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on Mine Pr ey LY rR Clad oa. See Se ol SP teal 1 el a a wae? _s > —_— a 5 { iP a = ] CINEMATOGRAPHY - & DIRECTING iN ES DAN ABLAN Laie a tsa tad CINEMATOGRAPHY & DIRECTING To create 3D digital content, you need more than just good lighting, textures, and modeling. If you want your 3D images and animations to be the best possible, you need to learn the art and technique of the camera within your 3D application. [digital] Cinematography & Directing was written for the 3D animator who wants to maximize the use of camera techniques with minimal struggle. Through the planning, pre-production, and storyboards detailed in this book, you'll be on your way to realizing your cinematic vision. Learn how to apply real-world camera principles to your 3D camera, and flesh out your knowledge by exploring the intricacies of rendering, editing, and sound, Cuapres 1!" Intrduction Carrer 2: The [digital] Camera CHAPTER 3: Storyboards Cuaprer 4: Planning Shots CHapTeR 5: Lighting Cuaprer 6: [digital] Directing CHAPTER 7: Staging CHapTeR 8: Lines of Action Caprer 9: Sound CuapTER 10: Resolutions, Compression, and Rendering Cuaprer 11: Editing Cuaprer 12: Final Thoughts [digital] CINEMATOGRAPHY & DIRECTING CONTENTS AT A GLANCE CHAPTER 1: Introduction 2 Cuapter 2: The [digital] Camera 8 CHAPTER 3: Storyboards 24 Cuaprer 4: Planning Shots 2 Cnaprer 5: Lighting 56 Cuaprer 6: [digital] Directing 84 Cuaprer 7: Staging 108 CHAPTER 8: Lines of Action 132 CHaprer 9: Sound 162 | Guapre 10: Resolutions, Compression, and Rendering 170 Cuaprer 11: Editing 184 CHaprer 12: Final Thoughts 216