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After being victorious with another war , the Greeks celebrate their win with a feast.

As the evening goes along, Paris, a prince of Troy, secretly went to Helen, the queen of Sparta and asked her to come with him to in Troy. This alarmed Helens husband Menelaus who is the ruler of Sparta and the younger brother of Agamemnon, a king who has conquered every army of Greece and now commands them. By knowing this, Menelaus goes to his brother with the intent of attacking Troy to retrieve his wife from Paris. When Agamemnon agreed to his brother, he consults Oddyseus to convince Achilles, who was considered the greatest warrior who ever lived in their time. Driven by the will of everlasting glory, Achilles, together with his Myrmidons goes to war with Agamemnon. The war started when Achilles and his troops invaded the shores of Troy, and also the Temple of Apollo. This is where Achilles met Briseis, a priestess of the temple whom he felt infatuated with. There, he also met Prince Hector, the brave son of King Priam. Achilles refused to battle and chose to have it with better audiences. A conflict was built between Achilles and Agamemnon. The king used Briseis to guard off Achilles, but instead the kings actions caused Achilles to refuse to go to the next battle. The next battle commenced without the Greeks having Achilles. The Greek army marched forth before the mighty wall of Troy. Paris asked his brother Hector to fight Menelaus in a single combat. Without enough fighting skills, Paris lost and crawled back to his brothers feet. Menelaus tried to attack Paris once more giving Hector enough reason to kill him. This scenario affected Agamemnon greatly so the battle began. Without the strategy of Achilles, the Greek army performed poorly and were forced to fall back to prevent further loss. In the Trojan camp, many arguments and suggestions have been maid to what strategy will the Trojan army do next. They decided an attack far from their defensive walls, attacking with fiery arrows and strong warriors. But then a warrior who moves and fights like Achilles suddenly appears leading the Greek army. This man faced Hector in a battle but wasnt mighty enough to defeat the prince of Troy and eventually loses. After removing the helmet, Hector finds out that it was not Achilles, instead his cousin, Patroclus. With this knowledge, Hector awaits revenge from Achilles so he decided to tell his wife an escape route when the Greeks breach the walls of Troy just in case he dies in the battle. Vengeance turns Achilles mind from love to blood. He went to challenge Hector, and they fight to the death. It was a tremendous battle but ended in a harsh way when the winner, Achilles dragged Hectors body behind his chariot down to Greeks camp. By nightfall, King Priam secretly visited Achilles to retrieve Briseis and his sons remains who was returned for a ceremonial funeral that lasted 12 days without war. After the 12-day peace, a Trojan horserider saw their enemys army attacked by a fake plague and a large wooden horse which they consider a gift from Apollo. They took the wooden horse into their city and when the night came, they slowly came out of the wooden horse and opened the gates of Troy so their entire army may enter. Priam was killed by Agamemnon and Agamemnon was killed by Hectors wife. Achilles immediately searched for Briseis but just after finding her, he was hit by an arrow by Paris in the heel. Paris launched more arrows to Achilles until he died. After that, Paris and Helen escaped Troy while the rest of it was burned to the ground. Achilles may have died, but his name lasted forever.