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hi, im james
Im a recent industrial design graduate. I specialize in user centred design and do this through a focus on human factors knowledge and creating functionally beautiful graphics to accompany my work. Im currently looking for employment in a role were I can use these skills.

Im interested in understanding people, the why they want, not just what they want. I enjoy making instructions as its a puzzle to make sure they mean the same to everyone. I work best in groups where I can use my multidisciplinary knowledge to support those around me.

I like space and learning more about it I like travelling to strange places I like having discussions about... Well everthing

can we make our constantly changing technology sustainable?

in collaboration with

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image by: kyle bean

Project: Wandular Client : Sony

Sony contacted Brunel in 2012 with a challenge, they wanted to make technology sustainable and break the constant cycle of disposable electronics. They asked for Brunels help to do this and a group of seven of us decided to work on the project.

We then worked with Sony as design consultants, developing the concept over a period of four months. We produced a series of conceptual products which deliver on the needs of the user and provided a viable business model.

Our first challenge was to work out how to make our products last a lifetime, when the tech culture reveers the newest item and views the old as obsolete.

Design work: James Burchill, Ben Clarke, Katherine Harris, Rich Larsen, Tahir Shabuden, Amy Huckfield and Jake Mcmillian. Photography and communication: James Burchill, Amy Huckfield, Paris Selinas and Ed Horsford. Models: Therefore design agency.

The insights we gained revolved around the need for the products to be unique, people are different and people change. We would have an easier time holding onto customers if we embraced this from the very beginning. Our designs would focus on providing products that could become truly unique with extreme ease.

aim & goals




The goals then central tenants was the need to cater >> emotional durability to changing fashions and the diverse Mauris We viverra orci id dui age range of customers. also ullamcorper varius. acknowledged the need to make all our products mobile, as is what is currently >>this adaptive technolodgy Pellentesque market. habitant morbi trending in the technology
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>> sustainable goals Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, evolved alongside this. The consectetur adipiscing elit.

technological obsolescence

emotional durability

mobile life upgradability fashion different ages cloud computing various skins multiplicity modularity

>> point four Nam massa libero, iaculis eu At the centre of everything we learnt was the consequat sit amet, bibendum need for emotional durability. Products which ullamcorper mauris.

really mean something to us will be kept long after they stop being useful. If we could achieve this, it would ensure our products value to the user.

Core with customisable

This is a unit that will be interchangeable into different accessories via insertion and will carry the users preferences, settings and data. This could easily be inserted into wearable items that are kept on the user at all times such as necklace, bracelets and watches. Although the main key will stay the same, devices it will be used for will change over time opening up opportunities to produce and sell devices the product can be used with, and could potentially lead to collaborations with other companies from different markets.

Initial Concept
Interchangeable Wearable Opportunity to sell accessories Market stretch On you all the time

>> to suit a all ages with customiseable Our initial concept focused around core Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur additions. This was to establish a small, almost jewellery like adipiscing elit. central piece of tech, which handled all the cloud computing >> consistent UI and then relayed that information out to other pieces of Mauris orci dui ullamcorper tech.However, Sony felt this still ran viverra the risk ofid pieces of tech varius. becoming obsolete around the core.

Brunel Sony Wandular | Overview 21 January 2013

lifetime development

We then developed a with the core, aimed at different stages of life where peoples requirements for tech would be different. This time we felt we were closer but this was still going to result in products becoming obsolete, even if was over a longer period of time.

>> grows with you Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique lifetime assortment ofet products tofames. go senectus et netus malesuada

Initial Design

Brunel Sony Wandular | Concept overview 08/02/13

1 Core and Core holder

6 Wand 4 AR Tablet
Tablets could come in many simple geometries/sizes. They are enabled by the core. They are as minimal as practical

The core has a unique colour/pattern which the owner keeps from birth. The core holder (eg in wood or other material with emotional durability) rests in the nest - with or without the core

Like the watch the Wand has an emotionally durable body and clip housing the core which is kept throughout adult life. Modules which can be used with the Wand include a display scrol and a projector. Both recieve gesture input from the Wand body.

3 Toy

Further Design

The toy has a customisable cover/numerous versions. It is enabled by the core (eg by NFC),

Eventually we came up with a our final concept. We would develop five products which could be altered and updated over time. Each of these can be introduced from a certain age and then using modular parts or alternative skins, be updated as the user ages. We felt this was also the way to keep the essential emotional attachment.

2 Nest

5 Watch

The nest is a base for the cores, it can also be a display surface or incororate holographic display. It has pride of place in the home and is made of materials to reect its longevity (eg wood for the main external body)

The watch has an emotionally durable clasp/holder for the core. The band is a replaceable exible display

We also took on the challenge of creating a concept for the UI that would reinforce our aims of emotional durability and uniqueness, while remaining functional for everyone regardless of users age.

The core needed some personality, so each core would display a users unique pattern. The pattern would be generated algorithmically for each user, based on their personal interest and would slowly evolve. It was intended that each pattern would also be animated, encouraging users to look at their cores and improve the connection that they felt with the product. In both the example interfaces taken from our tablet and watch concepts, you can see the green shoots expanding on the interface. This is an extension of the cores unique pattern. This was intended to make it obvious which user was connected to the device at a moments notice, as well as stamping a users personality on the product. The question remained how to develop so as user age they can still read their screens and press buttons. This was solved by extending the role of the core. The core was responsible for gathering information from the devices used by the owner and working out their capabilities with this data. The core then subtly changed the interface over time, so users didnt feel they had to adapt to a new interface or felt self-conscious about their need for larger type or buttons.

A lifetime bond in a small item that you carry with you, holding your memories and your experiences. It also serves as a personal cloud connection, managing the connection and enabling any device it connects with to contact the cloud.



A platform for Cores to share data that might otherwise be forgotten. It forms a social hub for a family or other network and shares information based on the group context and personal preferences. It also projects information above its body. Showing important calendar events or photos shared by the group.

The play monitors sound as well as health and happiness and adapts its output to how a child feels creating fun or helping soothe, depending on whats needed. It also comes in a wide variety of potential skins which can fitted over its internal body. This is to allow a child to make a choice and make the toy more unique to that child.



This AR tablet interacts with the world just by looking at it. Designed to be used from childhood to senior years, with a simple interface supported by buttons that grow out of the surface. The body can covered in different case to reflect the user. Robust cases for children and slim stylish cases for adult users

>> expand age appeal Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. >> freedom of expression Mauris viverra orci id dui ullamcorper varius. >> provides identity Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames.

dress me now

A product for the professional, it provides a screen and numerous methods of control in a tiny package. It goal was to provide a portable desktop on the go. The top part functions as a projector as well enabling users to share content.



The design was kept to a minimal shape to increase appeal across genders and age. The technology is hidden when you dont need it. This produces a very subtle piece of technology which doesnt clash with the owners choice of fashion. The product uses a flexible clear screen as it main body can shaped depending on its current use.

thanks for reading

contact me at jbburchill@gmail.com or call me on 07775337868