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How did the tutors start his/her lesson?

1) Students were grouped into teams and given a topic to brainstorm on. This is practiced mostly in 1133A which appears to enjoy group work. For H1 classes, it was made mandatory for students to choose members from other classes. 2) For J1 classes, lessons would begin by first checking the work. 3) Lessons for both J1 and J2 are kept interactive by constantly cueing for answers from the students What are the strengths of the strategies adopted by the tutor? 1. Students are allowed to communicate their ideas between each other. Economics tends to require students to view a matter from various perspectives and group discussions allow for sharing of perspectives. 2. By first checking the work, a clear signal is sent to the students, that they cannot come into class unprepared for lesson. 3. Interactive classes engage the students and prompt them to think and not blank out during lessons. How would I have done things differently? 1. During lessons thus far, I try to tackle tougher concepts or areas where students tend to ignore. This would build up an image of a useful lesson and prompt them to want to listen.

How did the tutors conduct his/her lesson? 1. After a discussion, students would be allowed to present their answers to their classmates. 2. Tutors would then step in at critical moments to correct any misconceptions. What are the strengths of the strategies adopted by the tutor? 1. Group work boosts their confidence in answering and also increases the variety of perspectives that students are exposed to. However, if tutor knows from prior experience that certain students are enjoying a free ridership, arrangements could be

made for the students to perform individual work in order to spur thinking. 2. Teachers could proceed to monitor their progress, looking out for common mistakes and also correcting them immediately. 3. The class could absorb the experiences of their classmate and take note of what components a L3 essay would require. What would you have done differently? 1) I am still learning how to conduct a group work efficiently such that the positive effects are brought out in total. How did the teacher end the lesson? 1) A recap of the essential pointers gone through in class. 2) A reminder on what to expect in the next lesson How would I have done it differently? 1) A check out could be done on several students at a time. This would pressurize them to retain what they have learnt and also enable classmates to exemplify the habit of mind, listening with understanding and empathy.