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CLASS 1: How your past lives affect your current reality Module 1 - Introduction to Past Life Regression Module 2 - Past Life Regression Experiences Module 3 - Past Life Meditation


People often ask what, if any, are the benefits of Past Life Therapy. To me, its obvious, first of all there are healings to consider, and I dont just mean the healing of an illness. I mean healing a relationship, finding answers, healing a business, healing motivation, in short, past life therapy may just be the answer to many of your problems, because past life therapy is one of the best tools to solve problems. Next would be money. People with money problems often find the answers stem from a past life situation. You may have heard of past life therapy being a form of therapy that some hypnotists use to bring back memories of their former lives. Generally speaking the hypnotist will put the person in a trance and then direct the subject back through their memory base a decade or so at a time until they come to the earliest memory and then they direct the subject to go to the life that is having an effect on the problem in the present; Ive used the technique many times myself. Well that is accurate as far as it goes but I discovered something more, and something that was extremely valuable as a resource for a great many other things as well. I discovered that the effect was therapeutic during a party I attended some time ago. People always want me to put on a hypnosis show and I usually obliged. Nothing is more entertaining then stage hypnosis. One day, I believe it was in the sixties, wow, fifty years ago, it hardly seems real but those fifty years went by in a blink. Anyway, as I was saying, during the stage show I regressed a young lady and she started to act and speak as though she was three or four years of age. Well everybody laughed and we all got a kick out of that and I thought I would try something that everyone talks about but that few people have ever experienced, past lives. I thought well she is a great subject let me try something. And so I took her back from her three year old self and used a directional tone to send her to a past life. I was curious and did suspect that the result would be beneficial. The whole class stared at her waiting for her to speak. I was alongside when suddenly she sat up straighter and spoke in a commanding voice. It seems that she went into a life where she was the wife of a cotton plantation owner in the deep south of the U.S. long before the Civil War. We had fun questioning her about all the incidents in her life and a good time was had by all. But when she came out of the trance something had happened. I didnt know it at the time but she had a case of Crohns disease and was bothered by a constant stomach ache along with diarrhea. She called me the next day to ask me what I had done when she was in the trance. I hadnt done anything different than usual and asked her why she asked. She told me about the pain and diarrhea and said that for the first time in months it was gone. The regression had apparently cured her. After that I regressed people with problems in every hypnosis class I did and the result was truly amazing. I taught many classes of past life regression in London, Paris, Holland, Greece, Switzerland and in many of the cities of the U.S. and always with good results. How and why does it work? I dont have a clue. I dont question it; as long as it works I use it. The first time I was involved with a discussion of past lives in any form other than anecdotal was during a round table meeting with a few of my friends in the hypnosis and psychology fields. Two of them were pure hypnotherapists and three others were psychologists with one of them a psychiatrist. We met once a week at our homes and that particular week we used my home in Tarzana, a suburb of Los Angeles for our forum. We were discussing the various means we each

used with clients and patients. Another good friend, Dr. Eugene Jussek, who had recently written a book on past lives, Reaching for the Oversoul, wasnt present at this get together but we were discussing his book in which he described a patient who, when in trance, suddenly turned into a totally different personality. The American worker of Irish descent suddenly spoke as Yan Su Lu, a gentleman from what was apparently ancient China. I had discussed this seeming phenomenon with Dr. Jussek many times and it was still somewhat of a mystery. Dr. Jussek is a medical doctor but his interests were in the field of past lives. My own background, which was heavily into the yoga philosophies, accepted the reincarnation experiences. The concept was that of Karma and the belief that Karma couldnt be dealt with aside from working out past problems with present afflictions that match the evil that had been done in a previous lifetime. At some point during the evening we decided to see if one of us could somehow tap into that energy and bring out a discarnate entity. As all of us were professional hypnotists we drew straws to see who would be the subject; I drew the short straw. Harry Reasoner was elected to put me in a trance and soon I was floating in that satisfying never land between the physical and the spiritual. His words became dimmer as I went deeper into the trance and suddenly it happened. I found myself, as in a lucid dream, a dream where I was in complete control of the action. There I was walking along a street that was obviously not Kansas. It appeared to be a Mayan or Inca culture circa 1500 or so. I was wearing a kind of a kilt with an elaborate headdress. Along the street I strolled immersed in the Mayan Indian culture stopping here and there to bite into a vegetable or a piece of fruit. But my enjoyment didnt last long for with a whisper of a wind I was suddenly whisked to the top of a pyramid, a Mayan pyramid. On a slab in front of me was a young woman, it appeared to be a sacrifice and I was the priest who was about to do the deed with a stone knife. Well my true self came to the fore and I wrenched myself out of that place and brought myself out of the trance. We had a fine time discussing that one but only I could get a sense of what happened. That was no dream, I was there; and that priest was me. Was it another life? Or did I tap into one of those infinite universes that I was to eventually be so involved with? I was determined to discover more about this business. If there were past lives, why were there no memories of them? I thought long and hard about this and did come to some conclusions. We have a physical body, and we have a mind. Of that there can be no argument. The mind recalls much of our experiences but not all of them. As example, when you were six years of age you were still you, you were the same you that you are at present, but you acted differently and your senses were different. You had more energy and your taste buds were at their sharpest. You could see better, hear better, and be more active. Think about a day in your life when you were six. Do you recall what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner? Can you recall anything at all? Probably not; and yet it was you. Nature has given us the blessing of not remembering. Imagine having perfect recall, remembering every single thing you have ever read, eaten, thought, smelled, seen and heard. Everything. You couldnt function with that mass of material in your mind. Now multiply that by ten, by a hundred, and say that you could remember every single lifetime of yours. Dont try to think about it as you cannot comprehend it; no one can. But that past of yours is valuable; it is what makes you the person that you are. You act and react due to the experience of that past. You may not remember why you dont want to drive 120 miles an hour even though it will get you to your destination sooner, but something in your past, something you did, or heard about causes you to consider the possible consequences of driving at that speed and so you keep it to a sensible pace and the result is that you will arrive at your destination safely.

All of your past experiences create your attitude toward everything even though you do not understand the original setting up of the causes that create your present attitude. Now allow me to extend the thought into a previous life mode. To simplify the idea of Karma, the saying, What you sow so shall you reap, comes to mind. Karma simply says that you pay for every misdeed no matter how small, no matter how large. Whatever the deed your Karmic responsibility will eventually kick in. Does that mean that we have no control over our lives? After all if you were an evil being in a previous life and you had that debt to pay in this one then of what use is programming, or goal setting, or prayer; if it is your karma to suffer then whats the use of trying to overcome that responsibility? Now then Karma is too vast a subject to deal with in its entirety with these short sessions we have together I am going to have to simplify the subject to better explain the real theme of this program, and that is past life programming. To assume there is any value in past life programming one must think that there is such a thing as reincarnation and that too is a subject much to vast to completely explain in this program. Well then, you may well ask, Whats the point. If you dont assume karma, and you preclude reincarnation, then how can you speak of past life programming? Good question. I go only by my own experience; after all, how else can anyone explain anything except through the avenue of ones own experience? Aside from personal conditions there have been many anecdotal situations, too many to overlook. During my ten years of daily practicing hypnotherapy in the U.S. and Europe, especially when I was teaching others the subject, I always included a segment of past life therapy when all else seemingly had failed to get the result the client was seeking. In many of these cases the client did not believe in reincarnation and just went along with the process skeptical with the entire procedure but treating it as though it were a simple guided fantasy. My own belief was always open as in an infinite universe, one of the concepts I teach, anything is possible. And so I used just one criterion, one standard: Did it work? If it worked, I used it without questioning the veracity of the belief. Were the people actually going to a past life? Maybe. Was it just an elaborate day dream? Maybe. Did it work? Yes, and that was all that I have ever been interested in. If it works use it. During this series on past life therapy we will assume when you go to a past life that is having an effect on this one that you are indeed getting valuable information from that past life. Assume. That means just pretend that it will work and go along with it. You can question the concept later on but if the process solves your problems, reverses your limitations in life, enhances your health, creates better relationships, and gets you what you want, then use it, and keep it as one of your resources. What we are going to do with this series of modules is to open you to other possibilities, things that perhaps you do not accept at first. And thats OK, I prefer that you be skeptical, I am to a degree myself. As a seeker after the truth I will be talking to you, using logic in most cases, and in some supposition. Supposing. What if. But the aim, and the final result is to benefit you, your health, your pocket book, and your life in general. In addition to my talking to you there will also be a series of meditations. These meditations are designed to take you to a place you may not have ever contemplated, a different life, you, but different. A past life. All your past lives have an effect on your present life. All the good you accomplished in past lives show up in this one as well as the bad. Everything is growth; and grow you will. This may very well be the most valuable course you have ever been involved with. This train will take you to a higher state of evolvement, the next stop, a better you. And heres the strange part, you dont have to believe it, after all, theres no real evidence, but after reaching a past

life once or twice you will at least have opened the door. And more knowledge can only lead to more wisdom.


I recall a time at the Hilton Hotel in Paris, not far from the Eiffel Tower when I was conducting a class in hypnosis. I had just gone through a few healing with hypnosis techniques and then asked for a volunteer. I was going to demonstrate past life therapy to eliminate a problem. A woman stood up, Lilly by name, and said she would like to volunteer. As it turned out she had a problem with her left hand. She couldnt clasp it into a fist, nor could she raise her arm much higher than her shoulder, especially if she were holding something. She couldnt reach into a high shelf for a coffee cup as example. After all that was explained to the class I put Lily into a trance and took her back to her earliest memory, I call that a past life immersion, when that was established I gave her this directive, speaking directly to her inner conscious. Lilly, I said, allow your inner consciousness to take you back to a past life that is having an effect on the problem you have in this life. When you get to that life you will be in a place, you will describe that place and you will just get an impression of whatever event is going on. I then had her jump into the past life and she instantly reported, Im in a crowd of people. Im a little girl. My mother is going to be hung, they say she did something bad. Im holding on to my fathers hand, hes squeezing my hand. The people are yelling and fighting. My father pulls away, I dont have anyone. Im all alone and scared, people are yelling and fighting. A soldier picks me up and takes me away. The soldier is Andreas. Andreas is her husband. In this life that is. Well I might as well tell you the rest of the story. Lily got up from the chair and fairly glowed, she reached out her hands to her husband who was in the room as well. Andreas ran to her and they embraced. Everyone had a smile on their faces. Well the upshot was that Lillys hand grew stronger almost immediately, whatever forces where at work had released her. She lifted her arm without pain and was during that demonstration, healed. Lillys case seems almost obvious, are they always like that, where the situation in the past life seems to have a bearing on the problem. No they are not, Lillys case was an exception. Ive had a few like that but usually the past life incident seemingly has no bearing whatever on the problem in this life. However I have found and I will be saying this again because it is important. It is of prime importance. That is to simply walk through the event with out judging it or trying to do it differently. The inner conscious always takes you to the right place. And that is the thing that we are going to do with the following module. But not with hypnosis, with meditation. The difference between the two is that with hypnosis the subject only reacts to the hypnotists suggestions. With meditation you act on your own suggestions not someone elses. With meditation you are always in control. Past life therapy was so successful that I decided to bring it into one of my personal development seminars where I was teaching in part, the art of meditation. Meditation is used for many simply to relax away the stressful conditions of life but of course that is only one of meditations many facets. There was a young lady in the class who asked if past life therapy could help with going into a new business. My reply was that I didnt know, it cant hurt so lets just see. I then had her go into a deep meditation and then bumped her into a past life. A life that might have a negative effect on

her opening a new business. She projected herself into the past life with the meditation exercise and found herself standing in a grassy field. There were people around her apparently picking something from low growing vines. She immersed herself in the scene and nothing of any consequence happened. She walked through the scene a few times and then brought herself out of the meditation. Now that seemingly has nothing whatever to do with her business but somehow she felt a great sense of relief after that simple meditation and found a strong sense of motivation. She reported that her apprehension about the business had disappeared. A different kind of past life meditation came about during a class we were having in Cleveland, Ohio. A woman jumped into a past life whereby she was a Native American from some tribe on the east coast, the year seemed to be that of pre Columbus. The problem she was trying to solve had to do with the sale of a piece of property. It had been up for sale for two years and even though the price seemed to be right, it just wasnt selling. As an Native American she imagined that she lived in a community that had a permanent camp near the ocean. She imagined this idyllic life with children running around, campfires outside each tent and a grant room where the elders met that had been formed with tree trunks and branches. It was like an elaborate daydream she reported. A month later she called to tell me that she had sold her property and could not believe that the past life regression had anything to do with it. I told her whats the difference, maybe it was just a cross over of timing. It would have eventually sold, maybe it was just time for it to be sold, and then again maybe, just maybe the regression did lend some energy to the event to make it come about. In that same class there was a woman who had a rash. It seems that shed had the rash for two years. Her doctor prescribed a salve to ease it but the rash persisted. I was tempted to use energized water but this was a class in past life regression and so back to a life that had something to do with the problem. She found herself in a city in Europe. She thought it was Paris but she wasnt sure. She walked along one of the streets and kind of window shopped. She came to the end of the street and was attached by two men who stole her purse. She screamed for the police and one uniformed officer appeared who chase the two men and eventually got her purse back. She came out of her meditation and about an hour later her rash lessened and by the end of the day had disappeared completely. There have been many tales with respect to past life therapy as every time I did a demonstration something of a positive nature happened. In my own case it involved money. The year was 1975, I was with three of my friends and we spoke of money consciousness. I was asked how a past life immersion could help to develop the right consciousness to attract money. I said lets see, at that point I helped the four of us to reach a deep meditation. We all picked out a figure and I said that I would seek ten thousand dollars in this life coming to me from a positive source or sources. Instructing them to go to the past life that was holding them back I went into a past life myself. I found myself in a forest, it was like a daydream, I seemed to be a hunter. I just let the vision happen and imagined that I was wandering through the forest. A deer suddenly appeared and startled, ran off into depths of the woods. I had a bow and quickly pulled an arrow from my quiver and shot at the deer missing it by a wide margin. I walked over to the arrow and put it back in my quiver. That was about it. Now what that had to do with money is anyones guess but I long ago learned not to question what happens when in a meditation trance, just walk through the scene, and so I did. After that we all discussed the places we had been and after a while we left. Three days later I received a call from a relative that he was giving me and two other family members ten thousand dollars as he had just had a windfall. I would be the first to admit that it probably would have

happened anyhow but there is always that seed of doubt that says, maybe. Maybe something was set in motion at a deep universal level. I dont know, I do know that over the years Ive had many, many similar stories about money, health, business and a slew of other problems that were solved by a simple past life immersion and a walk through of whatever scene coming up. During the next module we will go through a past life immersion but first a bit of instruction. First of all you must activate your intent. To do that you simply think about a specific outcome you want to happen after the immersion. What is it that you are using Past Life Therapy for? Money, health, business, relationships, attracting something or someone, repelling something or someone, what? Once you have decided that you have your target. Something is keeping you from it, that thing may be in a past life. Once you have the thing you want corrected in mind, then you listen to the next module. While in the meditation state you will find yourself somewhere. It may be familiar, it may not be. It may seem to have something to do with the problem you are seeking to correct, it may not. Whatever scene you sense just allow it to happen. Walk through it, or just view it as though your were there watching yourself. Thats all there is to it. Sounds too simple. Thats because it is simple. Just allow it to happen and walk through the scene.


Relax. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and when you exhale mentally repeat and visualize the number three times. Take another deep breath and while exhaling mentally repeat and visualize the number 2, three times. Take another deep breath and while exhaling mentally repeat and visualize the number 1, three times. You are now at a deeper healthier level of mind. To reach a deeper healthier level of mind at any time, just take an occasional deep breath. To help you reach the proper depth of meditation imagine that you are on the top of a stairway, there are fifteen steps. You are going to mentally walk down those steps one at a time, each time you descend another step you will allow yourself to go deeper into the meditation. Youre at the fifteenth step, step down to the fourteenth, the thirteenth, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and one. Relax. You are now at a deeper healthier level of mind. You are now and always in complete control of your state of mind. You can open your eyes. You can be fully alert anytime you wish to be. Every time you enter this relaxed state you know that you are getting better and better in every way. Whenever you enter this relaxed state you will mentally say, Everyday in every way Im getting better and better. When you say these words sense yourself improving in all areas of your life. Sense yourself getting better and better. Relax. Relax your eyes. Relax your lips. Relax your jaw. Relax your head, your neck. Relax your chest, your stomach, your back. Relax your body. Relax your arms and hands. Relax your legs, your feet. You are now completely relaxed.

At this time you will go back to an incident in a past life that is having an effect on this life. You will automatically go back to an incident that has created a problem in your present life. Just allow the scene to take place. It may seem to have something to do with the problem you are seeking overcome, it may not, do not be concerned about that, just walk through the scene. It may seem like a simple daydream, it seem very real. However you sense it will be all right. Before you go to that past life think about something you had recently for dinner. (Pause) Now think about an incident that took place when you were in school. (Pause) Now think about your earliest memory. (Pause) Im going to count from one to three, at the count of three you will project yourself into a past life. A life that is having an effect of the problem you are looking to overcome. You will imagine a scene of some sort. It may seem to have nothing to do with the problem but do not concern yourself with that. Just let the scene happen, and walk through it, or view it. It may seem like a day dream just allow it to happen. One, two, three, project yourself to that past life. Where are you? What do you see, what do you sense. You are imagining a scene, just allow it to happen. Relax, take your time. (Pause thirty seconds.) I will now count from one to three and you will project yourself back into this life. One, two three, you are now back in this life. Relax. The resource you have just used is to help you to deal with the problem that you are setting a goal to resolve. In a moment I will count once again from one to three, this time you will come out of the meditation and be fully awake and energized, feeling better than before. One two three, eyes open, wide awake. Feeling better than before.