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CS20 Programming for Engineers

Introduction to computer programming principles using MATLAB, with applications chosen from civil, electrical, environmental, and mechanical engineering.

Summer 2013
Jul 15 - Aug 9 9:00 - 11:45 a.m. MTWR, JEFFRD 112

Instructor: Alison Pechenick Office: 319 Votey Mail: Alison.Pechenick@uvm.edu

Web: www.cems.uvm.edu/~amp

Grader: Mr. Jonathan Godbout (Jonathan.Godbout@uvm.edu).

If you wish to question or contest a homework grade, please e-mail the grader a polite inquiry, and within two days after the grade is posted.
Required Materials:

Laptop (required of all students, brought to each class meeting) MATLAB & Simulink Student Version (R2013a) MATLAB: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving , Second Edition, by Stormy Attaway Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann (Elsevier). ISBN: 978-0-12-385081-2

Staying informed: You are responsible for regularly checking our Blackboard (bb.uvm.edu) course space and your UVM e-mail account. Course Philosophy: Given the class size and intense pace, this course will be treated as a seminar (hence the "Discussion" component of the grade). Classroom Etiquette:

Appropriate classroom conduct is expected in order to make the learning environment as conducive as possible for everyone. Use common sense and respect your instructor and classmates.

Arrive in time to be seated and have your laptop powered up prior to class time. Be present and focused during lectures, demonstartions and discussions. Your computer should be used to replicate class demos and work on in-class problems. Please do not surf the web, chat, etc. Silence and stow your cell phone. Actively participate in discussions and independent work time.

Homeworks: 35-40 % Daily Discussions (based on work done previously, in or out of class; includes instructor prompts and student questions): 10-15% Weekly Examinations (one hour each of the first three Thursdays): 30% Final Project: 20%

In-class graded work (discussions, programming problems, weekly exams, etc.) may not be made up.

Assignment Logistics:
All homework will be in the form of programming assignments. Some assignments will be completed and demonstrated (to the instructor and possibly classmates) during scheduled class meeting time.

Other assignments will be completed outside of class, and submitted electronically through Blackboard. These assignments will be posted on Blackboard with a clearly indicated due date. Out-of class assignments will be accepted up to 24 hours late, at a penalty of 50%.
Academic Integrity:

Helping your classmates on homework assignments is permitted and encouraged. However, any work you submit for grading must represent your own individual effort. Copying of code in any way (including, but not limited to, electronic exchange, reading from someone else's printout or digital display) is strictly prohibited. Violation of this course policy will result in an XF ("failure resulting from academic dishonesty") in the course. You are encouraged to review UVM's Code for Academic Integrity.

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