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Cui se adreseaza acest aparat?

Aparatul poate fi folosit de reflexoterapeuti, fizioterapeuti, medicilor specialisti de reumatologie si recuperare medicala dar si medicilor de familie si celor cu alte specialitati, persoanelor care practica metode alterntaive de vindecare precum si pacientilor care pot utiliza acest aparat acasa, fiind insa sub supraveghere medical. Acest aparat a trecut multiple teste clinice si de laborator care au evidentiat in mod obiectiv efectul benefic in ameliorarea unor afeciuni. Acest aparat poate fi folosit in paralel cu tratamentul medicamentos, potentand astfel efectul acesteia si diminuand efectele secundare. Terapia EHF apartine tehnicilor de fizioterapie non-invaziva

Afectiuni neurologice: scolioze, tulburari circulatorii cerebrale, migrene, tulburari ale somnului, distonie vegetative, epilepsie, nervroze, sechele AVC Afectiuni cardiovasculare: varice, hipotensiune, tulburri ischemice Afectiuni gastrointestinale: ulcer gastro-duodenal, diskinezie biliar, pancreatit, afeciuni hepatice (hepatit cronic si ciroz) Afectiuni osteo-articulare : artrit, artroz, osteocondroz Afeciuni ginecologice: afeciuni inflamatorii din micul bazin, Gynecologic diseases: Inflammation of appendages of a uterus, including with disturbance of genesial function, abort pregnancy, after abortion complications, a hysteromyoma and others Diseases of genitourinary system: Renal colic, pyelonephritis, cystitis, urolithiasis, impotency, prostate adenoma, prostatitis and so forth Diseases of endocrine system: Diffusive toxic struma, nodal struma, diabetes and its complications and so forth Diseases Pneumonia, of bronchial asthma, respiratory genyantritis, rhinitis peeling, of and organs: others

Treatment of diseases Cataract, glaucoma, koniyuktivites, retina

eyes: short-sightedness

All infectious diseases: Flu, acute respiratory virus infection, quinsy, a virus hepatitis And, In and With, a tuberculosis, an atypical pneumonia, a vernal encephalitis and the latent infections Dermal diseases: Neurodermite, psoriasis, dermatitis, ulcers, an eruption, a vitiligo, mycotic affections, deprive, a herp, a syphilis and others Disposal opistorhos, an enterobiosis, an of ascariasis, shistosomatoz, helminths: and others

Surgical Traumatic and posttraumatic

postoperative damages osteomyelitis,

of a skin, soft combustions

pataloges: and osteal tissues, and others

Diseases paradontit,


of ulitis,

an oral an adentia and

cavity application


and tooth

teeth: prostheses

Oncology: Malignant neoplasms (a cancer thick and a rectum, a skin melanoma, a carcinoma of the stomach, mammary gland tumors, a cancer of lungs, a cancer of ovaries, ENTsbodies, etc.), lymphoma, good-quality formations (tumors of a mammary gland and ovaries, operational interventions on a uterus) Narcology: Alcoholism, toxicomania, mental disturbances of a brain

It not all diseases. Now there is research and techniques and their influence on various illnesses. The most valuable property of the device CEMTECH are its preventive influences on a human body. Principle of work of apparatus "CEMTECH" CEM-therapy - the new modern method, capable to cure set of diseases, including infectious, without application of antibiotics or reducing their application to a minimum. Combines 2 modes of exposure on an organism: a classical regimen of KVCH-THERAPY and a regimen of background resonant radiation (FRI-THERAPY). KVCH the range (superweak electromagnetic radiation of a millimetric range) is open by Russian scientist Devjatkovym still in the middle of centuries. He has established that organism cells work in a range from 42 to 78 GHz (KVCH a range). This wave band binds all cells of our organism in a single whole and allows to support health of the person. Any disease begins with disturbance of the compounded work of cells, including normal interaction among themselves. External influence KVCH - the radiation imitating own radiation of the person, allows to restore normal work of cells. Such electron "massage" forces each cell to carry out better the functions, activates metabolic processes, strengthens interaction with other cells. The radiation inherent to healthy cells is as a result restored. KVCH-THERAPY is applied more than 40 years and for these years repeatedly showed the high efficiency in treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases. KVCHTHERAPY apparatus have deservedly taken the place in offices of physiotherapy and in house first-aid sets. Experience of application of KVCH-RADIATION in medicine is reflected in more than 3000 published works. FRI-THERAPY - the new method of KVCH-THERAPY based on technology of use of a special ultrasonic head (gallium arsenide), capable to fix frequency characteristics of external KVCH-RADIATION and, thus, to form exact similarity of signals of the pathogenic and-or medical factor. The apparatus does electromagnetic "photo" of the ill organ and-or a microorganism and sends back impulse of the same frequency. The virus or a microorganism

perceives it as "" and enters with it a resonance. The microorganisms which have caused disease, are inevitably oppressed and perish. In apparatus CEM TECH the radiation of low efficiency (low power) which is not causing warming of tissues at influence is used. Absence of thermal effects takes out variety of the restrictions inherent to the majority of physiotherapeutic apparatus, such as strict contraindications in the presence of malignant neoplasms, the goodquality tumours, some inflammatory processes, etc. The principle of work of the apparatus consists in the following: thanks to properties of the semi-conductor structures possessing effect of memory, we prepare "photo" of the electromagnetic radiations which are starting with the ill organ and-or micro-organisms. Then by means of a special ultrasonic head the same radio emissions we return to an organism. Process of replacement of pathological electromagnetic radiations of viruses and-or bacteria on radiation of an external source thus begins. Influence on an organism punctual and absolutely exact under frequency characteristics. The micro-organism which has caused disease, is inevitably oppressed and perishes, pathological process is weakened or disappears. The human body thus doesn't suffer. Therefore for device use there are no contraindications. The present video clips contain the simple and accessible information About principles , , MM of therapy, work of devices "CEMTECH".