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Banna Rajputo ki Shan h, Baisa Rajputo ki Jaan h, Jo ek Pal Karde Naam Roshan Rajputo ka..

Bas Yahi to "BANNA nd BAISA" ki pehchan h.

"Beauty of BAISA that looks more beautiful in the Rajputi Ghoonghat"

Aanganiye baaaze sehnaai milan rut aayi

dats wat Royal Rajputana stands for

its always a pleasure to see such awesome gathering as it gives feelings of family n apnapaan

Mharo Desh mhara sanskaar mharo rangeelo RAJPARIWAAR

The EPITOME BEAUTY & SIMPLICITY of our culture (when ever the Rajput wedding takes place , the guest are welcmed with tilak , These are the traditions which gives the feeling n proud of being Rajput )

(pic by :Hemendra Singh Rathore)

Prithviraj Rathore of Bikaner's Letter to Maharana Pratap

When Maharana Pratap wrote to Akbarindicating his readiness to negotiate a treaty. Pratap's first cousin (his mother's sister's son) Maharaja Prithviraj Rathore of Bikaner, who was one of Akbar's courtiers, heard of this overture. He is said to have grown despondent and wrote this letter to his cousin Maharana Pratap:

The letter from Prithviraj Rathore sent to Pratap in poetic language, ran like this.

Patal sun Patshah, bole mukh hunta bayanMihir picham dis mahn, uge kasaprao utPatakun munchyan pan, ke patakun nij tan karad'Dije likh Deewan,in do mahali bat ik wi

(The mouth of Pratap has begun to say"Badshah". O Rao! has the sun started rising in the West, as well? Shouldo I keep my hand over my mustache or should my body fall with my own hands? O Deewan! write an answer choosing between the two.)

Pratap replied to this letter like this.

Turak kahasi turakado, in mukh sun IklingUge jya hi ugasi, prachi bich PatangKhushi hunt Peethal Kamadh, patako munchyan panJete hai pachatanPato, kilama sir kewan

(Lord Eklingji will always make my mouth call him "Turk". The sun will risein the east always. O Prithviraj Rathorebe happy and put your hand over your mustache. Till Pratap stands on his feet, his sword will keep hovering over the heads of the invaders.)


Drinking Drinking Little Beer..

How I WonderWhich Bar Is Near...

Quarter Rates R Up So High...

Drink A Peg With Chicken Pie

During British rule many Rajputs in and around the areas which were not very fertile became Dhadaytis, Dhadaytis were Daakus in loose sense, but as they were Rajputs they brought in a code of conduct, they used to warn one day before ,they never touched women or children and harassed mainly very rich people.They used to take money and food from them and distribute it among their followers and subjects dependent upon them. Kunwar Gaj Singh was one such dhadayti, he used to loot british caravans , rich traders and distribute those to people in and around his village.He was an extra ordinary swordsman having a very strong built. Once when he was returning from a dhadha he carried out, he met a very old woman who was weeping .He couldnt see it and asked her "Ae Maa, Kyun rove aekli"meaning "Oh mother ,why u weep alone". The woman asked him his name to which he politely replied.The woman was a Gurjari.(The caretaker to Maharan Pratap Panna Dhaay was also a Gurjari who sacrificed her child to save Maharana.).The old woman on hearing the name Kr.gaj Singh Chauhan said"oh kunwaraa, Main Hoonyo ki Rajput Naa aehsaan bhoole aur Naa bairi chode" meaning "oh prince, i have heard that Rajputs never forget a favour and never forgive an enemy". Gaj singh kept on listenig. The woman continued "Toh Banna , Aa buddhi aaj aehsaan ko badlo maange , aur Thaanka dushman ko Sar"meaning"prince, this old woman demands return to a favour and the head of ur enemy".

Gaj singh was puzzled and asked her to clearify to which the woman replied " That a Gurjar woman once saved the leader of the Rajputs Maharana Pratap, its a favour on all rajputs by a gurjari, i demand a reward to that favour, and as u called me mother, the person who hurt me becomes ur enemy, i demand his head". Gaj Singh then asked her who had hurt her to which she replied that she was coming back from her peeyar along with her daughter and going to her village with her valuables on her bullock cart. Eight men, 2 of whome were white beat her up and took away her bullock cart and her young daughter. She aked gaj Singh to give his word to bring back wat is hers along with the heads of those men. Gaj Singh thought for a while, a few of his men adviced against listening to the woman as they already had a lot of valuables with them to take care of and that if the britishers came to know they could be ambushed and caught. After a while Gaj Singh said " vachan diyo, Jo thaaro bachiyo hai woh paachyo thaaro, yaa Mhaaro sar , Yaa thaara Bairiyaan ro "(my word, what ever is left of what was urs , will be urs again and either it will be my head or the head of ur enemies". He then ordered his men to move on along with their loot, and that he would remain behind to help the woman. He ordered one of his men Ram Singh to stay with the woman till he comes back.When Ram singh said that u cannot face 8 men alone , may be there will be more , Gaj singh laughed and replied " das naraa ek surmaa aur suram das ek kunwar " meaning " 10 men equals a warrior and 10 warriors equals a Rajput" and rode off in the direction the woman said they went a few hours back. Gaj Singh managed to track them quickly because of the bullock cart marks and their slow speed.He challenged them. Like he had said those 8 men could not face him, he managed to kill them all .But he recieved 4 deep cuts on his body and in the sword fight his horse died and the bull got a deep cut on its shoulder.But Gaj singh had given his word that watever is left of the womans belongings, he will return it to her.So he threw all the heads of the 8 men in the cart, asked the gal to sit in , he tied the bull to the back of the cart and he pulled the cart himself.One of the wooden wheel of the cart broke.He asked the gal to get down and iinstructed her to bring the bull behind him. He then lifted the bullock cart with his bare hands on his head and walked all the way back . He reached the Woman and threw all the 8 heads at her feet and collapsed before saying " Mother, i kept my word...". Ram singh brought back his body and a shrine was built where he was cremated.It is said that when his father listened to how his young son died, his eyes didnt go wet, He became proud,his head went high as if he was

thanking God for giving him a son who kept the tradition of "Praan jaaye par vachan naa Jaaye " alive. When I think of the last words of gaj singh" Mother, i kept my word..." it feels as if the entire Kshatriya way of life,the way of the warrior is being depicted in these words. A young man who fought 8 men, killed them all, inspite of being grievously injured lifted a bullock cart on his head not caring about his wounds, but only about the word he had given.Where did that strength come from.May be from his proud belief that as a Rajput its his duty to keep his word at any cost.As if in his last moment Gaj Singh was bragging childishly to the world that look I am a Rajput, look I made my ancestors proud, look I kept my word.....

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Manwaar is one of the Enriched Traditions of Kunwar kaleva Rasam of Rajputs. Pic from the marriage of our Admin banna Azad Singh Shekhawat Showing the Beautiful tradition of Kunwar kaleva

Toran Marna Parampara of Royal Rajputana. Admin Banna Azad Singh Shekhawat toran mar kar barat aagaman ka sandesh dete huye.

Toran marna pratha prachin kaal se Rajput samaj mai chali aa rahi h, lakin kafi logon ko iska real meaning nahi pata. Baat barso purani h jab ek Rajput Raja ki Rajkumari bhot hi shaitaain thi toh bachman mai raja usse kehte ki tu

shaitani karegi toh teri shadi iss chede (Toran) se kar dunga.. Samay beet ta gaya, Rajkumari badi ho gayi and raja ne unke liye bhot hi sunder se rajkumar ko vivah k liye Chuna.

Jab Rajmukar apni barat leke Raja k darbar pahunche toh unhone dekha ki ek Chida (Toran) apni barat lekar b pahuncha hua tha. Chide ne Rajput raja ko bachman mai kahi baat yaad dilayi ki aapne kaha tha apni beti ka vivah mere se karenge. Aab Rajput raja vachhan badh, tab rajkumar se Chide ka Vadh kar k Apni Rajkumari ko prapt kiya.

Isliye Rajput Banna jab Vivah k mandap mai jate h toh Toran (Chide ki pic) ka talwar se vadh kar apni Baisa ko {rapt karte h.

Jai Mataji Sa

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Royality is inherited neither it can be created nor it can be destroyed , it just keep passing from 1 generation to another. Thats the reason Rajput are born ROYALS

Tera Sath h toh mujhe kya kami h, Andheron se bhi mil rahi Roshini H

Dedicating this post to the never lasting Love of Banna & Baisa

Rajputs are not about heavy jewelry, Royal Attire and get up, But The Real RAJPUT is all about the Simplicity, Sanskaars.

Sanksaars jo humare Dadisa hukum, Maa sa hukums humhe sikhate h, voh sabse jyada Value rakhte h.

Aaj bhi Humare gaanvon mai, Thikano mai jo Apnepan ka Ehsaas h voh Sabdon mai bayan Nahi kar sakte