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AND VIDEO PRODUCTION LAB TEST 1. What are ways that you can launch Final Cut Pro?(Select all that apply.) A. Double-click the Final Cut Pro icon in the Applications folder. B. Single-click the Final Cut Pro icon in the Dock. C. Double-click a Final Cut Pro project file. 2. What are the four modifier keys that are often used in conjunction with keyboard shortcuts to initiate functions or commands? 3. What are two ways to open a clip into the Viewer? 4. Besides using the Play button, what keys on your keyboard can you press to play a clip or sequence forward? 5. What is the keyboard shortcuts to mark an In and Out point on a clip? 6. What menu command lets you ingest files, such as graphics, from your hard drive? (Select the best answer.) A. Import B. Export C. Log and Capture D. Send To

7. Which overlay displayed below indicates the Canvas playhead is parked at the end of a sequence?

8. What does the visual indicator (overlay) at the bottom-left of the Canvas represent? (Select the best answer.)

A. The first frame of an edited clip in the Timeline. B. The last frame of an edited clip in the Timeline. C. Start of a Sequence D. End of a Sequence

9. The above icon may represent ________.(Select all that apply.) A. an offline clip B. a clip whose media file you recently renamed in the Finder C. a clip whose media file you recently relocated in the Finder D. a clip that does not contain linked audio E. a clip that has been logged but not captured

10. What does the visual indicator (overlay) along the left side of the Viewer represent? (Select the best answer.)

A. The first frame of a clip's media. B. The last frame of a clip's media. C. Start of a Sequence D. End of a Sequence 11. What tool is used in the following to trim the edit points?

12. How do you change the track heights in the Timeline? Circle the answer.

13. When dragging clips directly to the Timeline, your pointer changes as you position the clip depending on the type of edit youre making. Based on the following figure, label an overwrite edit and insert edit?

14. Which clip would be adjusted if you dragged left? A. Clip in Track V1 B. Clip in Track V2 C. Clip in Track V3 15. Which Video Filters category contains the Broadcast Safe filter?(Select the best answer.) A. Channel B. Color Correction C. Image Control D. QuickTime E. Video

16. Which tool will let you perform the edit shown above with a single mouse drag? (Select the best answer.) A. Ripple Tool B. Roll Tool C. Slide Tool D. Slip Tool 17. Which tool would perform the Before/After edit scenario shown above with the least amount of clicks or keystrokes? (NOTE: Two edit points changed simultaneously.)

A. Ripple B. Roll C. Slide D. Slip

18. In the image below, circle the icon that allows you to display Title Safe.

19. Which reconnect option allows you to manually navigate to a source media file? A. Batch B. Forget C. Locate D. Search 20. Which tab displays a clip's Opacity parameter?(Select the best answer.) A. Video B. Controls C. Filters D. Motion 21. What is a standard audio CD's sample rate?(Select the best answer.) A. 24 kHz B. 32 kHz C. 44.1 kHz D. 48 kHz 22. How do you set a new default transition? 23. What tab in the Viewer do you select to make changes to text clips?

24. What type of generated text identifies a person, place or thing? 25. What type of text generator is often used for credit rolls? 26. Where can you choose a video or audio filter to be applied onto your clips? 27. How do you delete a filter in the Filters tab?

28. How long is this clip?

29. What display size is the clip in the viewer? 30. What is the most efficient way to find the audio peaks in a sequence? 31. What is a self-contained QuickTime movie? 32. Based on the following figure, list the filters according to the priority of appearance from the top to bottom.