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used when the distribution is normal, that is when skewness is equal to zero and kurtosis equals 0.265 When to Use The level of measurement of the data to be analyzed is expressed in interval or ratio data. They utilize both nominal and ordinal data NONPARAMETRIC Nonparametric tets are tests that do not require a normal distribution.

Nature of Test

Number of Groups/ Number of Variables

Statistical Tools

When to Use The t-test for independent sample is used when comparing means of two independent groups

t -test The sample size is less than 30 The z-test for two-sample mean test is used to compare the means of two independent groups of samples drawn from normal population if there are more than 30 samples for every group. z -test The z-test is used to find out if there is significant difference between the two populations by only comparing the sample mean of the population.

2 independent groups

The test for correlated samples is applied when the mean before and the mean after are being compared. The test is used to find out if a difference exists between the before and after the means. t -test Test of Difference

t -test Test of Difference Correlated Sample/ One Sample Group If there is a difference in favor of the posttest then the treatment or intervention is effective. However, if there is no significant differencethen the treatment is not effective. It is used in an experimental design. z-test The z-test for one sample group is used to compare the perceived population mean against the sample mean. The F-test is used to compare the means of two or more groups of independent samples. It is also known as analysis of variance. One-way - only one variable involved Two-way - two variables are involved 3 or more independent group f-test (ANOVA) It is used in looking at the interaction effect between the variables being analyzed. It is used to find out if there is a significant difference between and among the means of the two or more independent groups. Test of Relationship One independent and one dependent variable The Pearson Product Moment Coefficient of Correlation ( r ) is an index of relationship between two variables, the independent and the dependent variables. It predicts the value of y given the value of x. It is used for forecasting and prediction. One independent and one dependent variable Test of Association Simple Linear Regression Analysis It is used when there is a relationship between x independent variable and y dependent variable. It is used to predict the dependent variable y variable given the independent variable x.

One dependent and 2 or more independent variable

Multiple Regression It is used to know the extent of influence that the Analysis independent variables have on the dependent variables through the r2 x 100% coefficient of determination and to know whether the correlation is positive or negative as indicated in the value of r.