents for a
Website: www.acs-inc.com
customer and research the root cause. For Source: Global Services
example, if a particular client is continually
experiencing backup issues, the problem
may be inadequate C drive space — some-
thing that could be remedied by a server re- In 2008, ACS expanded
configuration. Instead of spending time writ-
its ITO business into
ing tickets, skilled personnel now can focus
efforts on continued automation and rem- Europe, acquiring
edying points of pain,” says ACS Technology companies in the U.K.
Lynn Blodgett, CEO, Innovation for the IT Outsourcing Business
Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) and in Germany
Vice President Nagesh Kunamneni. GS

www.globalservicesmedia.com 15 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

Best Performing Outsourced Product Development Company

Symphony Services

By pratibha verma
Top 10 Service Providers: OPD t was Symphony Services’ positive and multi-disciplinary approach to boost
R&D performance and incorporate innovation across the product and ser-
1 Symphony Services vice development lifecycle, which not only helped it expand its abilities in
2 EPAM Systems the garb of recession, but also earned it this year’s best OPD player award
3 Luxoft by Global Services and neoIT.
4 Ness Technologies Citing downturn as the ideal time for investment rather than retrenchment,
5 HCL Technologies President and CEO, Symphony Services Gordon Brooks says, “In a downturn,
6 GlobalLogic funds are limited, so if a company is trying to expand its capabilities to bring
7 Exigen Services new products to market and improve quality, the company would be able to do it
8 L&T Infotech more efficiently rather than simply throwing more money at the problem.”
9 MindTree Symphony Services provides end-to-end R&D outsourcing capabilities from
10 Mera Networks testing and Q&A to product-line management to support and remote infrastruc-
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study ture management. It delivers over 1,000 releases per year.
With 37 new customers so far in 2008 and 41 percent year-over-year revenue
growth, Symphony Services claims that it is building for its future. Symphony is
S T A T S introducing new services like application-management services which would en-
able ISVs to offer hosted and managed services options to its customers.
CEO: Gordon Brooks
The company is planning a move into the design of physical products, leverag-
Skill set (top 3): outsourced product ing CAD/CAM, electrical and mechanical design, and fluid mechanics. “These de-
development, application testing, process
velopments contribute to excitement for 2009, which we anticipate will be another
breakthrough year despite the downturn in the global economy,” adds Brooks.
Verticals: ISVs, Storage & Informa- With 4,000 employees in India, U.S. and Beijing, the company is optimistic
tion Lifecycle Management, Systems about strong growth in 2009. “There’s no doubt that 2009 will be a challenging
Management, Telecom, Embedded, Medi-
year for everyone. Nobody harbors expectations of more than 40 percent growth
cal Devices, e-Commerce, Information
this year. But we do expect strong growth nonetheless. In the dialogue we see
Service Providers, Travel
that many of our customers may take more aggressive stances with their offshor-
Customers: Oracle, Attachmate/NetIQ, ing and outsourcing initiatives to reduce net R&D spend while maintaining, and
Lawson, Misys, Iron Mountain, NetApp,
perhaps increasing, market momentum,” he says.
Motorola, Avaya, IRI, Concur
Having been not directly involved in the ITO market, Symphony’s average
Delivery centers : India, U.S., Beijing contract value for ITO fell significantly. “We believe the majority of the reduc-
Employees: 4,000 tion in scope and renegotiation of rates across the industry, were primarily a
Revenue (est. 2008): $200 million function of the economic downturn. Since budgets have been more established
now, we have actually seen contracts get-
Year founded: 2002
ting much bigger and transformational in
Website: www.symphonysv.com
nature,” he adds.
Source: Global Services
Apart from the expansion, Symphony
Services also saw some mild effects of the
economic crises. Brooks says, “Back in the
fall, we saw some prospects take a step
Symphony is planning
back and try to understand how it was go-
a move into the design ing to impact them and how they may have
of physical products, to adjust their objectives and the strate-
gies to achieve them. Since late November
leveraging CAD/
[2008] we’ve seen that many companies
CAM, electrical and taking an even more aggressive posture
mechanical design and with offshoring and outsourcing to im-
Gordon Brooks, CEO, prove the effectiveness and efficiency of
fluid mechanics Symphony Services
their R&D operations.” GS

2009-GlobalServices 100 16 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

Best Performering BPO & FAO Service Provider


By Imrana Khan
enpact, the only Global Services 100 company that won two catego- Top 10 Service Providers: BPO
ries: Best Performing FAO Service Provider and Best Performing BPO
Service Provider, started the year 2008 with a bang. The company
1. Genpact
celebrated the New Year with an FAO agreement in hand.
2. WNS Global Services
Year 2008 was great for Genpact despite the gloom and doom of the economy.
3. Sitel Worldwide
Even the lackluster fourth quarter was productive for Genpact with five new cus-
4. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide
tomers getting added to its client roster. Invensys, Ceridian, Hyatt Shared Servic-
5. Convergys
es Center, are a few of those customers that selected Genpact as a partner during
6. Firstsource Solutions
the first three quarters of the last year.
7. Sutherland Global Services
“The things which make us stand out as a BPO player are: Processes expertise
8. EXL Service
to provide end-to-end services across various industries, ability to drive business
9. 24/7 Customer
value by leveraging our technological and analytical capabilities, and operational
10. SPi Technologies
excellence driven by Six Sigma, Lean and re-engineering,” said Pramod Bhasin,
CEO, Genpact.
The company sees this recessionary environment as a platform for new op- Top 10 Service Providers: FAO
portunities. “This is the right time to acquire talent, especially in the U.S. and the
U.K., and I would like to shift my focus there,” said Pramod. Of the total 36,200 1. Genpact
full-time employees at Genpact (as of Dec. ’08), most are seated in the region of 2. WNS Global Services
Asia Pacific (India, China and the Philippines). “The market is tougher than ever 3. Affiliated Computer Services (ACS)
before. However, opportunities for providers like us are no less. In fact, we have 4. Outsource Partners International
been noticing double digit growth; and it’s going to grow,” added Bhasin. 5. Infosys Technologies
“The biggest benefit that we get is when we partner with those customers 6. Ocwen Financial Corporation
who expect us to drive business value for their business capabilities,” said Tiger 7. MphasiS
Tyagarajan, COO, Genpact while reacting over the win. But “the journey is not 8. Cambridge Solutions
complete. For large corporations, there is always a large scale to be tapped.” 9. Wipro Technologies
Interestingly, Genpact’s process capabilities range from FAO, BPO to ITO ser- 10. HOV Services
vices, of which BPO and FAO are the areas that the industry is aware of. “[it’s]
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study
because of our heritage. We started as a BPO company, and we started offering
BPO services first, and then we added IT as a separate business. So it’s because
we also had a very strong linkage to Lean and Six Sigma — people associate those
as processes. Also, 80 percent of our business is process and analytics, and the CEO: Pramod Bhasin
rest is IT. So when you have a combination of history where you started with Skill set (top 3): Finance & Accounting,
what you were known for and, of course, Insurance, Analytics, Software
the size, people associate with you that Verticals (top 3 by revenue): Banking,
way,” said Tiger. Financial services & Insurance,
“When our customers look at our IT Manufacturing and others
capabilities and when they mix it with our Customers: GE, Wachovia, Cadbury-
processes, those bonds are very strong. Schweppes, GlaxoSmithKline, Kimberly-
These are the customers whose previous Clark, Hyatt, others
engagements [with other providers] failed. Delivery centers (top 5): Delhi NCR
And, they failed because their team didn’t (India), Hyderabad (India), Dalian (China)
know how to implement IT and processes.
Employees: 36,200 (31st December
And when we offer them such clubbed ser- 2008)
vices, which they didn’t get previously, that
Revenues (est. 2008): $1,040 million
experience is great,” said Tiger when asked
about the company’s future wins in the Year founded: 1997
Pramod Bhasin, CEO ITO category of Global Services 100. Tiger Website: www.genpact.com
Genpact Source: Global Services
adds,“We’ll get there one day.” GS

www.globalservicesmedia.com 17 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

Best Performering HRO Service Provider


by imrana khan
Top 5
onvergys, the winner of the HRO category is a new entrant into the
Service Providers: HRO
the 2009 Global Services 100 survey, and it managed to sweep away
1. Convergys the HRO category. None of the last year’s winners feature in the 2009
2. Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) list. This year’s list is completely fresh!
3. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Repeated contract renewals without the bid process is one of Convergys’ big-
4. Wipro Technologies gest traits. It is testimony to the company’s leadership in this area. In 2008, Con-
5. Cambridge Solutions vergys renewed an HRO contract with a global technology firm, a world leader in
management services and a significant state government entity.
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study
However, last year Convergys also witnessed the termination of its one of the
biggest HRO deals with Starbucks. The customer canceled the deal due to its own
in-house issues. But the deal termination affected Convergys to some extent.
Despite such loss and the impact of global recession, the company started re-
covering in the last quarter of 2008. Convergys’ revenues grew from $676 million
in Q3 ’08 to $704 million in Q4 ’08. However, Q4 ’08 revenues is lower than what
the company had posted in previous year’s third quarter — $714 million.
S T A T S Still, the challenges are no less in the months to come. However, Convergy’s
three-dimensional capability — skilled people (over 75,000 employees across
CEO: David F. Dougherty
the world), vast processes (HR offerings include recruiting and resourcing, com-
Skill set (top 3): Project management, pensation, HR administration, payroll, benefits, performance management and
finance and accounting, staffing / sub-
learning, workforce intelligence and enabling services) and delivery network
(Convergys’ integrated HR service centers located in Jacksonville, Florida; São
Verticals (top 3 by revenue): Banking Paulo, Brazil; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) — is able to derive business value for
and financial services, telecommunica- its global HRO customers.
tion, technology
“We leverage our 72 customer service centers and 12 employee service centers
Customers: Vivo, Virgin Media, AIS, to cater to our customers, and also support employee relationships in 70 coun-
British Telecom, Brasil Telecom, Comcast tries and in 35 languages. Our model uniquely optimizes regional service-center
AT&T efficiencies while supporting local (and native) languages, cultures, norms, rules
Delivery centers (top 3): India, North and regulations. At the same time, our expertise in SAP-based HR solutions and
America and the Philippines our partnership with SAP permits us to influence platform decisions and deliver
Employees: 75,000 increased benefits to our clients. Convergys has expertise in PeopleSoft Oracle-
Revenues (est. 2008): $2,800 million based HR Solutions. And these are the things that differentiates us from others,”
said David F. Dougherty, CEO, Convergys.
Year founded: 1998
While many HR service providers’ offer-
Website: www.convergys.com ings are still restricted to payroll, HR adminis-
Source: Global Services
tration and benefits, Convergys’ services have
grown beyond to learning, resourcing and
many other HR management services. In fact,
2009 has just begun and the company has an-
nounced its big achievement. It implemented
Repeated contract on-time “go-live” HR management services
renewals without for its Fortune 50 customer. It took place in
the bid process is multiple languages in Latin America, North
America and Asia Pacific. Convergys used its
one of Convergys’ “transform-then-transfer” approach to rede-
biggest traits sign the customer’s global HR processes then
implemented an integrated, SAP HRIS plat-
David F. Dougherty, CEO form including corresponding manager and
employee self-service portal. GS

2009-GlobalServices 100 18 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

Best Performing Contact Center

Sitel Worldwide

By Imrana Khan
itel once again bagged the top slot in the category: Best Performing Con-
Top 10 Service Providers:
tact Center. Interestingly, this year’s top 10 list of global contact centers Contact Center
has many surprises, including ACS making to the third slot from last
1 Sitel Worldwide
year’s nowhere position, NCO Group jumping to the fourth position
2 Convergys
from the last year’s 10th slot, Convergys entering into the category for the first
3 Affiliated Computer Services (ACS)
time and making to the second position.
4 NCO Group
The winner of the category, Sitel needs no introduction as a contact center
5 Stream Global Services
leader. The three things that make it stand out are: a) global sourcing — which is
6 ICT Group
about its flexibility to source the most appropriate global talent; b) global operat-
7 eTelecare Global Solutions
ing standards — which is about using 32 years of experience supporting 3 mil-
8 Firstsource Solutions
lion customer interactions a day to deliver consistent service every day; c) global
9 HTMT Global Solutions
private network — which is about ensuring uninterrupted service to customers
10 Intelenet Global Services
to route voice and data seamlessly throughout its 140+ global facilities. Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study
On its capabilities to serve efficiently, one of Sitel’s customers Joann, Director
Strategic Alliances, Pitney Bowes cites, “Although Sitel is a large global company,
they have demonstrated that they value Pitney Bowes as a customer. From the S T A T S
beginning of the partnership when Pitney Bowes launched with approximately
CEO: David Garner
35 agent positions in two global locations, Sitel provided the appropriate level
Skill set (top 3): Call-center manage-
of operational support and access into Sitel’s senior management organization.
ment, back-office processing, vertical
I think Sitel’s ability to meet customers at their level is one of the reasons Pitney
market expertise
Bowes and Sitel have been so successful together — small and then medium.”
Many such deals continue to get signed. For example, in Feb. ’09, Sitel inked Verticals (top 3 by revenue): Telecom,
retail/wholesale & consumer products,
a multiyear, approximately $40 million, outsourcing deal with a new customer to
software / hi-tech,
provide inbound customer care and other customer-service activities. The com-
pany has already employed approximately 400+ associates for this project. Customers: Not revealed
However, market conditions have impacted Sitel as well. “The positive impact Delivery Centers (top 5): Manila and
has materialized as large new outsourcing initiatives that have been typically as- Baguio (Philippines), Bangalore (India),
sociated with consolidations, asset reallocations and re-badged employees. Due Madrid (Spain), Panama City (Panama)
to this, we expect to see several new companies join our roster of customers in Employees: 66,000
2009. The down side impact is realized primarily through the erosion of forecast- Revenue (est. 2008): $1,750 million
ed volumes. Our volume decreases are a direct reflection of dampening in new
Year founded: 1985
customer sales, activations, reservations, claims, product releases and account
opens,” said David Garner, CEO, Sitel. Website: www.sitel.com
Source: Global Services
To serve customers facing the chal-
lenging economic conditions, Sitel has
developed special service offerings, in- To serve customers
Source: Global Services
cluding a packaged offering targeted at facing the challenging
low balance collections — this solution
economic conditions,
is optimized to profitably collect early in
the process using a unique blend of in- Sitel has developed
teractive voice, live agents and non-agent special service offerings,
assisted collections strategies.
including a packaged
Will the current slowdown continue to
affect Sitel in 2009? “Sitel is bullish about the offering targeted at low
future. We believe we will be a significant balance collections
part of our customer’s successful naviga-
David Garner, CEO, tion of the current economic environment
Sitel Worldwide
and their emergence from this turmoil. GS

www.globalservicesmedia.com 19 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

Leader in Asia (Excluding India)


by Imrana khan
Top 10 Service Providers: Asia his is Neusoft’s fourth consecutive win having topped this list as the
leading China-based service provider.
1 Neusoft Neusoft’s CEO, Dr. Jiren Liu, continues to stress on strategies to
2 SPi Technologies grow further in China and Asian markets. Neusoft in the earlier years
3 ICT Group made its delivery network strong to withstand a recessionary environment. When
4 eTelecare Global Solutions the other Asian service provider were focusing on the low hanging fruits in the
5 TELUS International American and European continents to grow further, most of Neusoft’s strategies
6 Insigma Technology were primarily focused toward domestic and other Asian markets. Not that Neu-
7 VanceInfo Technologies soft ignores the U.S. market, but the company’s strategy has always been follow-
8 Achievo ing geographically de-risked business model.
9 hiSoft Technology International “I think the Chinese market shall always be Neusoft’s priority. It’s a grow-
10 Kompakar ing economy, and consumer demands will bring great opportunities to IT out-
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study sourcing services. To cope with the worldwide financial crisis, China launched
a 4-trillion-Yuan stimulus package to promote domestic demand, most of which
will be used to build and upgrade infrastructures. This will surely offer a lot of IT
S T A T S outsourcing opportunities,” stated Liu.
Besides, the company has always been focusing on the Japanese market. “We
CEO: Dr. Jiren Liu
will go on and expand outsourcing services in the Japanese market, both horizon-
Skill set (top 3): Product engineering, tally and vertically. Up to now, we have set up branches in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya,
vertical industry solutions, application
which bring us closer to customers and enable us to offer both offshore and
development and maintenance support
onsite services. Considering our customers’ demand, we will expand our human
Verticals (top 3 by revenue): Telecom, resources devoted to local development and services in Japan” he added.
healthcare, hi-tech In 2008, Neusoft continued a steady growth in software and service outsourc-
Customers: Motorola, Nokia, EMC, Calix, ing, seeing a 30 percent increase in revenues. Interestingly, Business Process Out-
Alpine, Toshiba sourcing (BPO), the area which the IT-services company jumped into just a few
Delivery centers (top 5): Shenyang, years ago is something the company would focus on in the years to come. With
Dalian, Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai abundant talents proficient in Japanese and/or Korean, the company would full
Employees: 15,000+ use of this advantage to develop BPO services in this area and expects to boost
its BPO capabilities.
Revenues (est. 2008): $540 million
While revealing their future strategies, the Liu said, “We will invest more to
Year founded: 1991
build global delivery centers. In 2008, besides the established software R&D
Website: www.neusoft.com/en bases in Shenyang, Dalian and Beijing, we began to build more R&D bases in
Source: Global Services
Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou
and such. We will actively develop alliance
“... the Chinese and merger plans on major target markets,
especially on the European, American and
market shall always Japanese markets.”
be Neusoft’s priority. Like a true leader, the company sees the
It’s a growing period of recession as the time of seeking
out for newer opportunities ahead. “In my
economy, and opinion, it is necessary for companies to cut
consumer demands costs and gain competitiveness by outsourc-
will bring great ing to survive under such economic turmoil
and maintain sustainable development in
opportunities to IT the long run. So, I think 2009 presents not
outsourcing services” only big challenges but also tremendous
Dr. Jiren Liu, CEO opportunities for the software and service
outsourcing industry.” GS

2009-GlobalServices 100 20 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

Leader in Eastern Europe


By Namita goel
n 2008, the acquisition of ITC Networks, a Romanian IT-services provider,
Top 10 Service Providers:
helped in increasing the overall revenue to over $150 million and the num- Eastern Europe
ber of employees to more than 3,000. Besides strengthening Luxoft’s ex-
1 Luxoft
pertise in the telecom industry, the acquisition brought in a customer port-
2 EPAM Systems
folio comprising companies such as Nortel Networks, Avaya, Trapeze Networks
3 Exigen Services
and others. “This acquisition is another step in Luxoft’s growth and strengthen-
4 IBA Group
ing of the company’s global presence,” said Dmitry Loschinin, CEO, Luxoft. “The
5 Reksoft
tremendous telecoms aptitude of the combined team, prominent EU location
6 Mera Networks
and shared commitment to engineering excellence will serve Luxoft, its custom-
7 SoftServe
ers and ITC Networks’ customers well for years to come.”
8 DataArt
With delivery locations across EMEA, North America, Central and Eastern Eu-
9 Itransition Group
rope and — since last year — Vietnam, Luxoft has made a conscious effort to
10 Auriga
provide worldwide its clientele an optimal mix of nearshore, offshore and onsite Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study
delivery models. “For 2009, we plan to develop out two delivery centers, one in
Vietnam and the other one in Romania,” says Dmitry Loschinin, CEO, Luxoft.
To attract the best talent, Luxoft has tied up with universities and also pays S T A T S
better than most of the IT companies in Eastern Europe. Recently, Luxoft joined
CEO: Dmitry Loschinin
hands with two universities in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. In addition to work-
ing with universities in Vietnam, Luxoft cooperates with leading Russian and Skill set (top 3): Application mainte-
nance and development, engineering ser-
Ukrainian technical education institutions such as Moscow State University, St.
vices, outsourced product development
Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Na-
tional University of Ukraine (KPI), and others. It was also selected as the only Verticals (top 3 by revenue): Aerospace,
CIS Company to earn the status of partner from Carnegie Mellon University’s Automotive, BFSI
Software Engineering Institute. Customers: AirData, Caterpillar, Boeing,
Last Year, Luxoft was also announced as the first Eastern company to be ap- Deutsche Bank, UBS
praised at the highest process maturity level, known as Level 5, of the latest version Delivery Centers (top 5): Russia,
of Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development (CMMI-DEV), a process Ukraine, Romania, Vietnam, Canada
improvement approach aimed at driving best practices in product and service. Employees: 3,105
Every year Luxoft releases its predictions for the IT outsourcing indus-
Revenue (est. 2008): $106 million
try. In Jan. ’09, Luxoft released the predictions for the current year. One of
Year founded: 2000
the interesting ones being: “Labor market conditions will improve and will
go from being “personnel-driven” to “employer-driven” market. Economic Website: www.luxoft.com
Source: Global Services
downturn will improve labor markets in
Russia and Ukraine (as well as in other
Eastern European countries). Economic
pressure in 2009 will result in a larger
quantity of skilled IT personnel.” Another
fact that the report stated is that “Some
of the promising areas for outsourcing in Luxoft continues to
2009 are e-commerce, wireless and mo- expand in Eastern
bile technologies.”
The results for current financial year Europe with plans to
that ends in April 2009 are yet to be re- further develop its
leased. So Luxoft revealed that based on center in Romania
the estimates from H2 ‘08, they are expect-
ing that the revenue will stay the same for
Dmitry Loschinin, CEO, the rest of the period with a small growth
of 2 to 3 percent. GS

www.globalservicesmedia.com 21 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

Leader in Latin America


by namita goel
Top 10 Service Providers:
Even under the current market circumstances we were able to achieve
Latin America
good results in terms of revenue and also in cost reduction. This allowed
1 Neoris us to uphold our financial commitments to our shareholders, which will
2 Politec Global IT Services be essential to continue our expansion in the U.S. and European mar-
3 Hildebrando kets,” said Claudio Muruzabal, CEO of Neoris, when the in Jan. ’09 Neoris wit-
4 Sonda nessed a growth of more than 25 percent in the revenues coming from interna-
5 Quintec Soluciones Informaticas tional business.
6 Synapsis Apart from spreading its wings across Latin America, Neoris has recently
7 Globant enjoyed another geographical expansion by establishing new operations in the
8 Grupo ASSA Andean Region and in the Middle East. And a year ago Neoris had acquired a
9 Grupo Prominente Colombian SAP integrator and last April opened offices in Dubai.“However, we
10 TNX have parked all the expansion plans for H1 ’09,” says Doug Gattuso, VP and
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study
Managing Director, Neoris. So instead Neoris will continue to develop its re-
cently started centers in low cost areas such as Culiacan (Mexico), San Nicolas,
Rosario and Rojas (Argentina) and Sao Paulo (Brazil). For example, in Mexico
S T A T S and Argentina, they will increase APO and ABAP capabilities and in Brazil Neo-
ris is planning to increase SAP MII capabilities. “Our investments in the new
CEO: Claudio Muruzabal
delivery centers are mostly consisting of hiring and training for current and
Skill set (top 3): Application mainte-
new service expansion. Part of this investment is also related to infrastructure
nance and development, application inte-
improvements,” says Gattuso.
gration, outsourced product development
Revealing the impact of H2 ’08 on the company’s profits, Neoris focused on
Verticals (top 3 by revenue): BFSI, the nearshore outsourcing strategy that had helped in scaling its operations in
manufacturing, health care
the U.S., Europe and the Middle East while maintaining its leadership in Latin
Customers: CEMEX, Lowe’s, Master Card, America. Past September, Neoris hired Doug Gattuso as head of North America
First Data, Eurofarma to handle the nearshore operations. As a part of its global service delivery model,
Delivery centers (top 5): Mexico, Argen- Neoris has numerous solution centers that are located strategically to assist the
tina, Hungary, U.S., Middle East customers located across the globe that proves to be cost-effective. Neoris is also
Employees: 3,200 working toward enhancing its onsite capabilities as the company is a neighbor
Revenues (est. 2008): $350 million to the U.S. so it won’t cost much and at the same time it would result in a high
price value quotient.
Year founded: 2000
In the last one year, Neoris has considerably enhanced its BPO activities in to
Website: www.neoris.com the HR outsourcing, finance and account-
Source: Global Services
ing outsourcing and procurement process-
es. For instance, for its client Cemex, Neoris
has served as the IT-management function
Neoris plans to
throughout the implantation of common
continue to develop systems in all EMEA country operations,
its recently started promoted these applications to production,
located and opened a data center in Eastern
centers in low-
Europe (Budapest) and developed all of the
cost areas such as run and maintain processes for the applica-
Culiacan (Mexico), tions, network and hardware infrastructure
to support ongoing operations.
San Nicolas,
The attrition rate at Neoris has been
Rosario and Rojas quite stable for the last two years. This is
(Argentina) and Sao partly due to the market conditions and
Claudio Muruzabal, CEO partly as a result of labor market stability in
Paulo (Brazil) Neoris
the geographic areas of operation. GS

2009-GlobalServices 100 22 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

Leader, Human Capital Development

HCL Technologies

By Pratibha Verma
n the midst of recession when news about layoffs doesn’t shock any more,
Top 10 Services Providers:
HCL has won the award for developing human capital. It is its “Employee Human Capital Development
First” philosophy, which placed it on top this year right from the fifth
1. HCL Technologies
position last year.
2. Infosys Technologies
Under the “Employee First” philosophy, employee councils brainstormed,
3. MphasiS India
designed and rolled out programs along six themes — talent, grey cells, com-
4. Genpact
munity service, sports, wellness and women. These programs ranging from
5. Tata Consultancy Services
work-life balance programs to “go green” kept the employees active and mo-
6. Computer Sciences Corporation
tivated. “Our women first program also created a sensitive culture and gave
women wings to fly high. We offered programs on safety/security, flexi policies,
7. Exigen
maternity and lifestyle,” says Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies.
8. Capgemini
With the total of 52,957 employees all over the world, HCL is planning to ex-
9. EPAM Systems
pand its functions and open more delivery centers in Brazil and North Carolina
10. Neusoft
in the Spring/Summer of 2009. Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2009 Global Services 100 Study
It was a challenge for the company to manage attrition in 2008. “Through
our ‘Employee First’ philosophy, which is based on the premise that delighted S T A T S
employees create delighted customers and thereby sustain business success
CEO: Vineet Nayar
(internally and externally), we provided HCL-ite not just a ‘job’, but also a ‘ca-
reer’…. It created a critical difference in choosing between two opportunities. Skill set (top 3): Software-led IT solu-
tions, remote infrastructure manage-
Initiatives such as Career Power and iLearn also leveraged increasing employee
ment, engineering and R&D services
engagement thereby reducing attrition,” he adds.
iLearn, HCL’s learning-management system, is a Web-based distributed ap- Verticals: Aerospace and Defense, Auto-
plication that facilitates managing the development and performance of people motive, Financial Services, Government,
Energy & Utilities, Hitech &Manufactur-
within an organization.
ing, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Media &
HCL’s other human-development policies also gave HCL-ites extra reason to
Entertainment, Retail & CPG, Telecom,
smile. Consistently high performing employees (outstanding in two years) were
Travel, Transportation & Logistics
recognized under the O2 League. There were dedicated engagement programs
Customers: Deutsche Bank, Microsoft,
customized to this group of consistent top performers.
Xerox, Cisco
Its one-stop portal, Career Power, empowered employees to manage their ca-
reers effectively in HCL in a structured manner by creating transparency and visibil- Delivery Centers (top 5): India, U.S.,
U.K., ANZ, Northern Ireland
ity. It also provided a number of key career resources like career counselors, reflec-
tive instruments, career development action Employees: 52, 957
plan, and such. Through this program, em- Revenue (est. 2008): $2,000 million
ployees learned about career landscapes, Year founded: 1999 (IPO launch)
heightened self-awareness through reflective
Website: www.hcltech.com
exercises, and harvested a career goal. Source: Global Services
“For employees, it was a self-propelled
and enduring career management and
development engine that put them in the
driver’s seat to navigate their careers in
“We provided HCL-ite
HCL and had an enriching and fulfilling not just a ‘job’, but also
career experience in HCL and for HCL. It a ‘career’…. It created
is such a powerful platform that seeks to
bring about the best match between busi-
a critical difference in
ness requirements/opportunities available choosing between two
with the career goals/ future aspirations of opportunities”
Vineet Nayar, CEO, the employee, thus taking it closer to being
HCL Technologies
an Employer of Choice,” he adds. GS

www.globalservicesmedia.com 23 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

The 2008 Global Services 100 Companies

Company CEO URL

24/7 Customer P. V. Kannan www.247customer.com

Aditi Technologies Pradeep Singh www.aditi.com
Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) Lynn Blodgett  www.acs-inc.com
AppLabs Sashi Reddi www.applabs.com
Augmentum Leonard Liu  www.augmentum.com
Auriga Alexis Sukharev  www.auriga.com
Aztecsoft Samir Bodas  www.aztecsoft.com
Beyondsoft Group  Ben Wang  www.beyondsoft.com
Birlasoft Kamal Manasharamani  www.birlasoft.com
Cambridge Solutions Christopher A. Sinclair www.cambridgeworldwide.com
Capgemini Paul Hermelin www.capgemini.com
CGI Group     Michael E. Roach www.cgi.com
Compass BPO  Devesh Nayel  www.compass-bpo.com
CompuPacific International    Michael Liu www.compupacific.com
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Michael W. Laphen  www.csc.com
CPM Braxis Braxis Jair Ribeiro www.cpmbraxis.com
DarwinSuzsoft (Dextrys) Brian T. Keane  www.darwinsuzsoft.com
DataArt Michael Zaitsev  www.dataart.com
DBA  Danilo Meth and Paulo Velloso  www.dba.com.br
e4e Somshankar Das www.e4e.com
ea Consulting Asia Pacific Chin King Wong www.eacap.com
EDS Ronald A. Rittenmeyer www.eds.com
EPAM Systems Arkadiy Dobkin www.epam.com
eTelecare Global Solutions   John Harris www.etelecare.com
Exigen Services  Alec Miloslavsky  www.exigenservices.com
Exl Service Vikram Talwar  www.exlservice.com
First Consulting Group Larry Ferguson www.fcg.com
Firstsource Solutions  Ananda Mukerji  www.firstsource.com
Freeborders Jean Cholka  www.freeborders.com
GeBBS Nitin Thakor  www.gebbs.com
Genpact Pramod Bhasin  www.genpact.com
GlobalLogic Peter Harrison www.globallogic.com
Globant Martín Migoya  www.globant.com
Globerian Naveen Trehan  www.globerian.com
Grupo ASSA Roberto Wagmaister www.grupoassa.com
HCL Technologies Vineet Nayar www.hcltech.com
Headstrong Arjun Malhotra  www.headstrong.com
Hildebrando Services   Diego Zavala  www.hildebrando.com.mx
HOV Services (formerly LASON) Ronald Congburn www.hovservices.com
HTC Global Services  Madhava Reddy  www.htcinc.com
Hinduja TMT Global Solutions  Partha De Sarkar  www.hindujatmt.com
IBA Group Sergei Levteev  www.iba-it-group.com
IBM Samuel J. Palmisano  www.ibm.com
ICT Group  John J. Brennan  www.ictgroup.com
iGATE Global Solutions Phaneesh Murthy www.igate.com
Indecomm Global Services  Naresh Ponnapa  www.indecommglobal.com
Infosys Technologies  S. Gopalakrishnan  www.infosys.com
ITC Infotech   Sanjiv Puri www.itcinfotech.com
Kompakar  Dr. Ir. Ahmad Fikri Hussein www.kompakar.com
KPIT Cummins Kishor Patil www.kpitcummins.com

2009-GlobalServices 100 24 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

Company CEO URL

LogicaCMG Andy Green  www.logicacmg.com

Longtop  Eric Liang www.longtopinternational.com
Luxoft Dmitry A. Loschinin  www.luxoft.com
Macadamian Technologies Frédéric Boulanger www.macadamian.com
Mastek Sudhakar Ram www.mastek.com
Mera Networks Marc Granic www.meranetworks.com
Microland Pradeep Kar www.microland.com
MindTree Consulting  Ashok Soota www.mindtree.com
Nagarro  Vikas Sehgal  www.nagarro.com
NCO Group   Mike Barrist www.ncogroup.com
Neoris Claudio Muruzabal www.neoris.com
Ness Technologies Sachi Gerlitz www.ness.com
Neusoft Group  Dr. Liu Jiren www.neusoft.com
NIIT Technologies Arvind Thakur www.niit-tech.com
Ocwen Financial Corporation William Erbey  www.ocwenbusiness.com
Omnitech InfoSolutions Atul Hemani  www.omnitechindia.com
Outsource Partners International Clarence T. Schmitz  www.opiglobal.com
Patni Computers    N.K. Patni www.patni.com
Perot Systems Peter Atlabef www.perotsystems.com
Polaris Software Lab Arun Jain www.polaris-america.com
Politec HÉlio Santos Oliveira www.politec.com
PremierBPO Mark Briggs www.premierbpo.com
QuEST Ajit A. Prabhu www.quest-global.com
Reksoft Alexander Egorov  www.reksoft.com
Sapient Alan Herrick  www.sapient.com
Satyam Computer Services  Ramalinga Raju  www.satyam.com
Scicom Leo Ariyanayakam  www.scicom-intl.com
SECOVA eSERVICES   Venkat Tadanki  www.secova.com
Sierra Atlantic  Raju Reddy www.SierraAtlantic.com
Sitel  David Garner  www.sitel.com
SoftServe Taras Kytsmey www.softservecom.com
Softtek  Blanca Trevino  www.softtek.com
SPi Technologies  Peter D. Maquera   www.spi-bpo.com
Stream Toni Portmann  www.stream.com
Sutherland Global Services  Dilip R. Vellodi www.suth.com
Symphony Services Gordon Brooks www.symphonyservices.com
Syntel Bharat Desai  www.syntelinc.com
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) S. Ramadorai www.tcs.com
Tech Mahindra   Vineet Nayyar www.techmahindra.com
Teledirect Laurent Junique  www.teledirect.com.sg
TELUS International  Eng Boon Lau  www.TELUSInternational.com
Unisys Joseph W. McGrath www.unisys.com
Vantage Point Consulting Rahim Osman  www.vpcasia.com
Vanceinfo Technologies Chris Chen  www.vanceinfo.com
vCustomer Sanjay Kumar www.vcustomer.com
Vengroff, Williams & Associates Mark Vengroff  www.vwainc.com
Virtusa Kris Canekeratne  www.virtusa.com
Wipro Technologies Azim H. Premji www.wipro.com
WNS Neeraj Bhargava www.wnsgs.com
Zensar Technologies Ganesh Natarajan www.zensar.com
Note: Some companies such as Accenture and Cognizant would have made it to the Global Services 100 list, but they did not respond to our survey.
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2008 Global Services 100 Study
The list has been arranged in alphabetical order.

www.globalservicesmedia.com 25 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

The 2007 Global Services 100 Companies

Company CEO URL

24/7 Customer P. V. Kannan www.247customer.com

Accenture Bill Green www.accenture.com
Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) Lynn Blodgett www.acs-inc.com
Augmentum Leonard Liu www.augmentum.com
Auriga Alexis Sukharev www.auriga.com
Bleum Eric Rongley www.bleum.com
Caliber Point Ashok Bildikar www.caliberpoint.com
Cambridge Solutions Chris Sinclair www.cambridgeworldwide.com
Capgemini Paul Hermelin www.capgemini.com
CGI Group Michael E. Roach www.cgi.com
ClientLogic David Garner www.clientlogic.com
Cognizant Technology Solutions Francisco D’Souza www.cognizant.com
Convergys James F. Orr www.convergys.com
Covansys Rajendra B. Vattikuti www.covansys.com
CPM Antonio Carlos Rego Gil www.cpminternational.com
Darwin Suzsoft Dan Ross www.darwinsuzsoft.com
DataArt Michael Zaitsev www.dataart.com
DBA Danilo Meth www.dba.com.br
Dextra Technologies Daniel Chavez www.dextratech.com
e4e Somshankar Das www.e4e.com
ea Consulting Chin King Wong www.eacap.com
EDS Michael H. Jordan www.eds.com
EPAM Systems Arkadiy Dobkin www.epam.com
Etech Dilip Barot www.etechinc.com
Exl Service Vikram Talwar www.exlservice.com
FCG Software Services Subramaniam Ramachandran www.fcg.com
Freeborders John Cestar www.freeborders.com
Genpact Pramod Bhasin www.genpact.com
Globant Martin Migoya www.globant.com
HCL Technologies Shiv Nadar www.hcltech.com
Headstrong Arjun Malhotra www.headstrong.com
Hispanic Teleservices Alberto Fernandez www.htc.to
HTC Global Services Madhava Reddy www.htcinc.com
Hinduja TMT Global Solutions Partha D Sarkar www.hindujatmt.com
I.T. United Cyrill Eltschinger www.ituc.com
IBA Group Sergei Levteev www.iba-it-group.com
IBM Samuel J. Palmisano www.ibm.com
ICT Group John J. Brennan www.ictgroup.com
i-flex solutions Deepak Ghaisas www.iflexsolutions.com
Infinite Computer Solutions Upinder Zutshi www.infics.com
Informatica Integral Empresarial Antonio Velasco www.sinersys.com.mx
Infosys Technologies Nandan M Nilekani www.infosys.com
Innominds Software Rao Vemula www.innominds.com
Intelenet Global Services Susir Kumar www.intelenetglobal.com
Intetics Boris Kontsevoi www.intetics.com
ITC Infotech Sanjiv Puri www.itcinfotech.com
Kepler - Rominfo Petrisor Guta www.kepler-rominfo.com
Knoah Solutions Myneni www.knoah.com
Lason Ronald D. Risher www.lason.com
Lohika Systems Daniel Dargham www.lohika.com

2009-GlobalServices 100 26 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

Company CEO URL

Longtop Eric Liang www.longtopinternational.com

Luxoft Dmitry Loschinin www.luxoft.com
marketRx Jaswinder S. Chadha www.marketrx.com
Mastek Sudhakar Ram www.mastek.com
MERA Networks Dmitry M. Ponomarev www.meranetworks.com
Microland Pradeep Kar www.microland.com
MindTree Consulting Ashok Soota www.mindtree.com
Mistral Software Anees Ahmed www.mistralsoftware.com
Motif John Coker www.motifinc.com
MphasiS Jaithirth Rao www.mphasis.com
NCO Group Michael Barrist www.ncogroup.com
Neoris Claudio Muruzabal www.neoris.com
Ness Technologies Raviv Zoller www.ness.com
Neusoft Group Jiren Liu www.neusoft.com
NIIT SmartServe Paul Barrow www.niitsmartserve.com
Objectiva Software Solutions Douglas Winter www.objectivasoftware.com
Ocwen Financial William C. Erbey www.ocwen.com
OfficeTiger   Randolph Altschuler and Joseph Sigelman www.officetiger.com
Outsource Partners International Clarence T. Schmitz www.opiglobal.com
Patni Computer Systems N.K. Patni www.patni.com
Perot Systems Peter Atlabef www.perotsystems.com
Polaris Arun Jain www.polaris-america.com
Politec HÉlio Oliveira www.politec.com
Promantra Synergy Solutions Praveen Vadlamudi www.promantra.net
QuEST Ajit A. Prabhu www.quest-global.com
Sapient Jerry Greenberg www.sapient.com
Satyam Computer Services B. Rama Raju www.satyam.com
Scicom Leo Ariyanayakam www.scicom-intl.com
Sierra Atlantic Raju Reddy www.SierraAtlantic.com
Sinapsis Technologies Gerardo Rodriguez www.sinapsis.com
SnT Global David Wong www.sntglobal.com
SoftServe Taras Kytsmey www.softservecom.com
Softtek Blanca TreviÑo www.softtek.com
Sonata Software B. Ramaswamy www.sonata-software.com
SPi Technologies Ernest Cu www.spi-bpo.com
StarSoft Development Labs Nick Puntikov www.starsoftlabs.com
Stream Toni Portmann www.stream.com
Summit HR Worldwide Ranjan Sinha www.summithrww.com
Sutherland Global Services Dilip R. Vellodi www.suth.com
Symphony Services Gordon Brooks www.symphonysv.com
Syntel Bharat Desai www.syntelinc.com
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) S. Ramadorai www.tcs.com
TransWorks Information Services Atul Kunwar www.transworks.com
Unisys Joseph W. McGrath www.unisys.com
vCustomer Sanjay Kumar www.vcustomer.com
Vee Technologies Chocko Valliappa www.veetechnologies.com
Vsource Asia Jack Cantillon www.vsourceasia.com
Wipro Technologies Azim H. Premji www.wipro.com
WNS Neeraj Bhargava www.wnsgs.com
Zensar Technologies Ganesh Natarajan www.zensar.com
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2007 Global Services 100 Study
The list has been arranged in alphabetical order.

www.globalservicesmedia.com 27 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

The 2006 Global Services 100 Companies

Company Headquarters (City, State, Country) URL

24/7 Customer Los Gatos, CA, U.S.A. www.247customer.com

Accenture New York, NY, U.S.A. www.accenture.com
Adea Solutions Irving, TX, U.S.A. www.adeasolutions.com
Aditi Technologies Bangalore, Karnataka, India www.aditi.comm
Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) Dallas, TX, U.S.A. www.acs-inc.com
AICOM Solutions Toronto, Ontario, Canada www.aicomsolutions.com
Ajuba International Novi, MI, USA www.ajubanet.net
Ambergris Solutions Philippines Pasig City, Philippines www.ambergrissolutions.com
Astron Document Managment Leicester, U.K. www.astron.co.uk
Atos Origin Paris, France www.atosorigin.com
Auriga Amherst, NH, U.S.A. www.auriga.com
Aztec Software and Technology Services  Bangalore, Karnataka, India www.aztecsoft.com
Bleum Shanghai, China www.bleum.com
Blue Star Infotech Mumbai, Maharashtra, India www.bsil.com
Cambridge Solutions Greenwich, CT, U.S.A. www.cambridgesolutionsltd.com
Capgemini Paris, France www.capgemini.com
CGI Montreal, Quebec, Canada www.cgi.com
ClientLogic Nashville, TN, U.S.A. www.clientlogic.com
Cognizant Technology Solutions Teaneck, NJ, U.S.A. www.cognizant.com
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) El Segundo, CA, U.S.A. www.csc.com
Covansys Farmington Hills, MI, U.S.A. www.covansys.com
CPM Sao Paulo, Brazil www.cpminternational.com
Crimsonwing Surrey, U.K. www.crimsonwing.com
DBA Engenharia de Sistemas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil www.dba.com.br
ea Consulting Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia  www.eacap.com
EDS Plano, TX, U.S.A. www.eds.com
EPAM Systems Lawrenceville, NJ, U.S.A. www.epam.com
eTelecare Global Solutions Monrovia, CA, U.S.A. www.etelecare.com
Exl Service New York, NY, U.S.A. www.exlservice.com
Freeborders San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. www.freeborders.com
Genpact Gurgaon, Haryana, India www.genpact.com
Globant Buenos Aires, Argentina www.globant.com
GTL Mumbai, Maharashtra, India www.gtllimited.com
HCL Technologies Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India www.hcltech.com
Headstrong Fairfax, VA, U.S.A. www.headstrong.com
Hewitt Associates Lincolnshire, IL, U.S.A. www.hewitt.com
Hewlett Packard Palo Alto, CA, U.S.A. www.hp.com
Hexaware/Caliber Point Business Solutions Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India www.hexaware.com
Hinduja TMT Global Solutions Mumbai, Maharashtra, India www.hindujatmt.com
Hispanic Teleservices Houston, TX, U.S.A. www.htc.to
HTC Global Services Troy, MI, U.S.A. www.htcinc.com
I. T. UNITED Beijing, China www.ituc.com
IBA Group Prague Czech, Republic www.iba-it-group.com
IBM (Daksh) Armonk, NY, U.S.A. www.ibm.com
ICICI OneSource Mumbai, Maharashtra, India www.icicionesource.com
ICT Group Newton, PA, U.S.A. www.ictgroup.com
i-flex Solutions Mumbai, Maharashtra, India www.iflexsolutions.com
Induslogic Vienna, VA, U.S.A. www.induslogic.com
Infinite Computer Solutions Bangalore, Karnataka, India www.infics.com
Infosys (Progeon) Bangalore, Karnataka, India www.infy.com

2009-GlobalServices 100 28 www.globalservicesmedia.com

Special Report

Company Headquarters (City, State, Country) URL

Innominds Software Santa Clara, CA, U.S.A. www.innominds.com

Integreon Managed Solutions New York, NY, U.S.A. www.integreon.com
ITC Infotech India Bangalore, Karnataka, India www.itcinfotech.com
Kanbay International Rosemont, IL, U.S.A. www.kanbay.com
Keane Boston, MA, USA www.keane.com
KMG Infotech Bangalore, Karnataka, India www.kmgin.com
Knoah Solutions San Rafael, CA, U.S.A. www.knoah.co
Kompakar Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia www.kompakar.com
LanceSoft India Reston, VA, U.S.A. www.lancesoft.com
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Mumbai, Maharashtra, India www.lntinfotech.com
Lohika San Mateo, CA, U.S.A. www.lohika.com
LUXOFT Moscow, Russian Federation www.luxoft.com
MindTree Consulting Bangalore, Karnataka, India www.mindtree.com
Motif Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India www.motifinc.com
MphasiS New York, NY, U.S.A. www.mphasis.com
Ness Technologies Tel Aviv, Israel www.ness.com
Neusoft Group Shenyang, Liaoning P.R., China www.neusoft.com
NIIT SmartServe  Gurgaon, Haryana, India www.niit.com
Objectiva Software Solutions Carlsbad, CA, U.S.A. www.objectivasoftware.com
OfficeTiger Database Systems New York, NY, U.S.A. www.officetiger.com
Patni Computer Systems Cambridge, MA, U.S.A. www.patni.com
PeopleSupport Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. www.peoplesupport.com
Perot Systems Plano, TX, U.S.A. www.perotsystems.com
Pinkerton Computer Consultants Trevose, PA, U.S.A. www.pcci.com
Polaris Software Lab Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India www.polaris.co.in
Promantra Synergy Solutions Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India www.promantra.net
RCG Information Technology Edison, NJ, U.S.A. www.rcgit.com
Reksoft St. Petersburg, Russian Federation www.reksoft.com
Sapura Technology Berhad Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan,  Malaysia www.sapura.com.my
Satyam Computer Services Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India www.satyam.com
Scicom Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia www.scicom-intl.com
Sierra Atlantic Fremont, CA, U.S.A. www.sierraatlantic.com
Sinapsis Technologies Mexico Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico www.sinapsis.com
Softtek  Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico www.softtek.com
SPI Technologies Manila, Philippines www.spitech.com
Stream Richardson, TX, U.S.A. www.stream.com
Summit HR Worldwide San Jose, CA, U.S.A. www.summithrww.com
Sutherland Global Services Pittsford, NY, U.S.A. www.suth.com
Symphony Services Palo Alto, CA, U.S.A. www.symphonysv.com 
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India www.tcs.com
TechTeam Global Southfield, MI, U.S.A. www.techteam.com
Unisys Blue Bell, PA, U.S.A. www.unisys.com
vCustomer Kirkland, WA, U.S.A. www.vcustomer.com
Vee Technologies Bangalore, Karnataka, India www.veetechnologies.com
Virtusa Westborough, MA, U.S.A. www.virtusa.com
Vsource Asia Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan,  Malaysia www.vsourceasia.com
Wipro Bangalore, Karnataka, India www.wipro.com
WNS Global Services Mumbai, Maharashtra, India www.wnsgs.com 
Worksoft Creative Software Technology Beijing, China www.worksoft.com.cn
Zensar Technologies Pune, Maharashtra, India www.zensar.com  
Source: Global Services and neoIT, 2006 Global Services 100 Study
The list has been arranged in alphabetical order.

www.globalservicesmedia.com 29 2009-GlobalServices 100

Special Report

“We are proud to have retained our position as the Best Performing BPO
Provider, and are delighted to have also been named the ‘Best Performing FAO’
The gateway to the global sourcing of IT and BPO services firm this year. Our process expertise in delivering end-to-end services across a
breadth of industries and operational excellence driven by our Six Sigma, Lean
and Re-engineering capabilities have allowed us to stand out in this tough en-
vironment”, said Mr. Pramod Bhasin, President & CEO of Genpact. “We thank
Global Services Media Global Services, neoIT, our customers and employees for this important recogni-
Established in February 2006, tion.” - Pramod Bhasin, CEO, Genpact
Global Services focuses on bringing
high-quality content to its audience. “It is a great honor for Neusoft to stay No. 1 in Leaders of Emerging Asian
Our credible content comes from a Markets in the three successive years. I think it is the recognition for the achieve-
network of highly experienced trade ments we obtained in the past year in business growth, company management,
writers and industry insiders. Global delivery capability and HR development. This also helped us to learn more about
Services is a media platform with the structure and the trend of the whole industry, and we also learned some
a portfolio that includes Website, good experiences from our peers. We will continue our efforts to further build our
events, newsletters, microsites, OS- capabilities of global delivery which focusing on customer demands.” - Dr. Jiren
ourceBook and customized solutions. Liu, CEO, Neusoft
Our audience consists of corporate
professionals engaged in the sourc- “Symphony believes that surveys like the Global Services 100 are very impor-
ing and management of business and tant resources to help companies evaluate their choices of outsourcing partners.
technology services. Further we believe that the finer segmentation of categories that was introduced
this year is very important to help educate and differentiate between different
Corporate vendors based on unique skill sets. From a marketing perspective, Symphony
Shyam Malhotra, Director, CyberMedia derives great value from the GS 100 awards, regularly using the accolades in
E. Abraham Mathew, President, sales dialogue.” - Gordon Brooks, CEO, Symphony Services
“As a leading provider in our industry, it is critical for us to remain in the fore-
Editorial Team front of industry activity. Results of surveys such as this are one way in which
Ed Nair, Editor we remain apprised of key industry events, challenges, activities, trends, etc.
ed@cybermedia.co.in Surveys, combined with reports from analysts or other industry influencers, me-
Namita Goel, Assistant Editor dia coverage, industry groups/associations and direct client feedback, all help
namitag@cybermedia.co.in provide significant industry intelligence and help us align our service strategy to
Imrana Khan, Sr. Correspondent best meet the needs of the market.” - David Garner, CEO, Sitel Worldwide
Pratibha Varma, Sr. Correspondent “Useful, but quite honestly, we march to the beat of our customers drum, so that
pratibhav@cybermedia.co.in is what we are most interested in.” - Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

Sales and Marketing Team “We think these kinds of surveys are very important for understanding some
Satish Gupta, General Manager - of the key trends which are not captured in the direct relationship with the clients.
Sales and Marketing, They are also useful for exploring the viewpoints surrounding different issues
satishg@cybermedia.co.in and generating ideas for better services and solutions.” - Doug Gattuso, VP,
Arun M., Product Manager Managing Director of Neoris’ North American Business Operation
Gunjan Sharma, Assistant Manager-Sales “Very useful. These type of surveys represent industry’s pulse point, provid-
gunjans@cybermedia.co.in ing an up-to-date overview of the industry, articulating latest trends and con-
ditions. In addition, they provide a great benchmarking opportunity for all the
Office service providers. - Dmitry Loschinin, CEO & President, Luxoft
Cyber Media (India) Ltd.
Cyber House “While TCS continues to gauge the market, such surveys provide further mar-
B-35, Sec-32, Institutional Area ket information and perspectives to TCS. These surveys also help provide the
Gurgaon, Haryana 122 002, India market perception about TCS on a global platform.” - S. Ramadorai, CEO, TCS
Tel: +91 124 403 1234

2009-GlobalServices 100 30 www.globalservicesmedia.com