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Rationale of the Study

In this day and age, we see different and new fashion trends every day. From clothing and accessories to cosmetics, these are practically patronized by the majority of the fashion conscious, especially women. Together with the cyclical changes of these products is the constant rise in demand for cosmetic products. Cosmetic products, if used effectively, have proven to be beneficial in hiding minor flaws and effectively enhance the features of its consumers. Their fondness for improvement, despite the cost, is within their reach with almost all the cosmetic companies providing a variety of products to satisfy consumer wants and needs. An example of this is the lipstick. Of all arrays of lipstick, shimmer lipstick is a kind of lipstick that creates a shimmery finish on the lips when it is applied. Its difference among other lipstick that has a shiny finish is that shimmer lipstick often has flecks of cosmeticgrade glitter or mica and silica mixed in that reflect light and give a shimmering effect to the lips. However with the advanced technology and the increase in societys craze in going green, consumers are becoming more aware and concerned on any existence of the products health benefits and its safety in terms of its components. Studies have shown that the synthetic substances used in making shimmer lipstick affect not only the consumers, but also its manufacturers. Possible side effects of these substances include learning, language and behavioral problems such as lowered IQ, reduced school performance and increased aggression (cite sources). It is a great

challenge to the cosmetic industry to find a way to minimize the use of these harmful synthetic substances and provide consumers with a less toxin-based product. Finding alternative natural materials that can provide the same shimmering effect is feasible but can only be found in specific sources. In this study, sardine scales (Sardinella Longiceps) were used as an effective alternative to synthetic substances used to produce the shimmer in shimmer lipstick. Its scales contain crystalline guanine that has in it the iridescent shine and luster all shimmer lipsticks have. It is based on this understanding that the researchers are motivated to propose sardine scales as an alternative ingredient to synthetic substances, as they are natural and non-toxic. Through the utilization of sardine scales as an alternative component of shimmer lipstick, this study aims not only to help the cosmetic industry but also the fishing industry and environment.

Statement of the Problem

One of the main objectives of this study is to ascertain that Sardinella Longiceps scales are a viable option to mica and silica substances. By introducing the harmful effects of these synthetic substances, we aim to convince the typical manufacturers of the remunerations of having a non-toxic and environment-and-consumer-friendly substitute in their shimmer lipstick. Through this, the main objective of this study is to determine the feasibility and marketability of shimmer lipstick with Sardinella Longiceps scales as its additive component.

The study also focuses in determining the significant problems associated with Sardinella Longiceps scales as an additive component in shimmer lipsticks. Through the researchers inquiry and research performed, some problems were identified. 1. Are sardine Sardinella Longiceps scales a viable alternative to synthetic substances? 2. Are shimmer lipsticks containing Sardinella Longiceps scales marketable to the women consumers of the Philippines?

Significance of the Study Cosmetics serve a dual-purpose to the people who use it. Application of shimmer lipstick effectively enhances ones lips and with it glossiness, serves as protection from external factors (from the sun, wind, etc). Our study is important because this may influence how customers and the cosmetic industry view various cosmetic products. With the significant benefits of the use of Sardinella Longiceps scales, this may prove to be a breakthrough in the field of cosmetic production. This may prove to be a benefit for the customers, the cosmetic industry and the Philippine economy. Customers: The highlight of this research is to make customers aware of the health effects that some ingredients most cosmetic products have on our system. This will also enlighten them on the economic and environmental benefits that Sardinella Longiceps scales have.

Cosmetics Industry: Companies in the cosmetic industry might derive various benefits from using sardine scales. Aside from being cheaper and environmental friendly, using sardine scales is also safer than using other mineral substances. This may ease their difficulties in handling these minerals and can contribute to waste reduction. Fishing Industry: Through the utilization of fish scales as a component in the production of lipstick, various fish ports will derive a new source of income for the people in this industry. This will also make them aware of the benefits Sardinella Longiceps scales have on the environment. By utilizing them, improper waste disposal is minimized. This will also contribute to their awareness on the usefulness of what once was regarded waste. Future Researchers: Future researchers may also delve into studies about using other fish scales and other natural products as an alternative to other daily-used products. This study may be used as their guide and may encourage them for the development of this study. Country: As a by-product of this study, utilization of sardine scales instead of throwing this anywhere might decrease pollution or reduce the volume of waste accumulated in the environment. This will also help to reduce and preserve the minerals.

Scope and Limitation The purpose of this study is to determine whether shimmer lipstick with Sardinella Longiceps scales are saleable to consumers. Sardinella Longiceps scales prove

to be a possible alternative to synthetic components what with the health defects these synthetic components bring to the consumers. The thing that makes Sardinella

Longiceps scales feasible as an additive component to shimmer lipstick is the presence of guanine, which is a crystalline material responsible for the iridescent shine seen in shimmer lipstick. Broad research was only done by the researchers in handling the study. Due to time constraints, survey questionnaires were only distributed in various residential and commercial areas of Cebu City. Also because of this limitation linked with the researchers financial restriction, only 200 questionnaires were distributed to the respondents. In order to make the research constructive, the researchers extended their interest towards various cosmetic companies based in the Philippines. However, the researchers failed to receive any reply from the subsequent cosmetic companies during the prearranged period of the research study. Such uncontrolled restraints made these limitations on the study.