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PDA Phone A108


Simply connect the AXIA IP PBX to your LAN and you will have a uniquely versatile convergence platform for your office. This device is a complete office-automation solution with IP PBX calling features, SIP & VOIP communications, broadband router for security, WiFi Access Point, and Firewall Server. This device comes with value-added applications to help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively. Easy to set up and simple to integrate with your existing keyphone or PBX, this innovative device is poised to be the system for future offices; a must have for Enterprises everywhere. Be one of the early adopters. For a free demo, please contact the AXIA authorised.
Features & Benefits
Hassle Free Phone System
- Flexibility to use Desktop phones, WiFi phones, softphones on PC, or Smartphones as extensions - Advance PBX features such as IVR, Call Center, Voicemail, call recording, call billing, conference call, and VoIP via SIP Trunk services

Intra-office Connectivity and Call Cost Savings

SIP Server
- Free intra-office calls by dialing extensions by integratiing AXIA to existing PBX - Setup VoIP account without additional hardware to make discount International calls

Quick Network Connection

Broadband Router via Fiber Optic/SDSL/ADSL/WIMAX/Lease Line
- Loadbalancing router with multiple WAN connection support - VPN Server for secure branch-to-branch communication

Instant Phone Line to Start a Business

SIP Trunk Lines - Just subscribe to SIP Trunk Lineto activate office phone number without additional hardware
- SIP Line(s) to be shared by office staff using desktop, WiFi or soft phones

Secure Internet Connection

Firewall Server - Protect your confidential information using advance firewall protection system
- Manage all aspect of Internet securing including Intrusion Detection, IP SEC VPN, Proxy and Mail Security

Enhanced Communication for Competitiveness

Unified Communications System
- Webchat allows text messages from website between customer and sales service reps for immediate response - Web call allows customers to make free calls to the company from website


PDA Phone A108

Technical Specifications


HARDWARE Intel ATOM D510 1.66GHz 2GB Flash Storage 1GB RAM 4 x GB Ethernet Ports 1 x Hard Disk Drive Option 802.11b/g WLAN Access Point (Option Linux OS Size: 440 x 44 x 340.5 mm Power: 110/220V, 60Watt Temperature: 0 to 90% @ 40C, non-condensing AVAILABLE HARDWARE OPTIONS 4,8, 16, 24, 32 FXO/FXS Ports 1, 2 PRI Ports (external Gateway) 300GB, 500GB, 1TB Hard Disk FIREWALL ROUTER DHCP Server MULTI WAN WITH FAILOVER Support for multiple WAN Uplinks Automatic WAN Uplink Failover ROUTING Static Routes Source, Destination, Policy based Routing NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION (NAT) Destination NAT Incoming Routed Traffic One-To-One NAT Source NAT (SNAT) IPSec NAT Traversal NETWORK SECURITY Stateful Packet Firewall Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Intrusion Prevention (Snort) Multiple Public Ips QOS and Bandwidth Management SNMP Support Portscan Detection DOS and DDoS Protection Anti-Spoofing Protection VLAN Support DNS Proxy/Routing WEB SECURITY HTTP & FTP Proxies Anti-virus (100,000+ patterns) Transparent Proxy support Content Analysis/Filtering URL Blacklist Authentication: Local, RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory NTLM Single Sign-On Group based web content filter Group and time based web access policies MAIL SECURITY SMTP & POP3 Proxies Anti spam with Bayes, Pattern, SPF Spam Auto Learning

IP PBX Create and maintain extension list Supports hundreds of IP Phones connected on the LAN network Supports multi-party video calls (phone dependent) Option to enable voice mail for each extension Voice mails can be sent as audio file via email to recipient Manage connectivity to fixed telephone lines (POTS) via external FXO gateway Interface to landline for FAX or GSM FAX FAX to email PC Java FAX software for sending FAX SIP and IAX2 Protocol Support Ability to forward unanswered calls to other extensions or voice mail Flexibility to define action sequence for forwarding unanswered calls Option to forward calls to single extension or Hunt Group (multiple extensions) Manage outgoing call Prefix and service key for multiple service providers User definable prefix for GSM, VOIP, FXO, and AXIA-to-AXIA calls Create and manage Conference Call extensions Conference Calls can be set as public or private which require pin to enter Ability to define maximum number of parties allowed to participate in conference call Manage SIP accounts that are registered with VoIP service providers Flexibility to define unique service key for each SIP account Setup Server and Client extension numbers to enable free office-to-office calls Link multiple offices to allow phone calls to be made by dialing an extension number Multiple Server and Client accounts to permit multiple simultaneous calls Each device can be both a server and a client for AXIA-to-AXIA calls Calls can be terminated to live numbers through remote devices Enable or Disable auto attendant to answer incoming calls Auto route incoming call to a specific extension or to a group of extensions IVR recording and Voice Mail extension administration Ability to select desired IVR Message to be played from a prerecorded list Option to record and playback self recorded message Option to upload pre recorded 16-bit Wav file to be played as IVR message VPN True SSL/TLS VPN (OpenVPN) IP SEC DES, 3DES, AES 128, 192, 256 bit Pre-Shared Key, Certification Authority, Local Support for VPN over HTTPS Proxy (OpenVPN) X.509 and 2 factor based authentication PPTP Passthrough Pushing of DNS settings and Routes to clients (OpenVPN) Automatic connection failover (OpenVPN) Native VPN Client for MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION View the AXIA system status for troubleshooting Administrate user name and password to access the AXIA applications Backup the configurations setup in the device for disaster recovery Instantly restore configuration into new device for instant setup Power down or Restart device remotely via WiFi Function to select and update the firmware AVAILABLE SOFTWARE OPTIONS Call Recording Call Accounting Call Billing Call Center Application Captive Portal CRM Application Surveillance Application

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