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Ianity is what you get when you try to practice Christianity but you leave Christ out of it. Modern-day Pharisees everywhere keep a form of Christianity but deny its power. They call it Christianity but it has little to do with following Christ personally. It's a matter of rules and traditions. Did you know that it is easy even for so-called "Full Gospel" or "faith" people to drift into their own pernicious version of Ianity? It usually starts by learning certain principles of God's Word concerning faith, healing, money, and similar matters. This is exciting! But after a while, everything can become a formula, a dead ritual as bad as anything at a dead traditional church. Three fast songs, two slow songs, an offering, a message, an altar call, and announcements. We could copy an "Order of Worship" and hand the same one out at every service. We remember the teachings and the formulas but forget the fact that Christianity is centered around the person of Jesus Christ and a personal relationship with him. We ignore the Holy Spirit who ignited the Church in Acts, without whom nothing would have been accomplished. Everything is a boring routine. We no longer look forward with excitement to having a fresh encounter with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit every time we go to church. We unwittingly become like the very people we thought we were "delivered" from.

You slide into Ianity when you get satisfied and content with what you have. The way church is right now suits you fine. You don't need to see more lost people saved, more sick people healed, or more oppressed people set free. You're comfortable with the current attendance. You think you've arrived, and you have arrived, and if you have any sense, you'll get out of the place where you arrived and return to your first love! If you don't, watch God raise up some small church that you thought wasn't doing anything but caught fire to see the lost saved. Watch them pass Trust Rating you and have more miracles than you do. You'll catch on eventually. %



Religious, legalistic thinking is an insidious thing, and any of us can and will fall into it if we do not keep a fresh relationship with the Author and Finisher of our faith himself. Christianity is about following Christ, not just keeping rules and regulations -- or even faith principles!