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Im Mario

My name (1)___ Mario and (2)____ a Doctor. My (3)_______ is York Avenue 23 and my telephone number is 255 56 75. (4)____ 45 years old and I'm married. My son Peter (5)___ ten years old. My wife, Georgia is American and she is a lawyer.

THE HOUSE WHERE MR. AND MRS. MILLER LIVE Virginia Lopez lives with Mr. and Mrs. Miller in a college town. Their street address is 431 Clark Street. Mr. Miller is renting the house from a real-estate company. He pays four hundred dollars a month for it. The house is made of brick and wood. There is a large front porch and a big yard around the house. There is no wall around the yard. The front yard has a nice green lawn, and the back yard has many pretty flowers. It is an eight-room house. The rooms downstairs are the living room, the library, the dining room and the kitchen. There are four bedrooms and a bath upstairs. The living room is large and light. It has a fireplace, several tables and chairs, a sofa, a floor lamp, and three table lamps. There are also a bookcase and a radio with a record player. There is a large rug on the floor and there are some pictures on the walls. Taken from

Claudio Hello, my name's Claudio. I'm from Italy and I'm a student. I'm twenty five years old and I'm single. I live in an apartment with my parents. I go to the university five days a week. I like going to the disco on Saturdays. I don't like playing sports. I have one sister and one brother, they are Maria and Antonio. Chul Hi, my name's Chul and I come from Korea. I'm a businessman and I work in Seoul. I'm married and I have two children, Min-Jee, a girl and Dak-Ho, a boy. I live in a small house in the suburbs. I take the subway to work from Monday to Friday. I like playing golf in my free time. I don't like singing karaoke!
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Two International Friends



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