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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

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Aborigine, n adventure, n advert, n already, adv ambition, n ambitious, adj ambitiously, adv ancient, adj archaeology, n back out, base, n be into sth, biography, n boring, adj botanist, n brave, adj bravely, adv bravery, n break down, bungee jumping, n by, prep camel, n campsite, n cannibal, n canoeing, n certainly, adv challenging, adj changeable, adj cheat, v climbing, n cold, adj comfortable, adj constitutional monarchy, n cruise, n dangerous, adj dark, adj darkness, n death, n desert, n desert island, n despair, n desperate, adj desperately, adv /"{b@'rIdZ@ni/ /@d'ventS@/ /'{dv:t/ /O:l'redi/ /{m'bIS@n/ /{m'bIS@s/ /{m'bIS@sli/ /'eInS@nt/ /"A:ki'l@dZi/ /"b{k 'aUt @v, v/ /beIs/ /bi 'Int@ "smTI/ /baI'gr@fi/ /'bO:rI/ /'bt@nIst/ /breIv/ /'breIvli/ /'breIv@ri/ /"breIk 'daUn/ /'bndZi "dZmpI/ /baI/ /'k{m@l/ /'k{mpsaIt/ /'k{n@b@l/ /k@'nu:I/ /'s:tnli/ /'tS{l@ndZI/ /'tSeIndZ@b@l/ /tSi:t/ /'klaImI/ /k@Uld/ /'kmft@b@l, 'kmf@t / /"knst@tju:S@n@ l 'mn@ki/ /kru:z/ /'deIndZ@r@s/ /dA:k/ /'dA:kn@s/ /deT/ /'dez@t/ /"dez@t 'aIl@nd/ /dI'spe@/ /'desp@r@t/ /'desp@r@tli/ Aboriginovia - pvodn obyvatelia Austrlie
Did you meet any Aborigines when you went to Australia? dobrodrustvo It's a book about Johnson's adventures at sea.

reklama, inzert Have you seen that advert for Nike sportswear? u I've seen that film already. ambcia, cie, My ambition is to become a doctor. cieavedom, ambicizny We are looking for ambitious, hard-working young

cieavedome He ambitiously decided to try for the top job. starovek It looked like an ancient building that had not been used for centuries. archeolgia She wants to study archaeology. vycva z nieoho The salesman tried to back out of the deal. zklada The scientists worked from their base in Antarctica. zaujma sa He's really into football these days. ivotopis, biografia He wrote a biography of Princess Diana. nudn The programme was so boring she fell asleep. botanik The botanist discovered a new plant. staton, odvny He was a brave man and gave his life to save others. statone The mountaineers battled bravely against the weather. statonos, odvaha He was awarded a medal for his bravery. pokazi sa The car broke down in the middle of the motorway. skok na lane Zak went bungee jumping whilst on holiday in New Zealand. predloka s dopr. prostriedkom - s autobusom I go to work by bus. ava The camel race was one of the best bits of our holiday. kemp, stanov tbor In the storm, all the tents on the campsite were washed

kanibal The cannibals hadn't eaten anyone for weeks! kanoing We could go canoeing this weekend. urite This match will certainly be difficult for us to win. nron, vyzvav Teaching is a very challenging job. premenliv The weather is very changeable today. podvies, vindlova Her son feels he has been cheated out of his inheritance. horolezectvo, plhanie, lezenie We go climbing in the Welsh mountains. studen, odmeran She's a really cold person, never smiling or friendly. pohodln Are you comfortable sitting on the floor? kontitun monarchia
The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy.

plavba Let's go on a cruise to Alaska! nebezpen Police say the escaped prisoner is a very dangerous man. tmav It's only five o'clock, and it's already dark . tma The whole house was in darkness. smr After her husband's death, she lived alone for 20 years. p The people travelled on camels in the desert. opusten ostrov The shipwrecked survivors swam to a desert island. zfalstvo, bezndej I was in despair, until she phoned to say that she was all

zfal, bezndejn zfalo, bezndejne

Many homeless families are in desperate situations. They were desperately anxious to help.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

desperation, n diary, n die, v difficult, adj difficulty, n disaster, n disastrous, adj diving, n dolphin, n dream, v dying, adj ecosystem, n eco-tourism, n educational, adj end, n environment, n ethnographer, n exciting, adj exhaust, v exhausted, adj exhausting, adj exhaustion, n exotic, adj expedition, n expensive, adj exploration, n explore, v explorer, n extract, n extreme mountain biking, n extreme skiing, n extreme sport, n fail, v failing, prep failure, n fascinating, adj fed up, adj flying, n fossil, n four-wheel-drive, n friend, n frightening, adj get sth across, go through with, /"desp@'reIS@n/ /'daI@ri/ /daI/ /'dIfIk@lt/ /'dIfIk@lti/ /dI'zA:st@/ /dI'zA:str@s/ /'daIvI/ /'dlfIn/ /dri:m/ /'daII/ /'i:k@U"sIst@m/ /'i:k@U "tU@rIz@m/ /"edjU'keIS@n@l/ /end/ /In'vaI@r@nm@nt/ /eT'ngr@f@/ /Ik'saItI/ /Ig'zO:st/ /Ig'zO:stId/ /Ig'zO:stI/ /Ig'zO:stS@n/ /Ig'ztIk/ /"eksp@'dIS@n/ /Ik'spensIv/ /"ekspl@'reIS@n/ /Ik'splO:/ /Ik'splO:r@/ /'ekstr{kt/ /Ik"stri:m 'maUnt@n "baIkI/ /Ik"stri:m 'ski:I/ /Ik"stri:m 'spO:t/ /feIl/ /'feIlI/ /'feIlj@/ /'f{s@neItI/ /"fed 'p/ /'flaII/ /'fs@l/ /"fO: wi:l 'draIv/ /frend/ /'fraItnI/ /"get smTI @'krs/ /g@U 'Tru: wID, wIT/

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zfalstvo, bezndej In desperation she called the police for help. dir I'll check my diary to see if I can come on Friday. zomrie Grandfather died last year. nron Skiing isn't difficult, but it takes practice. akos I had difficulty finding Kim's house. katastrofa Forty people were killed in the rail disaster. katastroflny It will be disastrous if we lose. potpanie We went diving on the coral reef. delfn You can swim with dolphins at that hotel in Hawaii. snva My son dreams about becoming an astronaut. posledn minta He scored his goal in the dying minutes of the game. ekosystm In the Earth's ecosystem, most animals and plants depend on others for
their existence.

eko turistika

Eco-tourism tries to be careful about its impact on the environment.

vchovn Her parents only bought educational games, she never had any fun. koniec He met his end climbing mountains. ivotn prostredie We must protect the environment. etnograf The ethnographer asked the old man if he could study his people. vzruujci It was a pretty exciting game. vyerpa Looking after the kids exhausts me. vyerpan I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on the couch. vyerpvajci It had been an exhausting day and I couldn't wait to get to bed. vyerpanie He was suffering from exhaustion and stayed in bed for a week. exotick When I visit tropical places I love seeing exotic flowers and birds. expedcia, vprava Ben went on an expedition to the South Pole. drah, nkladn We can't afford this it's too expensive. prieskum, prebdanie They went on a journey of exploration in South America. prebda, preskma They spent the afternoon exploring the town. bdate, prieskumnk Marco Polo was a famous explorer of Asia. trok, extrakt The author read out a short extract from his novel. extrmne horsk bicyklovanie I think I'd enjoy extreme mountain biking as I
love cycling.

extrmne lyovanie

I tried extreme skiing last year but broke my leg.

extrmne porty Any extreme sport appeals to me as I love dangerous sports. neuspie, neurobi skku She failed all her exams . pri nedostatku / nedostvajc/ Failing her help, we shall have to try
something else.

nespech He went to Australia after his failure to get a job in England. fascinujca This is a fascinating book. ma dos, by otrven I'm fed up with my job! lietanie I don't want to go flying in that tiny plane! foslie, skameneliny They found some fossils of early reptiles preserved in the

pohanie tyroch kolies

Four-wheel-drives use a lot of fuel.

priate Kate was new to the school but soon made friends. straideln It's a very frightening film. dosta nieo k niekomu I tried to get the message across to her but she just
looked blank.

dokoni, pokraova alej

When the time came, I couldn't go through with it.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

guest house, n hang-glide, v ice diving, n ice-canyoning, n indigenous, adj inhospitable, adj instructor, n key, n learn about sth, lines, n listen to, living, n lonely, adj luckily, adv luxurious, adj make, v marathon, n microlight, n mid-twenties, n miss sb, moment, n monarchy, n museum, n nightlife, n orchid, n organisation, n organise, v organised, adj original, adj parachuting, n participant, n penguin, n permanently, adv persuade sb to, planet, n polar, adj pony, n practise, v prefer, v preparation, n prepare for, price, n price, v privacy, n /'gest haUs/ /'h{ glaId/ /'aIs "daIvI/ /"aIs 'k{nj@nI/ /In'dIdZ@n@s/ /"Inh'spIt@b@l/ /In'strkt@/ /ki:/ /'l:n @baUt "smTI/ /laInz/ /'lIs@n t@, tU/ /'lIvI/ /'l@Unli/ /'lk@li/ /lg'zjU@ri@s, l@g'ZU@ri@s/ /meIk/ /'m{r@T@n/ /'maIkr@UlaIt/ /"mId 'twentiz/ /'mIs "smb@di/ /'m@Um@nt/ /'mn@ki/ /mju:'zi:@m/ /'naItlaIf/ /'O:kId/ /"O:g@naI'zeIS@n / /'O:g@naIz/ /'O:g@naIzd/ /@'rIdZIn@l/ /'p{r@Su:tI/ /pA:'tIs@p@nt/ /'pegwIn/ /'p:m@n@ntli/ /p@'sweId "smb@di t@, tU/ /'pl{n@t/ /'p@Ul@/ /'p@Uni/ /'pr{ktIs/ /prI'f:/ /"prep@'reIS@n/ /prI'pe@ f@, fO:/ /praIs/ /praIs/ /'prIv@si/ privt, kde sa d ubytova, penzin
and breakfast.

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We chose a guest house that did bed I'd like to hang-glide, but it's an

zvesn lietanie, lietanie na rogale

expensive sport.

potpanie pod adom


I'm not allowed to go ice diving as Mum says it can kill

zlaovanie adovcov My friend went ice-canyoning and broke her leg. domorod, pvodn Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia. nehostinn Siberia is one of the most inhospitable regions on Earth. intruktor I asked for a female instructor as women are better drivers. k What do you think is the key to a happy life? dozvedie sa o... I learned about the accident when I rang to talk to her. riadky Reading between the lines, I could tell she wanted to come home. pova James didn't listen to the instructions properly and got lost. ivobytie He just about makes a living by working on the market. osamel I felt really lonely while my parents were away. naastie Luckily, it didn't rain all day. luxusn, prepychov He has a luxurious apartment in the south of France. urobi She soon made friends with the girl next door. maratn He's going to run the New York marathon. ultra ahk I didn't like flying in the microlight, it was too small. polovica dvadsiatych rokov She was in her mid-twenties when she had her
first child.

postrda niekoho

When my best friend went to another school, I missed him

chva, moment At the moment, I'm at RADA studying to be an actor. monarchia In spite of many changes, the UK remains a monarchy. mzeum She is planning a class trip to the museum. non ivot The big attraction in Berlin is the nightlife. orchidea I have two pots of orchids, one white and one purple. organizcia Liam's work was brilliant, but it lacked organisation. organizova She organised a concert to raise money for charity. organizovan She was so well organised, you could tell exactly when she was
going to arrive. pvodn The original plan was to catch the ferry.

parautistika, skkanie padkom I wanted to go parachuting but I just couldn't jump out of the plane. astnk Mark was a willing participant in the study. tuniak All the penguins huddled together to keep warm. permanentne, stle Why don't you come and live with us permanently? presvedi niekoho The salesman couldn't persuade her to buy a new car. planta Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. polrny The polar regions of the Earth are some of the coldest on the planet. ponk Ted liked to ride on the ponies when he visited the farm. precviova I have to practise playing the trumpet every day. uprednostova, preferova I prefer football to cricket. prprava He sometimes spends hours in preparation for an important game. pripravi sa You must prepare for the future by getting a well-paid job. cena Having to move to Leeds was a small price to pay for being able to keep my job. oceni I think they've priced the house very reasonably. skromie Teenagers need some privacy.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

progress, n protection, n put on clothes, pyramids, n race, n rainforest, n rainy, adj rapidly, adv reasonably, adv relieved, adj remarkable, adj remote, adj reserve, v rheumatism, n right now, rock, n rock climbing, n round-the-world, run out of sth, sad, adj sadden, v sadly, adv sadness, n safari, n safe, adj sailing, n scientific, adj set up, shock, v skiing, n skysurfing, n sledge, n sleeping bag, n smoky, adj snowboarding, n snowrafting, n spirit, n splitting, adj street-lugeing, n stunning, adj succeed, v success, n successful, adj successfully, adv sunny, adj take up, /'pr@Ugres/ /pr@'tekS@n/ /"pUt n 'kl@UDz, 'kl@Uz/ /'pIr@mIdz/ /reIs/ /'reIn"fr@st/ /'reIni/ /'r{p@dli/ /'ri:z@n@bli/ /rI'li:vd/ /rI'mA:k@b@l/ /rI'm@Ut/ /rI'z:v/ /'ru:m@tIz@m/ /"raIt 'naU/ /rk/ /'rk "klaImI/ /"raUnd D@ 'w:ld/ /rn 'aUt @v "smTI/ /s{d/ /'s{dn/ /'s{dli/ /'s{dn@s/ /s@'fA:ri/ /seIf/ /'seIlI/ /"saI@n'tIfIk/ /"set 'p/ /Sk/ /'ski:I/ /'skaI"s:fI/ /sledZ/ /'sli:pI b{g/ /'sm@Uki/ /'sn@UbO:dI/ /'sn@UrA:ftI/ /'spIrIt/ /'splItI/ /"stri:t 'lu:ZI/ /'stnI/ /s@k'si:d/ /s@k'ses/ /s@k'sesf@l/ /s@k'sesf@li/ /'sni/ /"teIk 'p/

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pokrok Parents want to be told about their child's progress at school. ochrana The trees gave them some protection against the rain. obliec si He put on his clothes then went down to breakfast. pyramda We went to Egypt to see the pyramids. preteky They had a race to the South Pole and Amundsen got there before Scott. daov prales They're cutting down millions of trees and causing the destruction
of the rainforest. upran It was a rainy day so the children played indoors.

rchlo, rapdne The disease was spreading more rapidly than expected. rozumne, slune The house was very reasonably priced. ukudnen, kudn, uvolnen We were all relieved when she returned home

pozoruhodn That's a remarkable achievement. vzdialen, odahl The fire was in a remote mountain area where no one lived. rezervcia We visited a wild animal reserve in Kenya. reuma She had rheumatism and her fingers were swollen and painful. hne teraz, v tejto chvli I want you home right now, so don't give me any more

skala They found a diamond in the middle of the rock. lezenie po skalch We went rock climbing at the weekend. okolo sveta Mum and Dad are going on a round-the-world trip next year. min nieo,
We're always running out of milk at our house.

smutn The movie had a very sad ending. zarmti, trchli Her death saddened everyone greatly. smutne She smiled sadly. smtok Even when she smiled, she had a kind of sadness. safari We spent three weeks on safari in Kenya. bezpen You can walk on the bridge it's perfectly safe. plachtenie, plavenie They've invited us to go sailing this weekend. vedeck The scientist was working on a scientific experiment. prestrie We set up the tables for the Christmas party. okova His arrogance shocked everybody who met him. lyovanie We went skiing in Switzerland. surfovanie vo vzduchu They jumped out of the aeroplane on their boards and
went skysurfing.

snky Ben dragged his sledge through the snow. spack Because I forgot my sleeping bag I had to sleep on the ground. zadymen The room was crowded and smoky. snowboarding I prefer snowboarding to skiing. raftovanie na snehu Snowrafting down a snowy mountain in a rubber boat is
fantastic fun!

duch He said he could talk to the spirit of his dead mother. trietiv He talks so loudly, he's given me a splitting headache. snkovanie They took their sleds and went street-lugeing down the hill. ohromujci You look stunning in that dress. uspie By pushing hard, he succeeded in opening the window. spech They were pleased with their success at the tournament. spen They were successful in persuading him to join their team. spene They successfully completed the obstacle course. slnen It was a wonderful, warm, sunny summer's day. zaa s..., da sa na.. Mum and Dad decided to take up tennis this summer.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

take up, talk about sth, team, n tent, n terrible, adj tiring, adj touch, v trek, n trekker, n trekking, n tribe, n trip, n trouble, n turn up for sth, uncomfortable, adj value, n variety, n volcano, n wait for, whale, n while, linking word white water rafting, n widow, n work for, worry about sth, /"teIk 'p/ /'tO:k @baUt "smTI/ /ti:m/ /tent/ /'ter@b@l/ /'taI@rI/ /ttS/ /trek/ /'trek@/ /'trekI/ /traIb/ /trIp/ /'trb@l/ /"t:n 'p f@ "smTI/ /n'kmft@b@l, n'kmf@t / /'v{lju:/ /v@'raI@ti/ /vl'keIn@U/ /'weIt f@, fO:/ /weIl/ /waIl/ /"waIt wO:t@ 'rA:ftI/ /'wId@U/ /'w:k f@, fO:/ /'wri @baUt "smTI/ zaa s..., da sa na..

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After she saw it on TV, Gran decided to take up ballroom

rozprva o...

In the office, everyone talks about what was on TV the night before.

skupina, tm The sledge was pulled by a team of dogs. stan We had to put up our tent in the dark. stran, hrozn We had terrible weather on the journey here. unavujci The plane was in the air for 12 hours and it was a tiring journey. dotyk, spojenie He said he would get in touch by phone, but I haven't heard from

cestovanie They went on a long and difficult trek through the jungle. cestovate The lonely trekker looked tired and weary. cestovanie We all went on a trekking holiday last year. kme The Masai are one of the largest tribes in Kenya. vlet Dad's promised that we can go on a trip to Disneyland. problm We had a lot of trouble parking the car. prs, objavi sa We all turned up for the wedding except for the bride! nepohodln
I'm always so uncomfortable on long plane journeys.

hodnota, cena That washing machine is good value for money at the price. druh We tried three different varieties of cheese. sopka The volcano erupted without warning. aka na Dinner was late but wonderful well worth waiting for! veryba The whale is an endangered species. chva, zatia o... I found the noise irritating but, after a while, I didn't notice it. raftovanie na perejch My brother went white water rafting at the weekend. vdova She was a young, rich widow and did not intend to marry again. pracova pre He had always had to work for a living, nothing came easily. ma starosti o nieo He worried about getting into university, as his grades were

a bit, absolutely, adv action, n activist, n actor, n actress, n adventure, n album, n anarchist, n arrest, v bacillus, n bacteria, n break up with sb, brilliant, adj cab, n candy, n /@ 'bIt/ /'{bs@lu:tli, "{bs@'lu:tli/ /'{kS@n/ /'{kt@vIst/ /'{kt@/ /'{ktr@s/ /@d'ventS@/ /'{lb@m/ /'{n@kIst/ /@'rest/ /b@'sIl@s/ /b{k'tI@ri@/ /"breIk 'p wID "smb@di/ /'brIlj@nt/ /k{b/ /'k{ndi/ trocha That child is a bit cheeky and not very well-mannered. absoltne I'll be absolutely amazed if we win. in, akcia, / bojov film / The film star did all his own stunts in the action film. aktivista The animal rights activists lay a false trail for the hunting dogs. herec He wants to be an actor when he grows up. hereka Elizabeth Taylor is a famous actress. dobrodrun It's an adventure story about Johnson's travels at sea. album Do you have Madonna's new album? anarchista He's always been an anarchist and hates following rules. zatkn They arrested her for stealing. bacil It was the kind of bacillus that caused diseases. baktria This cleaning product kills bacteria. rozs sa s niekm I broke up with Rachel when I found out she'd lied to me. brilantn, skvel Pele was a brilliant footballer. taxk We took a cab to the airport. cukrk, cukrovinka Zak bought Suki candy because he knew she liked sweet

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

cartoon, n character, n cholera, n civil rights, n coconut, n coin (toss a -), n comedy, n completely, adv complicated, adj convinced, adj costume, n coward, n crime, n deputy, n detective, n dialogue, n disaster, n eccentric, adj educational, adj emergency service, exciting, adj extremist, n fall for sb, fantastic, adj fantasy, n fantasy, n fascinating, adj fisherman, n funny, adj gang, n get away, get out of, ghost, n go out with sb, goodbye, interj grave, n heads (coin), n heavily, adv hilarious, adj historical, adj horror, n imaginative, adj incredibly, adv interesting, adj jeweller, n laboratory, n legend, n /kA:'tu:n/ /'k{rIkt@/ /'kl@r@/ /"sIv@l 'raIts/ /'k@Uk@nt/ /kOIn/ /'km@di/ /k@m'pli:tli/ /'kmplIkeIt@d/ /k@n'vInst/ /'kstjUm/ /'kaU@d/ /kraIm/ /'depj@ti/ /dI'tektIv/ /'daI@lg/ /dI'zA:st@/ /Ik'sentrIk/ /"edjU'keIS@n@l/ /I'm:dZ@nsi "s:vIs/ /Ik'saItI/ /Ik'stri:mIst/ /'fO:l f@, fO:/ /f{n't{stIk/ /'f{nt@si/ /'f{nt@si/ /'f{s@neItI/ /'fIS@m@n/ /'fni/ /g{/ /get @'weI/ /get 'aUt @v, v/ /g@Ust/ /g@U 'aUt wID "smb@di/ /gUd'baI/ /greIv/ /hedz/ /'hev@li/ /hI'le@ri@s/ /hI'strIk@l/ /'hr@/ /I'm{dZ@n@tIv/ /In'kred@bli/ /'Intr@stI/ /'dZu:@l@/ /l@'br@tri/ /'ledZ@nd/

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rozprvka The children would watch cartoons all day if I let them! charakter, rz The new road will spoil the quiet character of the village. cholera There was an outbreak of cholera and many people died. obianske prva He said the police had ignored his civil rights. kokosov orech Mum put some coconut in the cake mix. minca / hodi si mincou / We tossed a coin to decide who would do the
washing up.

komdia All my favourite films are comedies. plne, kompletne She set out to invent a completely new language. komplikovan These instructions are too complicated. presveden I became convinced that Mara was lying to me. kostm At the fancy dress party everyone had to wear Star Trek costumes. zbabel They called me a coward because I wouldn't fight. zloin, /kriminlny prbeh/ My wife loves reading American crime novels. zstupca She applied for the job of deputy head teacher. detektvny I prefer British detective stories to US ones. dialg, rozhovor The author was terrible at description but great at dialogue. katastrofa The film was about an air disaster and nearly put me off flying. vstredn My uncle is quite an eccentric. vchovn Her parents only bought educational games, she never had any fun. zchrann systm All the emergency services claimed they had too few staff. vzruujci It was a pretty exciting game. extrmista The bomb was planted by a white extremist group. ma scit Ruby fell for Jack as soon as she saw him. fantastick The book is full of fantastic stories about dragons. fantzia Lord of the Rings is a fantasy story set in Middle Earth. fantzia Several famous fantasy authors will be at the bookshop this afternoon. fascinujci He told us fascinating stories about his adventures in Borneo. rybr The fisherman felt a tug on his line and began pulling it in. zbavn It was one of the funniest stories I've ever heard. gang He was beaten up by a gang of youths. unikn, dosta sa pre We get away from the city for short breaks as often as

odstpi od...

He tried to get out of the agreement but it was all down in writing.

duch I don't believe in ghosts but I like listening to ghost stories. vyjs si s niekm von I'd like to go out with Daisy but she only likes Dan. dovidenia Goodbye Chris! See you Monday. hrob Joan put some flowers on her father's grave. hlava / mince / I called "tails" but the coin came down "heads". husto It was still raining heavily. vesel, rozjaren The comedians were hilarious and we couldn't stop laughing. historick The film is based on a historical event. horor He is famous for writing horror stories and film scripts. fantazijn, npadit It was an imaginative story about a world where there were
no men.

neuveritene The children were incredibly excited about visiting Disney World. zaujmav A good teacher can make any subject interesting. klenotnk The jeweller fixed my watch. laboratrium They carried out the experiment in the laboratory. legenda She's written a book about Greek legends.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

look at, love, v mad, adj microscope, n music, n musica, n mutter, v outlaw, v outstanding, adj part (=role), n photography, n plot, n quite, adv rather, adv rob, v romantic, adj scary, adj scene, n science fiction, see sth in sb, sheriff, n shoot, v situation, n slide, v slippers, n special effect, n spy, v steal, v storyline, n tails (coin), n test tube, n thriller, n top hat, n toss (- a coin), v totally, adv travel, v triplet, n use, v used to, modal verb variety show, n victim, n wanted, adj war, n wave, v western, adj whenever, adv /'lUk @t, {t/ /lv/ /m{d/ /'maIkr@sk@Up/ /'mju:zIk/ /'mju:zIk@l/ /'mt@/ /'aUtlO:/ /aUt'st{ndI/ /pA:t/ /f@'tgr@fi/ /plt/ /kwaIt/ /'rA:D@/ /rb/ /r@U'm{ntIk, r@ / /'ske@ri/ /si:n/ /"saI@ns 'fIkS@n/ /'si: "smTI In "smb@di/ /'Ser@f/ /Su:t/ /"sItSu'eIS@n/ /slaId/ /'slIp@z/ /"speS@l I'fekt/ /spaI/ /sti:l/ /'stO:rilaIn/ /teIlz/ /'test tju:b/ /'TrIl@/ /"tp 'h{t/ /ts/ /'t@Utl i/ /'tr{v@l/ /'trIpl@t/ /ju:z/ /'ju:st t@/ /v@'raI@ti S@U/ /'vIkt@m/ /'wntId/ /wO:/ /weIv/ /'west@n/ /wen'ev@/

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pozrie sa na Look at that beautiful painting! milova Gran likes to read love stories. zblznen do... Anna's mad about Steve and wants to marry him. mikroskop I examined the virus under a microscope. hudba Do you like this music? muzikl Mum's gone to see a musical at the cinema. mrmla, repta "Leave me alone," Jay muttered. postavi mimo zkon The new rules will outlaw abortion. vynikajci, vznan Eddie got outstanding results in his exams. rola, postava Who played the part of Mozart in the film? fotografia He developed an interest in photography. dej I found it difficult to follow the plot of the story. dos, celkom It can be quite cold at night. dos, celkom I think you're being rather unfair. vykradn They decided to rob a bank. romantick Barbara Cartland was famous for writing lots of romantic books. straideln It's a really scary movie. scna I loved the scene where the children arrived home. vedecko fantastick When I read science fiction books I can escape everyday

vidie nieo v niekom


I could see she had the makings of a first class chef in

erif The sheriff arrested the cowboy and put him in jail. zastreli He shot the man in the back. situcia We are in a very difficult situation . krycie sklko He examined the blood on the slide through the microscope. papue I think I'll buy my Gran some slippers for her birthday. pecilne efekty This science-fiction film has some fantastic special effects. ptra, pehova He wrote the best spy stories ever written. ukradn Someone stole $5 from her pocket. prbeh The film has a strong storyline. znak / na minci / The captain called "tails" and when he won he decided to bat

testovacia trubica

We put the liquid into a test tube and heated it to 100 degrees

thriller, napnav prbeh I always buy a thriller to read on the plane. cylinder The bridegroom wore a top hat and a bow tie. hodi si They tossed a coin and the winner got to keep the prize. plne, kompletne The town was totally destroyed by the bombing. cestova This publisher specialises in travel books. trojiky Di gave birth to triplets last year. poui Can I use your phone? zvykol He used to go to our school but he left last year. estrda, variet Lots of different celebrities appeared in the variety show. obe The victims of the bomb attack were taken to hospital. hadan He is a wanted criminal. vojna He was a prisoner during the Vietnam War. mva We waved goodbye to Dad. zpadn He's always watching westerns he's mad about cowboys. kedykovek This picture will remind me of you whenever I look at it.


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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

accident, n accommodation, n addition, n after-sun cream, n air pollution, n aisle, n baggage, n balloon, n ballooning, n block, n boarding card, n brutal, adj buy, v calculate, v carriage, n check in, check-in, n claustrophobia, n claustrophobic, adj cold, n common, n commuter, n comply with, consider, v convinced, adj couple, n customs, n cyclist, n desperate, adj drag, v drive, v emergency exit, n exactly, adv extortionate, adj ferry, n fine, adj flight, n flight attendant, n food tray, n gate, n go (- by train, bus, etc), v go (- in a lorry, car, etc), v go (- on foot), v hand (on the one -), n /'{ks@d@nt/ /@"km@'deIS@n/ /@'dIS@n/ /"A:ft@ 'sn kri:m/ /'e@ p@"lu:S@n/ /aIl/ /'b{gIdZ/ /b@'lu:n/ /b@'lu:nI/ /blk/ /'bO:dI kA:d/ /'bru:t@l/ /baI/ /'k{lkj@leIt/ /'k{rIdZ/ /"tSek 'In/ /'tSek In/ /"klO:str@'f@Ubi@/ /"klO:str@'f@UbIk/ /k@Uld/ /'km@n/ /k@'mju:t@/ /k@m'plaI wID, wIT/ /k@n'sId@/ /k@n'vInst/ /'kp@l/ /'kst@mz/ /'saIklIst/ /'desp@r@t/ /dr{g/ /draIv/ /I"m:dZ@nsi 'egzIt, 'eksIt/ /Ig'z{ktli/ /Ik'stO:S@n@t/ /'feri/ /faIn/ /flaIt/ /'flaIt @"tend@nt/ /'fu:d treI/ /geIt/ /g@U/ /g@U/ /g@U/ /h{nd/

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nehoda What would you do if I had an accident? ubytovanie I need to find some cheap accommodation. prdavok, dodatok / naviac / He's studying German, in addition to French and

mlieko po opaovan

After sunbathing, she applied some after-sun cream.

zneistenie ovzduia There's a lot of air pollution from traffic fumes. ulika Please do not block the aisle with your bags. batoina The porter will help you with your baggage. baln The hot-air balloon landed gently on the ground. lietanie balnom Richard loved ballooning and wanted to travel round the world. blok She lives two blocks away. letenka He couldn't get on the plane because he'd lost his boarding card. surov, krut, neznesiten It was a brutal winter and many old people died. kpi I wouldn't buy my computer from a shop in the high street. pota Calculate what the cost will be in pounds and pence. voze I prefer sitting in the first carriage of the train. zaregistrova sa, zapsa sa When I arrived at the hotel, I checked in at the
reception desk.

vstupn kontrola At the check-in they confirmed that I had a window seat. klaustrofbia People who suffer from claustrophobia hate going into caves. klaustrofobick It was such a tiny room, I began to feel claustrophobic. prechladnutie I had a bad cold and had to stay off school. spolon, obyajn, ben They liked each other, but found they had nothing
in common.

lovek pravidelne dochdzajci do zamestnania a majci predplatn lstok The train was packed with commuters going to work. prispsobi sa The headmaster said we had to comply with the school rules. zvi, uvi The price is so high it's not even worth considering. presveden I became convinced that Maria was lying to me. pr, niekoko We bought a couple of oranges at the market stall. coln kontrola All baggage must go through customs. cyklista This part of the road is for cyclists only. zfal Many homeless families are desperate for a place to live. vliec, aha He dragged the bags over to the bus. jazdi, ofrova I learned to drive when I was seventeen. nikov vchod When the fire broke out, everyone ran to the emergency exit. presne I know exactly what is going to happen. vydierask Many local taxi drivers charge extortionate rates. trajekt We went across to France on the ferry. skvele, vborne "Let's meet at seven." Okay, that's fine." let She booked a flight to New York. letuka She wants to be a flight attendant but suffers from air sickness! tcky pod jedlo The flight attendants came round to collect the food trays. brna, vchod Our flight leaves from Gate 13. s vlakom, autobusom, ... We went to the party by car. s v nkladnom aute, osobnom aute, ...
rest went in Dave's car. Some went on the bus and the

s peo The others went on foot as there was no room left on the bus. na jednej strane... One the one hand he annoys me but on the other hand I do

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like him.

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hand (on the other -),


/h{nd/ /h@v, h{v/ /h@v, h{v/ /h@v, h{v/ /'hedeIk/ /'helIkpt@/ /'haIlaIt/ /'hnimu:n/ /haU'ev@/ /"Inf@'meIS@n desk/ /In'veId@/ /'dZ:ni/ /'nlIdZ/ /'l{k @v, v/ /li:p/ /'laIf "dZ{kIt/ /'lk@/ /lu:p/ /'lri/ /'lri "draIv@/ /'lgIdZ/ /'m@Ut@"saIklIst/ /'m@Ut@rIst/ /'mgI/ /'n{r@U/ /'aUtb{k/ /"@Uv@'kraUdI/ /'@Uv@hed, "@Uv@'hed/ /"@Uv@'sli:p/ /'p{sIndZ@/ /'pA:spO:t k@n"tr@Ul/ /p@'destri@n/ /p@"destri@n 'krsI/ /"pIk wnz weI 'Tru:/ /'paIl@t/ /"pl{n@'te@ri@m/ /'pl{tfO:m/ /"prez@n'teIS@n/ /kju:/ /"rez@'veIS@n/ /'r@Udw:k/ /'rks{k/

na strane druhej...
visit him.

On the other hand, maybe I will go after all. I have nothing in common with my uncle, so I never

have (- nothing in common), auxiliary verb have (- time to), auxiliary


nema ni spolon s... ma as na....

Do you have time to meet me for lunch? You're making too much noise! I won't have it!

have (would not have it), v headache, n helicopter, n highlight, v honeymoon, n however, adv information desk, n invader, n journey, n knowledge, n lack of, leap (- into clothes), v life jacket, n locker, n loop, n lorry, n lorry driver, n luggage, n motorcyclist, n motorist, n mugging, n narrow, adj outback, overcrowding, n overhead, adj oversleep, v passenger, n passport control, n pedestrian, adj pedestrian crossing, n pick ones way through, pilot, n planetarium, n platform, n presentation, n queue, n reservation, n roadwork, n rucksack, n

nenecha nieo tak...

boles hlavy I've got a terrible headache. helikoptra The police helicopter flew overhead. vyzdvihn do popredia In his speech, the President highlighted the issue of

medov tdne We're going to Greece for our honeymoon. avak She's a bright student. However, she does need to work harder. informcie The man at the information desk told us which direction to take. votrelec The book describes how invaders from space landed on Earth. cesta How long does your journey to school take? vedomosti, To become a taxi driver he first had to pass the knowledge. nezujem There was a general lack of interest in the lesson. skoi I leapt into my pyjamas and pulled the blankets over my head. zchrann vesta Everyone on board the boat had to wear a life jacket. uzamykaten skrinka I put my hand luggage in the overhead locker. kuka, Join the loop of the "g" to the top of the "a". nkladn auto The lorry was carrying a load of wood. vodi nkladnho auta The lorry driver fell asleep at the wheel. batoina You must not bring more than one item of luggage. motocyklista All the motorcyclists were dressed in leather jackets and trousers. motorista The motorist was speeding down the motorway. napadnutie a okradnutie niekoho na verejnom priestranstve Crime
is on the increase, especially muggings and burglary. zky The old narrow roads had obviously not been built to take much traffic.

vntrozemie, bu My penfriend in Australia lives in the outback. preplnenie There is a lot of overcrowding in cities. nad hlavou The work bench is fitted with an overhead shelf. zaspa Matt overslept this morning and missed the bus. pasaier, cestujci The boat sank, but all the passengers and crew were

pasov kontrola

It took us ages to get through passport control.

chodec He almost knocked down a pedestrian. prechod pre chodcov The car stopped at the pedestrian crossing. vybra sa cez...
Carefully, she picked her way through all the broken glass.

pilot The pilot landed the plane safely on the runway. planetrium There was a long queue outside the planetarium. nstupite The train for Brighton leaves from Platform 4. prezentcia I gave a presentation to the class about my history project. rad I joined the back of the queue. rezervcia, zaistenie si I'd like to make a reservation for dinner tonight. prce na ceste All the cars slowed down because of the roadworks. ruksak, batoh She set off with her rucksack on her back.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

seat, n seat belt, n ship, n show up, sit back, slush, n sore throat, n strict, adj sum up, sunburn, n tablet, n take-off, n terrified, adj ticket collector, n time, n traffic jam, n travel, v trip, n trolley, n tube station, n underground, adj upset, adj van, n well (as as), adv worth, adj yacht, n /si:t/ /'si:t belt/ /SIp/ /"S@U 'p/ /"sIt 'b{k/ /slS/ /"sO: 'Tr@Ut/ /strIkt/ /"sm 'p/ /'snb:n/ /'t{bl@t/ /'teIk f/ /'ter@faId/ /'tIk@t k@"lekt@/ /taIm/ /'tr{fIk dZ{m/ /'tr{v@l/ /trIp/ /'trli/ /'tju:b "steIS@n/ /'nd@graUnd/ /"p'set/ /v{n/ /wel/ /w:T/ /jt/

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sedadlo, miesto na sedenie I couldn't get a seat on the bus this morning. bezpenostn ps Everyone had to fasten their seat belts before the plane

lo I was terrified that the ship might sink. ukza sa The fans waited for hours but the rock star didn't show up. sadn a oprie sa The dentist asked me to sit back, open my mouth and relax. roztopen sneh, vachtanica Children were sliding around in the snow and

zaplen hrdlo I bought some medicine to help my sore throat. prsny We have a strict policy of not allowing long hair at this school. rekapitulova, sumarizova To sum up, to keep fit you need to take exercise. splenie od slnka He got very bad sunburn from lying in the sun all day. tableta She took two sleeping tablets. odlet Before take-off everyone on the plane had to fasten their seatbelts. vystraen I'm absolutely terrified of spiders. sprievodca o kontroluje lstky At the station, I handed my ticket to the ticket

as I wish we'd had time to see all the family before we left. zpcha na ceste We got stuck in a traffic jam. cestova It's quicker if you travel by train. vlet We went out for a day trip to the seaside. vozk Dad put our luggage on the trolley and then went to the check-in. stanica metra We went to the tube station and caught a tube to Hyde Park. metro I travel to school on the underground. majci aldon problmy She has an upset stomach and feels like being

dodvka When the removal van was full, it set off for our new house. tak ako aj... I bought a jacket as well as a coat. cenn, stojaci za... I think the house is a bargain and well worth considering. jachta We bought the yacht although it needed new sails.

addict, n aid, n all-weather, adj barmy, adj bug sb, bury, v car-wash, n casualty, n celebrate, v celebrity, n chat room, n chat show, n columnist, n consecutive, adj contract, n corner shop, n couch potato, n /'{dIkt/ /eId/ /'O:l weD@/ /'bA:mi/ /'bg "smb@di/ /'beri/ /'kA: wS/ /'k{Zu@lti/ /'sel@breIt/ /s@'lebr@ti/ /'tS{t ru:m, rUm/ /'tS{t S@U/ /'kl@mnIst/ /k@n'sekj@tIv/ /'kntr{kt/ /'kO:n@ Sp/ /'kaUtS p@"teIt@U/ zvislos, zvis I think my brother's becoming an internet addict. pomoc We are sending aid to the victims of the war. do kadho poasia I've bought an all-weather jacket for when we go sailing. streten, natvrdl "That's a crazy idea. People will think we've gone barmy!" otravova, doha k ialenstvu It really bugs me that I'm expected to clean
up but my brother isn't!

pochova We buried my brother in a small country churchyard. autoumyvre This car is really dirty! I'll take it to the car-wash. obe There were 20 casualties following an accident on the motorway. oslavova The team celebrated by opening some bottles of champagne. osobnos, celebrita There were lots of TV celebrities at the party. strnka na chatovanie na internete I don't like using Internet chat rooms as
I can't see who I'm chatting to.

show zameran na rozhovory so slvnymi osobnosami

appeared as a guest on her chat show. fejtonista She's a famous columnist and writes about the royal family.


po sebe idci, nsledn He was late for school on three consecutive days. zmluva, kontrakt She's just signed a contract with a record company. obchod na rohu The corner shop at the end of the street stays open till ten


My brother's a couch potato every night he just sits there watching TV.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

current affairs, n despite, prep devious, adj documentary, n dry cleaners, n earthquake, n episode, n evacuate, v evacuation, n extract from, fame, n fan (=supporter), n flat tyre, adj game show, n glam but glum, hacker, n hampered, adj homeless, adj hound sb, hysteria, n ice rink, n innocent of, Internet, n ironmongers, n jewellers, n journalist, n manicurist, n mass, adj monitor, n musician, n news, n newsagent, n newsreader, n offender, n oppose, v optician, n optimistic, adj order, n paparazzi, n partnership, n pierce, v plumber, n popular, adj popularity, n presenter, n /"kr@nt @'fe@z/ /dI'spaIt/ /'di:vi@s/ /"dkj@'ment@ri/ /"draI 'kli:n@z/ /':TkweIk/ /'ep@s@Ud/ /I'v{kjueIt/ /I"v{kju'eIS@n/ /'ekstr{kt fr@m, frm/ /feIm/ /f{n/ /fl{t 'taI@/ /'geIm S@U/ /"gl{m b@t 'glm/ /'h{k@/ /'h{mp@d/ /'h@Uml@s/ /'haUnd "smb@di/ /hI'stI@ri@/ /'aIs rIk/ /'In@s@nt @v, v/ /'Int@net/ /'aI@n"mg@z/ /'dZu:@l@z/ /'dZ:n@l Ist/ /'m{nIkjU@rIst/ /m{s/ /'mnIt@/ /mju:'zIS@n/ /nju:z/ /'nju:z"eIdZ@nt/ /'nju:z"ri:d@/ /@'fend@/ /@'p@Uz/ /p'tIS@n/ /"pt@'mIstIk/ /'O:d@/ /"p{p@'r{tsi/ /'pA:tn@SIp/ /pI@s/ /'plm@/ /'ppj@l@/ /"ppj@'l{r@ti/ /prI'zent@/ sastn udalosti, zleitosti

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It was a currents affairs programme about homeless people. napriek He struggled on despite the pain.

krivolak, scestn, odchyln She had a devious scheme for making money. dokumentrny film We watched a documentary about dinosaurs. istiare I spilt some wine on my white suit so I took it to the dry cleaner's. zemetrasenie 200 people were killed in the earthquake. as, epizda There's another episode of "Star Trek" on tonight. evakuova, vysahova The police evacuated us after they received a bomb

vysahovanie, evakucia
of the fighting.

He helped in the evacuation of children from the area

as, vah, vpis

I've only seen a short extract from the film.

slva Appearing in a television series brought him instant fame. fanik Thousands of football fans filled the stadium. defekt, przdna pneumatika The car ran over some glass and got a flat tyre. san show All the money they won on the game show went to charity. praliv, vzruujci ale smutn, nudn All the rich diners looked glam
but glum when told there was no food left.

hacker The hacker managed to get into the bank's computer system. prekazen The search for the men was hampered by bad weather. bezdomovec Every large city has homeless people sleeping on the streets. prenasledova, tva The photographers hounded the princess everywhere she

hystria The explosion provoked mass hysteria. klzisko We went skating at the ice rink every Sunday. nevinn He was innocent of any crime so the police let him go. internet You can find all the latest information on the Internet. eleziarstvo Dad used to buy his tools from the ironmonger's but it shut down. klenotnctvo Toni went to the jeweller's to buy a watch. novinr There's a journalist on the phone he wants to interview you. manikrka The manicurist shaped and polished my nails. msov, hromadn The royal wedding was covered by the mass media. monitor, triedny dohliada Ellie has been made a school monitor. hudobnk Jack's a jazz musician, he plays the trumpet. sprvy I listened to the news, hoping to hear the football results. novinov stnok There's a newsagent's at the end of our street. modertor sprv I prefer the newsreader on the 7 o'clock evening news. vinnk, previnilec In Feltham there is a prison for young offenders. oponova, postavi sa proti nieomu Many people oppose the plan to build
more houses in the area.

on lekr Go and see an optician if you're having trouble reading. optimistick She was optimistic about her chances of passing the exam. objednvka / in order - aby / I went into town in order to buy her a present. paparazzi The paparazzi rushed towards the film stars, cameras clicking. partnerstvo Their partnership ended last year when the business closed. prebodn, prepichn After they pierce your ears they give you some earrings
to wear until they heal. vodr When the toilet was blocked, Mum rang for a plumber.

obben He's one of the most popular boys in the school. obbenos, popularita Skiing has increased in popularity. modertor He's a TV presenter on BBC 2's Newsnight.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

press (the -), v publicity, n publish, v reality show, n register, v reject sth for sth, /pres/ /p@'blIs@ti/ /'pblIS/ /ri'{l@ti S@U/ /'redZIst@/ /rI'dZekt "smTI f@ "smTI/ /'rIkt@ skeIl/ /rIsk/ /'rbIS/ /'s:vIs/ /'sIg@l/ /'sl@UdaUn/ /"sneIk aI 'k{m@r@/ /'s@Up "p@r@/ /'spA:k@l/ /stA:/ /stres/ /'su:t@b@l f@, 'sju: / /s:f/ /sIn'TetIk/ /'teIl@/ /'tekst "mesIdZ/ /'tp p "kA:d/ /'tU@n@m@nt/ /'tredmIl/ /"t:n @'genst "smb@di, @'geInst/ /"t:n '@Uv@ t@, tU/ /"t:n smTI 'n/ /"t:n 'p/ /taI@/ /'pdeIt/ /'websaIt/

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tla He hadn't even been arrested but the press declared him guilty. publicita Murder trials always get a lot of publicity. vyda This company publishes a lot of children's books. reality show "Wife Swap" is an interesting TV reality show. zapsa sa, registrova A gentle breeze registers 3 on the Beaufort scale. odmietnu nieo kvli nieomu She rejected his marriage proposal for the
chance to live in Canada.

Richter scale, n risk, n rubbish (=nonsense),


Richterova stupnica The earthquake measured 7.4 on the Richter scale. riziko, nebezpeenstvo Looking after sick people is a serious health risk. nezmysel, blbos He knows nothing about the subject and talks utter rubbish. poskytova drbrske a opravrske sluby
car. The mechanic serviced the

service, v single (pop music), n slowdown, n snake-eye camera, n soap opera, n sparkle, n star (=celebrity), n stress, n suitable for, surf, v synthetic, adj tailor, n text message, n top-up card, n tournament, n treadmill, n turn against sb,

singel - piese The group's single went straight to the top of the hit parade. pokles After the hurricane, there was a slowdown in the tourist trade. typ fotoapartu Using his snake-eye camera he could see round corners. telenovela, seril She starred in a daytime soap opera on TV. iskra She looks so sad, I wish I could put the sparkle back in her eyes. hviezda The actor was a star of the theatre and cinema. stres I don't cope well with stress. vhodn pre The jigsaw wasn't suitable for children under three. surfova We surfed every day when we were in Australia. syntetick This factory makes clothes using synthetic fabrics. krajr The tailor measured me for a new suit. sms My brother's an expert at sending text messages from his mobile. dobjacia karta, kupn I paid to make more calls on my mobile phone by adding
to my top-up card.

turnaj Wimbledon is a famous tennis tournament. drina, She wondered how she could escape the treadmill of housework. vzoprie sa When Liam refused to help her, she turned against him.

turn over to, turn sth on, turn up, tyre, n update, n website, n

prepn na zapn

The film was boring so he turned over to another channel.

As soon as she walked in she turned on the TV.

zosili She couldn't hear properly so she turned up the sound. pneumatika I had a flat tyre on the way home. aktualizcia, modernizcia I've just downloaded an update for my iPod. webov strnka Visit our website at www.awl-elt.com/dictionaries.

affective, adj aftershave, n against, prep amusing (advert), adj art form, n attractive, adj awful, adj /@'fektIv/ /'A:ft@"SeIv/ /@'genst, @'geInst/ /@'mju:zI/ /'A:t fO:m/ /@'tr{ktIv/ /'O:f@l/ citov There was a very affective advert for Childline on TV last night. voda po holen Are you wearing aftershave? proti Philip was against the idea of selling the house. zbavn It was an amusing advert aimed specifically at children. forma umenia Some people think that photography has developed into an art form. praliv His new girlfriend is very attractive. hrozn, stran I think the adverts for Pot Noodle are absolutely awful!

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

backbone, n bad, adj be taken in, billboard, n blues, n body building, n book, v boring, adj breath, n brilliant, adj cake, n capture, v chance, n charger, n clever, adj colourful, adj compact, adj complain, v conquest, n consist of, country music, n cool (=good), adj cool (=temperature),

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chrbtica The Pennines are the backbone of England. zl Eating too much sugar is bad for you. by vtiahnut do... She was easily taken in by the salesman's clever talk. bilboard, vek reklamn tabua She was amazed to see her face on a huge
billboard advertising shampoo.

/'b{kb@Un/ /b{d/ /bi "teIk@n 'In/ /'bIlbO:d/ /blu:z/ /'bdi "bIldI/ /bUk/ /'bO:rI/ /breT/ /'brIlj@nt/ /keIk/ /'k{ptS@/ /tSA:ns/ /'tSA:dZ@/ /'klev@/ /'kl@f@l/ /k@m'p{kt, 'kmp{kt/ /k@m'pleIn/ /'kkwest/ /k@n'sIst @v, v/ /'kntri "mju:zIk/ /ku:l/ /ku:l/ /'deIbju:/ /dI'lIS@s/ /dIs'eIb@ld/ /dI'stIktIv/ /'daUnl@Ud/ /'dr{g@n/ /'dri:mi/ /dl/ /'djU@r@b@l/ /edZ/ /'emIgreIt fr@m . . . t@, tU/ /I'nf/ /Ig"z{dZ@'reIS@n / /Ik'sklu:sIv/ /f{n't{stIk/ /feId/ /'feIv@/ /'faIv stA:/ /"fl{t 'skri:n/ /'fl@U tSA:t/ /'fO:kA:st/

blues - druh hudba New Orleans is the birthplace of the blues. posilovanie Body building gives you huge muscles that some people find

zajedna si, Have you booked a holiday this year? nudn The programme was so boring she fell asleep. dych, zvan Her honesty was a breath of fresh air after all his lies. skvel, oslniv I've just seen a brilliant advert for mashed potatoes. kol, torta This machine looks complicated, but it's actually a piece of cake to use! zachyti She smiled at me and I wanted to capture the moment for ever. anca There's only a slight chance of rain. nabjaka He connected the flat battery to the charger. mdry Paul is good-looking, clever and charming. farebn They have a garden full of colourful flowers. pevn, kompaktn He was strong and had a compact shape, ideal for

saova sa The children all complained about the food. dobytie The play is about the Spanish conquest of Central America. pozostva z... The class consists of children from various countries. country hudba
I've got tickets for a country music concert tomorrow.

modern, trendov He thinks he's really cool, wearing that stupid hat! chladn It was hot in the day, but pleasantly cool at night. prv verejn vystpenie Lee made his debut in the TV film, 'Kung Fu'. chutn This soup is delicious! invalidn There's a lift for disabled people. typick, prznan She has a distinctive style of writing. stiahnu si / nahra si I downloaded the anti-virus update from the Internet this

debut, n delicious, adj disabled, adj distinctive, adj download, v dragon, n dreamy, adj dull, adj durable, adj edge, n emigrate from...to, enough, adv exaggeration, n exclusive, adj fantastic, adj fade, v favour, n five-star, adj flat screen, n flowchart, n forecast, n

drak The egg opened and out stepped a tiny, fire-breathing dragon. zasnvan The song brought back memories and a dreamy smile lit up her face. hlpy, akopdny The book was great, but the movie is dull. trvanliv Plastic is a durable material. okraj, hrana, vhoda Colin has the edge over Darren when it comes to dancing. vysahova sa z...kam We emigrated from England to Spain because of the

dos The water wasn't hot enough for a bath. prehanie, It would be an exaggeration to call it a disaster. exkluzvny She got an exclusive interview with Nelson Mandela. asn, fantastick It's fantastic value at only 3.99. zvdn, vybledn The curtains have faded to a pale green. priaze, nklonnos, lskavos I'm not in favour of you being out late at

p hviezdikov It was a five-star hotel in the guide, so we booked for a week. ploch obrazovka Jess bought a TV with a flat screen because it took up less

vvojov diagram The flowchart clearly showed the management structure. predpove Have you heard the weather forecast?

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

funny, adj guaranteed, adj go up to sb, golden eagle, n greeting, n hard, adv helmet, n help out with sth, high, adj honey, n horse, n imperial eagle, n instructor, n intensive course, n introductory, adj intuition, n invader, n irresistible, adj jazz, n keyboard, n last, v league, n leek, n legendary, adj lonely hearts, n lost and found, n manipulate, v metallic, adj middle-aged, adj nowadays, adv offensive, adj opinion, n out-of-this-world, adj perfect, adj permanent, adj personally, adv powerful, adj properly, adv questionnaire, n range (mountain -), n rap, n read through sth, red deer, n refreshing, adj reliable, adj /'fni/ /"g{r@n'ti:d/ /g@U 'p t@ "smb@di/ /"g@Uld@n 'i:g@l/ /'gri:tI/ /hA:d/ /'helm@t/ /"help 'aUt wID "smTI/ /haI/ /'hni/ /hO:s/ /Im"pI@ri@l 'i:g@l/ /In'strkt@/ /In"tensIv 'kO:s/ /"Intr@'dkt@ri/ /"Intju'IS@n/ /In'veId@/ /"Ir@'zIst@b@l/ /dZ{z/ /'ki:bO:d/ /lA:st/ /li:g/ /li:k/ /'ledZ@nd@ri/ /"l@Unli 'hA:ts/ /"lst @n 'faUnd/ /m@'nIpjUleIt/ /m@'t{lIk/ /"mIdl 'eIdZd/ /'naU@deIz/ /@'fensIv/ /@'pInj@n/ /"aUt @v DIs 'w:ld/ /'p:fIkt/ /'p:m@n@nt/ /'p:s@n@li/ /'paU@f@l/ /'prp@li/ /"kwestS@'ne@/ /reIndZ/ /r{p/ /"ri:d 'Tru: "smTI/ /"red 'dI@/ /rI'freSI/ /rI'laI@b@l/

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smieny What was that funny noise? zaruen, garantovan You'll earn a guaranteed 30,000, and possibly more. s hore, vyletie She went up to the boy and slapped his face. zlat orol The golden eagle swooped down and caught the rabbit in its claws. pozdrav The two men exchanged greetings. vytrval, usilovn I tried really hard to win, but I only came second. prilba You have to wear a helmet when you ride a motorbike. vypomc s niem I promised to help out with the children's party. vysok This suit is made of very high quality cloth. med The jazz singer's voice was as smooth as honey. k He eats like a horse but never puts on any weight. cisrsky orol The imperial eagle was a symbol of Rome. intruktor, kolite
test. My driving instructor told me I was ready to take my driving

intenzvny kurz Mum had a one-week intensive course in swimming. vodn There was an introductory offer of a free meal for two. intucia My intuition told me not to trust him. votrelec, njazdnk Invaders destroyed the town. neodolaten The chocolate cake was irresistible. dez We went to the jazz festival in Newport. klvesnica She spilled tea all over the computer keyboard. trva The hot weather lasted for two weeks. liga They need to improve their position in the league. pr The leek is the national symbol of Wales. legendrny And now, the legendary singer, Frank Sinatra! osamel srdcia / zoznamka v novinch He put an advert in the lonely
hearts column of the newspaper. straty a nlezy We wrote a description of the dog and put it in the Lost and Found.

manipulova He is willing to manipulate his friends if it will help his career. kovov There's a scratch in the metallic paint on my car. v strednom veku The couple looked middle-aged but were dressed like

tieto dni, v tejto dobe More people have cars nowadays. urliv Lots of people complained that the advert was offensive. nzor In our opinion the new head teacher is wonderful! mimo tohto sveta The billionaire paid for an out-of-this-world trip on the

dokonal, bezchybn She speaks perfect English. stly, permanentn With broadband you have a permanent connection to the

osobne Personally, I don't like war movies. siln, vkonn We'll need some powerful computers to perform these calculations. sprvne, poriadne The computer printer isn't working properly. dotaznk Could you fill in this questionnaire? psmo, priestor He built a railway through the high mountain range. rap - druh hudby You don't sing the words in a rap song, you just speak them. preta nieo Sadie read through the book from cover to cover. jele We approached the red deer carefully. osvieujci I'd love a long, cool, refreshing drink of water. spoahliv Rick is a good, reliable worker.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

resistance to, revival, n ridiculous, adj ring sb up, roe deer, n sale, n saxophone, n sensual, adj serious, adj sexist, n shocking, adj shop around, silly, adj sit back, sniff, v snorkelling, n software, n special, adj squirrel, v standard, adj start off by, stylish, adj successful, adj suite, n take sth back, tasteless, adj tasty, adj tempt, v terrible, adj throw sth away, tight, adj top (- quality), adj try sth on, unique, adj unusual, adj wanted, adj washable (machine -),

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odpor, prekka
There was strong resistance to the scheme.

/rI'zIst@ns t@, tU/ /rI'vaIv@l/ /rI'dIkj@l@s/ /"rI smb@di 'p/ /'r@U dI@/ /seIl/ /'s{ks@f@Un/ /'senSu@l/ /'sI@ri@s/ /'seksIst/ /'SkI/ /"Sp @'raUnd/ /'sIli/ /"sIt 'b{k/ /snIf/ /'snO:k@lI/ /'sftwe@/ /'speS@l/ /'skwIr@l/ /'st{nd@d/ /"stA:t 'f baI/ /'staIlIS/ /s@k'sesf@l/ /swi:t/ /"teIk smTI 'b{k/ /'teIstl@s/ /'teIsti/ /tempt/ /'ter@b@l/ /"Tr@U smTI @'weI/ /taIt/ /tp/ /"traI smTI 'n/ /ju:'ni:k/ /n'ju:Zu@l, Z@l/ /'wntId/ /'wS@b@l/ /'wSI "paUd@/ /'wO:t@pru:f/ /wI@d/ /'welk@m/ /w:k/ /j/

oivenie zujmu, obrodenie There's been a revival of seventies music lately. smieny That's a ridiculous idea! zavola niekomu He rang me up on his mobile to say he'd be late. srnec We could see the roe deer through the trees in the forest. predaj Her house is for sale for 100,000. saxofn My uncle plays the saxophone in a jazz band. zmyslov She likes sensual pleasures such as sunbathing. vny There's been a serious road accident. sexistick Her boss has a very sexist attitude. okujci It's shocking that so many young people are homeless in this country. hada najlepiu cenu tovaru We had to shop around to find a bargain. hlpy That was a silly thing to do! sadn si Just sit back and enjoy the show. ohrnova nos, vetri, ucha At least he's offered you a job that's not to be
sniffed at!

norchlovanie We tried snorkelling when we were in Hawaii. software First you need to load the software onto your computer. pecilny We have a very special guest with us this evening. uetri si, odloi si By December I had $300 squirreled away. ben, tandardn I'd like a standard return ticket to Leeds, please. zaa, vyrazi He started off by painting the ceiling and then did the walls. vkusn, mdny Joe always wears very stylish clothes. spen They were successful in persuading him to join their team. apartmn They've booked us into the honeymoon suite. vzia nieo sp There was a mark on the dress so she took it back to the shop. bez chuti Some of her clothes are really tasteless! chutn This pizza is really tasty. poka, zvdza She tried to tempt me to have a cigarette. hrozn, stran I have a terrible headache. zahodi nieo I didn't know whether to throw the coat away or give it to charity. obtiahnut She was wearing a tight white T-shirt. vrcholov, naj... This shop only sells top quality products. vyska si nieo She tried six dresses on but didn't like any of them. jedinen, uniktny Everyone's personality is unique. nezvyajn He has an unusual name. hadan Put your old computer in the "For Sale or Wanted" column. vhodn na pranie / v prke / He read the label to see if the jumper was

washing powder, n waterproof, adj weird, adj welcome, n work, v young, n

prac prok She put the washing powder into the machine and switched it on. vodeodoln David bought a waterproof jacket for the hiking trip. prern, tajupln, nadprirodzen It was quite a weird experience. privtanie Strangers do not get a welcome in this town. pracova, fungova The TV isn't working properly I can't get Channel 5. mlde Health, fitness and good looks are wasted on the young.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

artistic, adj attitude, n aware, adj babysit for, bad-tempered, adj bald, adj battered, adj best, n blond, adj boot, n bother, n bright, adj brilliance, n bulging, adj carefree, adj carrier bag, n cast, v charity shop, n cheerful, adj chemists, n chin, n civil rights, adj clutch, v collie, n common, adj communicate with, complex, adj complexion, n confident, adj congressman, n conviction, n crash into sth, creative, adj critical, adj dark (hair), adj depressed, adj dinosaur, n disc jockey, n disorganised, adj do ones best, doorway, n drench, v dynamic, adj elderly, adj eyebrow, n face, n /A:'tIstIk/ /'{tItju:d/ /@'we@/ /'beIbisIt f@, fO:/ /"b{d 'temp@d/ /bO:ld/ /'b{t@d/ /best/ /blnd/ /bu:t/ /'bD@/ /braIt/ /'brIlj@ns/ /'bldZI/ /'ke@fri:/ /'k{ri@ b{g/ /kA:st/ /'tS{r@ti Sp/ /'tSI@f@l/ /'kem@sts/ /tSIn/ /"sIv@l 'raIts/ /kltS/ /'kli/ /'km@n/ /k@'mju:nIkeIt wID, wIT/ /'kmpleks/ /k@m'plekS@n/ /'knf@d@nt/ /'kgr@sm@n/ /k@n'vIkS@n/ /"kr{S 'Int@ "smTI/ /kri'eItIv/ /'krItIk@l/ /dA:k/ /dI'prest/ /'daIn@sO:/ /'dIsk "dZki/ /dIs'O:g@naIzd/ /"du: wnz 'best/ /'dO:weI/ /drentS/ /daI'n{mIk/ /'eld@li/ /'aIbraU/ /feIs/

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umelecky zaloen I'm not very artistic I can't paint or draw. vzah, postoj I think it's best to have a relaxed attitude to money. vedom si... I was aware of someone standing behind me. stri niekomu deti I sometimes babysit for my neighbours so they can go out. nema dobr nladu, namosren Why is Tim so bad-tempered today? holohlav He's going bald. rozbit, roztlen He took out a battered old book and began to read. najlepie They can only ask you to do your best. svetl, blond He had blond hair before he went bald. kufor / auta / There's an emergency first-aid kit in the boot. trpenie I'm not even going to ask her it's not worth the bother. jasn, bystr, chytr He's the brightest student I've ever taught. skvelos, brilantnos He is also respected for his brilliance as an artist. vypukl, vydut Her bulging eyes showed how afraid she was. bezstarostn At that time we were young and carefree. nkupn taka - vinou plastov Dad put the plastic carrier bags into the
recycling bin.

prideli lohu, obsadi herca do lohy

the typical Englishman.

As usual, they cast Hugh Grant as

charitatvny obchod I bought two second-hand books from the charity shop. vesel I feel really cheerful today because the holiday starts tomorrow. lekre Dad bought some cough medicine at the chemist's. brada He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. obianske prva He was elected leader of the civil rights movement in America. pevne zovrie, uchopi She was clutching a black bag. klia The collie herded the sheep into the pen. ben, spolon, Dogs and cats don't have a lot in common. komunikova s.. We communicate with each other by email. zloit, spletit This is a very complex problem. ple, vzhad, She had a lovely complexion. sebaist, spoliehajci sa na... Jenny seems very confident about her exam. kongresman He used to be a congressman in the US House of Representatives. presvedenie She spoke with great conviction. nabra do... The racing car crashed into the barrier but the driver was unhurt. tvoriv, kreatvny He's one of Japan's most talented and creative film directors. kritick Dad's very critical of the way I dress. tmav He was over 80 but he still had dark hair. sklesl, deprimovan She felt very depressed after losing her job. dinosaurus The dinosaurs died millions of years ago. DJ On the radio the disc jockey was playing my favourite record. neupraven, neorganizovan I've never known such a disorganised student. urobi to naj o sa d The student promised to do his best to organise his work. vchod He stood in the doorway watching us. zma, premoi I got totally drenched in the rain. dynamick The new teacher is very dynamic. star His parents are quite elderly. oboie He raised his eyebrows in surprise. tvr It was really hard to keep a straight face when he told me!

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

fair (hair), adj fogey (old -), n forehead, n freckle, n fringe, n gather round, gear (=clothes), n generous, adj genius, n get at sb, get on with sb, get on with sth, get sb down, get together, give up, give up trying, go out together, good-looking, adj granny, n greenhouse effect, n grey (hair), adj half-hidden, adj hard-working, adj heed the call, helpful, adj honest, adj impatient, adj influence, n insensitive, adj intend to do sth, joke, n junk food, n knock, v look after, loser, n lottery, n materialistic, adj mathematical, adj military, adj model, n moody, adj moustache, n movement, n /fe@/ /'f@Ugi/ /'fr@d, 'fO:hed/ /'frek@l/ /frIndZ/ /"g{D@ 'raUnd/ /gI@/ /'dZen@r@s/ /'dZi:ni@s/ /'get @t "smb@di/ /get 'n wID "smb@di/ /get 'n wID "smTI/ /"get smb@di 'daUn/ /"get t@'geD@/ /"gIv 'p/ /"gIv p 'traI I/ /g@U 'aUt t@"geD@/ /"gUd 'lUkI/ /'gr{ni/ /'gri:nhaUs I"fekt/ /greI/ /"hA:f 'hIdn/ /"hA:d 'w:kI/ /"hi:d D@ 'kO:l/ /'helpf@l/ /'n@st/ /Im'peIS@nt/ /'Influ@ns/ /In'sens@tIv/ /In"tend t@ 'du: "smTI/ /dZ@Uk/ /'dZk fu:d/ /nk/ /lUk 'A:ft@/ /'lu:z@/ /'lt@ri/ /m@"tI@ri@'lIstIk/ /"m{T@'m{tIk@l/ /'mIl@t@ri/ /'mdl/ /'mu:di/ /m@'stA:S/ /'mu:vm@nt/

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svetl He's very fair and burns easily in the sun. spiatonk, malometiak, dedulo He's such an old fogey he wont have a TV
in the house!

elo You've got a spot in the middle of your forehead. peha She has freckles all over her nose. ofina My fringe needs cutting. zhromadi sa okolo The children gathered round Dad as he gave out the party

rba, obleenie, vstroj She's getting changed into her party gear. tedr Ella's such a generous person she'd give you her last penny. gnius Einstein was a genius. vyzveda od niekoho Her Mum's always getting at her for one thing or another. vychdza s niekm pokraova
Rachel gets on really well with Jack.

I tried to get on with my homework despite the noise from the TV. The exams are really getting me down, I

vyerpva, deprimova, trpi

don't think I'll pass.

stretn sa Let's get together after school. vzda sa I give up. What's the correct answer? viac sa nepoka, vzda sa pokusov

He's given up trying to climb

s spolu von

We decided to go out together for a meal.

dobre vyzerajci He used to be a very good-looking man. stark I feel too young to be anybody's granny! sklenkov efekt The greenhouse effect is causing global warming. ed, ediv He went grey at the age of forty-one. spolovice skryt The number of the house was half-hidden by the ivy on the wall. ako pracujci She's always been a hard-working student. vimn si povolanie, venova pozornos povolaniu Jack heeded the
call and went to join the army.

npomocn, pomocn The teacher made some helpful comments. estn My father was a very honest man. netrpezliv The officer was got very impatient with me when I didn't understand. vplyv Your health is strongly influenced by the food that you eat. necitliv, nevnmav Sometimes he can be rather insensitive. zama, hodla I intend to pass my exams and go to university. vtip He keeps making jokes about my hair. nezdrav jedlo You eat too much junk food. udivi omri, prekvapi I was knocked out by how beautiful she looked! stara sa o... Jess asked me to look after her cat while she was on holiday. porazen The loser has to buy everyone a drink. lotria What would you do if you won the lottery? materialistick He's a very materialistic person and is always buying things. matematick She was a mathematical genius. vojensk Her father was a military man and they travelled all over the world. modelka She was a model for a fashion house in Paris. nladov After his divorce, he became moody and began drinking too much. fzy He's shaved off his moustache. pohyb, hnutie The civil rights movement of the 1960s was unpopular with many

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nerve (what a -!), n ordinary, adj outgoing, adj overweight, adj panda, n patient with, persistent, adj philosophical, adj prophesy, v plaits, n pneumonia, n political, adj pony-tail, n point sth out, prediction, n put up with sth, rage, v rattle, v red (go bright -), adj red (hair), adj revolt against sb, roam, v satisfied with, scientific, adj selfish, adj senator, n sensitive, adj shark, n shoulder-length, adj shy, adj slim, adj smug, adj snack, n snorkel, v sociable, adj speculation, n sporting, adj spot, v stall, v straight, adj stubborn, adj stuff, n sun cream, n sun tan, n sunburnt, adj

/n:v/ /'O:d@n@ri/ /"aUt'g@UI/ /"@Uv@'weIt/ /'p{nd@/ /'peIS@nt wID, wIT/ /p@'sIst@nt/ /"fIl@'sfIk@l/ /'prf@saI/ /pl{ts/ /nju:'m@Uni@/ /p@'lItIk@l/ /'p@Uni teIl/ /"pOInt smTI 'aUt/ /prI'dIkS@n/ /pUt 'p wID "smTI/ /reIdZ/ /'r{tl/ /red/ /red/ /rI'v@Ult @"genst "smb@di/ /r@Um/ /'s{t@sfaId wID, wIT/ /"saI@n'tIfIk/ /'selfIS/ /'sen@t@/ /'sens@tIv/ /SA:k/ /'S@Uld@ leT/ /SaI/ /slIm/ /smg/ /sn{k/ /'snO:k@l/ /'s@US@b@l/ /"spekj@'leIS@n/ /'spO:tI/ /spt/ /stO:l/ /streIt/ /'stb@n/ /stf/ /'sn kri:m/ /'sn t{n/ /'snb:nt/

nervy He asked me to lend him 100! What a nerve he's got! obyajn Nothing much has happened it's been a very ordinary day. spoloensk, stretov She was a girl with a very outgoing personality. nadvha, ma nadvhu I'm ten pounds overweight. panda erven - indick stromov cicavec My little brother though the trpezliv
panda was a black and white bear! The teacher was very patient with me when I couldn't understand.

vytrval neodbytn There have been persistent rumours that he is leaving. filozofick She was by nature a philosophical person. veti, prorokova He prophesied that a flood would cover the Earth. copy She always wore her hair in plaits when she went swimming. zpal pc Grandad is in hospital with pneumonia. politick The US has two main political parties. konsk chvost - druh esu I'm growing my hair so I can have a pony-tail. poukza na, upozorni Mum pointed out that I still owed her 10. predpove Here are our predictions for next year's fashions. vysporiada sa, zmieri sa s... We couldn't put up with the noise and
complained to the police.

zri The war between Germany and Britain raged on for many rears. rachoti, lomozi, The earthquake only lasted a few seconds, but it rattled all the
doors and windows.

erven She went red with embarrassment. ryav vlasy Her red hair goes well with that green dress. vzbri sa proti The students revolted against the government over civil rights. potulova sa spokojn s...
Gangs of thieves roam the city. The teacher said he was satisfied with the quality of my work.

vedeck He's a respected member of the scientific community. sebeck That was a very selfish thing to do. sentor Senator Dole is running for President. citliv, vnmav He was very sensitive to other people's needs. ralok Sharks were circling around our boat. dka po plecia She had dark, shoulder-length hair. hanbliv She's painfully shy with strangers. chud You're looking a lot slimmer have you lost weight? samoby, domav "I told you that would happen," she said, trying not to
sound too smug.

ahk jedlo We didn't have time for a meal so we just had a snack. norchlova We went snorkelling in the sea and saw lots of different fish. spoloensk They're a pleasant, sociable couple. pekulcia There is speculation that the president is ill. portov She likes the sporting types as boyfriends. vyptra, vystopova I've just spotted a great place for a picnic. zosta tra The car stalled at the junction. rovn, vny I really wanted to laugh but I managed to keep a straight face. tvrdohlav Steve can be very stubborn sometimes. ltka, materil, What's that green stuff on the wall? krm na opaovanie Liam covered himself with sun cream before sunbathing. oplenie After a week, Arthur had a lovely sun tan. splen od slnka Be careful not to get sunburnt.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

sure, adj suspiciously, adv sympathetic, adj take sth up, taste in, tell, v tell sb off, tolerant, adj tool kit, n tour, n tramp, n trendy, adj umbrella, n well-built, adj worth, adj wrinkles, n /SO:/ /s@'spIS@sli/ /"sImp@'TetIk/ /"teIk smTI 'p/ /'teIst In/ /tel/ /"tel smb@di 'f/ /'tl@r@nt/ /'tu:l kIt/ /tU@/ /tr{mp/ /'trendi/ /m'brel@/ /"wel 'bIlt/ /w:T/ /'rIk@lz/

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ist, spoahliv, zaruen It will be difficult to win, that's for sure. podozrievavo, nedverivo Meg looked at me suspiciously. scitn My parents weren't very sympathetic when I told them I had no money left. zaa s... Mum's taken up yoga. vkus Jill has poor taste in men her last boyfriend stole her car! poveda He spent all his father's money, so what does that tell you about him? vynada niekomu The teacher told her off for running in the corridor. tolerantn We should be tolerant of other people's beliefs. kufrk s nstrojmi I realised I'd left my tool kit in the garage. turn In the summer the band went on tour to North America. tulk The tramp was asleep in a shop doorway. modern, trendov These trendy bars are all very expensive! ddnik It started to rain so I put up my umbrella. dobre stavan He was very well-built and exercised at the gym every week. cenn, stojaci za... I'm not even going to ask her it's not worth the bother. vzorky Although she's 95 she has hardly any wrinkles!

access to, according to, against, prep analytical, adj apparently, adv argument against/for, assessment, n astronomy, n bark, v boarding school, n box, v boyfriend, n catch up with sth, charming, adj choir, n coastal, adj compulsory, adj conclusion, n currently, adv curriculum, n dedicated, adj detector, n difficult, adj dismiss sb, eat out, effort, n elective (=option at /'{kses t@, tU/ /@'kO:dI t@, tU/ /@'genst, @'geInst/ /"{n@'lItIk@l/ /@'p{r@ntli/ /'A:gj@m@nt @"genst, f@/ /@'sesm@nt/ /@'strn@mi/ /bA:k/ /'bO:dI sku:l/ /bks/ /'bOIfrend/ /"k{tS 'p wID "smTI/ /'tSA:mI/ /kwaI@/ /'k@Ust@l/ /k@m'pls@ri/ /k@n'klu:Z@n/ /'kr@ntli/ /k@'rIkj@l@m/ /'dedIkeIt@d/ /dI'tekt@/ /'dIfIk@lt/ /dIs'mIs "smb@di/ /"i:t 'aUt/ /'ef@t/ /I'lektIv/ prstup poda... proti
I can get access to the Internet on my computer. According to Rachel, Keith started the fight.

Philip was against the idea of selling the house.

analytick She has an analytical mind. zrejme, patrne Apparently, he doesn't like his job. dvod / argument za a proti There are arguments for and against wearing
school uniform.

odhad, ohodnotenie What's Michael's assessment of the situation? astronmia Chris wants to study astronomy but his parents don't approve. teka I knocked on the door and a dog barked inside the house. interntna kola We send our son to boarding school because we work abroad. boxova He boxed for his university when he was younger. priate Her boyfriend is an artist. dohoni I ran but I couldn't catch up with the bus. okzujci, pvabn What a charming child! zbor Sue sings in the school choir. pobren The coastal regions of Italy are very beautiful. povinn Some countries have compulsory military service. zver, rozhodnutie I've come to the conclusion that she's lying. teraz They are currently on holiday in New Zealand. osnovy, tudijn pln Greek will be on the curriculum next term. oddan, zasvten Our staff are all very dedicated. detektor We need new batteries for the smoke detector. nron Skiing isn't difficult, but it takes practice. prepusti He was always late for work, so the manager dismissed him. jes vonku, mimo domu I didn't feel like cooking so I decided to eat out. nmaha You should make an effort to find exactly the right present. volebn, voliten Discuss this list of elective subjects with your parents.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

school), adj elementary school, n eliminate, v embarrassing, adj enormous, adj facility, n factfile, n fall behind with, for (=in favour of), prep furthermore, adv future, n get on well with sb, get on with, get sb to do sth, /"el@'ment@ri "sku:l/ /I'lIm@neIt/ /Im'b{r@sI/ /I'nO:m@s/ /f@'sIl@ti/ /'f{ktfaIl/ /"fO:l bI'haInd wID, wIT/ /f@, fO:/ /"f:D@'mO:/ /'fju:tS@/ /"get n 'wel wID "smb@di/ /get 'n wID, wIT/ /"get smb@di t@ 'du: "smTI/ /"gIv smTI 'p/ /"g@U Int@ 'w:k/ /g@U 'n t@ bi/ /g@U "n t@ 'du: "smTI/ /g@U '@Uv@ "smTI/ /g@U 'Tru: "smTI/ /greId/ /'gr{v@ti/ /h{nd/ /hA:p/ /"hevi metl 'mju:zIk/ /'hIp hp/ /"Im@'teIS@n @v, v/ /"Insp@'reIS@n/ /'Intr@st@d In/ /'dZel@s @v, v/ /'kaI{k/ /lIft/ /lIk/ /"lg 'n/ /"lUk smTI 'p/ /'lIrIks/ /"m{nd@'lIn/ /"mA:S@l 'A:t/ zkladn kola

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My youngest child has just started at elementary school. We can never completely eliminate crime from our

odstrni, eliminova

zahanbujce, It was very embarrassing because he heard what I said about him. obrovsk, enormn It cost an enormous amount of money. vybavenie, zariadenie The sports facilities at our school are very good. poznmkov blok/ ann I found your factfile very helpful when doing my

zaosta za...

Suzie had been ill and had fallen behind with her studies.

by za... I'm all for the idea of giving everybody a good education. mimotoho You're grounded, and furthermore, I'm stopping your pocket money. budcnos Young people often don't think about their future. vychdza s niekm We get on well with our parents. pokraova
Stop talking and get on with your work! I got her to cook the meal by promising to do

printi niekoho urobi nieo

the washing up.

give sth up, go into work, go on to be, go on to do sth, go over sth, go through sth, grade, n gravity, n hand, n harp, v heavy metal, n hip hop, n imitation of, inspiration, n interested in, jealous of, kayak, n lift, v link, v log on, look sth up, lyrics, n mandolin, n martial art, n

vzda sa nieoho s do prce pokraova pokraova

She's given up eating chocolate.

Jed had to go into work at five o'clock every morning. He went on to become a millionaire. Later, he went on to try and do something about world poverty. I decided to go over my notes before the exam. I asked the teacher to go through the points I

prejs si nieo

pokraova alej, dokoni

didn't understand.

stupe There are five different grades of hotel. gravitcia The spaceship travelled beyond the pull of the Earth's gravity. ruka On the one hand, he's rich; on the other hand, he's ugly. stle nara I wish they'd stop harping on about the fact they're vegetarians. heavy metal - druh hudby I like music with a strong beat, especially heavy

hip hop My brother prefers hip hop music . napodobenina She can do a good imitation of the English teacher. inpircia Monet's work has always been my inspiration. zaujma sa o... My brother has always been interested in football. iarli na She was jealous of all the attention her sister got. kajak She paddled the kayak smoothly through the water. vah, odvoz Can you give me a lift into town? spojova Lung cancer has been linked to cigarette smoking. prihlsi sa He logged on to the Internet. vyhada nieo I didn't know what was on TV so I looked it up in the paper. text - piesne I write the music and Max writes the lyrics. mandolna She played a tune on the mandolin. bojov umenie Kung Fu is a popular martial art.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

mean, v method-acting, n m-learning, moreover, adv mosquito, n motivate sb, optional, adj oral, adj part, n plan on doing sth, prestigious, adj private school, n promote, v put sth off, qualified, adj red, adj sandcastle, n self-testing, adj set sth up, show business, n sightseeing, n sponsor, v stand, v state school, n statue, n strict, adj stuck, adj stunt, n sword fighting, n take up a subject, tend, v trip, n uncooperative, adj unlikely, adj visual, adj vocational, adj wallet, n web, n worthwhile, adj zero gravity, n /mi:n/ /"meT@d '{ktI/ /'em "l:nI/ /mO:r'@Uv@/ /m@'ski:t@U/ /'m@UtIveIt "smb@di/ /'pS@n@l/ /'O:r@l/ /pA:t/ /"pl{n n 'du:I "smTI/ /pr@'stIdZ@s/ /'praIv@t sku:l/ /pr@'m@Ut/ /"pUt smTI 'f/ /'kwl@faId/ /red/ /'s{nd"kA:s@l/ /"self 'testI/ /"set smTI 'p/ /'S@U "bIzn@s/ /'saIt"si:I/ /'spns@/ /st{nd/ /'steIt sku:l/ /'st{tSu:/ /strIkt/ /stk/ /stnt/ /'sO:d "faItI/ /teIk 'p @ "sbdZIkt/ /tend/ /trIp/ /"nk@U'p@r@tIv / /n'laIkli/ /'vIZu@l/ /v@U'keIS@n@l/ /'wl@t/ /web/ /"w:T'waIl/ /"zI@r@U 'gr{v@ti/

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znamena Just because he apologised, that doesn't mean very much. hranie poda metdy Stanislavskho At drama school, we were taught

uenie sa cez mobil

learning lesson.

I checked my mobile to see if the teacher had sent an m-

mimoto, a o viac I have always lived here, and moreover, I do not plan to move. komr I'm covered in mosquito bites! motivova niekoho A good teacher has to be able to motivate her students. voliten, nepovinn
optional. All children have to study maths and English, but French is

stny There will be an oral test tomorrow. as, / take part - zastni sa / All the teachers took part in the school play. naplnova We are planning on going to Rome at Easter. prestny Oxford is a highly prestigious university. skromn kola We've been thinking of sending him to a private school. povi He is hoping to be promoted to manager soon. odloi na neskr, pozdra I put off telling her the bad news as long as I

kvalifikovan Gibbons is highly qualified for the job. erven Her face went bright red when she realised they'd heard what she said. hrad z piesku The children built a sandcastle on the beach. samo testovanie, seba testovanie I finished the self-testing exercises but I
still can't judge my ability. nastavi nieo I set up the video recorder to record my favourite TV programme.

filmov/ divadeln svet, obchod She had a long career in show business. pozeranie pamtihodnost In the afternoon we all went sightseeing round the

sponzorova, podporova Coca-Cola have offered to sponsor the tournament. znies I can't stand people who only talk about themselves. ttna kola She had a state school education and went on to Oxford University. socha There's a statue of Queen Victoria in the square. prsny Most of the teachers here are quite strict. prilepen, uviaznut John got stuck up the tree! kaskadrsky ksok There's a great stunt in which his car has to jump across a
15 metre gap.

ermovanie There was a lot of sword fighting in the film. zaa s... He decided to take up French next term. ma sklon Older students tend to be more interested in class. vlet I'd like to go on the school trip to Yorkshire next month. nespolupracujci He was so uncooperative I asked him to leave the team. nepravdepodobn It is unlikely that you will get your money back. zrakov, vizulny The movie has a strong visual impact. odborn, tkajci sa povolania Vocational education and training courses
take place at the college all year.

peaenka I've only got about 10 in my wallet. web Which are the best education-related sites on the Web? stojaci za to It's worthwhile checking the price of a camera in several shops. nulov zemsk pralivos/ gravitcia At zero gravity the astronauts
began to float around.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

abroad, adv acclaim, n advisor, n agent, n architect, n art, n attach, v big, adj booming, adj brave, adj bravery, n business, n calm down, careful, adj case, n cashier, n charm, n come up with an idea, committed, adj composer, n confident, adj construction, n construction worker, n contradict, v cost of living, n count up, creative, adj curriculum vitae, n deaf, adj declining, adj description, n deserter, n design, n desperation, n digital, adj director, n disillusioned, adj doubt, n downtown, adj, adv dramatically, adv dress up for, electrician, n emotional, adj engineering, n escalator, n /@'brO:d/ /@'kleIm/ /@d'vaIz@/ /'eIdZ@nt/ /'A:kItekt/ /A:t/ /@'t{tS/ /bIg/ /'bu:mI/ /breIv/ /'breIv@ri/ /'bIzn@s/ /"kA:m 'daUn/ /'ke@f@l/ /keIs/ /k{'SI@/ /tSA:m/ /km "p wID @n aI'dI@/ /k@'mItId/ /k@m'p@Uz@/ /'knfId@nt/ /k@n'strkS@n/ /k@n'strkS@n "w:k@/ /"kntr@'dIkt/ /"kst @v 'lIvI/ /"kaUnt 'p/ /kri'eItIv/ /k@"rIkj@l@m 'vi:taI/ /def/ /dI'klaInI/ /dI'skrIpS@n/ /dI'z:t@/ /dI'zaIn/ /"desp@'reIS@n/ /'dIdZItl/ /dI'rekt@, daI / /"dIs@'lu:Z@nd/ /daUt/ /"daUn'taUn/ /dr@'m{tIkli/ /"dres 'p f@, fO:/ /I"lek'trIS@n, "elIk / /I'm@US@n@l/ /"endZ@'nI@rI/ /'esk@leIt@/

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v zahrani, do zahraniia Have you travelled abroad much? uvtanie, ovcie His first novel received widespread acclaim. poradca The careers advisor wasn't sure he was in the right job! agent, zstupca Our company has an agent in Madrid. architekt Her dad is an architect. umenie She went to college to study art. pripevni, nakloni, zska I'm very attached to my old car I'd hate to damage

vek She comes from a big family eight brothers! prudko rastci Business was booming so everyone got a bonus. staton, odvny He wasn't brave enough to dive into the deep water. statonos He was awarded a medal for his bravery. obchod You need a lot of money to succeed in business . ukudni sa Calm down and tell me what happened. opatrn Be careful crossing the road. prpad This is the worst case of animal cruelty I have ever seen. pokladnk At the supermarket I paid the cashier by cheque. pvab, kzlo Oxford has a lot of charm. vyjs, objavi sa, prs s She came up with an idea to stop the motorway

oddan He seems committed to his work. skladate The composer of the song was John Lennon. sebaist, spoliehajci sa na... Jenny seems very confident about her exam. stavba, budovanie He works in construction with Buildalot Limited. stavebn robotnk Construction workers can hurt their backs lifting heavy

odporova Their stories contradicted each other. ivotn nklady Average wages have increased in line with the cost of living. spota I'll count up the money. tvoriv He's one of Japan's most talented and creative film directors. ivotopis I sent in my curriculum vitae with my job application. hluch He went deaf for a while after the explosion. klesajci Europe's declining industries mean more people are out of work. popis, opis His description fitted the missing woman. uteenec, dezertr The deserter was shot at dawn. nvrhrstvo, dizajn I'd like to go into fashion design when I leave college. zfalstvo He acted in sheer desperation. digitlny They've made a digital recording of the concert. riadite How is the new marketing director doing? sklaman He became disillusioned with religion. pochybnos I have no doubt you'll be successful in whatever you choose to do. v centre mesta She works in a bar downtown. dramaticky The Internet has grown dramatically. obliec sa na... She dressed up for the party. elektrikr
All the lights in the building went out and we sent for the electrician.

citov, emocionlny It was a very emotional reunion. strojrenstvo, ininierstvo The course will introduce young people to
engineering. vah We took the escalator to the third floor of the store.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

fabulously, adv farm worker, n farming, n fashion, n fashion model, n fast-food, adj firefighter, n fit, v flexible, adj flirtation, n forestry worker, n foundation, n gas station (AmE), n generous, adj go on about sth, gonna, auxiliary verb gruesome, adj handicapped, adj hand-made, adj hopeful, n indoors, adv information technology, n insane, adj insist, v inspiration, n intercultural, adj interrupt, v interview, n job, n labrador, n law, n lifestyle, n light-hearted, adj literature, n location, n logical, adj look around, loving, adj make, v make out (- you understand), make up a story, /'f{bj@l@sli/ /'fA:m "w:k@/ /'fA:mI/ /'f{S@n/ /'f{S@n "mdl/ /'fA:st fu:d/ /'faI@"faIt@/ /fIt/ /'fleks@b@l/ /fl:'teIS@n/ /'fr@stri "w:k@/ /faUn'deIS@n/ /'g{s "steIS@n/ /'dZen@r@s/ /g@U 'n @baUt "smTI/ /'gn@/ /'gru:s@m/ /'h{ndik{pt/ /"h{nd 'meId/ /'h@Upf@l/ /"In'dO:z/ /Inf@"meIS@n tek'nl@dZi/ /In'seIn/ /In'sIst/ /"Insp@'reIS@n/ /"Int@'kltS@r@l/ /"Int@'rpt/ /'Int@vju:/ /dZb/ /'l{br@dO:/ /lO:/ /'laIfstaIl/ /"laIt 'hA:tId/ /'lIt@r@tS@/ /l@U'keIS@n/ /'ldZIk@l/ /"lUk @'raUnd/ /'lvI/ /meIk/ /meIk 'aUt/ /"meIk p @ 'stO:ri/ bjne, vybjene

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The rock star was fabulously rich and had houses in five

farmrsky robotnk Farm workers get paid very little. farmrenie You don't want to go into farming if you want to make a lot of money! mda She wants to follow a career in fashion. modelka That fashion model is very thin do you think she eats anything? rchle oberstvenie We stopped at the fast-food restaurant for a quick meal. poiarnik The firefighter dashed into the burning house to save the child. hodi a, zapada The man we arrested fits the description Mr Smith gave us

poddajn, prun, flexibiln


They're usually quite flexible about the hours I

flirt, pohrvanie sa He had a brief flirtation with photography as a career. lesn robotnk The forestry workers cut down the dead tree. nadcia The university has set up a foundation for educational research. benznov pumpa In Florida we hired a car and filled up at the gas station. tedr It was really generous of Jack to take us all on holiday. pokraova I wish my brother would stop going on about his girlfriend. going go - blzka budcnos We're gonna spend the evening in Bar Rita. prern This castle has a gruesome history. hendikepovan, telesne postihnut "Mind" is a charity for mentally
handicapped people.

rune roben We bought some hand-made chocolates. pln ndeje, ndejn There was a queue of hopefuls down the street when the
competition started. vo vntri Keep the plant indoors during the winter.

informan technolgie

She wanted a job in the Information Technology Don't be insane! You can't possibly jump down from

ialen, duevne chor


trva na nieom Don insisted that he hadn't gone out of the house at all. inpircia These gardening programmes give people inspiration for their own

in the city.

We have set up this centre to improve intercultural understanding

prerui I tried to explain, but people kept interrupting me. pohovor, interview I've got a job interview this afternoon. prca, zamestnanie I'm going to spend the weekend doing various odd jobs in
the house.

labrador Labradors are often trained as guide dogs for the blind. prvo Law is a career that takes years of study. ivotn tl They have a very exciting lifestyle. optimistick, vesel, bezstarostn The film took a light-hearted look at life in
an Alaskan winter.

literatra I'm interested in French literature. umiestnenie, pozemok They shot "Lord of the Rings" on location in New

logick There's no logical reason for you to be jealous. obzrie si We'll look around the house and then tell you what we think. milujci His loving wife looked after him while he was ill. robi I think you've made a mistake thinking that he'll like that present. tvrdi, predstiera, domnieva sa He made out that he understood me. vymyslie si
He often makes up stories for his little girl at bedtime.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

make up sth, media (the -), n medicine, n menace, n miner, n mistake, n mom (AmE), n motivated, adj mugging, n musician, n national anthem, n neighbourhood, n nurse, n odd job, n organised, adj outdoors, adv patient, adj perform, v phenomenon, n police officer, n politician, n practical, adj prime minister, n private life, n properly, adv pull a gun on, pushy, adj receptionist, n reliable, adj respected, adj retire, v risk, n rock and roll, n run away from, runaway, adj sack (get the -), n salt, n science, n sci-fi, adj, n sculptor, n sensitive, adj session musician, settle down in, sewage, n /"meIk 'p "smTI/ /'mi:di@/ /'meds@n/ /'men@s/ /'maIn@/ /mI'steIk/ /mm/ /'m@UtIveItId/ /'mgI/ /mju:'zIS@n/ /"n{S@n@l '{nT@m/ /'neIb@hUd/ /n:s/ /"d 'dZb/ /'O:g@naIzd/ /"aUt'dO:z/ /'peIS@nt/ /p@'fO:m/ /fI'nm@n@n/ /p@'li:s "fIs@/ /"pl@'tIS@n/ /'pr{ktIk@l/ /"praIm 'mIn@st@/ /'praIv@t laIf/ /'prp@li/ /"pUl @ 'gn n/ /'pUSi/ /rI'sepS@nIst/ /rI'laI@b@l/ /rI'spektId/ /rI'taI@/ /rIsk/ /"rk @n 'r@Ul/ /"rn @'weI fr@m, frm/ /'rn@weI/ /s{k/ /sO:lt/ /'saI@ns/ /'saI faI/ /'sklpt@/ /'sens@tIv/ /'seS@n mju:"zIS@n/ /"setl 'daUn In/ /'sju:IdZ, 'su: / vymyslie si

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She made up an excuse about being too ill to go to work.

mdi The media have been very unkind to her she's OK really. medicna I've been in medicine for 30 years now. hrozba, nebezpeenstvo Leaking gas ovens are a menace to old people. bank There was a strike by coal miners when Thatcher was Prime Minister. chyba These sums are wrong - I made a mistake with the calculations. mami Mom, can we go swimming? motivovan The students are all highly motivated to succeed. napadnutie a okradnutie niekoho na verejnom priestranstve The
police decided to crack down on mugging in the town centre. hudobnk, muzikant Bill likes being a session musician as he plays for different groups. nrodn hymna The crowd sang the national anthem before the match started.

susedstvo He grew up in a tough neighbourhood. zdravotn sestra My mum worked as a nurse with old people all her life. prleitostn prca There's lots of odd jobs need doing around the house. organizovan, pripraven Alice was very organised about the holiday, down to
the last detail. vonku In the summer we often eat outdoors.

trpezliv Just be patient and wait. hra, vystupova Many students performed in the school play. kaz, jav Earthquakes and hurricanes are natural phenomena. policajt The police officers caught the burglars. politik I don't trust politicians who try too hard to get my vote. praktick He's more suited to a practical occupation like plumbing. predseda vldy, premir The prime minister lives at 10 Downing Street. skromn ivot Politicians don't like the media reporting about their private lives. poriadne The computer printer isn't working properly. vytiahnu zbra na... One of the men pulled a gun on the shopkeeper. dotierav The salesman was so pushy I walked out of the shop. recepn The receptionist booked us into the hotel and gave us our keys. spoahliv Rick is a good, reliable worker. ven, repektovan He's a well respected teacher. s do dchodku I'm going to retire when I'm 60. riziko Most sports involve taking a risk of being injured. rock and roll Grace is lead singer in a rock and roll band. utiec od/z... His older brother was always hitting him so he ran away from home. osoba kt. odniekia utiekla, uteenec
London is where many runaway children go to when they leave home. dosta vyhadzov She got the sack for being rude to the customers.

so The chef added salt to the food for flavour. veda She wants to pursue a career in the sciences. vedecko fantastick The aliens in the sci-fi film were terrifying. sochr The sculptor took five years to complete this statue. citliv He was very sensitive to other people's needs. hudobnk na veierkoch Bill likes being a session musician as he plays for
different groups.

zabva sa, udomcni sa We are settling down well in our new house. splaky, odpadov voda / sewage works - kanalizan stanice /

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

shop assistant, n smelling salts, n snack bar, n sniff, v soldier, n speak up, specialist, n speech, n spoilt for choice, sport, n sticky, adj street cleaner, n stressful, adj stunt, n stuntman, n stuntwoman, n suspect, n sympathetic, adj take a day off, take sth down, talented, adj tattoo, v taxi driver, n tear sb apart, tolerant, adj tourism, n travel, v travel agent, trend, n turn up at, understanding, n vet, n window cleaner, n workaholic, n write down, /'Sp @"sIst@nt/ /'smelI sO:lts/ /'sn{k bA:/ /snIf/ /'s@UldZ@/ /"spi:k 'p/ /'speS@lIst/ /spi:tS/ /"spOIlt f@ 'tSOIs/ /spO:t/ /'stIki/ /'stri:t "kli:n@/ /'stresf@l/ /stnt/ /'stntm{n/ /'stnt"wUm@n/ /'sspekt/ /"sImp@'TetIk/ /"teIk @ deI 'f/ /"teIk smTI 'daUn/ /'t{l@ntId/ /t@'tu:, t{'tu:/ /'t{ksi "draIv@/ /"te@ smb@di @'pA:t/ /'tl@r@nt/ /'tU@rIz@m/ /'tr{v@l/ /'tr{v@l "eIdZ@nt/ /trend/ /"t:n 'p @t, {t/ /"nd@'st{ndI/ /vet/ /'wInd@U "kli:n@/ /"w:k@'hlIk/ /"raIt 'daUn/

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The sewage works treats all the waste products from the pipeline.

predavaka She works as a shop assistant in a clothes shop. dchacia so The doctor waved smelling salts under her nose to wake her. rchle oberstvenie, Chris had a cup of coffee at the snack bar. poahova nosom, smrka, ucha Stop sniffing and blow your nose. vojak There are around 1000 soldiers in the capital city tonight. hovori hlasnejie Speak up or they won't hear you at the back of the room. odbornk, pecialista She works as a cancer specialist at the local hospital. re The President will make a speech to Congress later today. vek vber, nevedie si vybra There were so many meals on the menu we
were spoilt for choice.

port I like to play most sports, but basketball is my favourite. neprjemn, dusn Things are getting a bit sticky we're under attack all the

zameta ulc The streets were so filthy the street cleaners went on strike. stresujci Pilots have a stressful job. kaskadrsky ksok There's a great stunt in which his car has to jump across a
15 metre gap.

kaskadr In the film the stuntman had to jump out of a burning building. kaskadrka The stuntwoman will crash the car into the building. podozriv Two suspects were arrested today in connection with the robbery. scitn, astn My parents weren't very sympathetic when I told them I had no
money left.

vzia si de vona Take a day off work if you're not feeling well. zapsa nieo I answered the phone and took down a message for Marta. talentovan She's a very talented musician and composer. vytetova He asked them to tattoo a lion on his chest. taxikr She asked the taxi driver to take her to the station. roztrha, rozorva niekoho Her son's death tore her apart. tolerantn We should be tolerant of other people's beliefs. turizmus, turistika The island's main industry is tourism. cestova He wants to work in travel after he leaves school. zstupca cestovnej kancelrie We went to a travel agent's on the High

smerovanie, trend There's a trend toward more part-time employment. ukza sa, objavi sa He turned up at the wedding although he hadn't been

porozumenie My understanding of computers is very limited. veterinr I took the dog to the vet for an injection. isti okien The window cleaner cleaned my windows inside and out! posadnut prcou He's a workaholic and is hardly ever at home. napsa nieo I'll read out the numbers, you write them down.

accumulated, adj adventurous, adj aerobics, n affective, adj allergy, n anyway, adv /@'kju:mjUleItId/ /@d'ventS@r@s/ /e@'r@UbIks/ /@'fektIv/ /'{l@dZi/ /'eniweI/ nahromaden The accumulated dust and dirt filled two bin bags. dobrodrun Andy is a very adventurous rock-climber. aerobik Are you going to aerobics tonight? emotvny There was a very affective advert for Childline on TV last night. alergia He has an allergy to cats. napriek tomu Catherine wasn't sure the book was the right one, but she bought it

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

application for, apply for, article, n association, n association for sb, asylum, n attractive, adj autobiographical, adj barbarous, adj barbecue, n baseball, n basketball, n beef, n border (=frontier), n bounce, n bound out of, bring, v catch up with sb, cheer up, cheerful, adj childish, adj childlike, adj come up, crew cut, n cricket, n culture, n current, adj current, adj custom, n decade, n deduce, v deficient in, descendant, n desirable, adj dialect, n direct, adj directly, adv distaste, n do, auxiliary verb Dreamtime, n drive-in, n drop sb off, energised with, /"{plI'keIS@n f@, fO:/ /@'plaI f@, fO:/ /'A:tIk@l/ /@"s@Usi'eIS@n, @"s@USi / /@"s@Usi'eIS@n, @"s@USi / /@'saIl@m/ /@'tr{ktIv/ /"O:t@UbaI@'gr{fI k@l/ /'bA:b@r@s/ /'bA:bIkju:/ /'beIsbO:l/ /'bA:skItbO:l/ /bi:f/ /'bO:d@/ /baUns/ /"baUnd 'aUt @v, v/ /brI/ /"k{tS 'p wID "smb@di/ /"tSI@r 'p/ /'tSI@f@l/ /'tSaIldIS/ /'tSaIldlaIk/ /km 'p/ /'kru: kt/ /'krIk@t/ /'kltS@/ /'kr@nt/ /'kr@nt/ /'kst@m/ /'dekeId/ /dI'dju:s/ /dI'fIS@nt In/ /dI'send@nt/ /dI'zaI@r@b@l/ /'daI@lekt/ /dI'rekt, daI / /dI'rektli, daI / /dIs'teIst/ /du:/ /'dri:mtaIm/ /'draIv In/ /"drp smb@di 'f/ /'en@dZaIzd wID, wIT/ prihlka, iados

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She sent in an application for a job in the newsroom.

iada, uchdza sa o He applied for a grant to study at Oxford University. lnok I read an interesting article about drugs. zvzok Her family has strong associations with Scotland. asocicia
Morocco has strong associations for me.

azyl When he arrived in Britain he applied for political asylum. praliv His new girlfriend is very attractive. autobiografick The film is based on the autobiographical novel by Joseph

neudsk, krut, barbarsk

to give details.

His crimes were so barbarous the police refused

opekaka, piknik We had a barbecue on the beach. baseball Who's your favourite baseball player? basketbal I'm not very good at basketball. hovdzie We had roast beef, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding for dinner. hranica We were not allowed to cross the border between the two parts of the island. prunos This shampoo will put real bounce in your hair. skoi, odrazi sa z He was late, so he bound out of bed and ran downstairs. printi, prinies dohoni niekoho
I couldn't bring myself to tell her that he'd left. If you work hard you might catch up with the other students.

vzprui, vzmui sa Cheer up, it could be worse! vesel, prjemn Tom seems a very cheerful child. detsk Stop being so childish. detsk He showed a childlike innocence although he was in his twenties. prs The school holidays are coming up in a few weeks. nakrtko ostrihan vlasy, jeko, vojensk strih His crew cut was so
short I could see his scalp! kriket England beat the Australians at cricket this summer.

kultra You have to spend time in a country if you want to understand its culture. sasn Who is her current boyfriend? sasn She wears all the current fashions. zvyk She follows Islamic custom by covering her hair. desaroie, dekda The building is now four decades old. usudzova, dedukova From his accent, I deduced that he was not English. nedostaton, trpiaci nedostatkom Your diet is deficient in protein, so eat
more meat and fish.

potomok, nsledovnk He's a descendant of Abraham Lincoln. vhodn, iadci She's bought a desirable apartment in the centre of the city. nreie, dialekt Chinese people speak many different dialects. priamy Be direct and say exactly what you think. priamo You can order the book directly from the publisher. nechu He has a great distaste for foreign films. robi Can you do me a favour? I need a lift. vysnvan as The aborigines talk about the Dreamtime and their ancestors. kino kam sa chod autom We saw a movie at the drive-in. vyloi niekoho niekde We dropped Dad off outside the station. doda energiu, zaktivizova, oivi
the race. She was energised with a desire to win

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

enigmatic, adj envious, adj environmental, adj essence of, even if, even though, exchange rate, n exchange student, n expression, n favour, n find, v finicky, adj finish sth off, fish and chips, n flowery, adj football, n football (American -),

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zhadn She's so enigmatic I haven't a clue what she's thinking. iarliv I'm really envious of your CD collection. tkajci sa ivotnho prostredia The wrecked oil tanker did serious
environmental damage.

/"enIg'm{tIk/ /'envi@s/ /In"vaI@r@n'ment l/ /'es@ns @v, v/ /'i:v@n If/ /"i:v@n 'D@U/ /Iks'tSeIndZ reIt/ /Iks'tSeIndZ "stju:d@nt/ /Ik'spreS@n/ /'feIv@/ /faInd/ /'fInIki/ /"fInIS smTI 'f/ /"fIS @n 'tSIps/ /'flaU@ri/ /'fUtbO:l/ /'fUtbO:l/ /"frentS 'fraIz/ /"fnd@'mentl/ /'dZestS@/ /get 'b{k fr@m, frm/ /get 'ju:st t@, tU/ /"g@U b{k 'h@Um/ /g@U 'aUt "smwe@/ /g@U '@Uv@/ /g@U 'Tru:/ /g@U 'nd@/ /glf/ /gUd 'neItS@dli/ /greIs/ /'greIsf@l/ /'gri:si/ /greIt/ /'gru:pi/ /'h{mb:g@/ /"h{ 'n @ "sek@nd/ /'h{z@d@s/ /"help smb@di 'aUt/ /'h@Uml{nd/ /h@Up/

podstata It's the very essence of the problem and I don't know how to solve it. aj keby, dokonca I wouldn't do another job, even if they offered me more money. napriek tomu e, aj keby She wouldn't go to the party even though I offered to

vmenn kurz

The exchange rate for the dollar is 5 French francs. Li is an exchange student from China.

vmenn tudent

vraz What does the expression "by yourself" mean? lskavos Can you do me a favour? I need a lift. njs, povaova I'm finding it difficult to get used to my new job. afektovan She's finicky about what she eats. dokoni nieo My sister didn't eat all her cake so I finished it off for her. hranolky s rybou Get some fish and chips on your way home. kvetovan She wore a skirt with a bright flowery pattern. futbal The children are playing football. americk futbal pripomnajci rugby He got a chance to play American
football in the big leagues.

french fries, n fundamental, adj gesture, n get back from, get used to, go back home, go out sw, go over, go through, go under, golf, n good-naturedly, adv grace, n graceful, adj greasy, adj great, adj groupie, n hamburger, n hang on a second, hazardous, adj help sb out, homeland, n hope, v

hranolky I had a burger and some french fries for lunch. zkladn, elementrny What are the fundamental differences between men and

gesto He made a gesture towards the door to show it was time to leave. vrti sa sp When do you get back from your holidays? zvykn si
Now that I don't have a car, I'll have to get used to catching the bus. I went back home to check that I'd turned the alarm on.

vrti sa sp domov chodi von

On Fridays, we sometimes go out to the cinema.

prejs si Can we just go over the rules once more? prejs, pokraova alej Let's go through the instructions once again. s popod Go under the bridge and then turn right. golf She had a natural talent for golf and hoped to turn professional. lskavo, priatesky She smiled good-naturedly at the girl and gave her a sweet. pvab, arm The dancer moved with such grace! pvabn, armantn She has very graceful movements. mastn, umasten I hate greasy fish and chips. skvel That's great! When do you start the new job? lovek, ktor niekomu alebo nieomu fand a jazd za tm vade obloen ema s farkou
He was a tennis groupie and went to watch games all over the country. The fast-food chain offered two hamburgers for the price of one. poka, vydra Hang on a second, guys, I've left my bag in my locker.

hazardn It was a hazardous journey through the mountains. vypomc niekomu s I promised to help him out with his homework. domovsk krajina, vlas She returned to her homeland, Somalia. dfa "Do you think Tom will come to the party?" "I hope so."

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

hot dog, humour, n identification, n immersed in, immigrant, n imply, v in order to, influence, n insolent, adj interest, n irrational, adj irrational, adj jumper, n kangaroo, n ketchup, n laboriously, adv landlady, n landlord, n legally, adv liking, n literary, adj lively, adj lively, adj lucky thing, match, n maybe, adv mayonnaise, n means, n mind, n mood, n move on, mustard, n native, adj nerve-wracking, adk neutral, adj nomad, n obligation, n obligatory, adj OK, adj on the left/right, open (an mind), adj open-door policy, n oppression, n order, n ornament, n overcrowded, adj /'ht dg/ /'hju:m@/ /aI"dentIfI'keIS@ n/ /I'm:st In/ /'ImIgr@nt/ /Im'plaI/ /In 'O:d@ t@, tU/ /'Influ@ns/ /'Ins@l@nt/ /'Intr@st/ /I'r{S@n@l/ /I'r{S@n@l/ /'dZmp@/ /"k{g@'ru:/ /'ketS@p/ /l@'bO:ri@sli/ /'l{nd"leIdi/ /'l{ndlO:d/ /'li:g@li/ /'laIkI/ /'lIt@r@ri/ /'laIvli/ /'laIvli/ /"lki 'TI/ /m{tS/ /'meIbi/ /"meI@'neIz/ /mi:nz/ /maInd/ /mu:d/ /"mu:v 'n/ /'mst@d/ /'neItIv/ /'n:v "r{kI/ /'nju:tr@l/ /'n@Um{d/ /"blI'geIS@n/ /@'blIg@t@ri/ /"@U 'keI/ /n D@ 'left, 'raIt/ /'@Up@n/ /"@Up@n 'dO: "pl@si/ /@'preS@n/ /'O:d@/ /'O:n@m@nt/ /"@Uv@'kraUdId/

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prok v roku I asked for a hot dog with mustard. humor, art I really like Sam he's got a great sense of humour. identifikcia, zistenie totonosti You need some identification to travel
across the border.

ponori sa, pohri sa He was so immersed in his work, he lost track of time. prisahovalec, imigrant My father came to England as an immigrant. naznaova What exactly are you implying? aby I have to pass my exams in order to go to university. vplyv The food that you eat has an important influence on your health. drz, domav Don't be so insolent! zujem She has shown no interest in learning ballet. nerozumn, nezmyseln absurdn She has an irrational fear of mice. nerozumn, nezmyseln absurdn He was quite irrational about not
wanting me to go!

pulver, mikina It felt cold so he put a jumper on over his T-shirt. kengura, klokan On holiday in Australia, we had kangaroo steak for dinner. keup Do you want ketchup on your burger? pracovito, namhavo He kept laboriously putting one box on top of another for
hours and hours.

domca, majiteka hotelu, penzinu

rooms to non-smokers.

The landlady would only rent out her

domci, hospodr The landlord charged a 750 deposit in case of any damage. leglne, zkonne They are still legally married. zuba, nklonnos She had a liking for champagne. literrny She won a literary prize for her first book. iv, pln ivota She has a group of lively six-year-olds to look after. iv, pln ivota He's a lively child, always running around. astie It was a lucky thing we missed the bus, as it crashed. zpas Did you watch the match between Kenya and Ireland? mono, asi Maybe they haven't got your letter yet. majonza She had egg and mayonnaise sandwiches for her lunch. prostriedok Email is becoming an important means of communication. myse I'm keeping an open mind about what to do. nlada Dad's in a bad mood today. presun sa The nightclub was boring so we moved on to another. horica a hamburger with ketchup and mustard rodn Her native language is Spanish. nervy drsajci It was nerve-wracking waiting for the test results. neutrlny Switzerland was a neutral country during the war. nomd, koovnk The nomads of the desert move from place to place by camel. povinnos You have an obligation to inform the police of any accident on the road. povinn Attending school is obligatory. v poriadku, bez problmov "Can he stay overnight?" "That's OK with me, but
check with Mum."

vavo/ vpravo

The newsagent's is on the right just after the bookshop.

nezaujat I'm keeping an open mind about what to do. prijmacia/ otvoren politika Many countries would like an open-door policy on

tlak, tlak They suffered years of oppression. aby Plants need light in order to live. ornament, ozdoba There was a china cat along with other ornaments on the


Britain's overcrowded prisons need to be rebuilt.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

parking lot, n pass, v passage, n past, adj peer, n pepper, n persecution, n phrase, n phrasebook, n pick sb up, pick sth up, pitiful, adj pity, n pluck, v poison, n poisonous, adj poke sb, popcorn, n posh, adj poverty, n profession, n professional, adj proverb, n pub food, n reggae, n relaxed, adj rent, v reserved, adj rib, n roast beef, n rugby, n sacred, adj second, adj self-image, n sense of humour, n skeleton, n ski-jumping, n sloppy, adj so that, soccer, n sound, v specimen, n spicy, adj spontaneity, n spring, v /'pA:kI lt/ /pA:s/ /'p{sIdZ/ /pA:st/ /pI@/ /'pep@/ /"p:sI'kju:S@n/ /freIz/ /'freIzbUk/ /"pIk smb@di 'p/ /"pIk smTI 'p/ /'pItIf@l/ /'pIti/ /plk/ /'pOIz@n/ /'pOIz@n@s/ /'p@Uk "smb@di/ /'ppkO:n/ /pS/ /'pv@ti/ /pr@'feS@n/ /pr@'feS@n@l/ /'prv:b/ /'pb fu:d/ /'regeI/ /rI'l{kst/ /rent/ /rI'z:vd/ /rIb/ /"r@Ust 'bi:f/ /'rgbi/ /'seIkr@d/ /'sek@nd/ /"self 'ImIdZ/ /"sens @v 'hju:m@/ /'skel@t@n/ /'ski: "dZmpI/ /'slpi/ /'s@U D@t, D{t/ /'sk@/ /saUnd/ /'spes@m@n/ /'spaIsi/ /"spnt@'ni:@ti/ /sprI/

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parkovacie miesto We left the car in the parking lot. poda Pass me the salt and pepper, please. cesta They were the first to discover the western passage through the mountains. minul, posledn He's been pretty miserable over the past few weeks. achtic He's a peer Lord Foster of somewhere or other. korenie The soup needs a little more salt and pepper prenasledovanie He suffered persecution for his political beliefs. frza He always starts the class with the phrase "Good morning!" frazeologick slovnk, konverzan prruka We bought a German
phrasebook when we were on holiday in Berlin. vyzdvihn niekoho I promised to pick her up at six o'clock.

pochyti nieo

She picked up some German when she was on holiday in Berlin.

poutovaniahodn We came across the pitiful sight of homeless children. scit, tos I felt a lot of pity for the dead man's family. vytrhn, odtrhn She plucked a rose from her garden. jed The plant's leaves contain a poison. jedovat Many household chemicals are poisonous. stri do niekoho, tuchn She poked him with her elbow to stop him from
falling asleep.

pop corn - praen kukurica

the film.

We bought some popcorn before going in to see

nbl, extra The Ritz is a very posh hotel. chudoba Millions of people are living in poverty. povolanie, profesia I spent most of my life in the teaching profession. profesionlny You'll need professional legal advice. prslovie Mum's favourite proverb is "Many hands make light work." jedlo v krme Sometimes pub food can be better value than in a restaurant. reggae - hudba Bob Marley made reggae music popular. uvolnen She looked happy and relaxed on her wedding day. prenaja si We rent the flat from my uncle. zdranliv, rezervovan She's very reserved until she gets to know you. rebro She poked him in the ribs to wake him up. peen hovdzie We had roast beef, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding for

rugby svt druh


He injured his leg playing rugby. To Hindus, the River Ganges is sacred. There are two keys the first is for the main door and the second is for the

Depression affects people with a poor self-image. zmysel pre humor He has a great sense of humour and is always making us laugh.

vlastn celkov dojem, vonkajie psobenie, image

kostra We found the skeleton of a cat. skoky na lyiach We watched the ski-jumping at the Winter Olympics. nedbal, neporiadny This was a sloppy piece of work, Smith. aby Mum gave me some money so that I could buy Dad a present. futbal A lot of soccer fans were annoyed when the match was called off. znie It sounds strange to say this, but I really like broccoli! ukka, vstavn kus He's a very odd specimen of the human race. korenist I love spicy food, especially Indian curries. spontnnos He brings enthusiasm and spontaneity to our work. skoi, vyskoi Tim's cat sprang into my lap.

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New OPPORTUNITIES Intermediate Anglicko slovensk slovnk

strange, adj sure, adj surfing, n swan, n thank sb for, /streIndZ/ /SO:/ /'s:fI/ /swn/ /'T{k "smb@di f@, fO:/ /'TIk @baUt "smTI/ /"t:n @v 'freIz/ /'t:nI/ /"nIn'tenS@n@li/ /"nprI'dIkt@b@l/ /n'kwestS@nd/ /'ju:st t@, tU/ /'ve@ri@s/ /v:st/ /"vaIs 'v:s@/ /'vInIg@/ /'vaItl/ /wO:m/ /"wel 'v:st In/ /"wel 'lIt/ /wt'ev@/ /we@r'ev@/ /hu:'ev@/ /je@/

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udn It sounds strange to say this, but I really like broccoli! zaruen spoahliv OK, sure, I'll see you there, then. surfovanie I prefer the surfing in Hawaii to anywhere else. labu Swans are protected by the royal family. poakova za Thank you for seeing me to the door.

think about sth, turn of phrase, n turning, n unintentionally, adv unpredictable, adj unquestioned, adj used to, modal verb various, adj versed, adj vice versa, adv vinegar, n vital, adj warm, adj well versed in, well-lit, adj whatever, determiner wherever, adv whoever, pron yeah, interj

prema o..

I have been thinking about our holiday. She sometimes has an unpleasant turn of

efektn formulcia, veta, frza


odboka Go past the church and it's the next turning on your left. nemyselne I hit the cyclist unintentionally. nepredvdaten Global warming has made the weather more unpredictable. nevysloven The whole approach is based on unquestioned assumptions. zvykn si You'll get used to doing this after a few years in the job. rzne There are various ways of sending money abroad. sksen, zbehl He was well versed in the art of flattery. naopak Films that the boys like don't appeal to the girls, and vice versa. ocot Shake the bottle well to mix the oil with the vinegar. ivotn, ivotne dleit It's vital to concentrate when you are driving. lskav, vrel He's lovely and warm towards his children. vemi sksen, zbehl He was well versed in the art of flattery. dobre osvetlen The street was very well-lit and I could see him clearly. hocio, okovek We could do whatever we liked. hocikde, kamkovek They followed us wherever we went. ktokovek, hocikto Whoever did this must be crazy. ba, no Yeah, you can borrow my car, but bring it back by seven.

Aids, n alarm clock, n archaeologist, n ashes, n austerity, n bad, adj battery, n bear, v bewildered, adj bewildering, adj bossy, adj breath, n breathtaking, adj bronze, n bugler, n butterfly, n calendar, n cancer, n capsule (time -), n careless, adj cart, n /eIdz/ /@'lA:m klk/ /"A:ki'l@dZIst/ /'{SIz/ /O:'ster@ti/ /b{d/ /'b{t@ri/ /be@/ /bI'wIld@d/ /bI'wIld@rI/ /'bsi/ /breT/ /'breT"teIkI/ /brnz/ /'bju:gl@/ /'bt@flaI/ /'k{l@nd@/ /'k{ns@/ /'k{psju:l/ /'ke@l@s/ /kA:t/ AIDS They say he has Aids and is seriously ill. budk I bought an alarm clock because I was always late for work. archeolg The archaeologist found a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings. popol The police sifted through the ashes of the fire, looking for clues. sporn opatrenia There was a period of austerity after the war. zl That's not a bad price for a TV that big! batrie The radio needs new batteries. ma na pamti Bear in mind that I'm only doing this as a favour. zmten The children looked bewildered and scared. mtci In the shop there was a bewildering variety of fruit. panovan She's a bossy little girl and always wants her own way. dych When I heard her sing it completely took my breath away! berci dych, asn The photo shows a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. bronz The medal for third place was made of bronze. truba At the funeral, the bugler played the Last Post. mot Some butterflies look very like moths. kalendr I made a note of his birthday on the calendar. rakovina He died of lung cancer. puzdro, kapsula We buried the time capsule for people of the future to find. nedbal, neopatrn Try not to be so careless in future. voz, kra She met a farmer with his horse and cart.

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carton, n case (a in point), n cash machine, n ceramics, n charming, adj cheat sb, civilisation, n civilised, adj clay, n coffee maker, n come up with, companion, n confronted with, considered, adj contrast, n cuneiform, n curator, n definitely, adv dense, adj documentary, n domestication, n drizzle, n ecstatic, adj effect, n empire, n eruption, n excessive, adj execute sb, fact, n fertile, adj find sth out, fit, v fountain, n fours (on all -), n full of sth, fusion, n gadget, n genre, n gladiator, n go out, go up in smoke, grandeur, n granite, n /'kA:tn/ /keIs/ /'k{S m@"Si:n/ /s@'r{mIks/ /'tSA:mI/ /'tSi:t "smb@di/ /"sIv@l aI'zeIS@n/ /'sIv@l aIzd/ /kleI/ /'kfi "meIk@/ /km 'p wID, wIT/ /k@m'p{nj@n/ /k@n'frntId wID, wIT/ /k@n'sId@d/ /'kntrA:st/ /'kju:nifO:m/ /kjU'reIt@/ /'defIn@tli/ /dens/ /"dkj@'ment@ri/ /d@"mestI'keIS@n / /'drIzl/ /Ik'st{tIk/ /I'fekt/ /'empaI@/ /I'rpS@n/ /Ik'sesIv/ /'eksIkju:t "smb@di/ /f{kt/ /'f:taIl/ /"faInd smTI 'aUt/ /fIt/ /'faUnt@n/ /fO:z/ /'fUl @v "smTI/ /'fju:Z@n/ /'g{dZ@t/ /'Znr@/ /'gl{dieIt@/ /g@U 'aUt/ /g@U "p In 'sm@Uk/ /'gr{ndZ@/ /'gr{n@t/

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kartn I'd like six cartons of orange juice. prpad, I said your work was getting better, and this latest essay is a case in point. bankomat The cash machine swallowed my card and I had no money! keramika Sonia teaches ceramics at Columbia College. okzujce, pvabn What a charming child! oklama niekoho He cheated her at cards. civilizcia The archaeologist was fascinated by the ancient civilisation of Egypt. civilizovan France is a very civilised country. hlina, l He made a figure out of clay. kvovar She poured two cups of coffee from the coffee maker. prs s..., odpoveda I tried to come up with an answer, but my mind was a

spolonk, druh One of her travelling companions became ill. konfrontova, st pred niem tvrou v tvr He admitted his guilt when
confronted with the evidence.

bran do vahy, povaovan All things considered, I think the day went well. opak, rozpor, kontrast There was a great contrast between the rich and the
poor areas of the city.

klinov psmo He was studying the cuneiform writing of ancient Mesopotamia. riadite, kurtor He's curator of fine art at the Metropolitan. urite I'll definitely phone you tonight. hust They hacked their way through the dense tropical jungle. dokumentrny film We watched a documentary about dinosaurs. zdomcnenie The domestication of this breed of dog took hundreds of years. mrholenie A light drizzle had started by the time we left. naden, v extze When Beckham scored, the crowd was ecstatic. dsledok, efekt We do not know what the long-term effects of pollution are on the

ra She's reading "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire". vbuch, erupcia The village was destroyed by the volcanic eruption. nadmern, prehnan Excessive dieting can be very harmful. popravi They executed the murderer at midnight. fakt, v skutonosti I don't want to go, really. In fact, I'm not going. rodn The soil was fertile and produced enough food for the whole village. zisti nieo Jack found out that Suki has been seeing Norman. by v kondcii, fit I'm not as fit as I used to be in my twenties. fontna Tourists throw coins into the Trevi fountain in Rome. tyri / konatiny / He was down on all fours playing with the puppy. pln nieoho The glass was full of orange juice. splynutie, fzia He plays an unusual style of jazz fusion. zariadenie, siastka I bought a handy little gadget for opening bottles. ner He started a whole new genre of impressionist painting. gladitor In ancient Rome, gladiators fought lions in the Coliseum. s von They decided to go out for a meal. rozplyn sa Her plan to sail to Africa went up in smoke when the engine failed. vzneenos, vekos Her paintings capture the grandeur of the mountains. ula The building was made of grey, sparkling granite.

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graze, v grow up in, guide, n gunpowder, n healthcare, n hitchhike, v hold, v hooligan, n humidity, n impress sb, impressed, adj inclined to, indifferent, adj investigate, v irrigation channel, n kettle, n key ring, n kiosk, n leave sth on, loneliness, n look after sb, lost, adj lost, adj make, n marble, n master, n mean, v medicine, n mess, n microwave oven, n mind, n monastery, n moss, n motorbike, n mouse (computer), n naive, adj naturalist, n nuclear weapon, n ornamental (gardens), adj otherwise, adv owl, n palace, n palmtop computer, n /greIz/ /"gr@U 'p In/ /gaId/ /'gn"paUd@/ /'helTke@/ /'hItShaIk/ /h@Uld/ /'hu:lIg@n/ /hju:'mId@ti/ /Im'pres "smb@di/ /Im'prest/ /In'klaInd t@, tU/ /In'dIf@r@nt/ /In'vestIgeIt/ /"IrI'geIS@n "tS{nl/ /'ketl/ /'ki: rI/ /'ki:sk/ /"li:v smTI 'n/ /'l@Unlin@s/ /lUk 'A:ft@ "smb@di/ /lst/ /lst/ /meIk/ /'mA:b@l/ /'mA:st@/ /mi:n/ /'meds@n/ /mes/ /"maIkr@weIv 'v@n/ /maInd/ /'mn@stri/ /ms/ /'m@Ut@baIk/ /maUs/ /naI'i:v/ /'n{tS@r@lIst/ /"nju:kli@ 'wep@n/ /"O:n@'mentl/ /'D@waIz/ /aUl/ /'p{l@s/ /"pA:mtp

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odrie, pokriaba Tim fell off his bicycle and grazed his knees. vyrs She grew up in Belgium but has lived in Scotland for years. sprievodca The guide pointed out the cathedral on the left. pun prach Their plan was to blow up parliament with barrels of gunpowder. zdravotn starostlivos The UK healthcare system is free but we pay for it
through our taxes.

stopova He had hitchhiked down from Glasgow. dra The play held me spellbound right up to the end. chulign A gang of football hooligans attacked the shop. vlhkos It was hot but damp and the humidity was very high. urobi dojem, ovplyvni He tried to impress her with his vast knowledge of
world affairs.

vemi ovplyvnen,, dojat

in its first game.

I was really impressed by how well the team played

naklonen, nchyln
inclined to believe her.

It seemed unlikely that her story was true, but I was

ahostajn How could a father be so indifferent to his own children? vyetrova Police are investigating the robbery. zavodovac kanl They dug an irrigation channel to water the crops. kanvica I'll put the kettle on. kenka She added the luggage key to her key ring. stnok We stopped at the kiosk in the shopping centre to buy a newspaper. necha nieo zapnut The old lady leaves the TV on all day. osamelos She has no family and suffers from loneliness and poverty. stara sa o... It would be nice if someone could look after her when she gets old. straten After walking for several hours, we realised that we were lost. straten He set up an expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis. znaka This is a very popular make of washing machine. ula The columns were made of white marble. majster My brother is a master of kung fu. znamena "Start" and "begin" mean basically the same thing. medicna Medicine is a difficult career to choose. neporiadok I'm afraid my room's a bit of a mess. mikrovlnka We only use the microwave oven to heat up food. myse Bear in mind that you have to pick up Gran on the way back. kltor The monks from the monastery grow their own vegetables. mach The tree trunk was covered in moss. motorka He bought her a Harley Davidson motorbike for her birthday. my I moved the mouse to the next page of the document. naivn I was young and naive then. naturalista, prrodopisec As a naturalist, he's always outdoors studying plants
and animals.

nuklerne zbrane

Some countries arm themselves with nuclear weapons. We went to visit the ornamental gardens at Versailles.

ozdobn, dekoratvny

v opanom prpade Hurry up! Otherwise we'll miss the bus. sova The owl swooped down and caught the mouse in its claws. palc The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace. pota do ruky I don't like palmtop computers because the screen is too small.

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pastor, n personal stereo, n pitiful, adj pity, n pizza, n planet, n plough, v plunge down, potter, v pray, v prehistoric, adj primitive, adj principal (=main), adj put off by, pyramid, n rapids, n recommendation, n recover, v re-enact, v regret, v remote, n scramble, v security system, n shade, n shiver, v shocked, adj silly of sb to, smoke, n social services, n souvenir, n speciality, n spellbound, adj spellbound, adj squirrel, n stairway, n stateroom, n steep, adj strike, v stroll, v struggle up sth, stuffy, adj stupid of sb to, surgeon, n k@m'pju:t@/ /'pA:st@/ /"p:s@n@l 'steri@U, 'stI@r / /'pItIf@l/ /'pIti/ /'pi:ts@/ /'pl{n@t/ /plaU/ /"plndZ 'daUn/ /'pt@/ /preI/ /"pri:hI'strIk/ /'prIm@tIv/ /'prIns@p@l/ /pUt 'f baI/ /'pIr@mId/ /'r{pIdz/ /"rek@men'deIS@ n/ /rI'kv@/ /"ri: I'n{kt/ /rI'gret/ /rI'm@Ut/ /'skr{mb@l/ /sI'kjU@r@ti "sIst@m/ /SeId/ /'SIv@/ /Skt/ /'sIli @v "smb@di t@, tU/ /sm@Uk/ /"s@US@l 's:vIsIz/ /"su:v@'nI@/ /"speSi'{l@ti/ /'spelbaUnd/ /'spelbaUnd/ /'skwIr@l/ /'ste@weI/ /'steItrUm, ru:m/ /sti:p/ /straIk/ /str@Ul/ /"strg@l 'p "smTI/ /'stfi/ /'stju:pId @v "smb@di t@, tU/ /'s:dZ@n/

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pastor The pastor of Holy Trinity church visited the old people's home. osobn kazetov prehrva I have a personal stereo but I now want an MP3

poutovaniahodn The children had been abandoned and were in a pitiful state. koda It's a pity you can't come. pizza He made a cheese, tomato and mushroom pizza for dinner. planta Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. pluh He still has an old horse-drawn plough. ponori sa The pearl divers plunged down to the seabed for oysters. hrniar He makes his living as a potter, selling ceramics to the tourists. modli sa Let us pray for peace. prehistorick There were some prehistoric cave drawings on the wall. primitvny The soldiers made a primitive shelter to sleep in. hlavn Coffee is Brazil's principal export. odpudzova I've been put off eating pork by seeing how badly pigs are treated. pyramda He bought a paperweight in the shape of a pyramid. pereje The canoeist was injured whilst canoeing down the rapids. odporanie The report made recommendations on how schools can improve their

zotavi sa I hope I recover from this flu before my holiday starts. znova zahra In the film they re-enacted the Battle of Waterloo. utova I really regret leaving school so young. ovlda My brother and I fight over who holds the TV remote! liez, driapa sa I scrambled up onto the roof of the house. bezpenostn systm He tested the bank's security system for any

tie I'd rather sit in the shade than in the sun. trias sa I was cold and wet and I couldn't stop shivering. okovan The shocked passers-by saw the bus explode. hlpe od niekoho... It was silly of Gran to say he could stay he'll never leave! vypari sa My dreams of becoming rich have gone up in smoke. socilne sluby She rang social services asking for help to feed the children. suvenr The boomerang was a souvenir of our holiday in Australia. pecialita Fish is our speciality. okzlen, oaren They watched spellbound as the magician cut himself in half. okzlen, oaren He held the children spellbound with his stories. veverika The squirrels eat all the food I put out for the birds! schodisko She climbed up the stairway to the next floor of the palace. reprezentan sl, vldny salnik The councillors held their meeting in the

strm, prkry I can't ride my bike here it's too steep. urobi dojem It strikes me that you may not be telling the truth. prechdza sa, potulova We strolled along the beach. razi si cestu, namha sa They struggled up the hill to see the view from the

zatuchnut, dusn It's very stuffy in here can I open a window? by hlpe od niekoho It was stupid of me to lend him the money, I'll never get it


The surgeon performed the operation in two hours.

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surgery, n surveyor, n tablet (clay/stone -), n take over, take sth up, tapestry, n telescope, n temple, n things (all considered), n time, n time capsule, n tone, n track, n turn sth off, unbelievable, adj undergrowth, n vast, adj voluntary work, n walkman, n waste, v wheeled, adj wilderness, n work sth out, /'s:dZ@ri/ /s@'veI@/ /'t{bl@t/ /"teIk '@Uv@/ /"teIk smTI 'p/ /'t{p@stri/ /'tel@sk@Up/ /'temp@l/ /TIz/ /taIm/ /'taIm "k{psju:l/ /t@Un/ /tr{k/ /"t:n smTI 'f/ /"nbI'li:v@b@l/ /'nd@gr@UT/ /vA:st/ /'vl@nt@ri w:k/ /'wO:km@n/ /weIst/ /wi:ld/ /'wIld@n@s/ /"w:k smTI 'aUt/

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ordincia, chirurgia She had surgery to remove a lump from her neck. radn odhadca Before buying the house, we asked a surveyor to look at it. tabula, dotika They found large stone tablets with strange writing on them. prebra nieo She has taken over the running of the business. zaa s niem I'm going to take up something easy like hang-gliding! gobeln On the wall there was a tapestry showing a hunting scene. alekohad Through the telescope I could see details of the moon's surface. chrm The Temple of Heavenly Peace is in Beijing. veci, okolnosti/ berc do vahy vetky okolnosti All things considered,
I prefer living in the North of England.

as Don't waste time, get on with it! asov pzdro, kapsula We buried the time capsule for people of the future to

tn "Hi, Jane," Rod called out in a friendly tone of voice. stopa The soldier left no track to show where he had gone. vypn nieo Sheila turned off the lights before she went to bed. neuveriten Jack's had some unbelievable luck in the last few years. podrast I promised Mum I'd cut back the undergrowth beneath the trees. rozsiahly, nesmierny The Romans once controlled a vast empire. dobrovon prca Joe does some voluntary work at the hospital. walkman, mal kazetov prehrva
She has a Walkman but would like to replace it with an iPod. mrha, My father thought I would just waste time at college.

kolesov, s kolesami The wheeled cart ran over my foot divoina Fifty years ago, this area was just a wilderness. vypracova, vypota I'll try and work out the quickest route.

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