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Appetizers Smoked Salmon and Potato Cakes $10 Panko crusted and fried colcannon topped with smoked

salmon, green onions and crm e fraiche

Pig Wings $10 Braised and fried pork shanks tossed with spicy honey BBQ or roasted garlic pepp er sauce with ranch

Smoked Wings $8 Award winning jumbo smoked wings tossed in spicy honey BBQ or roasted garlic pep per sauce

Lamb Sliders $10 Four ground lamb sliders with stout mustard and house pickles on mini rolls

Irish Cheddar Dip $9 Creamy dip made with chopped cabbage, cream cheese and crme fraiche, served with toasted baguette

Maryland Style Crab Cakes $12 Broiled lump crab cakes with Marie Rose sauce

Ploughman s Platter $7 Chef s selection of cheese, bread, almonds, cranberries, pickles and pear chutney

Add Prosciutto $2

Pork Cheek Toasties $9 Toast points topped with braised Pork Cheek, Smithwicks sweet BBQ and Irish ched dar

Loaded Chips $8 Hand cut chips topped with melted Irish cheddar, chili, bacon, and green onions

Duck Fried Chips $6 Hand cut chips, curry and Mary Rose dipping sauce. Build your own: Cheese- Irish cheddar, bleu cheese $2 Meats- bacon, chili $3 Sauces- garlic mayo, ranch, bleu cheese $1

Salads Farm House Salad $6 Mixed greens, tomato, carrots, onion, peas, egg and Irish cheddar. Served with c hoice of dressing. Add On Chicken $4, Steak $5, Salmon $6

Chicken Cobb $10 Mixed greens with tomato, onion, egg, grilled chicken, bacon and bleu cheese cru mbles. Served with your choice of dressing

Steak and Tatar Salad $12 Mixed greens tossed with white balsamic and tossed with bleu cheese, tomato, oni on and truffled frites. Topped with grilled bistro steak

Salmon Spinach Salad $12 Spinach with pickled radish, almonds, dried cranberries, bacon and hot bacon dre ssing topped with fresh honey glazed salmon filet and fried leeks

Iceberg Wedge $5 Iceberg wedge topped with bleu cheese, bacon, tomato, fried leeks and Ranch Dres sing

Sandwiches Served with chips and house pickles The Lonrach B.L.T. $9 House cured rasher, bacon, lettuce, tomato and roasted garlic mayo on a toasted baguette

The Jam Tart $10 Grilled chicken, buttered pears and onion, Stilton Bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a bun

The Bhoy $8 Grilled banger with stout mustard, fried egg, sauted onion on baguette

The Aberdeen $9 Sliced corn beef with Marie Rose, sweet and sour cabbage, Irish cheddar on grill ed rye

The Cottager $12 Shredded leg of lamb, Irish cheddar, horseradish, frites, truffle salt, lamb jus on a baguette

The Seasider $12 Broiled lump crab cake served on brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, Mary rose and house cured bacon

The Lilly White $6

Pimento cheese between toasted white bread, add-ons for $1 bacon, tomato, Irish cheddar

The Potter $8 Grilled and marinated in white balsamic Portobello cap, spinach, tomato, Irish c heddar, and garlic mayo on a brioche bun

The Trotter $9 Braised pork cheeks tossed in Smithwicks BBQ on a brioche bun with creamy slaw a nd pickles

The Magpie Philly $9 Grilled chicken or steak on baguette with sauted onions, mushrooms, roasted red p eppers, and white cheddar

Burgers Served with chips and house pickles The Gunner $8 House beef patty, garden, house pickles on a bun

The Red Devil $8 Blackened house beef patty, garlic hot sauce, sauted onions, Irish cheddar, Marie Rose, house pickles on a bun

The Spur $10 Ground lamb burger served on brioche bun with sauted portabellas, onions, bleu ch

eese and stout mustard

The Rover $8 Black bean veggie burger with lettuce, tomato, crme fraiche and chow-chow on a br ioche bun.

Burger Add-ons: Irish cheddar, Stilton bleu cheese, American, Red Dragon, sauted mushrooms, sauted onions $1 Bacon, chili, fried egg $2

Dinner Cumberland Pie $12 Ground lamb, beef, and vegetables tossed in veal gravy and topped with colcannon and Ritz crackers and Irish cheddar

Bangers and Mash $12 Grilled Irish bangers with mushy peas, colcannon and veal jus

Galway Chicken $12 Chicken breast brushed with Smithwicks Sweet BBQ sauce and topped with rashers a nd Irish cheddar. Served with colcannon and green beans

Pub Breakfast $14 Rashers, bangers, white pudding, black pudding, broiled tomato, mushrooms, fried egg and toast

Corn beef and Cabbage $12 Corn beef, braised cabbage and roasted garlic potatoes

Fish $12


North Atlantic cod dipped in Guinness tempura batter and fried. served with chip s, slaw and tartar sauce

Peppered Hanger Steak and Chips $16

Seared hanger steak, sauted mushrooms, chips and glazed in veal au jus

Grilled Salmon $15 Salmon filet, fried cabbage, mushy peas, stout mustard and honey glaze

Irish stew $10 Root vegetables, Guinness, Choice beef and Demi-Glace stewed to perfection

Tree Hugger Platter Your Choice of Three Delicious Sides $9 Green Beans, colcannon, chips, mac-n-cheese, sauted mushrooms, braised cabbage, f ried cabbage, garlic roasted potatoes, baked beans, sauted spinach, Irish peas, coleslaw, farm side sa lad

Panko Crusted Portobello $9 Stuffed with cream cheese, cabbage, spinach, roasted red peppers, Irish cheddar served with colcannon and green beans