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Welcome to In Focus

Welcome to our camp. This camp is not about the technical abilities of the cameras but instead we will focus on the creativity of the photographer. Well learn to use the camera and various editing tools to influence the message we provide observers of our photos. To keep parents/guardians up to date on what we are doing, please check out of camp website: http://infocusatleap.weebly.com/ The website will be a resource for our work and campers can go there to review what happened during the day. Here are our plans for the week:
This schedule is subject to change and is dependent upon the weather conditions; this is because, as often as possible, we would like to go outside to take advantage of the natural light for our photos. As the weather forecast develops over the week we may re-organize our plans to take maximum advantage of the weather situation. Monday - Day 1 8:30 - 1ST BREAK -Session 1 = Photo Talk (What is photography? Who takes photos? Why do people take photos? What is a good photo? The role of light and the steady shot. What do you like? Inspiration.) 1ST BREAK - LUNCH -Session 2 = Camera Angles (learn about and try out six different camera angles.) LUNCH - 2ND BREAK -Session 3 = Types of Shots (learn about seven different camera shots and try them out.) 2ND BREAK - 4:30 -Session 4 = Types of shots (continued) and combinations (more experimentation). *we'll also experiment with reflectors at some point and learn to use beanbag tripods.

Tuesday - Day 2 8:30 - 1ST BREAK -Session 5 = Rule of Thirds (What is the rule of thirds? Try cropping and editing photos [Microsoft Powerpoint]).) 1ST BREAK - LUNCH -Session 6 = Adding depth - rack focus shots (learn about and try controlling the focus) LUNCH - 2ND BREAK -Session 7 = Black and white photography (trying to find shadows and contrast) 2ND BREAK - 4:30 -Session 8 = Photo manipulation artists (examine the work of others and use Microsoft Powerpoint, ipiccy.com)

Wednesday - Day 3 8:30 - 1ST BREAK -Session 9 = Photo essay (taking photos with a theme) 1ST BREAK - LUNCH -Session 10 = Photo excursion (walk to Waterloo Park to take photos at various locations) LUNCH - 2ND BREAK -Session 11 = Photo excursion (continued) 2ND BREAK - 4:30 -Session 12 = Forced Perspective and Tilt Shift Photography (learn how to play with the viewer's mind)

Thursday - Day 4 8:30 - 1ST BREAK -Session 13 = Design your own Photo Project day ("Little People", "Alternative Landscapes", Photo Essays, Photo manipulation artist, etc.) 1ST BREAK - LUNCH -Session 14 = Photo Project day work (time to shoot photos and edit) LUNCH - 2ND BREAK -Session 15 = Photo Project day work (time to shoot photos and edit) 2ND BREAK - 4:30 -Session 16 = Photo project day - wrap-up (share and comment) Friday - Day 5 8:30 - 1ST BREAK -Session 17 = Photo Journalism (try being a photo journalist) 1ST BREAK - LUNCH -Session 18 = Photo Narratives (How to tell a story with photos) LUNCH - 2ND BREAK -Session 19 = Photo Narratives (continued) (editing with ComicLife) 2ND BREAK - 4:30 -Session 20 = Abstract art using light.

Instructor: My name is Ken Whytock. Ive been an educator with the Waterloo Region District School Board for 22 years, and although my primary focus has been teaching English, Ive taught Media Studies and/or Yearbook as well for most of those years. Im an amateur photographer who simply wants to impart upon your son or daughter the unlimited possibilities of digital photography. I would encourage you to talk positively about the work your camper does each day. Ask to see the best 5 or 10 photos (this will teach them evaluation skills) and ask them what they were hoping to achieve with each photo (this will teach them self-analysis skills). Here are three important reminders so that camp runs smoothly:

1. Make sure the camera is fully charged for each day of camp (either have an extra set of batteries or charge the lithium battery overnight). 2. Provide the card reader or necessary cable so the pictures on the camera can be downloaded onto a laptop for editing (laptop photo editing starts on Tuesday). 3. Return the permission form promptly so your camper can take part in out photo tour of Waterloo Park.
I hope your son or daughter has a fantastic experience this week. If you have any concerns, questions, or observations I can be reached by email at: kenwhytock@gmail.com