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Publisher Society of Petroleum Engineers Document ID 93721-MS Content Type Conference Paper Title Tipping Point Leadership, Skill Pool Experts and Quality Assurance in ADCO Authors A. Gyllensten, ADCO Discipline Quality Expert Petrophysics. Source SPE Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference, Mar 12 - 15, 2005 2005, Kingdom of Bahrain ISBN 978-1-61399-007-0 Copyright 2005. Society of Petroleum Engineers Discipline 0 Categories Preview Abstract Tipping-point leadership is a modern management approach designed to overcome resistance to change and improve performance. In ADCO the introduction of Discipline Quality Experts builds on the idea that in any organization there are people, procedures and systems that has a disproportionate impact on performance like hitting the kingpin in bowling brings down all the other pins! This is particularly important in Petroleum Development, the core of modern Oil & Gas companies. Although highly technical such organizations are now often Asset focused and as a result functional skills may suffer. This causes dilemmas for a learning organization, which is also trying to grow significant numbers of young national staff and integrate them in their midst. In ADCO Discipline Quality Experts in key disciplines like Geoscience, Petrophysics, Reservoir- and Petroleum- Engineering are located in a Quality and Performance Improvement Department (QPID) charged with conducting gap analyses on a continuous basis to monitor critical business areas and suggest new opportunities for change to maximize the value of existing assets. Peer Reviews, Discipline Forums and Balanced Scorecards are utilized to monitor individual and team performance contracts and monthly Project Boards review the business value of major projects and studies. The Discipline Quality Experts provide Asset teams with expert advice and consultation in areas that directly impact short and long term activities. They conduct quarterly reviews to ensure that Field Development Plans meet the business targets and are in line with Shareholders guidelines. They play a key role in the introduction of minimum standards for competency assurance and foster a challenging and motivating learning environment for all staff. They also lead the discipline coordination meetings to ensure the transfer of "Best Practices" across Asset teams. This paper will illustrate the approach taken in applying these principles to the Petrophysics Discipline in the Petroleum Development Division (PDD) in ADCO. Introduction Tipping Point theory or How little changes can make a huge difference is about initiating and sustaining change. In particular, it is a new way of encouraging change to happen as quickly as possible. It is inspired by understanding why for example crime dropped so dramatically in New York City in the mid-1990's. Why a novel written by an unknown author ended up as an international bestseller. Why word-of-mouth is so powerful. It has been suggested that the reasons behind these events are all the same; ideas and behavior and change occasionally behave just like outbreaks of infectious disease. Indeed the word Tipping Point comes from the world of epidemiology. It's the moment in an epidemic when a virus reaches critical mass or boiling point. Small changes have little or no effect on a system until a critical mass is reached. Then a further small change "tips" the system and a large effect is observed. It's the moment on the graph when the line starts to shoot straight upwards. AIDS tipped in 1982, when it went from being a rare disease affecting a few to becoming a worldwide epidemic. Crime in New York tipped in the mid 1990's, when the murder rate suddenly plummeted. Tipping point phenomena seem to trigger the social epidemics that surround us. Petroleum Development Division (PDD). PDD is one of the key divisions in ADCO, made up of mainly professional engineers and graduates in a variety of disciplines. Following a significant re-organization nearly 10 years ago, PDD changed from being a Discipline Oriented to becoming an Asset Based Division. File Size 45 KB Number of Pages 3 Language English DOI 10.2118/93721-MS

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