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Anchor Handling/ Towing winches





Equipping the offshore industries worldwide

With its long tradition of engineering excellence and knowledge base of advanced technologies, TTS is a leading supplier of solutions for the offshore industries.

A broad range of winches for offshore vessels

TTS can supply complete winch packages to almost any kind of offshore vessel. 50 years of hands-on experience has contributed to our superior winch design and tailor-made solutions.

TTS brings a strong engineering base in cybernetics, drive systems and mechanical design to the offshore market
TTS is a global enterprise that designs, develops and supplies advanced equipment for offshore vessels. With a worldwide workforce of around 1450, TTS has over 40 years experience in the marine and offshore industries. The group has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Canada, USA, China, Korea, Vietnam and Singapore, and a worldwide network for service and aftersales. Focusing on engineering and technology, the groups activities primarily involve design, assembly and testing of equipment. Working closely with our customers, TTS offers intelligent solutions that increase profitability by improving productivity, quality and system capacity. The allround expertise of the group provides a solid foundation on which to build, and the flexible working relationships within the organisation enable the assembly of complete project teams when expertise in a range of fields is required. With a large customer base operating in the harsh environment of the North Sea, TTS has developed products known for their rugged construction, with functionality, reliability and safety as key factors.

TTS is focused on HES and preventative behaviour, and so offers training packages to cover its offshore products, within controlled environments using simulated operation. Both novice and experienced operators are therefore able to learn the workings of systems in safety. TTS can also train operators to handle unexpected situations under these controlled conditions, thus reducing risk to personnel and operations.

A comprehensive portfolio of winch systems and equipment is designed and supplied by TTS to meet the specialised requirements of all offshore vessels. Design expertise is founded on a wealth of experience from which TTS is able to develop and engineer advanced and reliable winch system technologies. All products are subject to extensive performance tests before leaving the factories, under the responsibility of experienced engineers. With expert staff across the world, TTS is committed to delivering cost-effective, safe and reliable systems to all its customers. The following winch types are available to the offshore fleet: Anchor Handling/Towing winches Secondary winches Rope reels Storage winches Windlass/mooring winches Mooring winches Tugger winches Capstans Subsea winches with active heave compensation

Anchor Handling/Towing winches (AHT)

TTS supplies large AHT winches to almost any size up to 600 tonnes. Delivered with dynamic braking, high torque and reliability TTS can ensure that your AHTS vessel is equipped with advanced winches designed to meet all AHTS requirements.

winches, mooring winches, capstans and storage winches are delivered either as standard versions or are tailormade to customer specifications.

Offshore winch packages

Complete winch packages are available for almost any kind of offshore vessel. Windlass/ mooring winches, tugger

The provision of standard, yet flexible designs has made TTS one of the leading suppliers of offshore equipment


Anchor Handling/Towing winches

Safety, functionality and robustness are prime drivers in the design of our winches, to meet customers very specific operational requirements.

Anchor Handling/Towing winches 2-drum models

Examples of models and capacities available
Model 200 280 300 350 350 Line pull/1st layer 200 tonnes 280 tonnes 300 tonnes 350 tonnes 350 tonnes Drum capacity 1200 m of 64mm 2000 m of 76mm 2000 m of 64mm 2500 m of 76mm 3500 m of 76mm Brake holding/1st layer 300 tonnes 350 tonnes 400 tonnes 450 tonnes 450 tonnes

Standard Features

Customer benefits

Drums in double or triple configuration, in waterfall Steel wire rope drum Rated pull (1st layer) up to 600 tonnes Brake holding up to 780 tonnes Wire speed: multiple ranges available Hydraulically operated clutch Hydraulically operated brake Dynamic breaking to facilitate high load/high speed lowering without de-clutching Emergency quick release Local control for maintenance and remote control for operation One, two or three spooling gears Delivered with complete power pack Delivered with complete control system both locally and from the bridge with use of the latest technology.

Custom design Winches produced with high quality steel and parts All systems prepared for remote monitoring, maintenance and service TTS worldwide service network assures availability of parts and service As a global supplier, TTS can offer customers both service and aftersales through company offices across the world.

Typical arrangement of a 280 tonne, 2-drum winch

Typical arrangement of a 350 tonne, 2-drum winch

The offshore industry continues to create new and more cost effective working methods without sacrificing safety, reliability and quality
The TTS 500 Tonne anchor handling/towing winch 2-drum winch schematic


Anchor Handling/Towing winches 3-drum models

Examples of models and capacities available
Model 350 Line pull/1st layer 350 tonnes Drum capacity 3000 m of 77mm (working drum) 3000 m of 77mm (towing drum) 6000 m of 77mm (anchor handling drum) 1732 m of 84mm (working drum 2759 m of 84mm (towing drum) 4503 m of 84mm (anchor handling drum) 4600 m of 76mm (working drum) 4600 m of 76mm (towing drum) 7700 m of 76mm (anchor handling drum) 4000 m of 76mm (working drum) 4000 m of 76mm (towing drum) 6500 m of 76mm (anchor handling drum) Brake holding/1st layer 500 tonnes 500 tonnes 500 tonnes 500 tonnes 500 tonnes 500 tonnes 650 tonnes 650 tonnes 650 tonnes 650 tonnes 650 tonnes 650 tonnes

TTS control systems

Combining advanced technologies with a world-class knowledge base in automation, TTS develops the control systems of the future. All systems are delivered with remote access features for preventive maintenance and efficient problem solving.


400 tonnes


500 tonnes


500 tonnes

*This model has a separate drive on all drums giving both high speed and high pull on all drums simultaneously

TTS has unique engineering expertise in cybernetics, dynamic machine control, hydraulic and electric drive systems, and mechanical design. This combination enables the development of advanced, custom-made control system solutions. All applications run on a real-time operating system core, making them robust and reliable. Throughout the development process, extensive use is made of real-time system simulation, including hardware-in-theloop (HIL) testing, to ensure system functionality before build-up. HIL testing and simulation also ensure swift commissioning. The technology has unique features that increase efficiency, so buying financial advantage to both vessel owners and operators.

Components used in the control systems are commercial, off-the-shelf products, and are readily available worldwide from a range of suppliers. All TTS systems have remote access features for preventive maintenance and quick problem solving. Skilled professionals can therefore access, diagnose and perform maintenance tasks within the vessels system directly from an onshore location, saving time and money.

Typical arrangement of a 400 tonne, 3-drum winch

Typical arrangement of a 500 tonne, 3-drum winch



Norwegian-headquartered TTS Marine ASA is a global enterprise that designs, develops and supplies marine and offshore equipment. Operations are organised into five business divisions: Drilling, Deck Machinery, Marine Cranes, Dry Cargo Handling, and Port and Material Handling. The close, flexible working relationships within the group enable the deployment of complete project teams across a range of fields. The divisions are responsible for the design of a wide range of equipment including drilling equipment, container terminal technology, cargo handling systems, cargo cranes, hose handling cranes, special load handling equipment, and anchor and mooring winches. Approximately 1450 people are employed throughout the group. TTS Marine ASA was established in 1966 and has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange since 1995.

TTS Offshore Handling Equipment AS Corporate office

Larsgrdsvn. 4 P.O. Box 9 servicebox NO-6025 lesund Norway Tel: +47 70 32 92 60 Fax: +47 70 32 92 61 info@tts-ohe.no

Regional office
Kolskogheiane 12 NO-5200 Os Norway Tel: +47 55 94 74 00 Fax: +47 56 30 18 70 info.os@tts-ohe.no