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I have done my BS Communication Systems Engineering (CSE) in 2010 from Institute of Space Technology (IST), Islamabad, Pakistan which is the pioneer institute to offer this program in Pakistan. During this four years program, I worked on different interestingly challenging projects including my Final Year Project named IEEE 802.11g Standard's PHY Layer Implementation on USRP Board using GNURadio. It needed an extensive knowledge of Wireless Communications, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), IEEE Wireless Communication Standards, etc. My BS program courses include Digital Communication Systems, Mobile and Wireless Communications, EMF & Microwaves, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Satellite Communications, Signals and Systems, etc. Among them my interest in EMF & Microwaves and Digital Signal Processing was exclusively appreciated and encouraged by both my teachers and my fellow students. My research work in EMF & Microwaves under the supervision of a dedicated instructor Dr. Muhammad Amin paid off in terms of a research paper ( A Measure of Distortion and Its Variation Due To Attenuation Constant and Frequency Dependent NonLinear Phase Constant) published in IEEE LAPC 2009, Loughborough. So far I have worked with both academia and telecom industry. Currently I am working with Ufone GSM (Pakistans third largest cellular network) at a position of Executive Engineer in Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC - Radio) and my job responsibilities are fault, configuration and performance management following companys SOPs strictly. Before that I have worked at IST on the project of ground station software development for their icube picosatellite project. Apart from that I had had a chance to work with RF Optimization department at Ufone GSM for a couple of months where working with radio signals was a real fun. [UNIVERSITY PARA COMES HERE] Moreover, to my mind generally in Pakistan Cellular companies buy services from global vendors for fairly high costs. On the contrary if academia is given a chance to develop such services, it might a highly cost effective solution and it will pay academia as well as industry financially and emotionally. Idea is to gather a pool of single minded people from both academia and industry to initiate this process that can work wonder for country like Pakistan which is running short on its resources. To boot, this degree will be instrumental in advancing my career which will eventually help me making an orphanage as I always dreamt of. To conclude this all, I would like to add that essence of the university education is that it is a two-way learning environment where students and teachers are in a continuous process of mutual learning. Moreover, I believe that MST will be a major step towards my objectives and I will be grateful if given a

chance to achieve this milestone at your prestigious institute and will try to justify the faith you lay on me.