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I am just finishing a book about these kind of inductions here are some of my notes on the handshake.

The Handshake Anthony Jacquin Two main methods of handshake induction can be used. Erickson developed one. He is known to have used it so often that rarely would anyone wish to shake his hand. He would not quite let go of their hand and would use an ambiguous touch until the hand took its own weight and developed catalepsy. Or he would simply show them the back/palm of their hand and ask them to focus on a spot on it then lead them in from there. The technique outlined below is widely credited to Richard Bandler, one of the cofounders of NLP. It is easier to do than Ericksons and very effective. You in effect go to shake someones hand and interrupt the handshake by taking hold of their hand with your other hand and showing it to them. This creates a moment of confusion and you lead the subject into trance. It can all be done in under 10 seconds. Again it can be used after a Set Piece or done from cold. It is one of the best inductions for unannounced impromptu hypnosis. 1. Offer your right hand to subject (like a handshake). 2. As subject offers their hand, pull you hand away slightly and use your left hand to lightly grasp the subjects right wrist and move it to a distance of about 18 inches from their face. 3. Say quite quickly in a command tonality Thats right....just look at that hand, as you watch that hand move towards you (move it slightly towards the subjects face while pointing at it with the other hand) you notice the changing focus of your eyes and as you do, notice the tendency for your eyes to close - simultaneous to the phrase eyes to close drop your pointing hand downward and away from there focus so that there eyes are encouraged to follow. 'Sleep. Go deep asleep. or... 4. Assuming the eyes are closed (or even if they are not) continue on......As you notice that hand is getting closer and closer to your face (the hand is moving cataleptically now) Thats right closer and closer (slow down and soften voice and delivery)...until you just allow it to happen...all the way...down...thats right...all the way down while that hands remains totally fixed there right there...held on that wire..... 5. The subject is now in a light trance with a cataleptic arm....it is up to you whether you wish to continue deepening trance or just use the existing situation to deliver some other suggestion.... _____________________________________________________________________ After point three my preferred approach is to simply command 'sleep' and nudge their head forward and pace that.

Timing is importnt because what you are doing is creating a moment of confusion then pacing what is actually happenening in their experience and then leading them. I did this in a bar recently from cold. Walked up to the bar stuck out my hand to the barman and did the handshake. Within about 5 seconds his forehead was stuck to the bar, within a few more he was giving me drinks on the house believeing me to be his favourite movie star. All from a handshake. So yes it can be used the first time you meet a subject although I wouldn't do this in a therapy room. It does not require any pre hypnotic rampling or rapport building. It is not so much the question that confuses them more the bizarre thing you are doing with their hand. But you have just a second or so to catch that moment.