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All Platforms ============ XMLSpear is free software for personal use. Please send yor feedback to xmlspear@donkeydevelopment.

com or on the forum http: //donkeydevelopment.com/forums. Commercial use must be approved by donkeydevelopment. Just send an email to xmlspear@donkeydevelopment.com with the subject "licence r equest". In the body of te email give the following information: * * * * * name of your company type of company where do you use it for do you use the MQSeries Plugin optional : what do you like to get implemented

You may use the save-as option if you want maximum savety/security while editing existing files. Donkeydevelopment does not take any responsibility for problems or damage caused by this software. Please visit our website www.donkeydevelopment frequently to get the latest upda tes. Installation: ====== Unpack the folder and drag it to your appplication folder Note: For Windows the download package is a self-extracting zip archive. De-Installation: Trash the XMLSpear folder. See further instructions for your platform below. By editing the XMLSpear.properties file you can leave out the console window or the JMS-MQSeries plugin. All rights reserved DonkeyDevelopment ======================================================================= MacOS X ________ Option 1 Double click the XMLSpear application icon. Option 2 In terminal use cd command to switch to the directory containing this readme fi le. When in this directory: java -Xms128m -Xmx1024m -Dcom.apple.mrj.application.apple.menu.about.name=XMLSpe ar -classpath lib/loader.jar com.dd.classloader.Loader XMLSpear.properties Option 3 You can also try doubleclicking the shell script XMLSpear.sh

------------------------------------------------------------------------If you don't like .exe files on your mac, you can trash the XMLSpear.exe. ------------------------------------------------------------------------====Important note for macos 10.2.X users ============== There is a separate download available on the site. Because you need a different java application launcher. You can only use this distribution by using the XMLSpear.sh script ----------------------------------------------------------------------Windows ________ Option 1 just doubleclick the XMLSpear.exe file. You may make a shortcut of this file to your desktop. Do do this: - right click the XMLSpear.exe application and then choose: Send to desktop(shor tcut) Option 2 just doubleclick the XMLSpear.bat file. ------------------------------------------------------------------------You can trash the mac specific files: - XMLSpear.app (folder) - several mac desktop files called .DS_Store -------------------------------------------------------------------------