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AKO YAN or HINDI AKO YAN 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Maingay Flirt Sexy Rebellious Kind Devoted Nurturing Selosa Matakaw Matatakutin Generous Perfectionist Nagger Hospitable Vain Smart Sensitive Loyal Twitter addict Facebooker Instagram fan Brave Hot Beautiful Palautot CHOOSE Love or money Tapa or tocino Facebook or twitter Gwapo or lalaking mayaman Bags or shoes Red or pink lipstick Grilled or fried chicken Powder or makeup Mestizo or Moreno Sunrise or sunset Kim chiu or maja Salvador Martin nievera or gary valenciano 38. 39. 40. 41. ABS-CBN or GMA Charice or Aiza seguerra Asia or Europe Movies or teleserye YES OR NO Nudity Kwek-kwek One night stand Online dating RH Bill Long distance relationship Heaven May-december affair Surgical enhancement Divorce Siomai FB Home study Smoking Same sex marriage

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Questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. What should men not do to women? What should women know about men? What should men never say to women? What must women always do to men? Your guilty pleasure. Do you have insecurities? First kiss. At what age did you lose your virginity? Most unforgettable sexcapade Most daring act Favorite pick-up lines Biggest turn-on Biggest turn-off Best moment with MPD Frans confessions.

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1. What is the silliest thing you have ever argued about? 2. If your partner could improve one article of his wardrobe, what would it be? 3. What do you love most about your fiances looks? 4. What is your partners pet peeve? 5. Where is the cheesiest music CD does your fianc listen to? 6. If your future husband could improve one thing about his personality, what would it be? 7. What is your most embarrassing moment as a couple? 8. Which cartoon character does your future husband most remind you of? 9. Name several craziest places where you both kissed? 10. Do you prefer that your fianc wears pajamas or goes au naturel to bed? 11. Does your partner have a funny birthmark on their body and where is it located?

12. Whose singing is able to crack glass? Yours or your fiances? 13. Can your partner just boil water or cook a gourmet 5 course meal? 14. Is he a beer and pizza or wine and tapas kind of guy? 15. Whats his most annoying past times? 16. What article of clothing does your fiance own that makes you cringe? 17. Would you rather be stranded on an island with your future in-laws or your worst enemy? 18. Name a purchase that you think your fiance hid from you. 19. Using one letter only, list three adjectives that describe your future hubby that all start with the same letter. 20. If your partner could be any animal, which one would they be?


1. 2. 3. When is MPDs birthday? February 14, 1987 Frans birthday? November 13, 1987 Couples first meetingStarbucks, Makati

The Love Story: How they met & progressed. They met in Starbucks, Makati Philippines. It was a pre-arranged date by Michael Pete Dacono, Menard's brother & Fran's good friend in her university. One of the challenges that they encountered during their dating stage was distance. Menard was based in Manila while Fran was assigned in Western Mindanao for work. They just meet in Manila whenever Fran has a meeting there and this drives Menard to visit her in Zamboanga to spend more time with her, to know her better. Since both of them work in MNC sales (Fran was from Johnson & Johnson while Menard was from Nestle), most of their topics were related to distributorship, street selling, strategic marketing, merchandising and their key performance indicators. The funny part was that whenever they are in a shopping mall, they would always pass-by the grocery shelves and observe the planogram (FMCG guys can relate to this) and off-takes of their respective brands. It was easy for Fran to get-along with Menard despite his nerdy aura, while Menard was happy to see Fran's mix of cowgirl, charming, and outgoing personality. They had their most romantic trip in Subic where they visited Zoobic Safari (incidentally the opening of Night Safari) for the first time. They were together for a number of days, having the great time of their lives and enjoying the long road trips between Manila and Central Luzon. Their trip culminated in the airport when Fran was waiting for her flight back to Zamboanga. It is when he decided to ask her "the question", which for her was awkwardly-delivered. Despite the dreamy days that passed and Menard sensing some positive hints from Fran, the latter refused to answer him that night. It was during Christmas season when they met again in their hometown, Davao City, and officially became a couple. December 27 in Karl's Coffee Shop, from a simple chill chit-chat to an interestingly heart-pounding "interview portion", which was followed by a moment of silence, Fran said the big "YES" ( and to note, the conversation ran from 10pm to almost 5am in the morning). As Menard described it, the "event" was comparable to a business case study / panel discussion. Indeed, it was a "terrifying" deliberation of commitments. Funny how this couple could smoothly surpass such awkardness, but in the end they were thankful that it did happen and now they feel totally secure in each other's arms. After two months in relationship, another roadblock occured to both. The long distance relationship wasn't over yet. The worst time came when Fran moved to Singapore for work. Despite this, Menard never gave up. He had expensive phone bills as they frequently catch-up over the phone or through Skype. More than that, he kept on

visiting her in Singapore (monthly or 2x a month maybe). Until one day, God made a way. Menard got a job offer in Singapore and eventually, they were in one country. It was not an easy journey for both, especially for Menard. Nikko, the groom's housemate of almost 1 year and Angela (Fran's best friend in SG), were both witness to their struggles in Singapore. Debts, frustrations and almost severe depression struck the couple. Career, relationship of the couple and faith to God were tested. Many times Menard felt helpless in the succeeding events of his life but together with Fran, they learned to stand strong and never surrendered. They faithfully waited and trusted God's will. God was indeed good for eventually showing them the light and the sense of stability, may it be in career or in relationship. Until now, they are still a work-in-progress as a couple but one major thing they learned was the value of togetherness. The support and care for each other and the togetherness in God's name would greatly help them face their trials in life individually and as a couple. They both love to EAT, WATCH MOVIES, TRAVEL, LAUGH, PRAY & LOVE. Both believe that life is an eternal quest in deepening the knowledge of oneself and the other half, taking chances to learn, standing firm in every challenge, learning how to forgive & making positive changes to oneself & to the world. They shall live & love life to the fullest! Oh by the way, Fran is his first and Menard was God's answer to her.

Their Memorable First's & Favourites

FUNNY FIRSTS: First reply of Fran to Meng's first sms: "Who are you? How did u get my number?" First coffee shop date: Starbucks 6750 Makati First impression of Meng to Fran: Shes a cowgirl and very outspoken First impression Fran to Meng: Hes a nerdy type of person... very smart First "Wow" factor of Fran to Meng: "Wow, Ateneo de Davao High School Valedictorian & got scholarships in Ateneo de Manila in University, galinga oi!" First "Wow" factor of Meng to Fran: "Wow, she's a university scholar & a Mutya ng Dabaw beauty queen!" First out of town visit of Meng to Fran: In Zamboanga City First out of town surprise: Bed of Roses in Subic and Tagaytay First movie: Harry Potter- Order of the Phoenix in Zamboanga City First food trip: Carbonara in UCC First kiss: In Menard's car First Surprise (official): First Monthsary visit in Davao City with bouquet of red roses First beach trip: Paradise Island Beach Resort, Davao City First out of the country: Singapore First meal in Singapore: Nasi Lemak First theme park: Universal Studios in Singapore First baby toy: Piglet as Pigee First revolving restaurant: Menara in Malaysia First cable ride dinner: Jewel Box in Mt. Faber, Singapore First out of Singapore trip: Bangkok, Thailand First dinner cruise: Chaopraya Dinner Cruise, Thailand FAVOURITE FOOD: Manila: UCC Marinara Delight Zambo: Paseo Alavar & Knickerbocker Davao: Home-cooked Adobo & Lechon Singapore: IMM Laksa & Chicken Rice Malaysia: Mi Goreng & Ayam Thailand: Street Tomyam & Papaya salad Best Movie partner: Doritos, Nestle Ice Cream & Garrett Popcorn FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS: Just Acia Swensen Pizza Hut Umi Sushi Kushin-bo Full House FAVOURITE COFFEESHOPS: Karl's Koffee shop in Dacudao, Davao City Starbucks, Abreeza Mall, Davao City Chicco de Cafe, Gaisano Mall of Davao Cups & Lower Case, Torres St. Davao City Cafe Demitasse, F. Torress Davao City Starbucks, Jurong Point Mall, Singapore FAVOURITE MOVIES: Action: The Dark Knight, Expendables & The Gangster Squad Adventure (based from book): Hunger Games & The Hobbit Musical: Les Miserables & Phantom of the Opera Romance: The Vow & A Moment to Remember

Horror: The shutter Thriller / Suspense: The Orphan Comedy: The Hangover SciFi: Avatar Cartoon & Animation: Yogi Bear & Madagascar

FAVOURITE CHURCHES: Sta. Ana Shrine Parish, Davao City Our Lady of Fatima, Zamboanga City St Francis of Asisi, Jurong West Singapore Good Shepherd Cathedral, Orchard Singapore St. Mary of Angels, Bukit Batok Singapore



Mechanics: players will be given random items and they will have to think about how the bride can use it during their honey moon. Last item is the banana. BE HOT. BE CREATIVE. BE IMAGINATIVE. Items to be shown: 1. Pentel pen 2. Alcohol 3. Paper clip 4. Towel 5. Rosary 6. Rope/tie box 7. Wet tissue 8. Make up brush 9. BANANA

GAME # 4: CONDOM BLOWING Mechanics: first player with the biggest balloon wins the game. GAME #5: STICK IT IN Items needed: sticks and tissue rolls GAME # 6: PIN THE PENIS Mechanics: 3 pairs. Player 1 is blindfolded while Player 2 will give the instructions. Player 1
must be able to pin the penis of the brides ultimate crush. Pair who pins closest to the target wins the game.


Guess the ff. words: 1. Kama sutra 2. Honeymoon 3. Starbucks 4. Patnubay ng Dabaw 5. Dildo 6. Missionary 7. Dog style 8. Blow job 9. Premature ejaculation 10. Jerjer Alternative category: couples favorite movies

Game #8: PURSE RAID-- print out a copy for each bridal shower guest, then have them go through their purses.
Guests are awarded points for items on the list that they have in their purse. For fun at the end call out each item on the list and see who at the party has craziest items, the person with the most points wins. Add items to the list for more obscure items if you like, the funnier the better!

GAME # 9: DRINK OR DARE GAME # 10: HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE GROOM? ADDITIONAL GAMES: 1. WEDDING DRESS GAME 2. Cotton ball game 3. Famous couples 4. Pass the balloon 5. Kiss me game (with the macho dancer) 6. Whose panties are these game 7. Get packing the honeymoon game: DIRECTIONS
Print out a game sheet for each guest and the Bride-to-be and pass them out with pens or pencils. Have each player write down on the sheet the top 22 things they think the bride will be bringing with her on her honeymoon. Anything the player lists can be an answer, but the only correct answers are the ones that match the brides, so make sure she tells the truth! Depending on the group you may want to make some guidelines for how naughty or clean the players should keep it. Its all about the bride, so make sure she is comfortable with it before going too far or getting too personal with items. When everyone is finished making their honeymoon packing list, have the bride read her answers to the party, with each guest selfchecking their own game sheet. Make sure you have the bride explain what some of the more interesting things she will be pa cking are for, this almost always gets huge laughs, an d a blushing bride! The player who matches the most answers correctly with the brides honeymoon packing list wins. For more giggles, have your shower guests read some of their packing list items that the bride did not have listed, and for the more humorous items make sure they give an explanation why they thought she would need it on her honeymoon. You will be floored at some of the items your guests will list explaining why she needs a bottle of honey and peanut butter is always a laugh.

8. Name the sex position game