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A person who can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, pla ce or animal is an empath.

Highly developed empathy is a psychic ability to sense the emotions of others and often highly aware of the health and state of mind o f their loved ones, no matter how physically near or far away the individuals ma y be in the paranormal and in some works of science fiction and fantasy. The Empaths often want a solitude for them and they are aware of the sensitivity to "read" people otherwise it would become challenging for them to survive. What is an Empath born to do? Empaths, who have learned to harness their gift, a re sometimes used by the police to track down leads in cases where the crime is so heinous, that the empath is able to evoke the twisted thoughts of the perpetr ator. To be aware of inside of a person's own self the feeling, sentiment or disorder of someone else or being is a variety of E.S.P. Using Clairempathy. The hidden things that only an empath can sense inside another person and they a re sensitive to the visible as well as the invisible and pick up on body languag e, tone of voice, body movements, the words people choose when they speak, the w ords they avoid, the logic they use. An empath who is closely connected to someo ne, who is subjected to trauma, will sometimes simultaneously display signs of b eing in trauma themselves. So essentially an empath is someone whose feeling sen sory is extraordinarily​ heightened, meaning they receive the majority of their psychic input from what they feel. Since they're being assaulted constantly by emotions which do not originate inte rnally, they can't figure out why they feel the way that they do, and therefore can't address the core issues. The empath can not merely turn on or off their talent at will, making it difficu lt to know where the feelings are coming from. This ends up becoming very confus ing! Emotions that create powers that have been known to be God/Goddess like in natur e. With those around you, emotions that build on inside only to be shared. Actually take it on, Emotional empaths are so sensitive that they can absorb the negative emotions of others in their body. If an empath is with someone who is nervous, they too can experience feeling nervous. An empath is born with the intuition for feeling a persons emotions, more than s eeing the circumstances, and is more likely to seek knowledge of people, and the ir situations. They are intensely attuned to different types of media such as videos, movies, n ews and television.. An empath can become emotional easily through the violence or emotional dramas n arrating the shocking scenes of physical or emotional sufferings caused to the a nimals, children and even adult persons. What is an Empath capable of doing? Empaths are the people who "read" the people and their energy but are unable to "read" or predict the future and their so ca lled "reading" is sometimes hampered depending upon the willpower of the person concerned. Frequently, they are students, problem solvers, and deep thinkers.;Empaths are o ften best suited to solve life's great mysteries or problems.

Soaking up all the psychic and emotional static that other people give off but t here are the psychic sponges of the world. Being an Empath is one of the most common and most challenging of all the psychi c gifts. So being an Empath can be both a blessing and a curse. *Original author unknown but appreciated*