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News Casting Rules


I. Every participant in this competition must be a high school student or a university student. II. Every participant should already be re-registered before the competition starts. III. Every participant should be present punctually (at least 1 hour before the competition starts). We do not compromise with all of the lateness. The name of participant will only be announced 2 times and if the participant absent, he/she will be disqualified. IV. Every participant should ad hear to the strict rules of clothing especially made for this competition (for details, see special rules), this is another reason for disqualification. V. Every participant or the representative has to attend the Technical Meeting (see special rules). VI. The maximum duration of each participant performance is 8 minutes (include

opening and closing sentence). Disobeyment the duration of the performance will decrease the point. The participant should not make a mistake when they performed because the duration will keep running, we do not compromise to start all over again. VII. The contents and or the materials used in this competition originated from the committee cannot be altered except for the parts designed in the special rules. Every participant should make their own opening and closing sentence. VIII. All participants should respect and appreciate every judgment from the adjudicators.


I. Preliminary Round

1. The competition will be held on February 7th, 2009 at FH UNPAD 2. In this Preliminary Round, the performance number and the theme for the materials of the competition must be drawn by all participants or their representative.(Done 1 hour before the competition starts) 3. Lateness by the participant or the representative means that the topic and the performance number of that participant depends on the committee II. Materials of the Competition a. News b. Weather Forecast 1. The materials for the competition will be given in small letters and with reading marks. As the result, the participants must adjust the contents for their own

performance in the competition. 2. Furthermore, for the weather forecast, the participants will get a picture and the participants must illustrate that picture (weather forecast) to judges.

III. Physical Appearance 1. Every participant has to wear formal apparel. Blazer is a must. All participants must not wear jeans in this competition. 2. Every participant has to wear pantofel shoes 3. Every participant must keep his/her appearance neat and clean; this includes hair neatness. 4. A minimal use of cosmetics is allowed for participants.

IV. Scoring Criteria A. Performance 1. Self presentation 2. Confidence 3. Attire and neatness 4. Expression and eye contact B. Material 1. Material control 2. Intonation

3. Tempo 4. Timing

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