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Information system is the life blood of any firm especially the financial institution. In FBL, managers make use of it to formulate polices, make decisions, and resolve problems. Management and other employees of FBL together with the use of sophisticated computers and carefully planned and designed procedures are able to achieve the maximum pay-offs for the Bank within the special goals. Information is the major ingredient of the success of the bank especially in the credit

department where the credit officers get all the pertinent data, organize it in a form suitable for the managers and to obtain necessary information and to base their decisions upon some logical and sound footings. In FBL management Information System is the responsibility of the Account Department. All the information generated in various departments is routed to the Accounts Department where it is presented in a form usable for the managers at different levels and other users of information.

Patterns of communication exist to ensure that the manager get right information at right time. Some sources of getting information include; telephone, personal communication with employees, public, etc. other banks, and clients. Upper management is also one important means of providing information to the credit officers who organize these into useful form.

Keeping in view the customer group, target market, and resources of the Bank, it has the possible location (so far as Multan branch is concerned). FBL is neither a saving bank nor it has a very huge target market consisting of all types of customers from small to large, therefore, the present location i.e. at Abdali road a very clean and open area of Multan is more than suitable for the Bank. Beautifully designed and decorated building with neat and clean surroundings, and

pleasant colour combination in the interior just matches the tastes and appeals of its customers. Area surrounding the bank is also inhabited by those people who fall under the target market of the Bank.

Most of the offerings other Bank are of an intangible nature. As a result of the lack of a physical product, there is no need for the distribution and the middlemen. The bank has its ten branches in Pakistan where services are created and offered to the customers without the intervention of any middlemen.

SBP has an important role to play in formulating policies regarding the commission rates, charges to be taken, tax to be deducted, etc. from the customers. All the commercial banks have to operate within in those prescribed limits and FBL is no exception. It follows and charges the rates as issued by SBP from time to time. There are, however, certain services for the provision of which SBP has given maximum and minimum limits to be charged from the customers. In such situation, FBL does offer confessional rates to certain customers for competing in the market. The above discussion makes it clear that there are not very significant changes in the prices of services offered by FBL and other bank. FBL does not charge anything to the customers for their statements. Customers can come to Bank many times in a month and can get their statements within minutes. This is the additional edge that the Bank has over many other Banks.

Customers satisfaction is the major policy of the Bank along with many other policies. It is because of this policy that Bank provides best services, best6 environment, and courteous behaviour to its customers. As a result, customers not only themselves remain loyal to the Bank but also speak good to others about the bank. Since a satisfied customer is more powerful means of promotion than both advertising and personal satisfaction, therefore, FBL pays more attention for the satisfaction of the customers. The Bank. thus, do not need to spend huge amount on promotional medias.

Sales Appeals
Sales appeals used by the bank primarily consist of promptness and accuracy of services. Other things that help the bank in establishing itself in the market are quality of services, personality and ability of officers, and sincere attitude for the well being and financial help of the customers.

Sales Promotions
FBL uses newspapers, journals and magazines for advertising purpose with the objective of telling public about the services provided by the Bank. The share of advertisements in total expenditures is, however, very less. The reason is that the bank management believes in promoting the good name through personal solicitation. Moreover, for existing set up, a satisfied customer and a happy employee are sufficient for necessary promotion.

Effect of Incorporation

The Bank has gone in to public from January 1995, so managers have, therefore, planned to increase the expenditures for advertisements. Advertisements will become important because general public want to know and hear about the company in which they invest or plan to invest money.