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It is better to be a widow of a hero than a wife of a coward.I agree.But,to be precise,what is being define as hero?

For me,a hero is a person who is honourable for his courageous or selfless deeds.You have no need to save the universe from aliens or even monsters to deserve the hero tittle.Even a small good deed will be enough.In fact,there is a saying by E.W.Howe that A boy doesnt have to go to war to be a hero ;he can say he doesnt like pie when he sees there isnt enough to go around. Unsung heroes,does it sounds familliar? Have you ever heard of an ordinary soldier who died fighting for his mother land or an ordinary citizen who did a courageous act declared as a hero? Maybe, for a day or two, after that they are totally forgotten. Did they put up a single monument for them? These unsung heroes who actually fought and died face to face with the enemies were easily forgotten. On the contrary, recognitions, tributes and venerations for leaders whom they declared heroes are never ending.I am not suggesting that it is a bad idea for having recognitions to those famous heroes,but we must not forget those unsung heroes who actually contribute a lot too. Wu Bin.Does the name rings a bell?He was a bus driver who being strucked by a 2.5 kg piece of metal that came crashing through his windshield and eventually tragically died of his injuries.Despite of suffering severe injuries,Wu successfully managed to bring the vehicle to a halt,opened the door and even reminded the passengers to be careful as they were still on the highway.But then,he passed out.However,owing to Wus sacrifice,the passengers escaped injury.Will one able to do the same if he or she happened to be in his shoes?He is indeed an one in a million noble person.

Aris Canoy Espinosa was a 13-year-old Boy Scout from the Lanao del Norte (the Philippines) Council.At around 1440 hours on January 30, 1994, a hand grenade was being played like a toy by some boys. When it was accidentally dropped near young children playing rubber bands, he jumped and covered the grenade with his body to protect those innocent children. When the hand grenade exploded, it caused his untimely death.Truly, Aris was a young boy, but not an ordinary one he has a big heart. At his very young age, he exemplified a deed not everyone can do. Because of this gallantry, he was awarded th Gold Medal of Honour by the National Court of Honour of the Boy Scout of the Philippines.

You can your very own way to be a hero,it doesnt matter who you are.A real hero is a person who gladly to do good deeds because you do belive that it is the best and the right thing to be done.A real hero does not looking forward for any rewards or even fame.A real hero does not expecting anything in return.