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Questions and Answers on Corus’ announcement 8th May ‘09

1. What did the press release say?

Corus regrets to announce that it has been forced to open consultations that might result in a decision
to mothball its Teesside Cast Products (TCP) plant in northeast England.

2. Why has this decision been taken and what is Corus doing about it?

TCP produces steel slab. A consortium of four international slab buyers signed an agreement with
Corus to buy just under 78% of the plant’s slab production for 10 years (2004-2014). Despite this, last
month the consortium unilaterally and unreasonably initiated moves to terminate the contract, thereby
making the TCP operation unviable.

Corus is using all legal means to ensure that the terms of the 10-year agreement are fully enforced and
that the four consortium members live up to their contractual obligations. Alongside these actions
Corus will explore alternative options that might secure a viable future for TCP and its employees.

3. How are employees affected?

Tata Steel, our parent company, has approximately 80,000 employees; half of these work for Corus.

The company has begun discussions with employees and their representatives about what can be done
to mitigate the impact of mothballing the plant on the 1,920 TCP employees and what future action may
be needed. Any decision to mothball is likely to lead to a very significant number of redundancies.

4. How will graduate recruitment be affected?

Out of the sixty graduates we are hoping to recruit to join the graduate recruitment scheme in Corus this
year, two have been offered positions to start in Teesside Cast Products. We will be speaking to the
graduates concerned to go through options, which may include considering an alternative role on the
graduate scheme in another Corus business.

5. Why are you still recruiting graduates in other areas?

Looking at our staffing requirements for future years we have an ageing population and a number of
Managers will want to retire. We will need to train high potential graduates to be their successors.

6. Do you have any other vacancies remaining?

We have a small number of graduate and 12-month placement student vacancies available for
Electrical Engineers and Metallurgists and would welcome applications from high calibre students for
these vacancies. Assessment centres are running over the next few weeks for other areas (such as
Mechanical Engineering, Finance or HR), currently we have sufficient candidates to fill these positions.